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  1. I hope Ravi uses the focus in his eyes in the right way. Currently only Zaur Uguev looks better than him in this category.
  2. Yes. I guess what happens with other countries is that many of their non-favourite athletes rise their levels at the Olympics and convert a silver to a gold like probably Ravi could have done today.
  3. Wow that sounds interesting. How do they cut 3 kgs? Would love to know that for myself
  4. It will be close no doubt and Deepak might have to find an extra gear like Ravi did and he also did in the quarters. But still it will not be as difficult as David Taylor.
  5. Yeah I watched his qualification matches. I was thinking that Reza Atri would beat him by seeing his performance. Now I get the point of weight loss and rest.
  6. That is good to hear . Also wanted to know your opinion about Ravi's chances today?
  7. @MHSN how is your 65kg wrestler? His second round is against Bajrang. What do you make of it?
  8. Aditi Ashok had another good round with 5 under par. Tied 2nd currently.
  9. That seems a bit jumping the gun to me. Although Deepak's bronze is very much assured. But by no means is Ravi's gold assured. Russians always find a way to beat you.
  10. When was the last time we had a two medal day at the Olympics?
  11. When was the last time we had a two medal day at the Olympics?
  12. True. The first thing that came to my mind was that he is taking revenge 😂😂😂
  13. Well if that penalty corner had gone in I am sure Graham Reid would have murdered the umpires. Almost 7-8 seconds was played with the clock stopped.
  14. Where did they see a foot in there so quickly?
  15. True very well played. Almost levelled the game at the last through the deflection towards goal. Great save by the Argentine goalkeeper.
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