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  1. The final Diving Olympic qualification event which was to be held in Tokyo in the mid of April is cancelled. No good sign for the Olympics to happen...
  2. Actually, we already know that the four groups are formed by JPN/KOR + MEX/HON + ROU/FRA BRA/ARG + GER/ESP + AUS/KSA Only pot 3 (Africa/New Zealand) will be drawn completely without restrictions.
  3. The pots for the draw on Apr 21 are already announced: Pot 1 Japan Brazil Argentina South Korea Pot 2 Mexico Germany Honduras Spain Pot 3 Egypt New Zealand Ivory Coast South Africa Pot 4 Australia France Romania Saudi Arabia (copy/paste from Wikipedia)
  4. Oh no... that's no good news for the German team right before the Olympics. 2022 will be the last chance for the German team to shine a bit before there will be many many years in mediocrity. Personally, he was my favorite German winter athlete as he is one of very very few athletes coming from Northern Germany (the federal state of Lower Saxony, to be precise ;-)) and the only one of them who is absolutely World class (besides bobsleigh brakeman Thorsten Margis). AND he is a very nice and reflected dude. Hopefully, he will join the coaching team one day.
  5. Congratulations! Two questions: 1) Is it safe that the Brazilian NOC will use all its quota places in any case? Even if they get 3 (which is possible, as we know ) 2) Did you calculate the full ranking list or just for the places 20+? Would you share the full list with us if yes?
  6. Definitely, SLO has the potential to win all 3 matches. And yeah, with a draw against SLO in the second match, GER will qualify almost surely (unless there is high score draw between SLO and SWE). Of course, assuming all three clearly beat ALG.
  7. That's nice. I'm struggling with loving my country :D but I'm glad to live here SWE and SLO would both absolutely deserve qualification after their strong performances at the World Championships. Very very hard group. I hope GER somehow sneaks through^^
  8. zomfg... Germany saves the draw within the last seconds. At least they proved there is heart in the team. The relevance of Olympic qualification cannot be underestimated for the Germans. Missing the Games would be a disaster.
  9. Jeez... Mihambo 6.58m without board in her 3rd qualifying attempt. Her competitions are always a thriller..
  10. No hate at all. LTU just know the rules and take advantage of it. That's a smart move to me.
  11. That it a dog biscuit? A rotten tooth? WHAT IS THAT??
  12. Anybody has a live stream that is actually working? The European Athletics Page is down.... :/
  13. Selina Jörg, Germany's soon-to-be only reigning World Champion in an Olympic non-sliding winter sports individual event, will quit her career after the last World Cup in Berchtesgaden this March.
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