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  1. I don't think I'll be watching these Games any more. Not that they aren't fun, but it's obvious from the Opening Ceremony and today's short track that they're all about making a genocidal regime look good + pulling whatever strings possible to get them medals. There are just better things to do with my time than supporting that. Especially since I'm a child of refugees from Communism, got to have some self-respect Bye for now.
  2. Wonder what was on that clipboard the official was writing on. Probably "what's your bank account number?"
  3. My God... wishing you a safe recovery @brunamoura, I'm so sorry this happened. Know that we are all rooting for you.
  4. actually selected Josefin! No way. Apparently there is no age limit on the 'future criteria' as long as it's your first Olympics.
  5. Of course they choose a picture of Bruna from the Engadin horror race Nah but seriously, congratulations @brunamoura! It was a long hard journey and you really deserve it. Hope the Olympics go safely (and you get some TV time).
  6. Good for . Would have been embarrassing to not qualify a team.
  7. athlete gets 150.16 FIS points in his first ever FIS race, *the day* before the qualifying deadline. He can only do one other race tomorrow, so I think he'd have needed an average of 100 points.
  8. I remember reading a French NOC document and concluding that Bessard didn't meet the federation's requirements, so her spot would be reallocated. But now I can't find it.
  9. Both Trusova and Scherbakova had beautiful programs... but I can't help but feel the PCS is way overscored. Especially with the mistakes.
  10. Awesome! How did you get it sorted in the end? Did the federation come through?
  11. Sara Ponya is still not eligible for the Olympics, but she is starting in biathlon's IBU Cup tomorrow. Not sure if she knows she needs better FIS points or not. Fingers crossed for Bruna. I'll say a prayer.
  12. Try Robert Kerstajn the technical delegate? I messaged you his contact info I found.
  13. Brown is a fan favorite, but he's so overscored, and he has a low point ceiling. He shouldn't be on the Olympic team. It's simply a case of USFS giving the fans what they want.
  14. Can you stay in Zakopane for the distance race? Or if Zakopane is cancelled, will the team do distance in Zlatibor?
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