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  1. The official em portugues account in twitter with the trolling of the week Or is it.
  2. Haha, if UEFA had any principals they will ban these clowns for 2-3 matches behind closed doors. I will be surprised if we won't switch the sports to some combat ones in the end.
  3. Italia taking a 2:0 lead over Hungary and will snatch the first place from. On the other hand Bulgaria are trying to show some dignity against discount Bulgaria, but we will see for how long.
  4. The play-offs in March 2024 will be from the Nations League like the previous ones?
  5. The Beast gets the win this time after another nail-bitter fight with Pecco. And now the championship fight gets even more interesting.
  6. First lap in Aragon and Marquez makes 2 crashes and one of them being Quartararo. This guy has forgotten how to ride..
  7. I thought they were paid by the British citizens
  8. I'm sure there is fine print somewhere saying "If they have snow"
  9. Good job again by Vesela Dimitrova to compose this new group so well in just a years time.
  10. Astana is much better anyway and frankly i was still using that in the few times, that the capitol of Kazakhstan came up, even if it wasn't official.
  11. Interesting, this is the same reason used here from the parties, but in the opposite direction. If it is paper voting, there is big chances of fraud, stuffing ballots, other ballots being thrown away etc., while machine voting is seen, as very hard to rig, faster to count and less prone to human error, whether intentional or not. We have now largely transitioned into the machine voting in the last 2 years and this will also be the case in our next (yet again) Parliament elections in 2 weeks time. Paper voting will be held only in sections with less than 300 people on the lists, in hospitals, elderly or other caring homes, moving voting station for disable or old people and ships at seas. Or in case a machine breaks, which a few always do in every elections so far.
  12. Yes, unfortunately Kaleyn is very sick, high fever with 39+ temperature and was pulled this morning. I don't know, if this is something that happened recently, or if the Federation had hopes she would be ok to compete and therefore waited until the final minutes before taking her out, but this late switch takes us out of the team competition, since we are left with only one individual competitor. @Gianlu33 must have deep informants, as he suspected something wrong with Kaleyn, when the federation was keeping shut until the very end.
  13. Looks like we have our new Russia in the GR in the absence of Russia 4th World Champion for Serbia. Their Bulgarian coaches gave an interview infront of BNT after the forth title and Dobrev said, that he is now working 9 years in Serbia and he can't believe how far they have come. On the other hand, i'm sure @MHSN can say a lot of stuff about the final performance of Geraei and the Iran struggle in the important matches as a whole.
  14. The same as "Right wing = Evil incarnate." But we can't let loose of the narrative, am i right. Can't wait to see the doom and gloom, that will happen in Sweden and their drop in the World Development and Living standard position from 4th to 6th. I don't know how people would be able to live there now.
  15. Can't find such info. She had severe Covid recently, which hampered her training for the Worlds, but it was a few weeks back.
  16. Final or not, i am sure we will be in the most difficult group as per tradition. Not that it really matters this time with our abysmal play
  17. Italia won in the basketball, let's see if they can do it in the volleyball as well.
  18. Not me Brazil getting third and almost making the final was something i fully expected they could do at the beginning of the WC. Too many years of watching volleyball to know never to underestimate Brazil.
  19. Already from tomorrow, i thought it was Monday lol. Good thing you said it otherwise i would have probably missed the first two days 😂
  20. The people choose who they'd like, that's why it's called a democracy Though Sweden still has a king, right? Maybe it's time to give him more power like in the good old days.
  21. I suspect nothing from tomorrow through the weekend and maybe all domestic stuff next week as well. Only thing i see happening are the Champions League / Europa League games next Tuesday-Thursday.
  22. Queen Elizabeth II has died. I never had her in such high regard as many people around the world, but it still one of those moments, that you thought would never happen. Queen Elizabeth II Dies: UK’s Longest-Serving Monarch Was 96
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