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  1. China to win another 3 golds in the next half hour (weightlifting, gymnastics and track cycling) and i'm starting to believe that they can actually win the medal table. US to be 6-7 behind and they are not setting athletics on fire as of now.
  2. The male commentator in disbelief how they didn't win.
  3. Australia last isn't typical, have they made changes to their line-up
  4. They should have come to Plovdiv last year to test a real track
  5. Not quite a WR, if they are going to smash it that easily
  6. Loss in the last 5 seconds, i'm dying laying 3 successful attacks from the same way and in the last 5 seconds from the KGZ girl. Wonderful job from our team.
  7. Wow, amazing 4 point throw and then a pin by the Mongolian woman over Larroque
  8. Yes, all 1/2 and Finals are not Mat B later today
  9. Mnatsakanian loses first match Terrific start, why i am not surprised.
  10. Tentoglou Amazing win for him and his Bulgarian coach. Well deserved win after years of consistency.
  11. Mensah destroyed Dosho and Japan will lose the second women's weight as well.
  12. Ughhhh, i hate not being able to watch all 3 mats at the same time.
  13. Sadly for Ivet, she never returned her form for this year. She already wanted to retire last year and pushed through all the pandemic stuff to start here. There is nothing left to prove, she is one of the most beloved BG athletes in the last 20 years. Time to have a few retirement starts in front of public in Europe and close the chapter.
  14. 5th Olympics participation for Ivet Lalova now. A rare feat for a sprinter. She was 8th in Rio 2016 and 5th in Athens 2004 in the 200 m.
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