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  1. Come on guys, lets be realistic. AO organizers wanted Novak to play. So, they gave him a medical exemption. Australian officials had no problem, so they gave him a visa. There was public outcry over this exemption, so politicians do what they always do: backtrack to save their ass. All this talk of procedures is simply for public consumption and to give themselves reasonable defense in case of any legal action.
  2. From what I can gather, Mulyo's contract with Singapore team is till Jan or Feb. Only after that is over, we will get an official confirmation on where he is headed next. P.S. Double Olympic medallist Yong Sung Yoo has joined Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy as head coach.
  3. Honestly I would blame AO authorities more than Djokovic. Djokovic is a known anti-vaxxer so his participation would have raised questions for sure. The first question he would have been asked would have been about his vaccination status. So, he keeping silence about it was not possible. Also, he is fully within his rights to try and play. It is the job of organizers to be firm and unbiased. You want Djokovic to play, either convince him to get vaccine (which is not happening) or drop the vaccine requirement from your side. Simply say, anyone who can get Australian visa is eligible for the tournament. You can't give exemption to Djokovic while denying others. And it is clear that Australian authorities must have given verbal green light to organizers about Djokovic visa before the announcement. But they changed their stance after public outcry. Well, politicians have to win elections. They care more about their votes than Djokovic and tennis world's opinion. Organizers should have known this. Lastly, it is really sad that one of the biggest sporting player of our times, a legend of the game, a player who I enjoy watching is an anti-vaxxer. I understand that it is his choice and it doesn't take anything away from his achievements but it is just sad.
  4. An Indian junior tennis player also applied for exception citing the fact that India has not started U-18 vaccinations. He was denied. Well being a legend of the game has its perks.
  5. A) Jesus was born on this day B) Saturnalia C) Sol Invictus festival D) Winter Solstice
  6. It seems his return to India is almost confirm, alongside Tan Kim Her. Hopefully they stay longer this time.
  7. It would be interesting to see how he performs next year when there would be more pressure on him, opponents would have analysed his game more and he won't be coached by the legendary Mulyo. But, inspite of all this, I am sure he will be among the elite players for years to come. LKY was simply phenomenal this championships and fully deserved to be World Champion.
  8. I honestly want to know how in the world do you know about her.
  9. What are the chances that a certain Tongan flagbearer will start swimming in Seine?
  10. In India, we have Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India (Marxist) as mainstream national parties. CPI(M), in alliance with CPI and other parties, even rules the state government in Kerala and is a major player in some other states.
  11. Once pirates join the government, do they remain pirates?
  12. Qatar is hosting WC. Emirs are buying Football clubs. I am sure that if they throw enough money at IOC, they can get Olympics as well. In fact IOC will showcase it as an important step in fight for human rights.
  13. Regarding Badminton, post-COVID struggles aside, Lakshya Sen is a super talent. He had already started winning tournaments (lower levels) in his first year in Senior circuit. So, I have high hopes from him. Apart from him, I think we have a host of players who would be in 20-50 ranking range. Basically, same as now. In WS, I don't have much hopes on any of the youngsters. If you are still playing in Junior circuit at 18-19, it is a clear indication that you are not going to be the next superstar. Tasnim looks promising but not enough dataset to make a prediction about her. MD seems to be our deepest category now. Satwik/Chirag are monsters. Arjun/Dhruv have been the only ones who gave some fight in both the ties in Sudirman Cup. Then, we also have Krishna/Vishnu pair who also seem promising. In WD, we have 3 very good pais: Tanisha/Rutuparna, Ashwini/Sikki and Gayatri/Treesa. Ashwini has been our best WD player for quite some time but I don't think it makes much sense in pairing her with Tanisha or another youngster. Teams should be made keeping Paris in mind. Considering that we have a decent pool of young doubles players, having decent XD teams is doable. BTW, really disappointed at our performance in Sudirman Cup. Tanisha/Rutuparna won the trials ahead of Ashwini/Sikki but still didn't get to play WD. What is the point of having trials then? Srikanth/Sai are in horrible form. They both should seriously take a long break and return in lower tournaments to get some match practice. Also, what is this fascination of playing Singles players in Doubles. Couldn't Dhruv or Arjun played in XD? Ashwini/Dhruv even played a couple of tournaments together this year.
  14. Yes, I mean of those eligible. 30-35% of India's population is under 18, so impossible to cross 60% of total population before kids vaccination starts. Although Zycov-D has been given emergency approval for 12-18 group about a month back, it has not been launched yet. I am expecting rollout for kids by November end. By that time, we should have a decent amount of Zycov-D vaccines available and also stress on delivery system will also be less.
  15. We should cross 600 million atleast partially vaccinated citizens and 200 million fully vaccinated citizens by tomorrow. Considering that we are averaging 5-6 million vaccinations per day, I am hopeful that we should cross 90% partially vaccinated mark by November end. By the way, today is a mega vaccination drive in India. To celebrate PM Modi's birthday, there are extra efforts on part of ruling party members to get maximum vaccination done. We are nearing 10 million vaccinations already and the pace at which it is going I am expecting it to near 20 million vaccinations for the day. If anybody is interested in the vaccination statistics for India, you can find them here:
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