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  1. Women's Shot Put Katharina Maisch - 18,51 m (16.6. Neubrandenburg)
  2. That defencive midfield Rabiot-Kante-Pogba did actually one of the best defensive jobs I've ever seen. Impressive.
  3. Last time Germany qualified for the Olympics was 1992.
  4. Only 3 of 17 NOCs qualified for the Olympics are from Europe. I wonder if this is a historic low share of European participating NOCs in any sport?
  5. Sorry, I got lost in the repechage limbo
  6. Hmm WIkipedia already annouced the quota places from the World Championships, but that should not be correct right?
  7. I forgot about the Mixed teams, you're right. Actually, no clue what will happen. Theoretically, SVK could enter two athletes in M Trap and a different athlete for the Mixed team. Thus, I think SVK are allowed to win three quota places in M Trap and may exchange it for another event.
  8. Wikipedia says that SVK has only one quota in Men's Trap yet (Erik Varga).
  9. C'mon, we all know how this will turn out
  10. Do we now have a full dozen of Germany missing a quota by just one place during the qualification process? Unbelievable! :D
  11. Meraf Bahta and Sarah Lahti beat the 10.000 metres Standard in Stockholm today (31:08 and 31:11)
  12. Thanks, that's interesting indeed. Since under D.1 in the same document it reads "The highest-ranked athlete from the IWF Absolute Ranking from an NOC (one per continent) not otherwise represented shall earn an individual quota place" - the bodyweight category is not mentioned here. If one stops reading after D.1, it'd tend to say that only NOCs are eligible which are not represented otherwise in Weightlifting. Weird.
  13. Great work! But how is Italy able to qualify a weightlifter via Continental representation? Those places are limited to NOCs which did not qualify other athletes. Italy, however, is in TOP 8 in -67kg.
  14. The final Diving Olympic qualification event which was to be held in Tokyo in the mid of April is cancelled. No good sign for the Olympics to happen...
  15. Actually, we already know that the four groups are formed by JPN/KOR + MEX/HON + ROU/FRA BRA/ARG + GER/ESP + AUS/KSA Only pot 3 (Africa/New Zealand) will be drawn completely without restrictions.
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