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  1. Jews also are having a field day in the Court. Before this latest tenure there were only five Jewish judges in history and with Breyer, Kagan and Bader Ginzburg there were three at the same time. Dare I say the liberal Protestants got so carried away with all the equality talk they completely missed how Catholics & Jews have dominated the Supreme Court in XXI century I'm pretty sure Sotomayor's gender and ethnicity was more important than her religion. And Trump follows the same path now, with Coney Barrett he picks a woman and that silences like half of the liberals who want w
  2. Yeah but since when religious freedom equals to democracy of the religion itself? If you want to force a religious choice just because it should be balanced (like 3 Catholics, 3 Muslims & 3 Jews) then its no longer a freedom of religion to begin with. Democracy wants to control so many choices by default it actually destroys the freedom of choice its supposed to protect. Rejecting a judge because he displays the wrong faith and "we have too many Catholics" on the Court doesn't sound too democratic at all. The biggest myth for me is why there were no Asia
  3. My impression is that in the Anglo-Saxon world Catholics get viewed as "conservative" or "bigoted" all the time tbh. That's the stereotype and Catholicism is viewed as more religious extreme than Islam. Olympian1010 posted this tweet to clearly indicate that having 6 Catholics on the Supreme Court would be a bad thing (since he never posts anything positive about conservatives), I imagine having 6 Muslim judges would be a sign of religious tolerance though
  4. This is some old stereotype about Catholics in USA, like it's 16th century or something. I mean Sonia Sotomayor is a Catholic too and she's considered one of the most liberals on the Court?
  5. Going back to Andreea Mitu I mentioned, she made 32 ITF finals of various sort - 15 of them in Romania You have to take advantage of the schedule and ITF points system. However ITF realizes how big the travel issues are for these second-tier players. There are tournaments played in Cairo and Sharm-El-Sheikh virtually all year. And countries like Italy, Spain or Turkey are doing the same. Hell, even Poland stages these ITFs with Czechs and Russians playing here all the time. Jelena Ostapenko lost to Oceane Dodin in the Zawada 25k final only 2,5 years before winning Roland Garros
  6. [hide] Men's Singles Round of 128 Round of 64 Round of 32 SECTION 1 N. Djokovic [1] 3 Djokovic 3 Djokovic 3 M. Ymer 0 H. Delien 1 Berankins 0 R. Berankis 3 D. Galan 0 Norrie 1 Hurkacz 0 C. Norrie 3 T. Sandgren 2 Hurkacz 3
  7. Is Zarazua based in USA? As a clay speciallist it's gonna be very tough for her to crack Top 100 playing these clay ITFs in South America tbh. This is why some equally second-tier clay experts from Czech Republic, Italy or Spain have an easier path to Top 100. Someone like Andreea Mitu cracked Top 70 winning a bunch of clay 25k & 10k all over Europe back in the day
  8. D.Binder has three crash DNFs in five races here Lowes has stopped crashing this season save for the banzai move in Styria so he might yet spoil your bingo
  9. Bendsneyder was 14th on the grid here last year so above average for NTS. Catalunya is usually a crash-fest for bikes due to these sweeping bends that take away the grip so let's see if BB picks up a rare point just by staying upright. I wouldn't rule this out tbh.
  10. Olga Vilukhina is reinstated as the 2014 Olympic Games silver medallist in the sprint. Likewise Olga Zaitseva and Yana Romanova's results have been reinstated. However the relay & mixed relay DQ have been upheld Zaitseva's life-time ban is also lifted.
  11. I didn't say SDS should have replaced either Calderon or Floersch in that car since obviously it wasn't a Porsche. But in the Pro-Am days it doesn't take much to put these usless ride buyers out there and nobody has an issue with it while you seem to dismiss Simona as backmarker who can't do better than Danica frickin' Patrick.
  12. That's why I said about the wording used. El Tabakh is Egyptian but simply doesn't represent Egypt anymore.
  13. Well, very crucial wording about "representing" Egypt because Heidi El Tabakh did it a lot sooner already
  14. Patrick had her moments? Please... that's PR crap for ignorants. Motegi win was all down to cars around her saving fuel. Plus she burned all the IndyCar bridges after she jumped for NASCAR money. She was a total wash & a publicity stunt in NASCAR, she achieved 7 Top 10s in 191 races, her replacement Aric Almirola needed 16 races to match that total Tatiana Calderon hasn't showed much in ladder series in Europe and Floersch got more publicity due to her Macau crash more than anything. Simona de Silvestro doesn't have the PR stunt and has hang it out against the toug
  15. Guess the word "peaceful protests" won't be much used anymore. Unless of course BLM lobbyists support shooting police officers out of pure anger and call that peaceful?
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