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  1. Very happy for Donovan Carrillo, as a huge fan of figure skating for almost 30 years following this sport It will be a dream come true that a mexican skater gets to the Olympics, something I never thought would be posible given the dificult and almost non existen support for the sport in my country, Donovan is a rare talent we have and that has endured and kept going among his coach Gregorio Nunez, against all ods, not easy conditions and sometimes zero funding but their own. Now he has caused a huge impact with the news about his olympic spot for Beijing that all sport media is co
  2. Yes! Donovan in the free skate AND most likely gets the automatic Olympic Quota, rules practically indicate that!
  3. For me Moguls have become a bit borring to watch with everybody doing the same tricks and now with the Final, Super Final, Ultra Final Format And given I don't understand a bit about the scoring, how they get the scores?
  4. Laura Galvan impone nueva marca y record nacional en los 1500 Metros con 4:08.14
  5. Mexico calling, would like to participate and making my debut at this competition
  6. Klinec world champion! silver for Lundby and bronze Sara Takanashi!! Kramer 4th
  7. Takanashi bad luck strike at major continues, well now she was just 0.2 out of a medal at a major championship Karma owes her a gold medal, let's hope is the Olympic one at Beijing
  8. Can you explain why Bendika participation damaged the qualification process of many NOC? Sorry if explained before, did not read anywhere else
  9. So not even neutral autorized russian athletes at the European Championships!
  10. Covid concern ??? Russia as per se, wasn't going to be allowed to participate. But maybe the 'Russian Athletics Federation' will send athletes
  11. Jose Carlos Herrera, en efecto. Lastima que se perdio a ese talento. De Alberto Alvarez te puedo comentar que segun he visto en sus redes, sigue en activo, compitio en el mundial de Doha si no recuerdo mal. Ha entrenado bastante en California, en el Centro Olimpico, por lo que supongo que intentara ir a Tokio. Y si, en Rio tuvimos sorpresas como en el lanzamiento de martillo varonil, con ese cuarto puesto (que parecia medalla de bronce hasta la ultima ronda) pero los resultados de esos Juegos Olimpicos no han podido concretarse en un buen ciclo hacia Tokio.
  12. Italian Raisport showed the Qualification races live I have them, though I dont know if its allowed to share the links to watch and if yes, where to share those links
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