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  1. We lost to Lithuania dark day for Czech biathlon
  2. I live in DC (10 min walk from the White House). It’s a mess. City under curfew. Lots of people rushing to buy food before it started. Sometimes you hear a siren or helicopter in the background. See if there was proven fraud maybe this would be justified sort of like the protests in Belarus but the issue is he hasn’t conclusively proven any of his allegations and I’ve lost my patience with him. It’s not worth this. I really feel for all the law enforcement and first responders who have to deal with this now. The worst part is most Trump supporters I talked to today are so
  3. Damn. I thought it was only in Eastern Europe that those kinds of 'fans' existed...
  4. Liberec 2009... Half of the Czech women's ski jumping team (a 12 year old and a 14 year old, there were no age limits) crashed during training and didn't start.
  5. Thanks! Just free-lancing, I kind of just write them whenever I get an idea. Really if you or anyone else here would like to publish in ATR sometime, I'm happy to try and put you in touch, so do let me know. They're real nice and you get paid $100 per article. I hear you. I was considering making it a hit-piece but it's a bit hard to do as someone just starting out. But you know, maybe you could write! Perhaps not in ATR but in your local newspaper or start a blog or something. Honestly my inspiration to write was to share many of the feelings people had here so readers could think a
  6. If anyone's interested I just wrote a review of the 2024 sports programme in Around The Rings. Would love to know your thoughts, I tried to keep it somewhat balanced
  7. If anyone’s interested I published an Around The Rings piece about how the election could impact future Olympics
  8. Looks good! I am in New Zealand until August so timezones might be hard, but we will cross that bridge
  9. YES YES I don’t have a console so not sure how I’d do Mario/Sonic but that’s a good idea overall
  10. Sure. Maybe make a dedicated thread about it and see what interest there is.
  11. Honestly I think option 1 would be more fun. I mean there's not much you can do with NPCs.
  12. I mean archery/athletics/swimming/fencing would be easy to adapt. Could be creative with the others as well. Soccer you could push a minecart around on rails or something. Sailing could just be a boat race. Biathlon could involve shooting buttons from a distance.
  13. When I was in high school I made a 'stadium' with four waterways and did an 'inter mob aquatics championships' where I basically measured which mob got to the end of the waterway first. Then I did the same thing with items. I don't remember what the fastest mob or item was, haha. But a Totallympics Minecraft Games sounds fun honestly, I'd be down
  14. Yeah they can't actually display the flags because they're wholly unofficial. All the same they are represented by the unofficial flags most places online, including NORCECA, Wikipedia results and even Apple emojis. I agree it's weird for them to compete as they're basically like what Hawaii is to the US. Then again we might start to see Hawaii in the Pacific Games so...
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