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  1. Hopefully, there will be couple more withdrawals after that as well, so that Indians at 144 and 148 can also qualify.
  2. Ok, I was wrong. WA has decided to not conduct the 5th place tournament and instead give the quota to on basis of QF performance. Full list of Archery quotas: Link
  3. I take all these records in athletics just before Olympic qualification ends with a ton of salt. Dudh ka jala chaas bhi phoonk ke peeta hain.
  4. Nope 7 NOCs advanced to quarterfinals in Men's. Only UKR was there twice, all others had only 1 archer each. I checked it, there will be a separate tournament after Women's Gold medal match.
  5. Are you sure? Normally, Archery has separate rounds to determine additional quotas.
  6. A lot of sports have bad qualification process but I think Weightlifting is among the worst. Only 4 per gender per NOC, complicated process, additional restrictions due to doping, very lengthy qualification timeline not giving much chance for youngsters and/or athletes with injury. I am sure other users would be able to list other problems as well. But, on the plus side, this time around atleast we didn't have athletes lifting less than their bodyweight qualifying for Olympics.
  7. So, you are not denying that you are related to Putin.
  8. Mistaking Ukraine for Russia hmmm are you by any chance related to Putin?
  9. Final list of qualified in Men's section:
  10. All quarterfinalists are qualified not because of 2 but because of 2
  11. In Women's section: vs vs vs vs All winners will qualify. Losers will play additional matches to determine 5th (4th and 5th if wins both their matches) qualifier.
  12. and also qualify for Olympics. vs for the last spot in Men's tournament.
  13. There are 7 qualifying spots in Men's competition and 5 in Women's competition
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