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  1. It's the second time of reporting bubonic plague in China, last time was around the end of last year, so we are much calmer this time. Also there are another two cases in Mongolia. Since it's not pneumonic plague, people believe that it will be fine if not directly touch or eat rodent and no signs of human to human infection found yet.
  2. 2 time Olympic champion Lin Dan just announced retirement from national team and giving up trying his 5th Olympics due to age and health issue. Personally, I think Lin Dan is the icon of Chinese badminton and an international legend. Good luck to him. And according to his announcement, he still possibly attend national games representing his provincial team for the very last time.
  3. I remember the Seattle mayor said police would take control at least one week ago. But they actually did nothing and let shootings continuously happen?
  4. What China leant from Covid-19, I will declare any new virus as a potential pandemic at the earliest stage
  5. A Warm-up song for the contest which I heard many many times about overcoming difficulties during life adventure.
  6. I find whichever country you try, does XXX have universal healthcare is a heat question. I have no idea it's so important before.
  7. Worrying for US open...
  8. Without surprise. Wanna know how he gonna receive treatment, I guess he will cure himself without medication naturally.
  9. Are we remain unknown of the nations and songs participated until the end of registration and then we can start listening?
  10. the shootings is something definitely gonna happen sooner or later, and the democratic politicians just relax and wait for this moment to be justicial enough back there and take control. What a loving show. "we pay too much for political correctness"- Donald Trump
  11. The result is quite consistent with what I though about my stand, generally a mild progress supporter in a conservative way.
  12. I also watch it, BTW I thought only Indians and Chinese would care about this, the problem is still as what I said, there is no consensus where the Line of Actual Control is. I watched one Chinese youtuber talked about it, where the line he draw lays different place, so people ALWAYS think other part crossed the line I drew in my mind and rival started the conflict. I drew a simple picture of it and the reason for the conflict at the very beginning is that India built road in the buffer/conflict zone which both sides consider in their own land.
  13. When I wanna book my nation early, should I decide the song at the same time or can I decide the song later?
  14. I think NOC member this requirement is good enough. 100% representative is quite hard and inefficient.
  15. I'm not sure how much of what Bolton said are true, but if so, it's still somehow astonishing for me. All the "-lisms", ideology, values are just bullshit, only deals and money are real stuff. What a pure businessman. For China stuff, he doesn't care about Hong Kong protests, Uyghur concentration camp, Tian'anmen massacre, all of those just chip for better deal. How dare he just say it out.
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