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  1. Yeah, that must be an American thing only. Polish commentators never talk about brand of clothing or skin color during women's tennis matches They did talk about Radwanska because for years she didn't sign a clothing deal and had to wear those WTA stickers which sometimes flew off. Yep, the 5 set games come up in equal pay conversation. Victoria Azarenka made a fool out of herself last year by suggesting men should play 3 sets at Grand Slam. Roland Garros has said only men matches will be featured in this year's night sessions since they want to crank up revenue numbe
  2. Poland won 11 medals each of the last three SOG. I'll say they can win 11 fourth time in a row. 3 golds (most likely from Anita Wlodarczyk in W Hammer, Pawel Fajdek in M Hammer, Men's coxless fours in rowing). Count in Men's volleyball but we always screw the joint at the Olympics. Maybe it will change here. Biggest potential gold medal surprise that won't be a total upset is Katarzyna Niewiadoma in women's elite road race. Minor medal hopes: Marta Walczykiewicz in canoeing, women's 4x400 relay, Marcin Lewandowski 1500m in athletics and maybe som
  3. He's done it! Hideki Matsuyama is the Masters champion! Cue in some crazy Japanese commentary clips soon...
  4. Schauffele with water & triple bogey at the 16th and that's the end of his challenge. Matsuyama leads by two over Zalatoris with 2 to go.
  5. Matsuyama found water at the 15th. Leads by two with 3 to go...
  6. Zalatoris fading on back nine... Matsuyama leads by five over Schauffele with 5 to go...
  7. Front nine done and Matsuyama extended his lead to five shots over Zalatoris. Jon Rahm after -6 on the day has moved up to third at -6.
  8. Yeah, I realize that. It wasn't hard to spot his name on the second tour given how rarely "Z" is used in English language
  9. Zalatoris only got to PGA last year due to laxed acceptance rules IIRC? If not for that, he'd still be playing in the second league? So that's one guy who really can be thankful for the COVID pandemic
  10. Kudermetova wins Charleston 64 62 over Kovinic. And Maria Camila Osorio Serrano wins her home Bogota Slam.. I mean Copa Colsanitas! That's a totally unexpected result no matter how lukewarm the draw was. 87 v 90 UE! That is some other level of lukewarm indeed.
  11. Most ITF events like that are played w/o ball kids tbh and it doesn't get so extreme. And Anshba has two entries in Top 10 of longest women's matches. Not to mention her 140 shot "rally" vs Magdalena Frech highlighted by some outrageous moonballing
  12. Hideki Matsuyama leads by four shots after R3 at the Masters. Either he finally breaks the Major curse or we'll see the biggest collapse since Jordan Spieth in 2016
  13. Yep, we've seen this before. Peak in the spring and bomb out in the summer.
  14. DeGrom had 14 strikeouts and Mets still lost? I wonder when he pulls a Verlander and ditches the loser team for a WS contender?
  15. Kovinic vs Kudermetova in the Charleston final.
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