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  1. Martina Ratej (SLO) got a positive finding from a retest from London 2012 and is now provisionally suspended
  2. That would be loads of luck for Germany after awful European Championships. In the condition they showed at the European they'd get three kicks in the ass by all three teams.
  3. Yeah, when it comes to the point where I don't get pasta in the super market anymore I'm absolutely ready to start riots
  4. Yeah that's true and fine and all. However, this thread doesn't contribute to a cool-headed atmosphere, but rather increases the hysteria ... that's all I intended with my post Maybe I'm just pissed that the football test match between Germany and Italy in Nuremberg, for which I have tickets, is seriously dangered to be cancelled due to corona
  5. We have enough posts like "3 new cases in country X today" or "Now even country Y has fallen" ...
  6. There is still such a high probability that 4 months from here we talk about like "Hey, you guys remember when half of Totallympics freaked out about Tokyo 2020 being cancelled? And everyone posted every single new case of corona in his country here in the corona thread with 60 pages?"
  7. Are you registered for the Democratic pre-elections? It's not that anybody can vote in the primaries, is it?!
  8. Don't know, but the problem is that we have a "prisoner's dilemma" here: Whoever moves first, loses (voters, power, posts etc) None of the two big parties has an incentive to split as they know that they will lose all elections for sure if they do.
  9. Because the super dysfunctional US election system punishes that party which splits first.
  10. Shaking hands has basically stopped here, but everything else goes like we are used to. Luckily, in Germany only few people kissing each other on the cheeks to say hello Today, my employer has decreed that everyone has to do home office for the entire March if there is no urgent occasion to meet people in person. That means I have to come to office exactly once this month for a meeting
  11. And Chloe Dygart improves the WR by 3 sec in the first IP heat of the day She seems to have overlapped her opponent twice
  12. Maybe she was exhausted from her 5 hour sauna session to bring down her body weight?
  13. Even if it sounds harsh, but that's not sad, that's just self-inflicted stupidity. If you get offered a free quota (1 of 16 in that weight category), then the least you can expect is that you check your body weight before competition. Even in Oceania it should be a well known fact that you have to bring a weight below 49 kilogram on the scale if you want to compete in the -49kg category.
  14. Works for me:
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