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  1. Debates are useless in the internet-age. Too much politics on daily TV these days. Most people don't give a damn about yet more talking heads on TV. You can check out anything online anyway so why bother with political debates?
  2. Can't rewrite history. And to avoid cherry picking on Mercedes, we should call out Porsche and Volkswagen too. After all Ferdinand Porsche designed the Volkswagen Beetle on Hitler's request Not to mention all his other work with the fighter tanks & others. Funny how nobody remembers that.
  3. Well, the driving standards have improved somewhat in the 00s. Ide wasn't as much out of his depth as the likes of Deletraz or Taki Inoue 10 years earlier. I mean, Taki Inoue had some Monty Python moments like getting run over by a medical car in Hungary and getting flipped over by the crane at Monaco too. Japan has had some sketchy F1 drivers in the 80s and early 90s for sure.
  4. Well, that was 9/10 race. All the attrition made it feel like 1994 again. F1 needs some of these races for sure.
  5. Schumacher likeable? You sound like a Ferrari fan? Most of the neutral F1 world had enough of him sooner rather than later (which doesn't reflect respecting his driving skills). David Coulthard would agree with me!
  6. Red Bull making stuff happen on a track they actually own! All the kneeling drama has been swiftly killed by the uber-late Hamilton penalty
  7. No offense to Yuji Ide's driving skills but Bernie Ecclestone is by far the worst thing that happened to F1 IMO.
  8. LeClerc is the new tifosi favorite already. He rendered a 4-time WDC expendable after just one season of being his teammate. He doesn't need to worry about his public image at all
  9. You do realize Leclerc's family owns half of the housing estate in Monaco? Nobody tells the rich what should they do - especially if Hamilton earns 40 million pounds annually himself F1 is not for philantrophists and never will be, period.
  10. It's cool. I follow F1 since 1991 so I won't lose my sleep over this kneeldown issue whatsoever
  11. The progressives don't really understand that. They want to enforce their way of thinking on everyone else and accuse them of hate if they don't. That's weak and I'm never gonna agree to something only because someone else tells me what I should support or not. I'm not surprised F1 has pressed pause on this political statement. There's too much ego in this sport to bother with such a sideshow like BLM tbh.
  12. Most F1 drivers are narcisstic egoists. You're seeking unity in one place where you won't find it Not to mention the Mercedes dominance has worn out a lot of fans on Hamilton ages ago already. He's one of the least sympathetic black athletes in the world for sure.
  13. After completely crapping the bed at Texas, Rinus VeeKay gets a Top 5 at the Indy Road Course
  14. Yeah, considering Hamilton was fed with a silver spoon by McLaren since he was a kid, he's like one of the last black people in the world who knows anything about racial injustice Even Romain Grosjean called him out over his salary last week!
  15. Match fixing. Saw this news on teletext of all things.
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