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  1. Looks good! I am in New Zealand until August so timezones might be hard, but we will cross that bridge
  2. YES YES I don’t have a console so not sure how I’d do Mario/Sonic but that’s a good idea overall
  3. Sure. Maybe make a dedicated thread about it and see what interest there is.
  4. Honestly I think option 1 would be more fun. I mean there's not much you can do with NPCs.
  5. I mean archery/athletics/swimming/fencing would be easy to adapt. Could be creative with the others as well. Soccer you could push a minecart around on rails or something. Sailing could just be a boat race. Biathlon could involve shooting buttons from a distance.
  6. When I was in high school I made a 'stadium' with four waterways and did an 'inter mob aquatics championships' where I basically measured which mob got to the end of the waterway first. Then I did the same thing with items. I don't remember what the fastest mob or item was, haha. But a Totallympics Minecraft Games sounds fun honestly, I'd be down
  7. Yeah they can't actually display the flags because they're wholly unofficial. All the same they are represented by the unofficial flags most places online, including NORCECA, Wikipedia results and even Apple emojis. I agree it's weird for them to compete as they're basically like what Hawaii is to the US. Then again we might start to see Hawaii in the Pacific Games so...
  8. Very true, but each department has an unofficial flag used for sporting events. Martinique's council adopted this new one (and a territorial anthem too!) It used to be the snake flag.
  9. Martinique () has a new flag: Also the flag of Saint Martin () is a hoax and was never used. EDIT: Actually @Sindo they don't use any flag besides French. The one I'd linked before is dubious too. So maybe we could just turn ":MAF" into the French flag for now.
  10. I'll do this one. Only because it's our hockey goal song lol
  11. I just don’t know current Czech songs very well. I haven’t lived there since 2014
  12. @Werloc @Grassmarket It’s based off total men and women Nation’s Cup points!
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