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  1. Always great when the medals are spread between many nations Haratyk was supposed to give Poland a flying gold start, but Stanek just shocked everyone.
  2. Thankfully my decade plus pirating skills come in handy in such situations. Unlocked streams + individual discipline only feeds:
  3. No real channel showing this, only deep streams... How pathetic..
  4. @rybak @Werloc is in, though i have to put some digging to find a good song from last year
  5. John Higgins giving one of the most impressive tournament performances i have ever seen 6-0 win over Jordan Brown 6-0 win over Mark Selby 6-1 win over Kyren Wilson 9-3 lead over Ronnie O'Sullivan with 1 frame left for the win. Out of the 27 frames won - 7 centuries, 15 half-centuries His new cue must be magical.
  6. Саша Norge will have a lot of trouble in the coming years with him.
  7. One would wonder why Val di Fassa isn't a more regular stop in the WC, given the great slopes it has.
  8. The other Slovenian girls jumping on Klinec and their overall happiness brought the biggest smile on me so far in 2021
  9. The Girls from our team had a charity auction to gather money for fellow gymnast Valeriia Yuzviak, who was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor of the soft tissues. The UKR federation will cover some of the costs for her treatment in Germany, but it won't be enough, so our girls are doing auctions for a Euro medal, leotards, their favourite clubs etc.
  10. One of the very, very few big tournaments this year started today. AIBA President Umar Kremlev is here to take some pictures and gave the official Go. The roster is pretty amazing for a pandemic world with 306 boxers, from 35 nations, from 5 continents. Everyone got tested already and every day there will be additional random tests. This could have very well been an OQT, if AIBA/IOC knew what they were doing.. Draws can be found here -> Day 1 Results: Session 1 ->
  11. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Cross-Country Skiing, Women's Sprint Classical Day 1 February 25th, 2021 Any Finnish Athlete Lucia Scardoni Maiken Caspersen Falla X Anne Appelkvist Stenseth Lotta Udnes Weng
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