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  1. Azerbaijan is flopping hard in these qualifications (at all for Tokyo) and their only quota now is from Bulgarian Manolova...
  2. People who don't usually watch wrestling find women's freestyle very appealing, because the action is non-stop. The girls usually go for many attacks and their defense isn't very good, which makes the matches very exciting. The men's matches have way more tactics and "dead space" until 1-2 vital attacks, that will get you the win and then you wait out the clock. It's much more hard to make a fireworks men's match in modern times.
  3. Happy for the South American girls, they are doing better, than i would have predicted. Got some very good wins over more traditional wrestling nations.
  4. One day until the Giro starts and no topic or mentions. Guess too many Olympic qualifiers taking attention at the moment Simon Yates goes in the favorite but Ineos/Sky are with a giant team again. If Bernal shows in a half-decent form, he could have an easy path for victory. Cycling legend Vincenzo Nibali goes in with more GT podiums than all other riders combined, but sadly he won't be in contention for top 5, maybe even top 10, after his recent injury amid his already declining form in the last few years. And finally we have the much awaited return of Remco, and i'm expecting f
  5. This is how it works, because the rules are set this way.. Why bother popularizing any sport, when you can print the documents and "hire" a few people to secure the budget. This is the most important thing. Being an Olympic sport gets you Government funding. You say a dying sport. Well that can be said for half of the Olympic sports. Do you think more than 10 nations will still care about wrestling, if it's not an Olympic sport, or archery, or taekwondo, or canoeing, or diving and i can go on. Heck, some of them can't even get 10 competitive nations now. You save spor
  6. Of course not. Wrestling has become worse than table tennis. Everyone naturalizes athletes, it has become absurd. Us included, to absolutely no point, since they can't do shit...
  7. Bad draws all around for our people, i like maybe only 2 peoples sections. The rest will have to beat some favourites to get the quota.
  8. Well, i think every nation has high hopes for qualifiers Our team is also thinking of 5-6-7 quotas, in like their dreams The thing is that there are so many good names still left, that anything is possible. The reduced quotas has really made these qualifiers a bloodbath... The draw tomorrow will paint a clearer picture.
  9. Freestyle on Thursday, Women on Friday and GR on Saturday. The day sessions are scheduled to be around 5-6 hours, from 10 in the morning to 15-16 in the afternoon.... Oh boy
  10. Final entries count is 458 athletes from 84 countries, which i think is a record number of countries in the Covid era?
  11. The schedule is finally out, about time.. 3 straight days with matches, then 3 days off and so on.'s_Nations_League
  12. In the immortal words: "If you don't go crazy, you are not normaaaaal" For all the Balkan people, who will understand what is happening. And for all the rest, Good Luck! Awesome Hungarian crowd by the way!
  13. Would have and should have isn't something that the Academy usually takes into account. Otherwise Al Pacino should be having 3 or 4 Oscars by now. And Streep has been overrated for the past 20 years, heaven forbid, if she chooses "better" movies as well. I agree, that she had big luck for this year in particular. She wasn't even the favourite now, when it was such a weak year. If Nomadland came out last season no way it wins. There are like 6-7 better films from last years nominees. Three Billboards was a great movie though and deserved every award it got. It should have been Best
  14. I'm actually shocked that there are still people who value the actual craft, than the politics. So well deserved and happy for Sir Anthony Hopkins. He was the whole film, in a truly brilliant performance and one of the few brightest spots in the past year! Yeah, Frances winning a 3rd Oscar is a bit excessive.. She is one of the best actresses of the past 30 years, but still... I think this would be it for her in terms of wins, she could get 1-2 more noms. Sound of Metal winning 2 Oscars is well deserved and for me it was the best film out of all. Guess Nomadland was th
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