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  1. Well, apparently Germany fell for Adolf (again) (Sorry I could not deny myself )
  2. Unfortunately, the entire German team seems to have had no good Olympic preparation. They were dominating the last World Cups (okay, CHN was not there) but they did not manage to bring this to the Olympics. I fear, it will be an Olympics without a German sprint canoeing gold.
  3. That is maybe a silent protest by Villanueva: He doesn't want the 50km at the Olympics to end and go the way of C2 Slalom and Individual Track Cycling Pursuit.
  4. Wow never would have thought I have the honor to witness a German Race Walking medal at the Olympics. First Race Walking medal at major international championships since Andreas Erm won bronze in 1997 over 50km.
  5. give Diniz 10 min and he will be back in the leading group
  6. Olympics level include the 18km Race walk + 2km running medley event? Interesting though.
  7. Maybe he is constantly surprised and choked?
  8. Split times indicate a Doha winning time of about 4 hrs. I fear that no Eugene standards will be met today
  9. Tried to convince myself for 5 years that I've never witnessed his ... incident
  10. Tbh that looks like another Diniz harakiri ;-)
  11. The great Robert Korzeniowski who won every race walking event back then when I was a kid and fell in love with Race Walking :D
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