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  1. It would almost certainly be Russian athletes that just don't reside in Russia.
  2. You just want Spa to host the Dutch GP don’t you?
  3. Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis all awarded two bronze medals in 1992 (and also in 1988 for Tennis).
  4. I am, once again, asking why the heck there are two bronze medals in these mixed shooting team events.
  5. Pretty sure he’s from Yugoslavia. It’s easy to confuse those folks with the Czechoslovakians.
  6. Surely this is the end of Olympic boxing.
  7. Nice that we'll finally see the new oval in Quebec City being used in competition.
  8. wins the men's quota. They will now have the opportunity to qualify up to three surfers.
  9. Well done . Kind of happy isn't qualifying given they have basically no homegrown players.
  10. What a game. qualifies for the WBC for the very first time. I don't think it's overstating things to say this is the greatest moment in the history of British baseball.
  11. Big, big video replay in the bottom of the tenth. Difference between having two outs and a runner on first or one out and runners on the corners. Edit: Unlucky for but the call is rightfully overturned. one base away from the WBC.
  12. This is what should annoy people.
  13. Canada very well might have qualified for Tokyo had the women been allowed to participate rather than the men.
  14. An immense talent that is definitively a little wayward. In his case I have no problem believing that he was careless rather than malicious.
  15. Liz Truss is the answer to “how could it get worse than BoJo”, apparently.
  16. I think you will see a pretty rapid rise in quality as more of the traditional European powers take it seriously, sort of like we’ve seem in Football.
  17. The competition between the “B” teams in women’s hockey is now genuinely super interesting and tight.
  18. Ice hockey at the Olympics, on the men’s side since 2010 and the women’s side since 2014.
  19. This is def the most annoying crowd in F1 at the moment.
  20. That OT goal line save by McTavish is the biggest stroke of luck in Canadian hockey since the goal post in Sochi.
  21. It is being reported that this will be the last year Lake Louise will be on the World Cup circuit.
  22. This will be decided at some EB meeting around four years out.
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