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  1. Not necessarily. Our 1st could be Shi Yuqi or Lu Guangzu and the 2nd and 3rd could be the same as today, our cute 2018 YOG champion Li Shifeng and young player Weng Haoyang. It’s the first major test for young athletes of the new Olympic cycle.
  2. Basically Shi Yuqi didn't say too much useful in interview. He said he suffers from continuous injuries and he felt pain. He chose to quit at the match point is to avoid unexpected injury happens. If he's really that painful then he will not be selected tomorrow but without him, our chance to win is very low.
  3. Shi Yuqi is a mystery today and he’s busy quarreling with his social media’s fans right now who are accusing him should not quit at the match point. So it’s also a mystery of our tomorrow’s squad now.
  4. Through OG, Sudirman Cup and Thomas cup, it's obvious enough that Momota's era ended before it literally began.
  5. Li Jin Hui and Liu Yu Chen may not pair any longer. Rumor has it that they don’t get along for a long time and you can tell from their performance and interaction on OG final. And one of our second pair player Han Cheng Kai retired, so we don’t have any fixed pair right now. Sudirman cup and Thomas cup are trial and error time for our MD. Li/Liu will come back on WCH regardless as pair or not.
  6. Today’s decisive match between and is definitely gonna be very tense. The level is should be like OG semi final.
  7. I am following and I am really looking forward to the men’s matches between China and Denmark if we reach that that far. Wanna see if anyone could defeat Axelsen.
  8. Most probably two parties will reach a last-minute compromise. They are still bluffing and made default a bargaining chip. Well everything could be bargaining chip in a two-party system democracy.
  9. It shows the specific events of most sports when you scroll to the bottom. @MHSN
  10. Malaysia and Singapore will attend SEA Games, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games in the same year.
  11. China entry list (non Olympians) Men: Zhang Boheng (AA, Floor and HB), Si Cong (AA), Weng Hao (PH), Lan Xingyu (Rings), Huang Mingqi (Vault), Hu Xuwei (HB) Women: Wei Xiaoyuan (AA and UB), Li Sijia (BB), Luo Rui (AA), Qi qi (Vault) It's a compensation for non-selected gymnasts of OG also an opportunity for future stars. The most attractive part for Chinese fans should be the AA battle between OG champion Daiki Hashimoto and our rising star Zhang Boheng.
  12. CHINA Escape Plan - Brightest Star in the Night Sky Personally it's the song of 2010s for me. A soft and warm song from an untypical band. English Lyrics Version
  13. Well I didn’t translate it accurately. It should be either authorized by WHO or the athlete’s own country.
  14. Beijing committee released latest COVID-19 requirement. 1. All people entering China should be fully vaccinated by any kind of vaccine authorized by WHO or local authorities. If not should be quarantined by 21 days unless providing medical exemption proof. 2. No Spectators from abroad. Only local spectators meeting some requirements allowed. The requirements are not clear yet. 3. All people inside bubble should be conducted Covid-19 nucleic acid test daily. the rest should be similar to Tokyo.
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