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  1. I'm terrible at remembering the different rowing classes, but I was surprised to see the W4x ('vrouwen dubbelvier') didn't reach the final. Wasn't that boat also a reigning European champion from last year? There was even a promo video on TeamNL's youtube with one of them yesterday. There is also a daughter of Florijn in the W4- I think.
  2. Eindhoven Qualification Meet 200m backstroke 2.09:72 Sharon van Rouwendaal 2.10:02 Kira Toussaint Toussaint initially didn't want to participate in the 200m, but she is quoted in the Dutch news article about the 200m: "I had a bet with my coach. I jokingly told him: if I swim the Olympic standard, I'll paint your eyebrows. So that's going to happen today." There is also an interesting battle going on for the 50m freestyle (w) ticket. The backstory is Femke Heemskerk missed the previous qualification meet due to quarantine and for a long time
  3. Love seeing all the schedules you guys make! I didn't want to create a full Tokyo schedule already (leaving some of the fun for the summer!), so instead I made a schedule of sports events I want to follow up to the start of the Games. Was a nice little practice run with the format I was considering. For the Games this would be on day-to-day instead of week-to-week basis, so it'll be quite the project: Excuse my Dutch The first rows are my favorite sports (athletics, volleyball, beach volleyball, cycling, mountainbike, football) and the grey row at the bottom is various other intere
  4. Love seeing your spreadsheets! Makes me want to start my own already.
  5. I definitely want to make an excel schedule with the timetables of all the Dutch athletes and sports I personally enjoy. I'm not sure if I can handle actually going for a nocturnal timeschedule though. I hope there will be enough replays and content to watch during the European daytime.
  6. I wouldn't mind at all if the WCH short track results were copy pasted into Beijing 2022 after that display by Schulting
  7. The entire Doha tournament is streamed live on youtube (Beach Volleyball World). I was watching some parts while working from home. Including that tense v match. Both teams lost multiple match points in the 3rd set as well.
  8. Just a day after Bol wins gold in the 400m and 4x400m at the European Indoor Championship, Bol wins the 2nd stage of Paris-Nice!
  9. Just caught up on the replays of the Dutch medals and interviews. Great final day! Femke Bol is definitely the big thing in Dutch athletics right now. Though when it comes to the Dafne Schippers comparison, I think the 100m/200m definitely has more status globally than the 400m hurdles. CCB rightly said that there was also a couple disappointments for the Dutch athletes, but all in all it feels like a succesful weekend. In addition to the medals I was happy to see 19 yo Zoë Sedney reaching the 60m hurdles final and to see Rik Taam close to the medals and scoring multiple PB's
  10. Zoë Sedney in the 60m hurdles finals with Nadine Visser! Good result already for her
  11. That could mean Rik Taam is in a medal position? Definitely didn't expect that before the tournament!
  12. Looks like no one has posted this one yet: Women's 400m: Lieke Klaver (51,21) At the National Indoor Championships in Apeldoorn, feb. 21, 2021.
  13. I'm not an adept memer, but this whole rise of Nyls van der Poel makes me think of the Doofenschmirz meme: If I had a nickel for every Van der Poel that is a freak of nature in endurance sports, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.
  14. This current generation of athletes with Nadine Visser, Lieke Klaver and Femke Bol is so much fun! Some of my favorite athletes in all sports right now. Not sure if this is the right the thread, but 18 year old Raphael Bouju als ran 6,86 in the 60m in Gent and qualified for the indoor EC.
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