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  1. Some cracking first round matches, Thiem - Cilic, Stan - Murray, Goffin - Sinner
  2. It's common to see many Bulgarians on the streets of The Netherlands, so naturally we will participate
  3. Was the 5 year rule always in place? Why was i thinking you could choose a song from any year(not previously used or Eurovision)?
  4. I know a good amount of dutch ITF players, but this guy is new to me. He is no Haase He got the win over Lorenzi, so kudos to him. Eurosport switched to Brown - Nagal, which is going to be a fun match.
  5. First matches in the men's qualies and already surprises, as number 1 seed Seyboth Wild and Lukas Lacko already lost. Any we have prolific clay court gladiator Paolo Lorenzi losing to an unknown dutch player.
  6. Wasn't the most exciting Le Mans that we've seen. Let's hope things will change from next year. Toyota can win without Fernando Alonso, who would have thought. Buemi, Nakakima and Hartley are all now 3-time LM winners, which is ok, i guess..
  7. It starts on the 27th Qualies start tomorrow.
  8. Now, now let's not get too excited. Roglic will forever be sorry for not attacking more in the mountains and thinking he is safe and just riding the team. Pogacar with 3 jerseys in one Tour and without a strong team
  9. Let the Main Event begin! Goodbye to LMP1 in it's final LM. And please, don't stop them when it begins to rain. Enough kids protocols...
  10. What i wouldn't give to have a time machine
  11. Well, there is still time, but she is going that way. And just when i was starting to like her. Oh, well .
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