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  1. Indonesia winning medals in wrestling is surprising, I thought the sport is dead here
  2. Unlike in the few last editions of SEA Games (for example Singapore 2015 and KL 2017 partnered with IGBS), there is no global feed or some international host broadcaster helping the broadcast. Everything is supplied by the central channel of VTV and their regional subsidiaries.
  3. It does happen to any country. But can you find people abusing Lee Zii Jia in his IG because "his face looks arrogant" in a match that does not involve Indonesia? Sometimes an online abuse campaign started with the most ridiculous reasons
  4. Whatever happened Ruslana’s “Wild Dances” will always have a special place in Southeast Asia, even a famous Vietnamese singer sang a cover of it
  5. Well you know… Thou shalt not use psywar tricks, win, and celebrate after winning against their Lord and Saviour Sukamuljo. Only the chosen one has access to such privileges Chirag Shetty was guilty of breaking that law yesterday. This is a problem with newer fans, they are just like a mob.
  6. I think this is the first time the whole golf competition is broadcast in full, even the last Asian Games only has highlights iirc
  7. Anyway already won their silver medal in men's 1500 m, no need to wait until the closing days
  8. Yeah they aren't interested. The swimming streams did not have any live timing graphics until today While the golf streams are very sophisticated lol
  9. Well played Whatever the average netizens said, India has won and Indonesia still have some works to do...
  10. vs for Thomas Cup final.. Would you believe it if anyone says this before the start of Thomas Cup
  11. is inching towards history… (what a shame wasn’t succesful in doing that earlier)
  12. Pencak silat now using poomsae like format for its artistic section, making individual event a mess (many gold medal contenders meeting each other in first round)
  13. Yes there are live streams on the official Youtube channel or just type the Vietnamese phrase “SEA Games 31 truc tiep” on the search box But the website is quite awful in term of results, I don’t think it will be informative nor having the real time result update
  14. wins the first gold of 2021 Southeast Asian Games in their main event
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