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  1. Honest question: What is this Polish Muslim Church? Are you guys referring to mosques? Or is Polish Muslim Church, a sect of Christianity? Some details please.
  2. As long as China approves the statements.
  3. Today, Pakistan PM Imran Khan (who was captain of the victorious 1992 Cricket WC team) said that Osama Bin Laden was martyred. And he made this statement in Pakistan National Assembly.
  4. Since, I am a minority in this group, anybody trolling me from now on, is a majoritarian fascist.
  5. Police has killed more than 100000 people in USA this year?
  6. Police force is refusing to work and Protestors want to to defund police departments. Problem solved.
  7. I think Google maps doesn’t show LAC, which is the unofficial ceasefire line, but shows official claim lines.
  8. Dedicated to all of us.
  9. Coco was amazing. I liked Inside Out but nothing spectacular. Wall-E on the other hand was simply amazing. One of the best romantic movies I have seen. In the last decade, Disney has also made some good animation movies. I loved Big Hero 6. Wreck-it-Ralph and Zootopia were also nice entertainment.
  10. Same way other people are allowed to say that HBO and many others are acting childish.
  11. 140 character tweet is too big for attention span of most of the people and you want to include prompts before each and every movie? Answer to GOTW/Slumdog or other movies is not bans/prompts or history lessons, if you think these are not realistic picture, make a better picture which is more realistic.
  12. If I demand that Slumdog Millionaire/Hostel/Borat be recalled as it doesn't really paint a realistic picture of India/Slovakia/Kazakhstan would you support it or laugh at me that I am being overly sensitive.
  13. Trump's re-election
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