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  1. One of the greatest composers of all time Ennio Morricone has passed away. Such a sad news, another one of the rare few real giants of the arts has left us. The amazing line of work this guy has left behind is impeccable. I don't have time now to make a compilation, but will share one of my favorites and an underrated one i might add.
  2. Swimming program is already packed even without the 50 m. Heck they should take back the 800 and 1500 they added last time. Only purpose of these events is to inflate the medal count of the big nations, without bringing anything new. Also, please no more mixed relays... Save these things for the WC. Synchronized swimming could bite the dust only because it is Russia dominated. If it was US, UK, Japan, China, Canada, France etc. dominated there wouldn't be any talk of eliminating it.
  3. Political propaganda is allowed only when it is in the proper direction. Slovan fans should know better. They have to be lynched in the town square now!
  4. When he joined Ferrari they were no where near being the most dominating team. Williams and Mclaren were at the top for 15 years. He joined the underdog team and didn't waltz to the best like other people.. As time passes people tend to remember only the end, but his vision and dedication for the car turned the tides in F1.
  5. Schumacher is infinitely more likeable and charismatic. He had a string of memorable rivalries for many years with just as exceptional and interesting drivers, which has been lacking in F1 in the last 7-8 years. He had the aura that made you believe he was the best. No one was talking about the car 15-20 years ago, like they do now. Everything about Hamilton's persona on and off the circuits is off-putting and the whole world, bar an island, is dreading the time when history will be disgraced..
  6. If the last 5 years didn't happen, every other permutation that could have been leads to a better F1 than what we got. In every single way.
  7. Bottas will knee like he always does. Figuratively.
  8. Hamilton wont stop until he fully destroys F1 isn't he? Undoubtedly he is the worst thing that has happened to F1 in it's 70 year history...
  9. Anthony Quinn Amazing actor . By the looks of it Julio Iglesias has time to make to a good round number of 10 kids.
  10. Every time i see this thread i read the title as Jenna Marbles
  11. Well Bernie is secretly a vampire, so i'm not so sure Otherwise it's not quite sure how he can still reproduce at 88. Doesn't sound like a guy who will stack the freezer.
  12. Putin doesn't need to rig elections, people there actually do love him in their twisted way
  13. There are still going to be elections Gonna take the peoples love.
  14. Vladko Putin is going to pass a new law, which will allow him to be President until 2036, when he will be 83 years old. The guy can truly do it all.
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