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  1. Jack Miller wins in Motegi where all the title contenders struggled. Quartararo 8th, Bastianini 9th, A. Espargaro 16th after a bike change before the start and Bagnaia crashed on the last lap while trying to pass Quartararo
  2. Three games in and Miami Dolphins are 3-0 looking like they have an above average offense for the first time since Dan Marino retired Las Vegas Raiders are 0-3 and the season is basically over in September
  3. @VektorThis also means Poland is now everyone's desired team from Pot 1, not Hungary
  4. Poland wins 1-0! Only game vs left before the World Cup.
  5. vs about to kick off. Any win for Wales means Poland is relegated to Division B. @hckošiceI see Slovakia drew vs Belarus 1-1 with Adam Zrelak scoring the goal. The man who is just about the only offensive threat for otherwise very defensive-minded Warta Poznań from Polish Ekstraklasa. I seriously wonder how many Slovaks actually know who this guy is
  6. Well, it's sadly the same case each & every year. No matter how hard she tries or which breakway she tries to join, stick with the big guns or the outsiders it always ends the same. It shows how cycling is a team sport at the end of the day. Yeah, I realize Italians have as good depth in the peloton these days. The one tactical error she made was passing on the Vleuten/vd Breggen attack at the Rio Games and sticking with Deignan instead. If she went with the Dutch she'd have an Olympic medal IMO. Btw, what happened with that wonderkid Vas? She wasn't in the race?
  7. Well, our team is still very young but it's a recurring theme for a while, one might argue Smarzek-Godek is a senior member already but she's a mental mess ever since she didn't get on the first plane out of Russia after the war started. Technically we have Stysiak allthough that has been brewing into a Skowronska vs Baranska Alpha rivalry from the previous decade. We have somehow averted the soap opera for now. Even our pundits think that making the QF is basically the ceiling for this team and that would be a huge success.
  8. is always the team that nobody bets on but they are usually the ones who cause some kind of upset (it's a common theme for Asian teams who play great defense because they have to).
  9. Yeah, it seemed unlikely when he signed with the Cardinals for the sentimental farewell and we don't have to ponder if he wouldn't retire if he was stuck below 700 by one or two HR.
  10. At this rate van Vleuten won't retire until she's 50 As it's usual the case with Niewiadoma, she found a new way not to win a one-day race but it's obvious Polish team doesn't have the depth to control things the way the Dutch always do.
  11. @hckošiceWell, last night some Polish experts tried to sugar coat the perspective of us losing to Wales and going down to Div. B by mentioning how Slovakia lost to Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan twice (as in "others have problems too") but then they had to mention how we lost to Slovakia at the Euros to conclude we are struggling badly ourselves The main issue is Glik is 34yo and looking washed up, Bednarek is a bench warmer at Aston Villa and we don't have wing-backs to play 3-5-2 system. It's the same crap that led to Nawalka's downfall at 2018 World Cup and now Michniewicz is running it back after we lost 6-1 vs Belgium playing 4-4-2. Either way, we're screwed. Don't be surprised if we can't beat Saudi Arabia in two months time
  12. The new Polish Biathlon Federation boss has told Daria Dolidovich (17 years old) she can't train with our national team This is fucking bullshit alright. Sergei Dolidovich fled Belarus with his daughter a while back and he's working as assistant coach over here but I fear if this decision won't be reversed they will move on to some other country soon. It's a complete waste but sadly ever since the previous boss Waskiewcz shockingly loss the elections in the summer we're going back to the dark days (Adam Kolodziejczyk will have more to say again as member of the board, the new boss Joanna Badacz seems to be merely a puppet). Justyna Kowalczyk was a huge Waskiewicz supporter so I wonder how long she keeps working within the biathlon federation. I feel she quits or gets booted out before 2026 when the next elections should take place.
  13. Yeah, Group A & D play the entire phase in Arnhem, I don't know why Groups B & C couldn't play their phase in Poland from the first match? Anyway, Croatia wins a set vs Poland
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