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  1. Speaking of farcical referendums, this week saw Canadian citizens voting in Canada in a referendum asking for a separate state in India. P.S.: I know that such referendums have taken place in past in different countries and Canadian government has reiterated that it doesn't give any importance to this referendum.
  2. Seems interesting. Now following the pod and plan to give it a listen soon.
  3. If you remember for 2012 Olympics, we had this mega post at the beginning of the national thread which listed all events of the Olympics. In that we would list whether the nation in question has qualified or in contention for qualifying or out of qualification. Users can tweak the table and give links to individual sports qualification threads or qualification tournaments thread. And so on.... But I do remember it was a pain to create it and maintain it.
  4. Great work on the new design. Really impressive that we have a major overhaul and the feeling is largely positive. Regarding the national trackers, is it time to bring back the 2012 national tracker? You, with help of others, could make the default one and then interested users can maintain their national trackers.
  5. 1) Fully agree. 2) Smart. 3) Fully agree.
  6. Vinesh Phogat becomes the first Indian women to win multiple World Championships medal.
  7. As others have pointed out, the pictures/pictograms are the election symbols that are allocated to the parties. Honestly, it is the biggest asset of any party. For example, I am a supporter of Narendra Modi-led Bhartiya Janata Party (though my support for BJP predates Modi's rise) and there have been times when I didn't even know the name of the candidate till I entered the polling booth as I knew I had to press the button next to BJP's symbol: Lotus. There have been various curious things relating to symbols in Indian politics. For example, in 2014, Modi started using Lotus brooch in his public appearances to make the association between Modi and Lotus even more visible. Mayawati, as CM of UP, had erected large statues of elephants everywhere in the state as it was her election symbol. Couple of parties have cycle as their symbol and hence they would hold big cycle rallies. Also, whenever a party splits biggest point of contention between warring factions is who gets the election symbol.
  8. Of course everything that's electronic can be hacked, but there are enough checkmarks, atleast in India, to ensure that such hacking doesn't take place. Manufacturer level hacking/foul play is eliminated with help of double randomization: first level which machine is going to be used in which constituency is randomly selected and second level where the position of each candidate in a constituency is also randomized. So, any foul play on the part of manufacturer or at the time of storage/transportation is simply not possible. Now, once the machine reaches the booth and candidates are assigned, machines are tested in presence of all the candidates and can be used only if all give consent that the machine is working properly. After this, machine is kept in strict security. During elections, randomly some units are equiped with VVPAT, where there along with the electronic vote, the voter gets a paper confirmation of the vote and that paper confirmation is also stored in a safe box. No large scale discrepancies have been found while tallying votes from the machine and paper votes till now. Of course there is still always a possibility that there are ways of foul play that I am missing, but at present I, in my capacity as an amateur political enthusiast and electronics engineer, don't think there is any reason to believe that EVMs are not giving correct results.
  9. Would write a more detailed post soon but what an amazing performance by team India. Though, we have had bigger medal and Gold tallies in CWG before, this one is more spread across disciplines and without Shooting.
  10. I wasn't talking about the male commentator but the female one. Male commentator is also good but Gill is A LEGEND. P.S. Its possible that we are hearing different set of commentators.
  11. Gill Clark, is among the best commentators, across all sports that I watch. Good game by Li but Sindhu's big match temperament was the difference in the end. Now onto Lakshya Sen and Sat-Chi.
  12. You are missing one end. has 15-10 lead going in the final end. Historic Gold medal loading....
  13. BTW don't see Cricket making it to games. Negligible following in key areas, not much interest from Cricket federations, expensive infrastructure (That is why Cricket has better chance in 2032), no depth and need for 15x8x2 = 240 athletes at the minimum. The positives: Huge and concentrated following in some areas (Indian subcontinent, Caribbean), Quite different to other team sports.
  14. Croquet with a Q is played by Queen of Hearts. Cricket with an I is the most popular game in India.
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