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  1. Skoda will withdraw as a sponsor if the tournament remains in Belarus.
  2. Good, it would be frankly scandalous if the Dutch NOC did not select her.
  3. Liz Cheney (WY-AL), the third most senior Republican in the US House, will vote for impeachment. Trump being impeached for a second time tomorrow is essentially a foregone conclusion. His trial is unlikely to happen before the end of his term, but the Senate will have the opportunity to ban him from holding any federal office for life, which would prevent him from running in 2024.
  4. Can’t wait for Doha to host the Tokyo 2020 Olympics sometimes in early Winter 2023 🙄
  5. I believe this is the first International winter competition of any kind Canada has won this winter.
  6. After what feels like a month of counting, Congress has formally declared that Joe Biden is elected president and that Kamala Harris is elected vice-president. It is over, there is no theoretical long shot hope left for Trump.
  7. Exactly, removal from office would ban him from holding any federal office (not just the presidency) for life.
  8. It appears that Jon Ossoff and Radical Socialist Raphael Warnock (as he was called by his opponent) have won the regular and special senate elections in Georgia, respectively. This means Democrats will have control of the US senate by the narrowest of margins, 50-50 with the vice president being the tie-breaker.
  9. I think the animated pictograms will be a big improvement over the still pictograms for broadcasts.
  10. I thought the crash happened at the start of the banked turn, may be wrong though.
  11. You really miss out on that kind of unintended comedy when you watch the commentary-free clean feed on Peacock.
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