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  1. CHINA Hedgehog - Blue Daydreaming The first hit song of my liked rock band and released in 2009. I like this live version very much because it played with my liked instrument cello and I think they just match. Hope you guys enjoy. English Lyrics:
  2. We all know it's just a show. If referendum counts(for Russia) then why bother to make nuclear bombs. Every government just want to legitimate its moves no matter how naive it seems for outsiders. Chinese will not recognize those parts as Russian territory anyway.
  3. What I imply is that the world is not functioning by idealism but power and strength. Otherwise we could see 1800+ countries.
  4. We should organize a referendum on Far East of Russia which is occupied from China 150 years ago and ask those who are forced to migrate and settled inside China for generations to vote.
  5. Archery: Full team. 6 athletes. Artistic Swimming: Favorite gold contender if Russia absent. 8 athletes Athletics: A few more than Tokyo if more tournaments participated with Covid curbs lifted. 54-60 athletes Badminton: Full team. 16 athletes Basketball: Women's team and Women's 3x3. 16 athletes Beach Volleyball: One or two pairs of women. 2-4 athletes Boxing: A few more than Tokyo as we are the host of Asian Games as qualifier and chaos of Tokyo's qualifier. 8-10 athletes Breaking: One boy and One girl are promising based on recent performance and another girl is possible. 2-3 athletes Canoeing - Slalom: Two or three from mk1/wk1/wc1. 2-3 athletes Canoeing - Sprint: Full team for Canoe and half team for Kayak. 13-15 athletes Cycling - BMX: 0 Cycling - Mountain Bike: Continental quotas. 1-2 athletes Cycling - Road: Barely get the quota or none. 0-2 athletes Cycling - Track: Progress expected Full team for women and at least one team quota for men. 11-14 athletes Diving: Full quotas but some athletes will attend two events. 10-12 athletes Equestrian: No more team quotas. 1-2 athletes Fencing: Two or three team quotas and rest are individuals. 10-12 athletes Field Hockey: 50% possibility of women's team. 0 or 16 athletes Football: 50% possibility of women's team. 0 or 18 athletes Golf: Full quotas for non world ranking top15. 4 athletes Gymnastics - Artistic: Full team. 10 athletes Gymnastics - Rhythmic: Group should be fine, one individual is quite likely. 5-6 athletes Gymnastics - Trampoline: Full team. 4 athletes Handball: No possibilities. 0 Judo: Very difficult for men and women should be fine. 6-8 athletes Marathon Swimming: continental quotas should be fine and rest is by luck. 2-3 athletes Modern Pentathlon: Full team. 4 athletes Rowing: Most unpredictable sports and my guess is a few less than Tokyo. 21-29 athletes Rugby Sevens: 50% possibility of women's team. 0 or 12 athletes Sailing: We may lose quotas of one or two events. 10-14 athletes Shooting: Possibly drop several quotas of men's shotgun and rest should be fine. 21-24 athletes Skateboarding: Same as Tokyo. 1-2 athletes Sport Climbing: Almost full quotas for speed and possible one or two quotas for boulder and lead. 4-6 athletes Surfing: 0 Swimming: A few more than Tokyo with covid curbs lifted. 38-46 athletes Table Tennis: Full team. 6 athletes Taekwondo: 4-6 athletes Tennis: Full team for women and possible one or two men. 6-7 athletes Triathlon: Maybe one continental quota. 0-1 athlete Volleyball: Women's team should be fine. 12 athletes Water Polo: Women's team should be fine. 12 athletes Weightlifting: Full quotas. 6 athletes Wrestling: Similar to Tokyo. 10-12 athletes Pessimistic: 346 Optimistic: 453 Realistic: Approx 400 (London 396, Rio 405, Tokyo 406)
  6. What happened in the past 7 months is really confusing for me. Because I felt the controlled area is the same as it started in a week. Even though we continuously see some news the situation is back and forth a little bit. But in general, the line of control is almost the same in past 5 months and I don't see any sign of breakthrough of either side. Is this war going to last couple of years?
  7. When I see brown little mermaid and black snow white, I am more lectured than entertained. And I don't know if this is the new trend I have to follow if I am still want to be correct.
  8. "Hey bros, let me share some little secrets of NATO with you guys" photo shot during the break of SCO meeting in Uzbekistan
  9. Apparently majority of Hungarians are brainwashed and controlled by dictator Orban and it needs democratic revolution and bombs and sacrifice brought by the NATO.
  10. In terms of fairness he should be selected. No one knows what happens to a young talent after 4 years. He may get injured or retired though I definitely hope not.
  11. Totally predictable after the riot at the beginning of this year.
  12. It seems the reason but the rest of 2023 Euro Qualifiers all counted before WCH began. Only this match is left over and meanwhile somehow critical makes it not so convincing for me. But I can't fly back to Sep.1st to see it's counted at that timing.
  13. Mysteriously enough, Belgium's men's world ranking points rising from 151 to 153 as it didn't play any games during the WCH. When WCH group stage ended, China ranked #25 while Belgium #26. It means we barely got the ticket to OQT as we are top24 excluding France. But today Belgium got 2 extra points and China dropped to #26. I am really confused and furious. Does anyone know the reason?
  14. WTT Contender Muscat Finals Men's Singles JANG Woojin 4-3 LIANG Yanning Women's Singles CHEN Xingtong 4-0 CHOI Hyojoo Men's Doubles SAI Linwei/NIU Guankai 3-0 LEE Sangsu/AN Jaehyun Women's Doubles QIAN Tianyi/CHEN Xingtong 3-0 Lily ZHANG/ Babora BALAZOVA Mixed Doubles LIU Yebo/CHEN Xingtong 3-1 XU Haidong/WU Yangchen The special part of this stage is that the women's single champion(if the champion is Chinese)would earn our last quota of team WCH of this year. And Congrats to CHEN Xingtong grasp the opportunity.
  15. National Championships Apparatus finals results and highlight some key gymnasts Men FX PH SR VT PB HB 1 Zhang Boheng 14.633 Lu Chongcan 14.766 You Hao 15.300(6.7) Chen Yilu 15.000(5.6+5.8) You Hao 15.566(6.8) Zhang Boheng 14.933 2 Su Weide 14.600 Tian Hao 14.166 Zou Jingyuan 15.000(6.2) Liu Yang 14.333 Yin Dehang 15.166 Sun Wei 14.600 3 Ge Shihao 14.566 Zhang Boheng 14.033 Ye Diqing 14.233 Chen Zhiyi 14.166 Zhang Boheng 15.000 Tian Hao 14.366 Veteran Yao Hao guaranteed a WCH quota by his unbelievable performance and difficulty. Zou Jingyuan also showed great competence on rings after his PB failure on qualification. Our vault newcomer Chen Yilu shows world class skill but unfortunately he would be hardly selected as he only has one apparatus. Women VT UB BB FX 1 Yu Linmin 13.366 Luo Rui 14.966(6.4) Qiu Qiyuan 14.566 Xiang Lulu 13.266 2 Zhang Qingying 12.866 Wei Xiaoyuan 14.966(6.6) Sun Xinyi 14.533 Jin Xiaoxuan 13.066 3 Wu Jianqiong 12.850 Tang Xijing 14.333 Ou Yushan 14.400 Zhao Jiayi 12.966 Luo Rui and Wei Xiaoyuan both could compete for bars gold. So high chance that they are both selected.
  16. National Championships AA results(also served as the main trials for WCH) Men's AA Name Round FX PH SR VT PB HB Overall Zhang Boheng(22) Q 14.55 14.20 14.40 15.00 15.30 14.55 88.00 F 14.55 14.20 14.55 14.90 15.30 13.40 86.90 Sun Wei(27) Q 13.55 14.40 13.30 14.90 14.45 14.70 85.30 F 14.00 14.35 13.40 14.90 14.45 14.55 85.65 Yang Jiaxin(21) Q 13.55 14.05 14.00 14.85 14.25 14.05 84.75 F 14.30 13.35 13.75 14.85 14.35 13.70 84.30 Yang Haonan(19) Q 14.20 14.20 14.10 14.45 14.55 14.05 85.50 F 14.15 13.05 13.90 14.95 14.55 6.90 77.50 Olympians Xiao Ruoteng, Zou Jingyuan and Sun Wei are all under recovery from surgery/pain. Xiao is expected absent from WCH and Zou's condition is not sure yet. Our 19-year-old young star Yang Haonan injured the ankle during the HB competition and then received 6.9 points only. If he will be recovered before the WCH is unknown yet. My prediction for WCH list is 5 out of 6 from Zhang Boheng, Sun Wei, Yang Jiaxin, Yang Haonan, Zou Jingyuan(PB) and You Hao(SR,PB). Women's AA Name Round VT UB BB FX Overall Tang Xijing Q 13.10 14.35 13.05 13.35 53.85 F 12.90 14.40 14.00 13.70 55.00 Ou Yushan Q 12.95 13.35 13.85 13.35 53.50 F 13.05 14.30 13.85 13.05 54.25 He Licheng Q 13.60 13.55 13.60 13.20 53.95 F 13.50 14.25 13.75 11.95 53.45 Wei Xiaoyuan Q 12.70 14.40 13.20 12.45 52.75 F 12.95 14.90 13.30 12.55 53.75 Qiu Qiyuan(junior) Q 12.95 14.60 14.95 12.85 55.35 F 12.90 12.60 12.30 13.10 50.90 Our young star Qiu Qiyuan(under 16) showed great competence on qualification but dropped several times under pressure in final. Tang Xijing showed her stability as a veteran and Ou Yushan also performed well as she is still under recovery from surgery. Wei Xiaoyuan is competitive on UB as world champion. He Licheng and Zhang Jin are the only two with 5.2 difficulty on VT. Also Luo Rui have 14.85 UB and 14.65 BB on qualification. My prediction for WCH list is 5 out of 6 from Tang Xijing, Ou Yushan, He Licheng, Wei Xiaoyuan(UB), Zhang Jin(VT) and Luo Rui(UB,BB).
  17. China finished 4 trials and published the entry list according to overall ranking Men's 10m Rifle: Yang Haoran, Sheng Lihao, Song Buhan Women's 10m Rifle: Huang Yuting, Zhang Yu, Wang Zhilin Mixed team 10m Rifle: Yang Haoran & Huang Yuting, Sheng Lihao & Zhang Yu Men's 10m Pistol: Liu Jinyao, Zhang Bowen, Zhang Yifan Women's 10m Pistol: Li Xue, Jiang Xinran, Lu Kaiman Mixed team 10m Pistol: Liu Jinyao & Li Xue, Zhang Bowen & Jiang Xinran Men's 50m Rifle 3 positions: Liu Yukun, Zhang Changhong, Zhao Zhonghao Women's 50m Rifle 3 positions: Miao Wanru, Shi Mengyao, Zhang Qiongyue Men's 25m Pistol: Li Yuehong, Lu Zhiming, Zhang Jueming Women's 25m Pistol: Liu Rui, Chen Yan, Xiao Jiaruixuan Most Tokyo Olympic medalists except for 2 Golds holder Yang Qian are on the list. Yang Qian underperformed on the trials and I personally related it to her countless commercial and public activities thanks to her fame after the OG.
  18. 60% correct (MS XD WD all relatively easy to guess). Big congrats to Chia/Soh winning Malaysian first WCH.
  19. I guess Soh will continuously made mistakes on key points and lost the match though I like him and hope him to win.
  20. My predicted winners are all still in the draws. Unfortunately Lee Zii Jia lost to Zhao Jun Peng on early round.
  21. My prediction for the champions of five events which is identical to the Chinese badminton KOL. Men's single: Viktor Axelsen Women' single: Chen Yufei Men's double: Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto Women's double Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan Mixed double: Zheng SIwei/Huang Yaqiong Personally I hope Lee Zii Jia could win their first worlds champion.
  22. Because all Chinese men’s double pair re-matched in new Olympic cycle and their ranking are too low to be invited. Also the old pairs all rejected the invitation. Chinese men’s double are busy playing the tournaments to gain ranking points.
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