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  1. Paola Moran to the semis with 51.18 I hope she just slowed down in the final 100 metres knowing she wasnt in danger, I dont want to think that she just ran out of gas and could be struggling with the closing speed
  2. How come? you already have Gold medals in Rowing, Tennis and some more hardware in Taekwondo
  3. Kolak three failed throws and going back to Croatia
  4. Allyson Felix safely into the Semis, I think she can win a medal
  5. 2016 Olympic Javelin Champion Sara Colak (CRO) is on the verge of elimination, no mark after 2 throws, one left
  6. Hughes Fabrice Zango, world indoor record holder and heavy favourite for the Gold barely qualifies to the final in 12th place
  7. So Shaunae is going fot the 200/400 Wise decision, I think the 400m is wide open and she can wit it with a so-so performance That 50.51 heat time looked sooooooooooo easy
  8. Lewandowski is into the Semis Samuel Tefera (ETH) one of the pre contenders out as well as the second Ingebrigtsen brother
  9. Maybe it was too much for El Bakkali after last night Gold in the 3000m Steeplechase
  10. I think Polish team will put a protest and he will be advanced
  11. Now Spain should put a protest because they thought were qualified and now find they are bumped by 3 teams and out VAMOS ESPANA!
  12. It's official, she wont take part in the Vault & Uneven Bars final She will be replaced by Mykayla Skinner in Vault & Melanie de Jesus Dos Santos (FRA) in Bars
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