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  1. I hope for everybody's sake this ends up getting the award for ugliest uniform.
  2. Oh there's absolutely nothing wrong with her representing the Czech Republic, frankly it's also good for the sport. The point is just that the Czech Republic didn't suddenly develop a strong skeleton program.
  3. The athlete is a product of the German system.
  4. The level of competition was really high today. On the men's side a very good double bio 1800 was only good enough for third(!).
  5. Summary of day 2 of qualifications: Nations qualified for the QF in the men's 1000m (top 20) 3 athletes: 2 athletes: 1 athlete: Nations qualified for the QF in the women's 1000m (top 20) 3 athletes: 2 athletes: 1 athlete: Nations qualified for the SF in the men's 5000m relay Nations qualified for the SF in the women's 3000m relay The race of the day was definitively the first quarterfinal in the men's 5000m relay where just barely held off by 0.002s
  6. You only get advanced if the incident happened when you were in a automatic qualification position. Basically to prevent people fighting for minor places to have an incentive to bump into each other and force a call.
  7. The decade long US stronghold on the women’s individual all around at the Worlds and Olympics is finally over courtesy of Angelina Melnikova, though the US got surprisingly close to retaining the title.
  8. Today was a horror show for the South Korean men, by the way. A few falls and penalties.
  9. Some summary of results from day 1: Nations qualified for the QF in the men's 500m (top 20) 3 athletes: 2 athletes: 1 athlete: Nations qualified for the SF in the men's 1500m (top 21) 3 athletes: 2 athletes: 1 athlete: Nations qualified for the QF in the women's 500m (top 20) 3 athletes: 2 athletes: 1 athlete: Nations qualified for the SF in the women's 1500m (top 21) 3 athletes: 2 athletes: 1 athlete: Nations qualified for the SF of the mixed 2000m relay: The world record was broken three times (unsurprisingly, given how new the event is), by in heat 1, in heat 2 and finally in heat 4.
  10. The mixed relay actually has no effect. Quota places only get allocated to the mixed relay if all individual spots are filled and there are quotas left over (and the number of individual spots has in fact gone up vs. previous iterations of the qualification system since teams that qualify a relay are now guaranteed only 4 quotas, as opposed to 5 previously). The relay is also the best event in short track, so *shrugs*
  11. World cup points (page 11 of the document). Best three out of four results count. Basically in order the 112 quotas are given like this: * 4 quotas for the eight NOCs with a m/w relay. * a 5th quota for an NOC with a relay and at least eight entries in individual events. * a number of quotas equal to the highest number of entries in individual events (i.e. if you qualify one entry in the 500m, 1000m and 1500m you get one quota, but if you qualify two entries in the 500m you get two quotas). * any remaining quota gets redistributed first to the mixed relay, then to give countries with a m/w relay a fifth athlete. For individual entries, quotas for NOCs that don’t have a relay are given one by one, first in the 500m, then the 1000m and then in the 1500m. I.e. the NOC of the first placed athlete in the 500m gets a quota, then the first place in the 1000m, then the first place in the 1500m, then the second place in the 500m and so on.
  12. I am super excited for Courtney Sarault, there hasn't been any athlete from my home province ( New Brunswick) at the Winter Olympics since 2010 ( Travis Jayner, also in short track) and no athletes on the Canadian Olympic team for a Winter Olympics since Serge Despres in 2006. Sarault actually is also an American citizen so she could have followed in Jayner's footsteps and chosen to compete for the US, which would have been a real boost for that program.
  13. That would also limit them to only eight athletes, since you now need either eight or nine individual quotas per gender to be allowed to send a full team of five.
  14. Cancel culture strikes again.
  15. It's the Gymnastics podcast I posted here during the Olympics (not even kidding) xD They also have a bunch of horror stories about the organization, apparently there have been a lot of issues around athletes (and them) getting food. Especially true for people with dietary restrictions.
  16. In a big upset, Team Spirit defeated Team Secret 2-1 in the lower bracket finals and PSG.LGD 3-2 in the grand finals of The International 10 to win the biggest prize ever in esports (18 million USD). This is the first win for either Russia or Ukraine since the very first TI.
  17. Pretty common in North America. 2018 US Olympic trials had only four participants in the women's 5000m and two participants (including a 53 year old) in the men's 10000m.
  18. National Championship Men's 10,000m results: Ted-Jan Bloemen - 12.41.55 (TR) Graeme Fish - 12:49.33 Jordan Belchos - 13:02.75
  19. This is actually really far down the list of his worst ideas.
  20. gets a crucial 4-1 home win against fourth place thanks in part to a ridiculous individual effort by Alphonso Davies.
  21. After losing to the United States and to Chile, the Canadian fails to qualify for the men's rugby world cup for the first time ever. Hopefully this is the catalyst for everyone who works for Rugby Canada to lose their jobs.
  22. Rugby Canada is in complete shambles and, frankly, at this point the organization should be burned to the ground and rebuilt. And this failure pales in comparison to the bullshit going on with the women's program.
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