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  1. [hide] Knockout Round January 27th, 2021 8 Nations, Winners from each Quarterfinal will qualify for the Semifinals Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 27th 2021, 18:30 Denmark 5 Egypt January 27th 2021, 21:30 Sweden 7 Qatar January 27th 2021, 21:30 Spain 3
  2. I recall Italy in white athletics uniforms in late 80s and even 90s but that was after Mennea's heyday, that's what got me confused here. I do remember Fiona May or Annarita Sidoti in all-white too but that's like over 20 years ago and my memory could be wrong. Didn't like Stefano Baldini win marathon gold running in all white?
  3. Then I maybe mixed up some history. I seem to recall Pietro Mennea running in all white kit around that time
  4. Italy competed under IOC flag during 1980 Games so let's don't overthink the room here. It wouldn't be the first time multiple nations didn't participate under their own flag. As for IOC being hypocritical, lol, that's old news. If USA wasn't an Olympic power house they'd have their asses banned for the jurisdiction shift applied by the US politicians. But it's easy to play hardball with Nauru or Somalia and show double standards when it comes to USA
  5. Interesting take on Joe Biden potentially starting a war with Facebook. Obviously Biden won't start a war with Wall Street, can he start one vs Silicon Valley's poster child Zuckerberg? Legalised censorship on the way? It was fun for librals to ban Trump's social media accounts, let's see how they spin the potential ban on casual FB users?
  6. Yeah, John Elway played in 5 as the next-most. Brady has played in 18% of Super Bowls in history.
  7. Matt LaFleur blew it with the decision to kick a FG while down 8 pts. He trusted defense rather than Aaron Rodgers. Sure enough, Rodgers never got the ball back again! This guy Tom Brady tho... he wins at Lambeau despite throwing 3 INTs that were straight from Jameis Winston days. GOAT gonna GOAT
  8. Two turnovers from Packers and Bucs lead 28-10 early in the third quarter.
  9. @Quaker2001 Stan Kroenke build the SoFi stadium for LA Games. Let's don't pretend it's was Los Angeles money, it was Kroenke's private money. And I know you probably had the Memorial Coliseum in mind but with Coliseum alone LA's bid wouldn't be such a no-brainer. Other than the Gulf oil countries, Russia and China not a single country in the world can afford to host the Olympics without any care for public finances. I'm just waiting for Doha to host the Summer Olympics in 2030s, that is another no-brainer given how Qatar has pretty much raised their game into hosting the football World Cup, th
  10. Conference Championship games tonight (Packers vs Buccaneers & Chiefs vs Bills). Meanwhile QB Matthew Stafford has requested a trade after 12 years with the ever-unfortunate Detroit Lions. I'd say Washington FT and Indianapolis Colts are the most likely destinations for him.
  11. Croatia led 18-13 at the half but lost 29-30. It was their first game of the championships. Btw, Croatia was down 8-10 to Saudi Arabia at half-time in the second game as well I can only speculate they totally wanted to sneak thru the two weakest teams in their first two games with minimal effort.
  12. You know these protests are going nowhere. Nobody can remove a former KGB agent from power unless he chooses to do it all by himself
  13. Well, they dominated in an era when conquest was done primarily by land. That changed in XV century and most Empires were naval-dominant since then
  14. This is what Mariusz Jurasik said literally two days ago. But we are the co-hosts in 2023 so it's not exactly Sherlock Holmes-like deduction Hungary wins 30-26.
  15. Because of copper and coal? I don't see anything else worth grabbing? Most Empires over the centuries were naval dominant. It's hard to get to Mongolia by sea so maybe that's why Europe never really cared about them.
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