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  1. After three Olympic Games for Richard Murray will now try to qualify for his fourth OG for . He's married to Dutch triathlete Rachel Klamer and already lives in the Netherlands for most of his time. He has a fun youtube channel for anyone interested:
  2. Kusadasi, Turkey Challenge Tournament Women: 1. Kloth/Nuss 2. Clancy/Mariafe 3. Cannon/Sponcil Men: 1. Ahman/Hellvig 2. McHugh/Burnett 3. Wickler/Ehlers Very limited field this week compared to other challenge tournaments, most teams are likely preparing for the two elite tournaments coming up the next weeks. Still a very impressive win by the young Ahman/Hellvig, their first senior win after previously taking silver in the 2018 YOG and gold the U21 world championship. Next stop: Ostrava, Czech Republic 25-29 May
  3. Third world cup Nove Mesto and third victory for Rebecca McConnell. Women: 1. Rebbeca McConnell 2. Loana Lecomte 3. Jenny Rissveds Men: 1. Thomas Pidcock 2. Vlad Dascalu 3. Nino Schurter Nearly the same top 3s as last week, it's clear right now that McConnell and Pidcock are in the best form.
  4. Good work @dcro! A team race is a great way to get into running.
  5. Doha, Qatar Challenge Tournament Women: 1. Barbara/Carol 2. Laboureur/Schulz 3. Hüberli/Brunner Men: 1. Bryl/Losiak 2. Nicolai/Cottafava 3. Ermacora/Pristauz Hometown favorites Cherif/Ahmed got knocked out surprisingly in the ro16 by qualifiers Grimalt/Grimalt. Also the first Beach Pro Tour without Stam/Schoon medaling, after getting knocked out in the QF by Hüberli/Brunner. Next stop: Kusadasi, Turkey Challenge Tournament 19-22 May
  6. Thank you! I didn't know the official website already had more information. Does anyone have experience with the 'tickets packs'? Are they predetermined combinations of events to visit? How do you guys imagine they will handle the draw? What will prevent people (or scalpers) from entering loads of mail accounts into the draw to skew it in their favour?
  7. Thank you! I just looked up all the locations and definitely underestimated the distances between a lot of the stadiums (and the fact that handball is only held in Lille). My favorite sports might not be easy to combine. I would probably prefer 4-7 days with 1-2 event per day and some time to enjoy the city over a full schedule of 2-3 events and lots of travelling.
  8. Second world cup in Albstadt today. Men: Thomas Pidcock Nino Schurter Vlad Dascalu Women: Rebecca McConnell Jenny Rissveds Mona Mitterwallner We don't have any Austrians on the forum do we? I don't think Austria has many medal chances in the summer Olympics, but they might get one in the mountainbike womens race. They've got two great young riders with Mitterwallner (20 yo) and Stigger (21 yo).
  9. Cool! I was in a hotel between the Royal Mile and Holyrood Park earlier this week. Second time I've been in Edinburgh. Felt like a great place to live!
  10. Ik heb deze week kaartjes gekocht voor het WK Volleybal in Nederland dit najaar. - en de finaledag binnen! En over een maandje ook naar de FBK Games in Hengelo. Heerlijk dat de sportevenementen weer met publiek door kunnen gaan.
  11. I was on holiday in Edinburgh (beautiful city!) and walked around on Grassmarket. Is Grassmarket, Edinburgh also where your username is from @Grassmarket?
  12. Van der Poel just beat Dumoulin in a time trial. This guy can do anything! Except beating Yates today I guess.
  13. I like your programme. A lot of variation packed into three days and a nice idea to take the car to Lille for a quick one-day return as well. Is there a specific (sports or practical) reason you prefer the first weekend? I wish I had any indication about when to plan train tickets, hotel and the Olympic tickets as well, but I've got no clue to be honest...
  14. I have also been thinking (or daydreaming I guess) about a Paris 2024 trip. I have no prior experience attending the Olympics live, so I'm afraid I might be planning a little too much and much too ambitious. Best case scenario I'd like to go eight days friday to friday and attend 1 sport session every day: Friday 2 aug: BMX racing finals Saturday 3 aug: swimming OR athletics Sunday 4 aug: swimming OR athletics Monday 5 aug: volleyball women quarterfinals Tuesday 6 aug: track cycling Wednesday 7 aug: volleyball women semifinals (OR athletics OR track cycling) Thursday 8 aug: field hockey final (OR athletics OR track cycling OR handball OR beach volleyball) Friday 9 aug: beach volleyball finals I have no clue how difficult it is to obtain tickets to an athletics session or knockout games/finals in various team sports. Any combination of these sports I would be super happy with though. And if it isn't possible, I can always try a sport I don't normally attend or take a day off and enjoy Paris.
  15. Itapema, Brazil Challenge Tournament Women: 1. Kolinske/Hughes 2. Stam/Schoon 3. Andressa/Vitoria Men: 1. George/Andre 2. Perusic/Schweiner 3. Luini/Penninga Another tournament, another podium for Stam/Schoon! Really spectacular start of their season so far. On the men's side the podiums have been different every tournament so far. Next stop: Doha, Qater Challenge Tournament 5-8 May
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