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  1. On the other hand, Vazquez got many new Indonesian fans
  2. I really wished she did not make it at the trials Our team was solely based on that single tournament. She has been in the squad quite a while but I never see her as that good.
  3. You're very welcome! Thankfully badminton is the sport with the least drama here
  4. Tai Tzu Ying & Lee Yang/Wang Chi Lin (Badminton) winning gold would be nice, to stop some dumb Indonesians mocking them Vladimir Samsonov - although probably it's super hard Any country winning their first medal
  5. So basically the former national coach Denny Trisjanto (who is also the husband of Lilies Handayani - the Seoul 1988 silver medalist), is the guy who trained Riau Ega and Choirunisa back when they're still junior athletes. The issue started when the federation did a national coach assessment, where only top 3 coaches will train the athletes in the national team. Denny did not make the cut (ironically he was the one who really supported this coach assessment) and the two athletes refused to train with the new coach citing different coaching style. After some negotiations, the two pa
  6. And it is particularly surprising since Riau Ega and Diananda Choirunisa were removed from the national team due to a dispute with our federation. It was not until this April they were back training with the other team members
  7. Apprently he was playing badminton with his friends and collapsed, reports say that it was a heart attack
  8. Beijing 2008 Gold Medalist, Markis Kido, passed away today
  9. The Indonesian head coach confirmed 3 men and 2 women going to Tokyo, looks like our federation has made peace with Deni (let's hope there won't be a last minute drama)
  10. to Tokyo - BWF Olympic Qualification _18-05-2021_.xlsx MS.pdf to Tokyo - BWF Olympic Qualification _18-05-2021_. WS pdf.pdf to Tokyo - BWF Olympic Qualification _18-05-2021_.xlsx MD .pdf to Tokyo - BWF Olympic Qualification _18-05-2021_.xlsx XD.pdf to T
  11. Badminton debutants Also Refugee Team if you wanted to count
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