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  1. This list should give you a good idea of Team players. All the ones with a Chinese flag next to their name. To China’s credit all appear to have some form of Chinese heritage. IIHF told me they weren’t relaxing the eligibility rules for China and eg. Jake Chelios has no Chinese flag next to his name so I assume no more naturalizations? Question is if that means no waiver for eg. Ethan Werek which is a 4 year case as he once represented Canada
  2. CONTINUED Pairs (3 quotas): Karina Safina/Luka Berulava 168.26 Cleo Hamon/Denys Strelakin 166.18 Lana Petranovic/Antonio Souza-Kordeiru 153.99 Zoe Jones/Christopher Boyadji 153.70 Yuchen Wang/Yihang Huang 152.10 Bogdana Lukashevich/Alexander Stepanov 145.55 Daria Danilova/Michael Tsiba 135.71 Greta Crafoord/John Crafoord 124.31 Anastasia Golubeva/Hektor Giotopoulos Moore (no ISU PB) Laura Barquero/Marco Zandron (no ISU PB) Hailey Kops/Evgeni Krasnopolski (no ISU PB) Anna Hernik/Michal Wozniak (no ISU PB) Sofiia Holichenko/Artem Darenskyi (no ISU PB) Ice Dancers (4 quotas): Maria Kazakova/Georgy Reviya 176.19 Juulia Turkkila/Matthias Versluis 168.34 Natalie Taschlerova/Filip Taschler 163.62 Yura Min/Daniel Eaton 163.42 Anna Yanovskaya/Adam Lukacs 161.40 Holly Harris/Jason Chan 161.05 Tina Garabedian/Simon Proulx Senecal 156.64 Sasha Fear/George Waddell 152.34 Carolina Moscheni/Francesco Fioretti 60.60 (Short Dance only) Shira Ichilov/Laurent Abecassis 55.57 (Short Dance only) Yuliia Zhata/Berk Akalin 52.21 (Short Dance only) Viktoria Semenjuk/Ilya Yukhimuk 51.15 (Short Dance only) Chelsea Verhaegh/Sherim Van Geffen 50.79 (Short Dance only) Ekaterina Kuznetsova/Oleksandr Kolosovskyi 46.19 (Short Dance only) Ekaterina Mitrofanova/Vladislav Kasinskij (no ISU PB) Charlotte Lafond-Fournier/Richard Kang In Kam (no ISU PB) Maria Sofia Pucherova/Nikita Lysak (no ISU PB)
  3. NEBELHORN TROPHY OLYMPIC ENTRIES BY ISU PERSONAL BEST Men (7 quotas): Vincent Zhou 299.01 Dimitri Aliev 272.89 Roman Sadovsky 247.50 Adam Siao Him Fa 230.92 Vladimir Litvintsev 230.84 Paul Fentz 230.01 Brendan Kerry 224.44 Sihyeong Lee 218.31 Maurizio Zandron 217.65 Burak Demirboga 213.39 Slavik Hayrapetyan 209.58 Peter James Hallam 195.61 Edrian Paul Celestino 191.45 Valtter Virtanen 180.96 Davide Lewton Brain 180.51 Larry Loupolover 177.26 Jari Kessler 176.13 Harrison Jon-Yen Wong 171.59 Andras Csernoch 171.46 Dias Jirenbayev 168.97 Matthew Samuels 164.18 Adam Hagara 162.63 Tomas Llorenc Guarino Sabate 157.11 Conor Stakelum 153.90 Kornel Witkowski 152.81 Che Yu Yeh 81.63 Women (6 quotas): Alysa Liu 208.10 Ekaterina Kurakova 201.47 Alexia Paganini 192.88 Viktoriia Safonova 192.49 Lara Naki Gutmann 179.59 Maia Mazzara 170.06 Nicole Rajicova 169.03 Kailani Crane 167.84 Julia Lang 166.55 Dasa Grm 161.16 Anastasiya Galustyan 155.70 Julia Sauter 153.15 Angelina Kuchvalska 150.86 Tzu-Han Ting 149.04 Anastasiia Shabotova 144.85 Emilea Zingas 144.61 Isadora Williams 143.22 Aleksandra Golovkina 141.49 Maia Sorensen 137.51 Antonina Dubinina 134.58 Taylor Morris 133.95 Sophia Schaller 130.05 Sinem Pekder 122.64 Joanna So 117.82 Jocelyn Hong 107.67 Eugenia Garza 104.55 Aldis Kara Bergsdottir 106.43 Romana Kaiser 96.81 Thita Lamsam 92.16 Alexandra Mintsidou 74.04 Yae-Mia Neira (no ISU PB) Tara Prasad (no ISU PB) Bagdana Rakhishova (no ISU PB) Sofia Frank (no ISU PB)
  4. This is the first time I'm actually glad that China has so much influence lol
  5. We have Nebelhorn Trophy entries!
  6. Yup that relies on SUI or ROC beating Finland and looking at their games this year I'd say that's very unlikely.
  7. Am very proud of them! In 2019 Finland was obviously better, shots were 43-17. This time the Czechs outshot Finland. The only obvious difference was you could tell Finland had experience with these kinds of games and we did not, too many errors and missed opportunities. For the Olympics because of how the groups work, unless Russia or Switzerland surprises, we can only fight for a medal if we beat Canada/USA/Finland in the quarterfinals. Not likely we'll finish 4th unfortunately.
  8. I was too idealistic... This'll be interesting then. Assuming Austria doesn't rise from the dead, now is Olympic-qualified if they win tonight in regulation.
  9. The head-to-head game. Assuming beats both and , if they have the same # of points Slovakia wins. If they all have 6 points because they all beat each other, then it's head-to-head score.
  10. Austria 2:0 Belarus at the end of the first period. If doesn't beat in regulation time and beats today, Slovakia's 100% qualified, right? @hckošice
  11. Huh. I guess Polish TV’s definition of a shot is way different!
  12. YES!!!! They may not get to the Olympics but this would certainly help Slovakia...
  13. If Slovakia loses out on an Olympic place to a team ranked below Spain and a team that bought a third of its players from North America, this will be a great injustice.
  14. Oh you're right, they did! I honestly must not have found it last time I looked in the archives. Also they always show junior and under-18 world championships too... just not women...
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