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  1. Indonesian National Games has started some competitions, opening ceremony on 2 Oct Anyone interested can try to check the Indonesian-only website 56 sports will be contested, which included sports like motorcycle racing, finswimming, and aerosports. Demonstration sports included surfing, modern pentathlon, triathlon, all the new martial arts in the 2018 Asian Games, and the super youthful video game competition. Olympic sports not included in the program: cycling (not even road cycling!), table tennis (the federation is having an internal issue), and golf
  2. Badminton players yes, other sports we still don't know (we haven't got one yet ) Well usually the Olympic medalists regardless of medal colours will also get a position as a civil servant, which enable them to sustain a middle to upper-middle income lifestyle post retirement. However, pre 2016 medalists aren't getting such arrangement and the government is currently trying to find way to 'compensate' the older Olympians.
  3. Yeah, it's crazy... I just sometimes wish we don't have to give that much and allocate some amount to the development of the sport.
  4. Indonesian cash prizes (both Olympics and Paralympics) Athletes: Gold - IDR 5.5 billion (USD 380k) Silver - IDR 2.5 billion (USD 173k) Bronze - IDR 1.5 billion (USD 104k) Coaches: Gold - IDR 2.5 billion (USD 173k) Silver - IDR 1 billion (USD 70k) Bronze - IDR 600 million (USD 42k) Non medalist athletes and coaches: IDR 100 million (USD 7k) each And no taxes... you get the exact amount you're promised
  5. Wow just showing up at the Olympics for Indonesia worth more than being a 8th placed Belgian
  6. Don't be fooled, the number of cases in Indonesia had gone down because the test rate was also decreased.. The Ministry of Health cited many reasons behind this, including a so-called database migration to consolidate all test data in national level
  7. Got my second dose yesterday… As of now only about 25% of the Indonesian population had received at least one dose. Vaccine information is a bit messy in Indonesia, we are obliged to download a tracking app which doubles as vaccine registration app called “PL”. The problem is, the app is super slow and many data error (no vaccination data for some people who are already vaccinated - which means you can’t go to many places). And the government forgets that not everyone has a smartphone, so a poor vaccinated guy still can’t go anywhere (technically you can print the vaccination card but in many cases no app = no entry)
  8.; click the button on the right at each session. No English translation for this part of the web lol
  9. It's over... 2 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze. Best ever medal haul for Indonesia in the Paralympics! Now it's time to uninstall the crappy right holder streaming app and work as usual without pretending in front of the supervisors
  10. Leani entering 3 badminton finals like a boss...
  11. @hckošiceI think the Chinese built Xiaohaituo Sliding Centre instead of transporting Alpensia sliding center from Pyeongchang
  12. So just watched Malaysian news and basically the 3 athletes were late due to rain and the way to the call room was crowded (which I assume athletes and other people were sheltering). Malaysian deputy sport minister said that initally the Ukrainians were already protesting on why these 3 guys were allowed to compete. After a series of lobbying they were allowed to compete “under protest”, perhaps with the thought that the jury will be in favor of them based on what happened. But the jury did not find those reasons justifiable and gave them DNS. Well it sucks since the world has watched Ziyad broke the world record then got annulled for this. And to have it happen on Malaysian Independence day just added extra insult to the Malaysians.
  13. The released statement just reminding to the readers that the athletes are 'competing under protest'. No one really knows when did the Ukrainian officials protested. IIRC the website showed up the 'competing under protest' announcement in the middle of the final, which probably caused many people unaware about it.
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