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  1. Yes, from that picture anyone can be easily recognizable
  2. The San Juan circuit is very fitting for bike racing. I'm enjoying very much the Superbike races this weekend. Not many people though, which is surprising for a motorsports nation like Argentina. Also i can't believe that Rae is finally going to lose the title, and to Razgatlioglu of all people.
  3. In shocking football news, Wanda Nara has dumped Mauro Icardi
  4. AIBA World Champs in Belgrade are nearing and for the first time in history there will be a prize fund for the medalists. Gold medal will be $100,000, silver $50,000 and both bronze medalist get $25,000. Wonder from where exactly they got the money. Our team was very enthusiastic about this at their press-conference, but most likely they still won't win anything And the other thing is, why the heck are they going to have 13 categories?! Like the IOC is reducing them by the minute and they bring in more... 10 was more than enough and well balanced. Guess it's some profi-boxing structuring. (Yes, i know they used to be 12 in the past, but i find 10 to be the optimal number)
  5. Denmark lost, well color me surprised. I surely thought they'd make the final against China.
  6. My score is A+ Oh, and the uniform looks very well too. Must be the best looking Russian suit in ages, but of course we will need to see how it will stand out in motion during the races.
  7. Looks like this is the one tourney this year in which Dimitrov remembered how to play tennis. He usually flops after a big win, but beating Hurkacz as well was surprising. Would be good enough to be keep him in the GS seeding range for a few months.
  8. Was checking the WC calendars for the new season and i am shocked that they have scheduled equal number of speed and tech events 18 apiece with 1 Parallel and 1 Team event too. Of course we will lose 2-3 speed events as usual during the season, but at least this time they have tried to equal thing up.
  9. Masnada waited for the last 10 meters to sprint In honesty he probably didn't have the legs after the catch up. Winning the Tour and Lombardia in one year - Merckx, Coppi, Hinault and now Pogacar Winning the Tour - LBL - Lombardia in one year - The Cannibal and now Pogacar, the new Cannibal for our times
  10. Pogacar going to finish the season in style. About time after the couple near top finishes he had in one-day races after the Tour.
  11. BULGARIA КариZма - Ще Избягам Ли От Теб KariZma - Will I Run Away From You Duet KariZma was one of the most successful and popular musical acts here from the start of the 2000s until their abrupt split in 2007. At a time when music in the country was dominated with Balkan pop-folk (chalga ) and the traditional estrada music from the 20th century, they are often cited as the ones that jump started the more modern pop sound, that would eventually take the lead a decade later. I chose the song "Will i run away from you", because it covers a long standing taboo topic in Bulgarian society about domestic abuse. A topic usually labeled 'What happens behind closed doors, should be dealt behind closed doors and it's family business' etc. the song garnered a lot of public attention. The plot line is told from the perspective of the children and if they can escape it when they grow up. The video also has a string of famous people including a cameo from our future Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, from the time he was still secretary of the police. English Lyrics: Bulgarian Lyrics:
  12. I have my song for some time now, but have been busy these last few days, but i'll post it tonight. I'm not sure, if i'd use the original video, because it's a bit dark and i'm not sure how people will find it, though it accompanies the meaning of the song very well.
  13. This idea aside, i'm generally speaking. But what is it with all these sport governing bodies, that have constantly the urge to shuffle the events. Is there a ghost at night that haunts them with "More events, new events, more events, new events". Will they not get their salaries, if they don't come up with some new ideas every year? It can't be the good old saying of "growing the sport", because these changes have never grown an Olympic sport in the last 10 years.
  14. Well that's it for the streak. Who knew Italy can lose in 2021
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