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  1. Well, the news of the exclusion of RUS and BLR came only a few hours ago. International boards and federation do not work like social media - they need to come together in order to discuss and decide about this (and I guess they need to contact FRA and AUT, who also have to formally decide about that - likely - invitation). So, even if I hate how reluctant and slow IOC and most federation operate, I guess we have to give them at least some days to decide about the further proceedings.
  2. For the foreseeable future it is dead. No chance for it, at least as long as Russia won't leave the Ukraine alone. Nord stream 2 going into operation would blow up the current German government immediately. Even Gazprom-Gerd (who btw resides 100 metres from my flat, I am seeing that moron every now and then in the super market) has not such power to revive Nord stream 2 in the current situation.
  3. The idiotic from the start project of Nordstream 2 is officially dead, thankfully.
  4. Nice to see that Helen Hoffmann can confirm her results from Alpen Cup Junior Races even when athletes from Scandinavia and Russia are at the start. That's a very nice success for one of the biggest German talents in Nordic sports.
  5. In January, the first World championships for Women's Doubles were held. 14 sleds from 9 countries entered. You can absolutely argue that it's too soon for being an Olympic discipline as there are still huge differences between the best and the middle class doubles. However, with 4 years in before the Olympic debut, Women's doubles would not be the discipline with the shortest time span between first World Championships and Olympic debut - thinking of Monobob or 4x400 Mixed Relay in Athletics. However, I'm pretty sure that both Women's doubles and Nordic combined (Women's singles and Mixed relay) will be added. Hope they get rid of the Luge Team Relay, never liked it (won't happen, I know).
  6. Absolutely! Moreover I am optimistic that the Paris Olympics will have a special and truly Olympic atmosphere (so will Cortina, too) and, honestly, this is all I am longing for after the last couple of OG. Also I hope that I will be finally able to witness one OG live in the stadium
  7. Good that it is finally over. Really looking forward to Paris and Cortina!
  8. 4-0, no more Slovak nightmares to be expected. Congrats @hckošice! I guess the first Olympic medal for SVK in a team sport?
  9. After all, I think nearly all the athletes that had to go into quarantine in Beijing were not able to be competitive in his/her event. Riiber, Ilves, Frenzel, Seegert... did I missed someone?
  10. No, he was recently released from his 2 weeks incarceration after a positive Covid test prior to the Opening Ceremony.
  11. Any responsible federation who cares more about the athlete than a possible gold medal would have taken the poor girl out of the Olympics after the positive test. Media will always cannibalize drama, especially when it comes to Olympic Women's Figure Skating. In order to save her from that plus the high pressure she was under, a withdrawal would have been the only way to go. I cannot believe that anybody does not seek the exclusive responsibility for that shit show anywhere else but at her coaches and her federation. I hope she mentally recovers and comes back soon.
  12. The vast amount of media attention. Both Neuner and Dahlmeier were hyped to the max since their early World Cup days. And yes, this is really a question especially the media should be asked (ofc, they don't )
  13. 2nd doping case in Beijing: Valentina Kaminska (Ukraine, Cross Country) has been tested positive for doping during the Olympics. (according to German media)
  14. No Riiber in the Norwegian team tomorrow. I feel totally sorry for him. Eric Frenzel is back from his incarceration quarantine and replaces Rydzek in the German team.
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