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  1. We are having yet another Elections this Sunday. They are becoming like a regular TV series here. (it's not a laughing mater but..) Now on season 5, we are going to switch things again. After having only machine voting the last 2 times, the paper ballots have battled their way back. It's going to be a combo system again with people choosing what to use. But the big cliffhanger is yet to come. For the first time (probably in the World, i am not sure ) after the Election day has finished, almost all of the individual voting sections are required to be broadcasting live the results tallying. There is a special website, where you can go and watch the counting. I'm sure, that site won't crash, or be hacked in the first 10 minutes. Also, the chairman of the Election committee has said, that 2-3 days after the Elections, videos will be posted on almost all of the thousands and thousands of sections and people can go and re-watch them anytime.
  2. Setting aside the Sprints debacle, the people at Dorna have also fumbled the calendar.. Why have these people put half the calendar in September - November I don't know what genius thought, that only 3 races in April-May is good, when this is the best period. Spring-summer is the most exciting period in the motorsport season, after the long winter layouts. By September things are winding down and when October hits people are switching their interests to other things and are just waiting for the end of the season. 3 of those Asian races could have been slotted in the March-May period easily.
  3. Italia won't screw this qualification right, RIGHT ?
  4. I will be traveling in the country tomorrow and sadly won't be able to post my votes. Let's hope for a tight battle and can't wait to catch up on how it goes down afterwards.
  5. I'm torned. On one hand, this is the only opportunity to qualify and we couldn't have gotten a better draw. Having Argentina, Canada and Holland as the direct opposition is as good as it gets. But on the other hand we are having a shit season, after a shit season, after a shit season. Just can't get optimistic about this. People here still think we are having a better team, then the 3 above and should be beating China, Mexico and Belgium in our sleep like before. It would be much more frustrating to not qualify from this group, then expectingly losing to Brazil, Italy, USA..
  6. This seems like a specific problem to biathlon more so. We are seeing so many sports, where people are playing way over 35, up to 40 almost and you can't get rid of them. It was usually like team sport, where you can hide behind your teammates, but in the last decade it is visible in tennis, cycling, alpine skiing, other less popular Olympic sports. But biathlon is one, where top starts very easily call it quits at a youn age, or after 2-3 good seasons.
  7. Perfect draw all the way, couldn't have been better, even if i had picked it myself. Napoli - Bayern final please.
  8. One of our best boxers Stanimira Petrova won't participate, as she undergoes an emergence operation for a kidney problem. She already had pain before going, but the team thought she could push through, but on the flight to India things have gotten worse and they've decided to do the operation and prepare for the European Games.
  9. Especially after having those amazing 2 seasons.
  10. A rare football ban to grace this topic Today, after a 7 month investigation, UEFA have given a 4 year ban to CSKA-Sofia's Georgi Yomov, who tested positive after a match in the Conference League in august. Of course CSKA have said, that they would appeal the case in front of CAS.
  11. Is this the Hunger Games of women's biathlon? There won't be anyone left by the end of the week.
  12. It speaks volumes the below zero interest here for the Oscars, as the past year hit another milestone for awful movies. Last year ceremony had some glimmer of light in the movies, but this one wasn't so lucky. Though i had fun at Angela Bassett's skank face, when Jamie Lee Curtis won and her refusal to stand up, until she was the only one left and had to do it out of spite.
  13. Just voted. As usual lot's of trouble in finalizing my ranking. Don't know what people are talking about, i found a dozen songs to be very listenable and good. Songs and artists, which i wouldn't have stumbled across, if it wasn't for our contests
  14. Drawing of lots? Wasn't there going to be a fixed pool composition based on the rankings? Also let's see who is going to be "lucky" and get the Brazil group
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