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  1. For sure we started talking about it before 20th, because several cases identified every now and then. But the tone at that time is still all cases linked to the seafood market and no proof of human-to-human infectious YET. That YET ended at Jan 20th and the whole country got very nervous in a sudden.
  2. I heard local news reporting unspecified pneumonia several times in December 2019, but in a very normal and chilling tone. No one took it seriously. Until Jan. 20th a high level specialist told public that it's infectious on state media, then things went very bad all of a sudden and Wuhan lockdown from 24or25th January.
  3. One year ago, on December 1st 2019, Wuhan reported 1st case of unspecified pneumonia and no one knows it would change the world forever.
  4. I am watching too. Hope this amazing American TV show never ends.
  5. I can answer the last two question because you don't have to wait Biden's response. China and NBA are repairing relationships at least television broadcasting already resumed, sponsorship may still wait view rates data of next season. Hong Kong is never gonna back yesterday and still transforming towards authoritarian administration. Post-protest clean-up activities are still undergoing and no signs of stopping due to foreign countries' condemning.
  6. Shanghai friends are too polite and obscure in front of the camera. The pro-Trump bro obviously could have much more info to share.
  7. Even Trump can list some fraud and error cases in some counties, if it's not a systematical one, it won't change anything. If it is a systematical fraud, wow, this fantastic show will never end.
  8. The butterfly effect of an American democracy delivery
  9. We will see. And for how long this ceasefire with Russian soldiers deployed on the border could last remain a question mark.
  10. If I am Armenian I would also be frustrated and angry. With so many deaths of soldiers and civilians, lost around 1/3 land control of Karabakh including the 2nd biggest city, huge amounts of resettled ethnical Armenian lost their homes and properties, most nationals would be angry and they deserved a pass-way to give vent to their emotions. Still, as an outsider, it's a good timing to surrender otherwise they will lose it all without intervence.
  11. Current agreetment is already the best one for Armenia as long as Russia doesn’t directly involve. Azerbaijan already got the second largest city and the capital is the next one to fight. But now at least they saved the capital and can expect fight back someday in the future. Armenia feels sad and angry that the whole world abandoned them including Russia. That is the cruel reality. People fight for interests not values or friendships. Apparently enough Azerbaijan is much more strategically important for most countries.
  12. Just saw the news Azerbaijan "accidentally" shoot down Russian military helicopter in Armenia and two solders dead. Waiting for the response of Russia.
  13. South Korea Lee Juck - Don't Worry The main-theme OST from the highest ranking TV series Reply 1988 (of all nations) in China. A touching warm-hearted song which often reminds me of the TV show and can't help sobbing.
  14. I guess that's the reason why Hilary Clinton lost in 2016 and why conservatives won't support directly national one person one vote. In that case their fate will be almost determined by liberal Californians.
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