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  1. Joe Fahnbulleh from 19.91 in men's 200m
  3. Yes! 14 + 1 9 general 5 (1 per continent) 1 for Limiteted 1 per NOC
  4. We're talking about a federation that has had the same president for decades even though national cycling hasn't budged. We achieved the feat of not classifying anyone in road cycling for the Olympics, not to mention that we have one of the best velodromes in the world and a Brazilian championship has never been hosted there! A shame, and Vasconcellos was re-elected for the thousandth time of these days. I don't expect anything from the Brazilian federation. Lucky for the mountain bike people who have Henrique Avancini
  5. @Laraja a peruvian journalist said on twitter that Sofia did not won the cota? Is that rigth?
  6. @Laraja the Argentine finished 11th, does he have a chance of a quota? And names from Brazil defined right? Hoefler, Gustavo and Vianna
  7. Isabelly Ávila and Virginia Fortes finished 9th and 10th respectively. Did not advance to final This confirms the quotas of Rayssa Leal, Pâmela Rosa and Letícia Bufoni!
  8. 1 - Swimming (all events), Athletics (all events) and women's volleyball 2 - At the Summer Games I tend to root for specific athletes more than other nations! I generally like to root for athletes with chances for historic medals, like Kelmendi's in judo and the Fiji rugby team in Rio! I Love to cheering for nations that can get their first medal In the Winter Games, in which Brazil obviously has a discreet participation, I do like to root for specific nations! My three favorites are: But I also supported athletes from countries that don't win so many
  9. @Larajabut colombian Ana Maria Rendon qualified for the semifinals, why is she out of the dispute for quotas?
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