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  1. In Mexico's case Positive scenario: Day 1 (July 24) Could represent a first medal in Mixed Team Archery, right now we have a consistent duo in the World Cup so with a good day they could make it. This makes me remember London 2012 when our Men's Team placed 4th losing the bronze medal after almost making it to the final but nerves took the best out of our team and no medal. Archery could give a first medal on day 2 but first we have to qualifty this sunday to the games as a full team with the ladies. Best scenario? Day 4 (July 27) this day can give Mexico
  2. Add the Parallel Slalom and drop the useless Team Event!!
  3. Britain has several option for wining medals in Tokyo, maybe the medal for Johnson-Tompson is in danger but I can see Dina taking at least a bronze, brits tend to do well in the relays and also they have a shot at 800, 1500 in both men & women. I predict something between 3 to 6 medals, can't see Britain not taking at least one
  4. Pues el 'Control Tecnico' de Clavados se realizara este fin de semana en el CNAR a puerta cerrada. Es solo un filtro, no significa que quienes queden en el top 2 en individual y primeros en sincronizados seran los elegidos. Se tomara en cuenta segun un comunicado de la FMN 'Trayectoria, disciplina y perspectiva' queeee tal!!??? y la lista de los elegidos sera publicada entre 1 a 3 dias DESPUES del domingo 13 que finaliza dicho 'control tecnico' Otro proceso sucio, manchado. Que significa esto? que solo es una pantalla para querer legitimar en algo sus decis
  5. Blame that harsh bars scoring/judging, there they lost those now needed tenths that took away the olympic ticket
  6. So disappointing for Mexico, heads need to roll within our federation though it wont happen
  7. With all respect to the costa rica girl but I can't believe Mexico with 4 girls can't beat a gymnast from a country with a quarter maybe of the funding/support of what our gymnast receive, not that they get A LOT but come on! This time maybe was the easiest for our gymnast to get a second spot for the Olympis but looks like it wont happen
  8. Fabian de Luna had disastrous floor exercise and Mexico did not make it Olympic spots for USA and Brazil
  9. I can't see any mexican beating the top 2 at the moment Fabian de Luna after 2 apparatus Rings & vault is positioned to score 'well' but those were maybe his best apparatus From what I understood brazilian commentators are keeping an eye on Fabian given he could take away the spot from the brazilian guy though I doubt it. And in parallel bars Fabian just had some errors that will be costly, he touched down with both hands in the final move of the routine so I think now he is out of contention They said that currently Fabian is the first in line reserve
  10. Brazilian TV is reporting Zanetti is out of the Games with a right shoulder injury
  11. Poor Jade and well Zanetti injured then he wont be able to qualify to Tokyo I guess??
  12. Los nadadores mexicanos siguen obteniendo buenos resultados en los eventos del Mare Nostrum Series, quedandose a pocas centesimas de marcas personales aunque las marcas A para los Juegos siguen estando lejos. Mientras tanto en Clavados seguimos en SILENCIO, nadie sabe cuando se realizara el selectivo ni las reglas, la Federacion de Natacion sigue mutis como ha estado casi desde hace un año. Es increible que estando a 50 dias de los JJOO en un deporte que es carta para medallas de las pocas en Mexico y tengamos este desastre con esos ineptos al frente como son Todorov y Claudia Ruiz
  13. Athing Mu, the american sensation over the 400m ran 49.68 yet another American U20 record and it was in the quarterfinals! Girl is running a lot, I don't think she will have anything left when US Olympic trials come though would like to be prove wrong
  14. Guess who AGAIN scored 7 and 8 in the final against Italians ????
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