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  1. Garrick Higgo had quite a run in the last year. I bet nobody had him at the Olympics 12 months ago. Bezuidenhout needed a Top 10 finish at US Open to pass him according to Polish commentators (he finished 31st).
  2. No problem. It's kinda compliacted at first but not so much when you have the fixed pattern for all the scenarios. Croatia vs Scotland is the key game after which things will be much more clear. Ukraine, Finland and Slovakia must pray this game ends in a draw (which is not that impossible result). Finland's path to qualify is quite improbable. They have to count on: a) vs ending in a draw AND b) not beating AND c) to beat by three goals And if all those three things happen then you'll have vs in R16 and playing either or
  3. I suppose you weren't around for the 1986-1994 World Cups when the same system was in place? It all depends which four teams from which groups qualify. If tomorrow there is a draw in vs then I'm gonna say 99% Groups B & D will be the ones to advance only two teams (unless Poland doesn't beat Sweden and Slovakia loses to Spain by three goals). Actually Poland beating Sweden is the biggest potential spoiler of my laid out plan. If Groups B & D advance two teams then R16 matches COULD be: vs , vs , vs and vs (again, only most probable if Croati
  4. I'm pretty sure Italians didn't forget the vs screwjob from Euro 2004 whatsoever
  5. Because that game would only happen if qualifies from 3rd place and that's actually a very unlikely scenario. will most likely play a 3rd place team from Group E - unless a team from that Group joins and doesn't qualify at all.
  6. However we know that runner-up from Group D plays runner-up from Group E so if Sweden beats Poland, England could play Spain in R16 The ideal scenario for England is a Poland win which means they will indeed play us in R16
  7. All over in Group B. have qualified from 3rd place. with almost no chance as they fall behind on goal difference. vs in R16.
  8. Wrong camera angle for the naked lady on the pitch. We still saw her in the background
  9. Dzyuba scores. Ukraine back ahead of Denmark. Turpin really helped the comrades there... twice even.
  10. Kudryashov is lucky to escape a second booking. Guess Turpin doesn't want to help the hosts too much.
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