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  1. Also both very good choices (especially since Canada has never picked a curler as a flag bearer). I'm not sure if they will have flown in early enough, though. The alternates are flying early (with the mixed doubles team), but the four starters for both the men's and women's team are planning on flying out pretty late. I don't remember if they mentioned specific dates, though. It appears that almost all the other Canadian teams took the approach of getting in the bubble ASAP (all the bobsleigh athletes are there, for example, and training doesn't start until the 10th for the women and 11th for the men). (Also, as the resident Acadian/Quebecois hybrid on this forum, I gotta say - Canada is way overdue a French-Canadian flag bearer at this point, it's been 84 years there hasn't been one since Turin, Summer of Winter)
  2. My proposal is Marie-Philip Poulin. She undoubtedly deserves it. She does have a game the next morning (against ) so that might be a problem. Toss in Marc Kennedy if we need a second flagbearer because he'll be in Beijing not doing anything at the time (he flies in early to be a possible replacement for Jon Morris in mixed doubles if he tests positive). ) Hamelin would be a great choice if not for the 1000m prelims and, more importantly, the 2000m mixed relay finals the next day. Mikaël Kingsbury is a complete non-starter for the same reason.
  3. [hide] Main Round February 9th - February 13th, 2022 12 Nations, Every 1st-placed Nation from all the Groups + The best 2nd-placed Nation from all the Groups will qualify for the Quarterfinals. All remaining Nations will qualify for the Knockout Round Playoff-Matches Group A Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 February 10th 2022, h. 21:10 United States 5 0 China February 10th 2022, h. 21:10 Canada 3 1 Germany February 12th 2022, h. 12:10 Canada 4 2 United States February 12th 2022, h. 16:40 Germany 3 1 China February 13th 2022, h. 21:10 China 0 5 Canada February 13th 2022, h. 21:10 United States 3 2 Germany Group B Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 February 9th 2022, h. 16:40 ROC 6 0 Switzerland February 9th 2022, h. 21:10 Czech Republic 5 1 Denmark February 11th 2022, h. 12:10 Denmark 1 6 ROC February 11th 2022, h. 16:40 Czech Republic 2 1 Switzerland February 12th 2022, h. 21:10 ROC 3 1 Czech Republic February 12th 2022, h. 21:10 Switzerland 4 1 Denmark Group C Date & Time (GMT +8) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 February 10th 2022, h. 12:10 Sweden 7 0 Latvia February 10th 2022, h. 16:40 Finland 5 2 Slovakia February 11th 2022, h. 16:40 Sweden 4 2 Slovakia February 11th 2022, h. 21:10 Latvia 1 7 Finland February 13th 2022, h. 12:10 Slovakia 2 0 Latvia February 13th 2022, h. 16:40 Finland 3 2 Sweden Top 3 Place Gold Silver Bronze Nation [/hide]
  4. One of the few times Canada won a hockey tournament as a legit underdog. That was fun.
  5. I think has to be considered the favourite. Would love to see finally win an Olympic gold in hockey. (Though winning this tournament, of all tournaments, would be super funny)
  6. Tried it with Nord VPN and it seems to work. Never tried to access it w/ a VPN while outside the US, though, so YMMV. There is a free tier (that doesn't include live sports), you can always test it with that.
  7. Peacock (NBC's streaming service in the US) has finally added a page for the Olympics. All the world feeds, plus the network and cable broadcasts, will be available online in the US for the first time without a cable subscription (behind a five dollar paywall, but that's still significantly cheaper than a month of cable). Not to sound like a shill but all my fellow US-based Totallympians really owe it to themselves to get Peacock (they carry all FIS, ISU and IBU world cup and world championship events, among other sportsball related stuff).
  8. I'm unhappy about J/R being on the team because of their... personalities, shall we say. But in terms of the sporting merits J/R when they have a bad skate are about as good as W/M when they are clean, so it's not like there was much of a case that isn't reliant on emotions for picking W/M. W/M are also not really improving all that much, they are clearly not a team of the future either (and frankly they should probably split and attempt to find new partners).
  9. Ya, the period from three to one week before the Winter Olympics is always a bit of a clown show where at least half a dozen qualification rules are broken by IFs…
  10. Finally a more honest account by Snowboard Canada.
  11. That's terrible. My thoughts are with you, Bruna and the whole team.
  12. OMG the spin. Team Canada has “received” four additional quotas. Sure.
  13. Breaking news: confirmation that the beds in the athletes’ village are *not* made out of cardboard.
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