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  1. Congrats to the pair especially Greysia who experienced something tough. It’s a perfect ending for her career.
  2. It’s much better now. We all get involved into tense matches instead of anything related COVID and almost forget about it temporarily.
  3. For me it's a daylight robbery but it's not surprised at all. After receiving women's gold we all presume it's gonna happen. So not too sad. FIG needs to balance lots of things to develop this sport and enlarge the international influence. Message well received and we will have another 15-20 golds, no one's gonna remember this after one week.
  4. What a relief for me. No need to waste time watching the struggling match any more.
  5. Also some British got too obsessed to anti-Russia and even can't miss a single chance.
  6. I don't see any possibility win against Italy so most probably we are out. It is just like a nightmare and I don't know what happened to them after the VNL ends which destroyed them.
  7. It's just for cheering up. I don't seriously mean it. I mean they performed beyond my expectation. Tomorrow is crucial for our fate in Women's double and Men's double, men's double is pretty hard in final actually. For women's single, I think Sindhu is very hard if she perform in her best condition, we have big chances if meeting others. For Men's single, very unpredictable, Danes seem favorite but today's winning give me confidence. Let's see then.
  8. Chinese badminton team is extremely low key before the games and in the group stage. Almost no fans care about them but now we want a dream back to London. 5 Golds go go go.
  9. No. We should host World Championships and I promise 0 gold for Japan.
  10. Do you think Japan’s vault really worthing 9.2 E score and total 14.7?
  11. Yes. Not only these solid 3 and also losing Women's skeet, Women's 100m fly, Gymnastics Men's team. Speechless and powerless.
  12. Really depressed but Britain is well deserved the Gold. Congrats to
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