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  1. Unfortunately athletes have no voice in that... The passing chance are higher than 2018. Lot of Indonesian fans were "betrayed" by the federation. The Indonesian federation wasn't opposed to the changes, but they wanted to changes to be introduced not at the Olympic qualification period.
  2. Two people attempted to enter the Indonesian National Police HQ, one woman carrying a pistol was shot dead
  3. And they won it, did not expect that at all.
  4. Haha yeah angry comments here and there. I’ll just peacefully stay away from social media as much as possible and watch sumo instead.
  5. Unfortunately not everyone is calm enough to absorb this. Suddenly this became a fight between Indonesian against Western aggresors. With the Danish/Indian false positive case, some even started a conspiracy that BWF just want to stop Indonesian from winning titles (as if the Indonesians can sweep the titles )
  6. Update: The Turkish player is also withdrawn... Now for many people in Indonesia, badminton is suddenly a matter of life or death.
  7. And welcome to another shitshow where Indonesian team is forced to withdraw from All England in accordance to British government regulation because they are “in the same flight with an anonymous positive patient” While the Turkish player who is also in the same flight will be playing her second round match today
  8. Alright what kind of 26th anniversary are we celebrating?
  10. Weird Genius ft. Sara Fajira - Lathi Lathi means "lips" in Javanese, the second most spoken language in Indonesia. The lyrics of this English song speak of a love relationship full of lies and egos that 'says' love but only hurts. Despite emphasising the dark side of the relationship, upbeat music and honest lyrics bring the implied meaning of courage and a strong stand in the face of 'a toxic relationship'. Described in a piece of Javanese lyrics "Kowe ra iso mlayu saka kesalahan. Ajining diri ana ing lathi", meaning "You cannot run away from mistakes. A person's sel
  11. I saw something like this, which probably is not that convincing - but it is better than just saying “we’re bidding” without having any concrete thing accessible to public while being optimistic af
  12. The Indonesian NOC posted on Instagram to explain that 'targeted dialogue' means it is not over yet, I commented on the lack of openly accessible information and gave what information that Brisbane had shared to public. They later deleted the post for some reason... Edit: They reposted it, let's hope it's not because of my negative comment
  13. I appreciate the support, but 2032 is not for us. The Asian Games might seems super successful for Indonesia at a glance, but in reality quite a handful problems are swept under the rug under the premise of 'because we are replacing Vietnam'. Ticketing mess and lack for proper indoor venues (we don't have one with a net 10k capacity, which is sad for a 4th most populous country) are the major problems. Also don't forget on Indonesia still need to solve on how to handle the participation of Israeli delegation.
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