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  1. Wow that is a disappointing performance by the squad. I believe Angel Daleman and Jenning de Boo had already won medals at the junior world championship last year and they were in the team again this year. Daleman is still only 15 I believe and she's probably our biggest speed skating talent both long track and short track.
  2. 2022 Beach Pro Tour Finals: Men: 3. Nicolai/Cottafava 2. Bryl/Losiak 1. Mol/Sorum Women: 3. Stam/Schoon 2. Duda/Ana Patricia 1. Hughes/Cheng Didn't expect Duda/Ana Patricia to lose the womens final, but it looks like Hughes/Cheng have really grown into an elite pair over this season. Both played in the world tour with different partners before this season.
  3. Ooh nice, love me some rankings! Here are the other installments I could find so far. I believe the top 30 articles aren't released yet:
  4. Men's quarterfinals: George/Andre - Brouwer/Meeuwsen Carambula/Rangheri - Nicolai/Cottafava Mol/Sorum and Bryl/Losiak qualified straight to the semi finals and are honestly looking like the clear favorites. Women's quarterfinals: Clancy/Mariafe - Hüberli/Brunner Nuss/Kloth - Hughes/Cheng Duda/Ana Patricia and Stam/Schoon qualified straight to the semi finals. The Brazilian pair is dominant so far, with all the other pairs exchanging games in the group phase.
  5. Maybe I should specify it is the national indoor 5000m running record On ice thats slower than the 10.000m NR
  6. New national indoor 5000m record: 13:11.60 by Mike Foppen!
  7. Apparently there is a plan that only meets with a WA-label will be elligible for international rankings and qualification for international tournaments. US college meets would be excluded by this. Dutch hurdles talent Matthew Sophia is an example that could possibly miss EC Indoor and EC U23 qualification as a result. Source in Dutch: Anyone else heard about this in international news?
  8. Nice silver medal for Van Lieshout in the girls snowboard big air final, with gold and bronze for . The Brittish girl that had the highest score in qualification got 4th after a failed second jump.
  9. Yeah this is such a frustrating trend in basically every sport. I believe hockey international tournaments used to be on the NOS public channel just a few years ago. Maybe it's on Ziggo Sport this time, but I have 'the other' tv provider, because they're the one covering Eredivisie football weekly. So then if I want just the Ziggo Sport channel it's like € 10,- weekly.
  10. Which one is the 50/50 according to you? I would think Australia, England, Netherlands and Belgium are the four clear favorites, but I haven't seen any matches from this tournament. Hockey world championships used to be broadcasted on national TV I feel like, but there's nothing this year.
  11. Tickets for the Dordrecht world cup in 3 weeks are already sold out. Was thinking of going myself, better luck next time.
  12. I'm getting excited just thinking about possibly picking the sessions I want in less than a month in the pack sales. My travel group is mainly focused on getting tickets for knockout rounds and an athletics session, so we probably have to hope for an early timeslot in the draw. I hope you get all the tickets you wish for! My plan is: 7-Aug: beach volleyball quarterfinals 8-Aug: hockey semifinals 9-Aug: athletics evening session (not available in current pack sale) 10-Aug: possible athletics morning session (also as a backup for when we don't get the 9-Aug ticket later on)
  13. Makes me think of the 400mH record by McLaughlin, but I believe that is 50.60 and not 51.60. Is it a swimming record maybe? 100m freestyle women?
  14. TeamNL representation: Figure skating: Nerea Mur Shorttrack: Sophie Nijboer Pom Straathof Jonas de Jong Nick Endeveld Snowboard alpine: Youri Zorge Snowboard cross: Daan Stam Snowboard freestyle: Sam van Lieshout
  15. I'm glad the world famous freestyle snowboarding community of Gibraltar is represented at the EYOF!
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