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  1. Replace it with what? The figure skating team event had five quotas spots assigned to it (and those are shared with the host nation quotas). The only thing cutting this event would give is more ice time.
  2. I love that there is a team event for figure skating, but the format is terrible.
  3. Women singles qualifiers: Alternates: Full qualification for women’s singles: 3 quotas: 2 quotas: 1 quota:
  4. Pairs Olympic qualifiers: Alternates: Really disappointing result for China, who almost certainly would have had three pairs after worlds if not for COVID and because 2 of the 3 teams ahead of them are transfers. Unfortunately they had two falls. This is the Olympic debut in pairs for both Spain and “Georgia”. Qualification summary for pairs: Three entries: Two entries: One entry:
  5. has qualified a full team of 18! Men’s singles qualifiers: Alternates: Qualification summary for men’s singles: 3 entries: 2 entries: 1 entry:
  6. and both grab a second men’s single quota, with the last group pending. If or slip up are in line for a quota in that order. The Turkish skaters finished almost tied, with the skater who is eligible to won a quota 0.06 points behind the skater who is trying to win a quota.
  7. I hadn’t considered that. is solidly ranked in the top 10 by points so as long as they qualify in ice dance they are almost guaranteed a spot in the team event.
  8. By my quick calculation exactly ten teams are currently eligible for the team event, assuming the results from the short program / rhythm dance hold: In this scenario there are enough additional quotas (5) to ensure every team can have a competitor in every discipline - Germany would get an extra man, Italy an extra woman and Ukraine an extra pair. and are both one position away (in dance and pairs, respectively) from gaining eligibility, but given there are only five extra quotas this time around (down from 10 in 2018) that could cause a team to compete in only three disciplines. is basically guaranteed to fail to qualify for the team event.
  9. It would be nice if we could collectively agree on whether Biden has already eliminated all American borders or if he‘s the most anti-immigration president ever.
  10. Olympic gold medalist Adam van Koeverden easily got re-elected as MP for Milton. Oh and Justin Trudeau got re-elected so I guess that means Canada won’t boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics, which I’m sure will disappoint a couple users here.
  11. Beijing is going to be on par w/ SLC and Sochi there IMO. (For all the issues w/ Sochi their figure skating / short track venue and their primary ice hockey venue were gorgeous)
  12. That’s entirely dependent on who gives the shots. There is no national database.
  13. For the only sport that matters (moguls) SLC’s venue remains the greatest of all times :P (I am much more excited for Milan’s venues tbh, Olympic biathlon in Antholz is gonna be nuts)
  14. What's frustrating is that we have vaccines available *everywhere* for free. You don't even need to book an appointment, you just show up and they stick a needle in your arm.
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