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  1. Once pirates join the government, do they remain pirates?
  2. Qatar is hosting WC. Emirs are buying Football clubs. I am sure that if they throw enough money at IOC, they can get Olympics as well. In fact IOC will showcase it as an important step in fight for human rights.
  3. Regarding Badminton, post-COVID struggles aside, Lakshya Sen is a super talent. He had already started winning tournaments (lower levels) in his first year in Senior circuit. So, I have high hopes from him. Apart from him, I think we have a host of players who would be in 20-50 ranking range. Basically, same as now. In WS, I don't have much hopes on any of the youngsters. If you are still playing in Junior circuit at 18-19, it is a clear indication that you are not going to be the next superstar. Tasnim looks promising but not enough dataset to make a prediction about her. MD seems to be our deepest category now. Satwik/Chirag are monsters. Arjun/Dhruv have been the only ones who gave some fight in both the ties in Sudirman Cup. Then, we also have Krishna/Vishnu pair who also seem promising. In WD, we have 3 very good pais: Tanisha/Rutuparna, Ashwini/Sikki and Gayatri/Treesa. Ashwini has been our best WD player for quite some time but I don't think it makes much sense in pairing her with Tanisha or another youngster. Teams should be made keeping Paris in mind. Considering that we have a decent pool of young doubles players, having decent XD teams is doable. BTW, really disappointed at our performance in Sudirman Cup. Tanisha/Rutuparna won the trials ahead of Ashwini/Sikki but still didn't get to play WD. What is the point of having trials then? Srikanth/Sai are in horrible form. They both should seriously take a long break and return in lower tournaments to get some match practice. Also, what is this fascination of playing Singles players in Doubles. Couldn't Dhruv or Arjun played in XD? Ashwini/Dhruv even played a couple of tournaments together this year.
  4. Yes, I mean of those eligible. 30-35% of India's population is under 18, so impossible to cross 60% of total population before kids vaccination starts. Although Zycov-D has been given emergency approval for 12-18 group about a month back, it has not been launched yet. I am expecting rollout for kids by November end. By that time, we should have a decent amount of Zycov-D vaccines available and also stress on delivery system will also be less.
  5. We should cross 600 million atleast partially vaccinated citizens and 200 million fully vaccinated citizens by tomorrow. Considering that we are averaging 5-6 million vaccinations per day, I am hopeful that we should cross 90% partially vaccinated mark by November end. By the way, today is a mega vaccination drive in India. To celebrate PM Modi's birthday, there are extra efforts on part of ruling party members to get maximum vaccination done. We are nearing 10 million vaccinations already and the pace at which it is going I am expecting it to near 20 million vaccinations for the day. If anybody is interested in the vaccination statistics for India, you can find them here:
  6. I don't think this is classification issue. If there was classification issue, he would have been disqualified. I think it must be some issue which came up after his first throw which resulted in yellow card and removal of his remaining throws. I think Syrian also had atleast one of his throws removed retrospectively. During live scoring, he went ahead of Indian and then dropped back below him. I am sorry, but these things should not happen. You can't come back half a day later and say sorry we made a mistake, you are not eligible for this competition or sorry, the WR throw that you made yesterday was a foul and our judges couldn't spot it in real time. All these things should be handled before competition. You want to delay the competition, delay it but all these issues need to be solved in real time. Not a day after.
  7. [hide] Knockout Round August 28th - August 31st, 2021 Third-Place Match Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 31st 2021, h. 13:30 Finland 2 Switzerland Final Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 31st 2021, h. 17:30 Canada 2 United States [/hide]
  8. [hide] Knockout Round August 28th - August 31st, 2021 4 Nations, The Winners of each Semifinal will qualify for the Final and the Losers of each Semifinal will play the Third-Place Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 30th 2021, h. 13:00 United States 2 Finland August 30th 2021, h. 17:00 Canada 3 Switzerland [/hide]
  9. [hide] Knockout Round August 28th - August 31st, 2021 8 Nations, The Winner of each Quarterfinal will qualify for the Semifinals Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 28th 2021, h. 10:00 ROC 2 Switzerland August 28th 2021, h. 13:30 United States 3 Japan August 28th 2021, h. 17:00 Canada 3 Germany August 28th 2021, h. 20:30 Finland 2 Czech Republic [/hide]
  10. You guys still don't get it. USA doesn't see Taliban as a terrorist group anymore. ISIS-K is the terrorist group now. Taliban is the newest ally who needs to be supplied arms to take on the ISIS-K. And no point in blaming Joe Biden. He is just continuing the same policy that has been in place since Obama admin. Hillary/Kerry started peace talks with Taliban. Trump took the complete withdrawal decision. Grandpa Joe is simply continuing the work started by his predecessors. He can only be faulted on the horrible way the withdrawal is taking place.
  11. Was USA right to invade Libya? No Is situation now in Libya worse than it was under Gaddafi? Yes But does this mean that Gaddafi was net positive for Libya? Hell No In fact, USA might argue that the situation in Libya is worse because they didn't commit enough boots on ground, that if there was sizeable US troops in Libya, situation would be less volatile.
  12. [hide] Preliminary Round August 20th - August 26th, 2021 10 Nations, All Nations from Group A and 1st, 2nd and 3rd from Group B will qualify for the Quarterfinals Group A Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 20th 2021, h. 16:00 Canada 2 Finland August 20th 2021, h. 19:30 Switzerland 2 United States August 2st 2021, h. 16:00 ROC 2 Switzerland August 22nd 2021, h. 16:00 Canada 2 ROC August 22nd 2021, h. 19:30 Finland 2 United States August 24th 2021, h. 12:00 United States 2 ROC August 24th 2021, h. 16:00 Switzerland 2 Canada August 25th 2021, h. 12:00 ROC 2 Finland August 26th 2021, h. 12:00 Finland 2 Switzerland August 26th 2021, h. 16:00 United States 2 Canada Group B Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 20th 2021, h. 12:00 Czech Republic 2 Denmark August 21st 2021, h. 12:00 Germany 2 Hungary August 21st 2021, h. 19:30 Denmark 2 Japan August 22nd 2021, h. 12:00 Hungary 2 Czech Republic August 23rd 2021, h. 12:00 Germany 2 Denmark August 23rd 2021, h. 16:00 Japan 2 Czech Republic August 24th 2021, h. 19:30 Hungary 2 Japan August 25th 2021, h. 16:00 Czech Republic 2 Germany August 25th 2021, h. 19:30 Denmark 2 Hungary August 26th 2021, h. 19:30 Japan 2 Germany Top 3 Place 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Nation [/hide]
  13. How did he lift the NBA trophy without even being on roster of any team? Last season he was on roster of NBA G-League, even where he played very very less minutes and his team didn't win any trophy. So, which trophy has Princepal Singh lifted?
  14. I don't think Iran is a major player in Afghanistan any more. It must have backed some leaders in the 90s but right now it is reduced to a safe haven for some disgraced leaders, both Taliban and anti-Taliban, first group discreetly, second group openly and a place for Afghani refugees. Also, much before Mike Pompeo, there was Secretary of State Clinton, who started peace talks with the "moderate faction" of the Taliban.
  15. Azerbaijan, Shia majority nation has better relations with Sunni Turkey as compared to Shia Iran.
  16. Thanks. Yes, I face the problem only when I am using desktop version. On mobile, I am not facing any such problems. Lets hope that clearing cache solves the problem.
  17. I am still facing issues with notifications. They are getting updated only when I log in. Later the notification icon keeps on showing the same notifications even if I have read those and there are new notifications.
  18. Honestly, all of us knew this was going to be the case. USA couldn't stay in Afghanistan indefinitely and the moment USA left, Taliban was bound to return. Even when USA was there, Taliban had substantial control over some areas. Also, legitimisation of Taliban has been going on for quite some time (atleast until Hillary's term as Sec of State). So, fully expect that first some senior Afghani politicians would accept Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan followed by USA/China. Others don't matter. In return, Taliban may go easy on public executions of top Afghan leadership and may give some concessions to the public, like no "official ban" on girls going to school.
  19. Interesting. Doesn't seem to be a sensible decision. All over the world, leaders are facing varying voter wrath due to the pandemic. Is he sensing that he can increase his seats due to lack of preparation of opposition?
  20. We all know what will happen next.
  21. I don’t see either as betrayal or abandonment but both the images do show that the greatest superpower has lost the war.
  22. Hopefully that breakthrough won’t include breakdancing
  23. 1) Imran Khan has no control over the army. Everybody knows that Pakistani Army and ISI has the real power in Pakistan. 2) Imran Khan used to be called Taliban Khan during Musharraf times due to his close contacts with Taliban.
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