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  1. At this point Edin must be in the conversation for best skip of all times, right?
  2. Three teams with positive tests, four further teams “came in contact”. If all the tests for the remaining teams come back negative the hope is to finish the hope is to finish the event tomorrow over three draws.
  3. First quarterfinals: beats 5-3. Worst finish for Canada since the 70s. Also this is ominous:
  4. And is the sixth and final team to qualify. After leading late in the round robin with a 7-1 record Norway loses *five* games in a row.
  5. Turns out is also qualified due to not being last among any potential head to head scenario among five loss teams.
  6. Also, and not Russia advanced to the semi-finals. As @mrv86 mentioned qualified to the playoffs and the Olympics. Scenarios for qualification: qualifies with a win over . qualifies with a win over . qualifies with a win over and a win over .
  7. The - match tonight is extremely important. The loser will drop to a fifth loss. The match is especially pivotal for Canada - if Canada loses the match they no longer control their destiny, as has the head to head tie-break over Canada. The winner of the match is guaranteed to qualify if they win their final match tomorrow. and are still mathematically in the race, if my quick calculation is correct they need to win all their remaining games, Switzerland to lose at least one game and the loser of Norway - Canada to lose their final game. And that just gets them to the mess tha
  8. I can't believe it's not Russia™ is the second team to qualify for the playoffs and the Olympics. They've been having a great week.
  9. is the first team to qualify for the playoffs and, as such, the Olympics.
  10. Only for mixed doubles. Men’s and women’s is top 6, but is in the top 6 an extra quota is added to the final qualification event.
  11. At this point all appear to be cruising towards Olympic qualification. They are two (or 2.5 in the case of Norway) games ahead of the 7th place team, with only 4 (or 5 for Norway) games remaining. are battling for the sixth place, but the USA is definitely in the driver’s seat there. They are half a game ahead of Switzerland and a game ahead if Italy and, crucially, they hold the tie-breaker over both teams. The only silver lining for the Swiss is that on paper they have a slightly easier schedule ahead of them. Italy is going to need to hope both teams ahead of them drop a coupl
  12. I really can't imagine Russia, err sorry, the athletes that are totally not from Russia, boycotting these Olympics unless something truly wild happens.
  13. Is “The team formally known as the Russian Curling Federation team” acceptable?
  14. Apparently Korea’s first ever win against Canada at the men’s worlds. Canada scored 4 points in the 8th and stole 2 in the 9th to take a one point lead, but it just wasn’t enough.
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