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  1. Insane innings by Maxwell. Surely one of the best ODI knock of all-time. Tough luck . Their inexperience showed in the later stages of the game when they didn't have any idea about how to stop Maxwell who could not even run. A football analogy I read about Maxwell's innings was "This was like a player scoring 8 goals in last 10 mins of a game after pulling a hamstring and when his team is down 7-0"
  2. Yes and No. Winning by X runs/Y wickets does give some idea about whether victory was massive or tiny. For example, win by 100 runs is massive while win by 10 runs is tiny as the losing team was in with a chance for a longer time. Similarly, win by 1 wicket is marginal while win by 10 wickets shows domination.
  3. Don't be surprised if come up with another good performance. Chennai pitch should help spinners and do have one of the best spin attack.
  4. For 6 team tournament in LA: USA: Host + Pan American quota Asia/Europe/Africa and Oceania: 1 quota each And 1 final quota for World Ranking. (I would prefer qualification tournament but ICC would almost surely chose ranking) If somehow they do get 8 team tournament for men, then there is a chance that there will be one qualification tournament for final spot and 2 spots being available for rankings.
  5. Which are the 11 Olympic events not competed in Huangzhou? IIRC, there was some difference in Weightlifting. What else?
  6. You simply don't get it. ICC/India is not selling cricket to USA. IOC/LA is looking at Cricket viewerships in India. They are counting that there are enough Indian origin HNIs in Silicon Valley who will pay top dollar to see Indian national team. We don't care if common Americans don't watch Cricket. We don't care if Europeans find Cricket boring. If you find flag football/lacrosse more Olympic worthy than Cricket then fine continue to whine. Your choice. We don't care.
  7. Last 2 Gold medals we won were both farcical. Cricket should have reserve days and in Kabbadi, referees should be more authoritative. I don't believe that they should not change decision based on discussion. What should have happened is: The main officials should have pulled the two coaches aside and have discussion with them asking each to give their interpretation of the rule, consulted the official rulebook and made the decision and stuck to it. If either team was adamant on not accepting the ruling, they should have declared the other team winner by forfeit. Since India is the bigger force in Kabbadi, was the team that protested initially and the final decision was in our favour, we do come out as the culprit. And I am sad that we couldn't complete our redemption by defeating Iran fair and square in the final.
  8. In any decently conducted sport, match officials would have told the teams that this is their final decision. They have two options accept it and play on or forfeit the match.
  9. I am curious what is your reading of coverage of India v Canada drama in American media. Is it just a footnote or are they covering it as something big?
  10. I think I have tried to help you (or someone else) in the past. Croquet with a Q is played by Queen of Hearts. Cricket with an I is played by Indians.
  11. Saikhom Mirabai Chanu in group D with an entry total of 60kg. Either there is a mistake in entry or she is just going to meet minimum tournament requirements. These examples show what a mockery the present qualification system is. P.S.: Out of 6 Indians, 3 have entry totals of 60kg. Really looking forward to following the tournament.
  12. There are literally 5 members in BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. South Africa is not participating. So, instead of using BRICS, it would be better if we are honest and say "Why are Brazil, India and China participating?" Also, it would help us in asking the same question to other countries participating like Argentina, Mexico, Thailand and NATO member Turkey. But once we do that, we might realize that participation in these games mean nothing. Majority of the nations don't even care for the official Univerity Games, let alone Russian version of University games. Russian authorities would have approached some Universities from these countries and invited them. These universities sees it as a good opportunity to brag that their athletes represented the nations and won medals at an international event. Russia gets to brag that they got so much participation. And media gets to scare monger NATO vs BRICS/SCO like Allies vs Axis. And I find it really hilarious because except some China shrills, BRICS is considered a dead option in India. Majority of security establishment considers China as an enemy and Quad as future. And regarding Indian pariticpation in SCO, the running joke is that just as Pak was in SAARC to ensure nothing gets done there, India is in SCO to ensure nothing gets done.
  13. There are no shoot-offs. Vasemanis misses out on inner tens. And, I don't think Robin has won the quota. (two different athletes) fighting for 4 quotas.
  14. Finalists for 10m Air Pistol: Bowen Zhang Robin Walter Jason Solari Damir Mikec Kiril Kirov Junhui Liu Ismail Keles Samuil Donkov There are 4 quota places on offer. and are ineligible for quota and already has one quota. So, already has one quota.
  15. My views on Cricket in Olympics: What irks me everytime Cricket comes up is the scorn of some of the users. Just because you don't like a sport doesn't mean the sport is boring. I mean people here give running commentary on 50km Walk and still find T20 long and boring? There have been literally users who have said Cricket doesn't even deserve to have a World Cup as it is not global enough. And at the same time, no one has a problem with sports which are played only in Europe + USA/Canada.
  16. Personally, I don't think Cricket at Olympics much sense. But, it is not because of it being boring or crazy long game. A T20 game lasts only about 3 hours including mid-inning break. I am sure a baseball game is longer than that. Regarding sacrificing more Olympic fitting sports/quota, all of us are seeing it in the wrong way. We see it as Cricket/Breaking/Surfing etc. replacing more traditional and more Olympic fitting sports. Reality is those sports are losing out no matter what. They will be dropped unless they can get more eyeballs/money. The question is how long can they survive and who replaces them. From Indian medal point of view, Kabbadi in Olympics is better than cricket but Kabbadi is not even in the same league as Cricket. And do give Cricket a chance. Try to watch it in the upcoming Asian Games. I remember the apprehension (even scorn) a number of users here had regarding Kabbadi before watching it.
  17. Tell me you have zero idea about cricket (or field hockey) without telling me you have zero idea about cricket (or field hockey).
  18. Don't know anything about the person in question. But, onus of proof should not be on him. He shouldn't have to prove that he is not white nationalist. It is the other side that has to prove that he is a white nationalist.
  19. There is some confusion regarding the "Race to Paris" Ranking published by BWF as it is not counting Sudirman Cup. It is odd that they are missing it. Regarding host quota, France is guaranteed a place each in MS and WS.
  20. [hide] Knockout Round May 25th - May 28th, 2023 4 Nations, the Winners of each Semifinal will qualify for the Final. The Losers of each Semifinal will play the Third-Place Match. Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 27th 2023, h. 13:20 Canada 3 Latvia May 27th 2023, h. 17:20 United States 3 Germany [/hide]
  21. [hide] Knockout Round May 25th - May 28th, 2023 8 Nations, the Winners of each Quarterfinal will qualify for the Semifinals. Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 25th 2023, h. 16:20 Switzerland 4 Germany May 25th 2023, h. 16:20 United States 4 Czechia May 25th 2023, h. 20:20 Canada 4 Finland May 25th 2023, h. 20:20 Sweden 4 Latvia [/hide]
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