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  1. And they used to degrade this forum too But as I said before, the Youtube findings thread is still useful
  2. Hmm I thought the year is already 2020...
  3. Let's hope nothing block the process and he is sent to firing squad immediately
  4. To the Serbian users, is there a news about a woman who is handed to Indonesian authorities? Maria Pauline Lumowa stolen US$ 278 million in 2003 from the bank where she worked and evading capture until now... Apparently Serbian authorities had arrested her a year ago but there is no extradition agreement between two countries which delays the process.
  5. BEC plans ahead EMTC 2021 qualifiers on 9-12 Dec 2020 EJC 2020 will be held in Lahti EMTC 2021 will be held in Vantaa
  6. Blocking Tiktok is so yesterday~ although we did it only for a week or so
  7. Minister of Home Affairs: Elections will reduce Corona spread
  8. Or just poop with a proper pooping technique..
  9. Yeah like Gal Sone whose stomach has a bigger connection to the intestines, apparently it is a genetic stuff in her family.
  10. I felt that retiring in situation without tournaments like this isn't fit for a legend.. All the best for his future endeavors
  11. Lol yeah I can ignore the inaccuracies that might be on purpose but holy crap the scoreboard scene is horrible... I mean, there were two Netherlands in there...
  12. Alfred Kotey (boxing, 1988) passed away in New York.
  13. If we take an example of current Tokyo rank situation, only MD (Jason Ho Shue/Nyl Yakura) qualified by rank and WD+XD used the continental representative place quota. This means Canada can send all 3 since this condition satisfy the rule where no NOC can qualify athletes/pairs in more than two events through the Continental Representation Place system. It's just a confusing labelling by BWF between athletes who used a CR quota and just a 5-continent marker. In Rio 2016, US doubles athletes were in the exact situation (only WD qualified by rank) so I think none of the 3 Canadian pairs will be screwed this time (unless BWF decides to smash the rules they created themselves).
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