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  1. Agree about Laser events. 3 for Asia is high. Africa and Oceania have giveaways in a lot of sports. There is scope for improvement, merger of some continental quotas. We can’t compare with Canoe Sprint, which is basically European sport only.
  2. 1 is confirmed: Laser Women 1 is more or less confirmed: 49er Men’s 1 is toss up: Laser Men
  3. Yes, there are 2 quota places in Laser and Laser Radial but a NOC can win maximum one quota. No NOC can enter 2 boats in the same event.
  4. No. Elavenil is going to participate in 10m in place of Anjum. The only way Apurvi, Elavenil and Anjum could have all been selected if they traded a quota in Pistol events for a quota in 50x3 Rifle. And honestly, nobody in Shotgun deserved the quota more than the three mentioned before.
  5. Bhai not everything has to be written/said. Apurvi and her coaches are aware of the problem (loss of weight leading to ill-fitting gear) which has led to her dip in form. They are working on it. If she is not able to solve the problem and/or the solution doesn't lead to better scores, then federation has many levers to ensure that Apurvi herself withdraws in favour of reserve shooter. But, as of now, federation is backing Apurvi to regain the form. All our past shooting legends have time and again reiterated that one can't equate the scores in trials with that in WC or Olympics. Abhinav wasn'
  6. There is still time for Olympics. She had some equipment issues which will be sorted by the time of Olympics. If her form doesn’t improve closer yo Olympics, then she can be replaced by reserve shooter then. She has shown that she has the temperament to be among the top shooters.
  7. 1) No. 2) You are free to try. Raninder Singh is there on Twitter and he does engage with fans. 3) Count me out of any such campaigns. I am happy with the team.
  8. Personally speaking, I am happy with the squad. This was my pick before Covid. Anjum in Mixed team while Apurvi in Individual is a bit of compromise that was done, due to the fact that we had so many good shooters. Plus to accommodate Anjum in 50x3, we needed Manu to start two events. And Manu is the only one who can be expected to shoot 590+ in 25m Pistol. So, it was basically between Rahi and Chinki. Rahi’s experience won. Regarding Men’s Air Rifle, Deepak has been consistent for quite some time. Even in Delhi WC, he was not bad. Basically, if you want to dislodge the quota holder,
  9. Isn't the Colombian lifter provisionally suspended? Also, there is a chance CHN might skip this event. (They have a meagre 10kg lead here while they have 20kg lead in other weights).
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