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  1. After reading the document I still have a confusion. B.4.1. An NOC can enter a maximum of two (2) boats per event at the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020. So if a NOC obtained C2 and C1 quota, the C1 athlete and one of the C2 athletes could enter 2 boats in C1 event. While it doesn't clearly requires that at least 1 boat obtained boat quota place. So does it mean if the NOC obtained C2 quota only, the 2 C2 athletes could also participate C1 at the same time and also sent 2 boats? @dcro@JoshMartini007 The same logic also applies to K4 and K2, K2 and K1.
  2. I have a confusion asking for help. China has got women K2 and K4 tickets with 6 full quotas. If China wants to send one of the 6 girls to compete K1, does she automatically eligible to compete like what Rio allowed or does she need to earn the ticket in World Cup ? Federation thought two k1 events already automatically qualified and unnecessary to send athletes to the final World Cup. While I don’t see any documents confirmed they will follow the logic of Rio.
  3. It doesn’t change Li Fabin’s ticket but it hurt China a lot. Since free pass is so easy to allocate, it made injured Chinese lifters who still chose to participate a joke. The change also leaves a door for North Korea in case they change their mind, I am pretty sure they will be granted wild cards at any time before the the event starts, So Zhang Wangli is no more candidate. The postponement of qualification confirmation also leaves a door for Deng Wei.
  4. In terms of Olympic spirits, Wu Jingyu is a perfect candidate. But in terms of influence, fame and importance of group ball sports, Zhu Ting is currently the no.1 female athlete in China who helped won Rio Olympic gold medal.
  5. I have a blind guess for Chinese flag bearers. Let’s check it out later. Zhu Ting(Volleyball) and Ma Long or Xu Xin (Table Tennis).
  6. As a Chinese maybe a little subjective to comment Quirici, but I do think she just won by fame and ranking. She went through the draw by 0-0, 0-0, 1-0 and 1-1 then reaching the final !!! So no matter the final result is, Gong Li can't get the ticket here and she has to wait...
  7. Chinese Trails Day 2 Highlight Men's 400 medley Wang Shun 4:12.03 Women's 400 medley Yu Yiting 4:37.88 Ye Shiwen 04:44.29 Yu Yiting got standard A after 15 min rest after 100m fly semifinal. I think she still has potential to be faster if she won't compete 100m fly in Tokyo. Ye Shiwen's apparently not in good condition. She seemed to be struggling and exhausted after finishing the match.
  8. Chinese Trials begins today from 4.30-5.8. The format will be the same as Olympics including relays. There are some expecting swimmer in coming days. Let's see if they will surprise us. 1. Zhang Yufei in 100/200 butterfly (just finished 100 butterfly preliminary in 55.96s) 2. Yang Junxuan in 100/200 freestyle 3. Yu Yiting in 200/400 medley 4. Xu Jiayu/Yan Zibei/Zhang Yufei/Yang Junxuan in 4*100 mixed medley
  9. Not sure yet. We will not know until June or July
  10. ICF updated the quota allocation. Very informative about America and Oceania and surprisingly CHN got a quota from NZL originally.
  11. When the ranking period end? Originally it’s supposed to end at 30th April, NOC confirmed lifters in May and IWF publish the final list at 22nd May. When to finalize the list now?
  12. And Japan announced the list. They gave up women’s epee and chose to form other 5 teams.
  13. Chinese women’s team will attend as scheduled. So the withdrawal of men’s team is more “financial”. They may literally lose funding from federation due to bad performance.
  14. I will not take the final exam to protest against Fukushima nuclear water disposal
  15. It's my personal choice and I don't know federation's preference. And there must be some internal trials again but not that crucial as this public one. Lyu Dayin and Kang Yue are also injured but they fight for their tickets with full strength. For me there is no excuse to grant a free pass for those injured with self-claimed potential. But again it's just my personal consideration.
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