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  1. 4-wide at white flag and Cole Custer wins at Kentucky. He was literally nowhere for 99% of that race. Probably first rookie to win a non-shortened Cup race since Denny Hamlin at Pocono in 2006?
  2. Sure is. Both Iowa races will start around 2:30 am CET
  3. First exit polls are in and Andrzej Duda takes 50,4% of the vote! Super close but Law & Justice has it locked down for the next three years now. Turnout was 69% which is huge for Poland! Duda was supposed to be favored with a lower turnout as it's usual the case with Law & Justice as well.
  4. Yeah, Steve Redgrave & his streak. However that 1996 spanking made GB transfer the lottery funding into sports thereafter. It's funny they didn't do it before. Probably Thatcher's strict fiscal policy had something to do with it but someone more familiar with the topic could elaborate. Poland used national lottery money to fund sports even during the communist era.
  5. Next weekend will add Australian Super Cars and MotoGP!
  6. Typical F1 politics. After two races it's clear Racing Point is the "best of the rest" - hell, with Ferrari sucking they're Top 3 on speed. And that makes other teams' angry. This protest won't go far IMO. We've seen this bullshit before.
  7. SPM blew the strategy and lost the win. Should have put O'Ward on blacks on the last stint. Those used reds were gone in the last few laps. Still only one Mexican winner at Elkhart Lake!
  8. Daly was right at the back and managed to crash into someone anyway. I kinda miss Helio Castroneves trying to jump every restart and cause a wave off
  9. Norway made sure the symbicort doping is legal. That can't be undone. The spanking they took at the 2009 World Champs in Liberec made the beast angry!
  10. I bet the guys in the back got the Green Flag call and O'Ward simply didn't go. That's the issue with these slow starts. You bunch the field up and mayhem happens. Will Power punted Hunter-Reay off and wheel-banged Rahal into a crash few seconds later too. Nice one!
  11. Road America Race 2 starts in ca. 40 minutes. It's always tough to predict the green flag time in these US races They have 2,5 hour window before Kentucky NASCAR Cup race starts.
  12. Since it's not Russia, the so-called Western World will do everything to cover up that something was iffy about London 2012. We all know IOC won't open the LA 1984 Games can of worms especially when it comes to Carl Lewis who admitted to using doping on record ca. 20 years ago already. UK would probably like everyone to forget about Wiggins and Froome but cycling is Top 3 of the dirtiest sports in the world where even the TUE excuse looks suspicious. However I'm still waiitng on the Mo Farah/NOP deal. That threat is still real even though British Athletics has fired just about everyone in charge of the federation at the time. Let's see if that works!
  13. C'mon! By modern standards that was 6/10 race. You don't remember the utter borefest at the Valencia Street Circuit for instance? Not to mention some of the Catalunya classics nobody remembers anymore
  14. Ferrari waited two corners to fuck up their race
  15. Scott Dixon goes 3 for 3 in Road America Race 1. Championship looks as good as over already. Newgarden stalled in the pits after leading half of the race and finished 14th. Race 2 is tomorrow. Alex Palou gets the best rookie finish of the season in 3rd!
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