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  1. Anyone knows why Dressel quit 100m free semi final?
  2. Good measure to ease the inflation in the US.
  3. China will send a full A team to WCH due to the postponement of Asian Games and Covid curbs in Shanghai lifted. The list includes all Tokyo Olympics medalists, some other Olympians and some young talents from National Games last year.
  4. The small talks between Vietnamese Premier and Vietnamese Defense Minister during break time of US-ASEAN summit in Washington DC on May 13th. Premier: Fxxk, nothing to fear about the US. They told us not to trust Russia. We don't have trust either. Defense Minister: The Russia-Ukraine war is caused by the US itself. (I am not sure if there is English translation version, the subtitle is in Vietnamese)
  5. Erdogan is always good at playing the limited cards on hand. What he needs is clear enough to the whole world: lift the bans and sanctions towards Turkey and list PKK as terrorist group and stop sheltering them. Let's see how Sweden and Finland response. There's always some room for negotiation.
  6. Let's welcome the newcomer of Thomas Cup semi-finalist and a new badminton powerhouse as a team player .
  7. China, China, China. It seems that all elections of smaller countries could be divided into Pro-China or Pro-US by the typical western media and each election is about showing loyalty to some superpower. No one cares why the candidate win the popularity and what promises attract the voters. Who cares the bullshit internal policies of such a tiny country after all?
  8. Really confusing about Taliban's rules. It will only make it further to get international society's recognition. maintaining status quo is a much better option.
  9. Thanks to every nation voted China, and especially thanks to @rybak @OlympicIRL @Ruslan @kungshamra71. And thanks to @Vektor hosting a such a wonderful and well-organized event. Congrats to @Cobi and already looking forward to going to Spain.
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