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  1. Not surprising to see Maria Sotskova retire, her results haven't been good since Pyeongchang and the Russian team in women's figure skating is incredibly deep. Was she even selected for a GP assignment next season? It's already a huge achievement for her to just have made an Olympic team.
  2. The odds of that being true are probably higher than the odds of his name appearing on any ballots in 2020...
  3. It's probably an attempt to drum up publicity for some future release.
  4. Given that the IOC has pledged full gender equality by Paris 2024 I wouldn’t be surprised if Artistic Swimming was in some real jeopardy.
  5. So basically we can already give the title to Mercedes and cancel the season?
  6. Just referencing that when you cross the Ambassador bridge you go North to enter the US and South to enter Canada.
  7. Isn't Detroit to the North of Canada?
  8. / will host the 2023 women’s World Cup.
  9. ...please no. It reminds me of a Survivor challenge. Like, sure, it's fun, but it doesn't follow logically from anything. I'd much rather see a road race rally, a race walk rally, something for field athletes... but not that random nonsense. The UWW should be more focused on saving Greco Roman wrestling and less focussed on that little vanity project... That's basically what a relay is, just in a more TV friendly version :P
  10. ...there is already a 100m team event. It’s one of the better events on the Athletics program.
  11. ...I actually do prefer watching the team archery event to the individual archery event xD
  12. I sure hope they never introduced a mixed gender / mixed sword team event in fencing. It suffers from the same issue the ridiculous format issues the mixed judo team event suffers from - there is no way to make it fair. Edit: back when I did fencing we did a mixed gendered / mixed sword team event once a year. For our Halloween tournament. Costumes were mandatory. Just to give you an idea of how seriously we took that format. I would actually really like to see Golf propose foursome matchplay events, whether same gendered or mixed (or both). I think it would draw a lot more attention than the strokeplay tournament does.
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