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  1. I think it's mostly surprising that there is only one Protestant on the court vs. six Catholics, given that the majority of American Christians are some flavour of Protestant and given that there has only been a single Catholic president in American history (Joe Biden would, if elected, only be the second Catholic president). As for Asians on the high court, Trump seriously considered Amul Thapar and Obama seriously considered Sri Srinivasan (who is currently the DC Circuit Chief Judge, meaning he is the most senior member of the judiciary branch other than the Supreme Court
  2. There is no stereotype of Catholics being particularly conservative in the US - Catholics are all over the ideological spectrum and Catholics vote roughly in line with Americans at large. This is very unlike some other religious groups in the US, such as Evangelicals, Mormons or Anglicans (overwhelmingly Republicans) or Unitarians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and non-religious voters (overwhelmingly Democrats) that have very clear political leanings.
  3. On what planet is Feinstein a "Democratic Party hero"? It has long been a source of frustration among the base that the senior senator from California (of all states) is a centrist.
  4. If you are trying to convince left leaning Americans that the Clinton welfare reforms were a disaster, or that Clinton was generally too conservative, you are selling way past the close.
  5. The FIS has renamed the “mute grab” to the “Weddle grab”, following efforts from Tony Hawk to rename the trick to better honor it’s creator, Chris Weddle.
  6. Lol what is this nonsense? The way Trump acts is a huge outlier within the US business world and a huge outlier in the world of old money. He’s famously a giant oddity within the NYC elite.
  7. No he can absolutely nominate someone and get them confirmed even after the election. The only real leverage Democrats have is that the number of justices can be changed by simple legislation.
  8. And this will further radicalize everybody.
  9. Ah yes, this is obviously the most likely explaination.
  10. Bouchard played the best tennis she's played in years last week. IIRC she won more matches in Istanbul last week than she did in all of 2019...
  11. What an absolutely odd final. Made for compelling viewing, but in terms of quality of play it was... bad. First men to win their maiden grand slam singles title since Marin Cilic way back in 2014. Kind of wild.
  12. There are (were, most are in Israel now) quite a few Jewish Ethiopians. About 2% of Israel’s population has recent Ethiopian ancestry.
  13. Israel doesn’t have to shop around, they can just find people who are eligible for citizenship through the law of return.
  14. That one was bad, IIRC the umpire required surgery.
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