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  1. This quota can allocate to China now and it become a national qualifier.
  2. Only very limited info on Weibo, ie Chinese Twitter. More official results and athletes info will be reported by mainstream media later because it’s still training session on 1 and 2 March.
  3. If anyone cares, Sailing Nacra 17 Asian Qualifiers begins today as scheduled in Shanghai quietly. It’s not sure yet if any foreign athletes attending besides Chinese. More details would be disclosed until 3 or 4 March.
  4. Will human rights fighter Joe Biden hold MBS accountable or just bluffing as usual? Saudi claims USA is still the prioritized ally but ready to buy weapons from Russia and China anytime. Battle of value vs money.
  5. Well I don't see information that Brisbane shared to public either, it just suddenly became the recommendation city. I understand that it's a developed city with relatively good facilities and friendly atmosphere for athletes. But I don't see the discussion about the budget and how to raise it. It may be a "debt trap" for Australia like Belt and Road initiative.
  6. I have to agree with this point. Biden's attack is a potential escalating movement for Middle East and it's not a wise decision for negotiation of Iran's nuclear deal. But China would like to see USA sticked with the infinite wars in Middle East once again.
  7. Well the next time SOG goes back to Asia Pacific will be after 2040. Hope I am still healthy that time.
  8. I support Indonesia. They just host 2018 Asian Games and I see big potential there in coming decade. OG, infrastructure development and GDP growth are linked together for fast-pace big developing country. But also it may be viewed as risk and gamble by IOC.
  9. My heart is broken... We were weak and poor in 2008.
  10. Could anyone verify if this news true and what's the extent of this influence? This is widely reported by Chinese We media and I feel China can't wait one more minute to offer financial support for Scotland. And if needed, please don't hesitate to contact Beijing for money, in a secrete way for sure.
  11. Disappointed at Medvedev, I really did think he would win before the game but it ended too quickly......
  12. Total disaster for Asia if based on this list, extremely unfair for all boxers pursuing Olympic dreams. It's just like a joke could be determined by tossing a coin.
  13. Trump sent the unfinished script to his bestie Boris Johnson to continue the banning each other drama while China Joe halt the lawsuit of TikTok and Wechat after two hours phone call with his bestie Xi jinping.
  14. Just past midnight in China. It's official Chinese new year now on 12th Feb 2021. Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Year of the Ox! 新春快乐!牛年大吉!
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