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  1. Looks like tomorrow is the day for both the women's football and field hockey finals, I hope we get to see Dutch teams in both of those! And then there's track cycling and athletics for the rest of the day and hopefully a semifinal in handball too. With some beach volleyball and sports climbing sprinkled in out of interest moreso than Dutch contenders.
  2. Day 11 is could be a special day for the Netherlands with medal chances in track cycling (men's sprint) and gymnastics (men's horizontal bar, women's balance beam) and in a best case scenario in athletics (women's 200m). I don't exactly expect Sanne Wevers and Dafne Schippers guaranteed medals, but you know I can always hope And then there's water polo quarter finals, field hockey semifinals and beach volleyball quarter finals. If the Dutch contenders don't provide enough content, there is still sports climbing, men's volleyball quarters and the rest of the track cycli
  3. Why must you do this to me! Great idea to watch all the highlights everyone mentions. I sometimes watch French sport highlights to work on my French, but this'll be a great way to be introduced to Italian, Hungarian(?) and Polish highlights among others!
  4. This looks like a thread where I get to feel young... Sydney 2000 - I was a bit too young to remember these games, but here's an anecdote I've shared before. Pieter van den Hoogenband grew up just a couple streets behind my parents, so I do recall the ceremony we had in town when he returned. I got an autograph and touched his medals as a 5 year old! Athens 2004 - Van den Hoogenband again, obviously! Turin 2006 - I mostly recall the impressive showing of a young Ireen Wust. Beijing 2008 - the Dutch gold in women's water polo was big news here, ju
  5. Agreed on all of this, plus I'll start following beachvolleyball RO16 'today'. Hopefully with Dutch male and female duos still competing. I've been loving this thread! Every night I check out the schedule for the next day and I already look forward to seeing everyone's reactions and predictions.
  6. Aww that's really sad to hear. Estavana Polman did an hour long interview with NOS for the Olympic Podcast that was released just this week. Definitely recommend listening! (In Dutch ofc) As for the Olympics 'today', swimming and athletics are once again the main events. I hope Nadine Visser and Femke Bol reach the finals for 100m and 400m hurdles. And also the RS:X medal races, archery and potentially some preliminaries in team sports.
  7. For the Netherlands the BMX finals and rowing 8s will be the most exciting today, Maybe judo too. I will also try to follow swimming and the first day of athletics of course and hopefully a women's football quarterfinal. This day will require at least 3 screens...
  8. Looking forward to the time trials and a variety of swimming and rowing on day 5. Hoping Tom Dumoulin is fit enough for a time trial medal next year, and hoping for another dominant display by the women cyclists of course. Judo is always interesting throughout the first week as well, though I never quite remember which Dutch judoka are in each weight class.
  9. Incredible time by Bol! And like Heywoodu said, a really likeable athlete in the interviews I've seen.
  10. Devastated to hear the news of her disease and her passing. Lara van Ruijven was an amazing athlete and showed an incredibly enthusiastic and likeable personality in her media presence. A massive loss for short track and Dutch sports. The Dutch shorttrack team is an incredibly tightknit team. I hope they can support and comfort each other.
  11. I also have a little correction, I wasn't sure where to send it. The country page for the Netherlands (where else would I look!) states in the description that Inge de Bruijn is the most decorated athlete, but both Sven Kramer and Ireen Wust have surpassed her. The medal table lower on the page has the correct numbers.
  12. @Agger great run, congratulations! My running club has restarted its training with a social distancing protocol, so I finally ran intervals with a group again yesterday! Felt good to be running together again.
  13. I'm going to look for canoe slalom! I don't think the Olympic Youtube channel has a full replay. Beautiful sport to spectate though, even if I have know little about it.
  14. I've still been watching some Rio 2016 finals on Youtube. They've stopped uploading new ones though, it's mostly older replays now. I've (re)watched: triathlon, marathon, volleyball, beach volleyball, field hockey, handball, water polo and basketball. Running out of sports I enjoy watching by now. Currently the badminton women's double final is on. I don't think I've ever watched a full match of badminton before, but it's surprisingly entertaining. I saw they uploaded cycling's women road race recently, but I just can't bear rewatching that one! Any oth
  15. I feel like you've based your Marathon results on the world championship in Doha 2019 instead of the global marathon majors (Berlin, London, NY, Dubai, etc). Kipchoge and Bekele should be favorites for gold and silver. I do agree that the Dutch medal count can be toned down a little. But either way, really fun simulation! Thank you @rafalgorka
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