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  1. Biggest ally of Azerbaijan is a NATO member.
  2. It seems USA has already taken over Armenia.
  3. ROFL. 90+% of all SC judges have been Christians. Remaining were Jews. And I think even now, atleast 80% of the Senators/House Representatives and Governors are Christians. So, I don't understand what the issue is with 6 Catholics on Supreme Court.
  4. [hide] Men's Singles Round of 128 Round of 64 Round of 32 SECTION 1 N. Djokovic [1] 3 N. Djokovic [1] 3 N. Djokovic [1] 3 M. Ymer 0 H. Delien 1 R. Berankis 0 R. Berankis 3 D. Galan 3 D. Galan 1 H. Hurkacz [29] 1 C. Norrie 2 T. Sandgren 1
  5. Progressives wanted even older Sanders. Also, if you want to run as anti-establishment candidate, be prepared to defeat the establishment. Once you defeat the establishment, you own the party. Like Trump did with Republicans.
  6. This is what I find hillarious. Democrats and leftist media for the past 5 years kept on telling us that Donald Trump is not fit to be president because he is senile and makes a lot of gaffes. So, naturally they choose Joe Biden, who is older than Trump and repeatedly makes mistakes even while reading speeches.
  7. I think both 200 million and 200 deaths are not deep fake or out-of-context bits but simple slips of the tongue.
  8. [hide] Men's Singles Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals N. Djokovic [1] X P. Carreno Busta [20] 0 P. Carreno Busta [20] 1 P. Carreno Busta [20] X D. Shapovalov [12] X D. Shapovalov [12] 3 D. Goffin [7] X B. Coric [27] X B. Coric [27] 1 A. Zverev [5] 3 J. Thompson X A.
  9. Apparently, Serbia and Kosovo have taken the first step towards peace. I would be really grateful if our Serbian friends would tell us a bit more about this.
  10. [hide] Men's Singles - Round of 128 to Round of 32 Round of 128 Round of 64 Round of 32 SECTION 1 N. Djokovic [1] 3 N. Djokovic [1] 3 N. Djokovic [1] 3 D. Dzumhur 0 K. Edmund 3 K. Edmund 1 A. Bublik 0 J. Sousa 1 M. Mmoh 1 J. Struff [28] 1 M. Mmoh 3 P. Mart
  11. If they wanted to do it, it would have been much easier if Joe Biden picked Michelle as his running mate and then withdrew. There is no way a ticket of Michelle and Kamala works. So, why would they bring Kamala into the mix?
  12. This was what many have been predicting since quite some time. But, now that Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his VP candidate, there is no way Michelle Obama becomes the candidate. If Biden withdraws, there are only 2 options: Kamala, his VP candidate and Bernie, the candidate with the second highest delegate count in primaries. Only if both of them withdraw as well, I see a chance for some one else.
  13. To be frank, DDT spraying is less effective when used it in large amounts (mosquitoes become drug resistant). But, there are a number of medications which are quite effective in preventing deaths due to Malaria and are also cheap. One such medication is the much talked about HCQ.
  14. That is the collective term being used in India for Healthcare, Police, Sanitation and others who kept on working even during lockdown.
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