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  1. And another one on the list
  2. I don't know whether some tribe here has Kala as a honorifics, but we have Kalla the rich businessman and also former vice president who is from South Sulawesi
  3. So unfortunate, may he recover soon. At this point just having a tournament is good.. If badminton is unable to restart, the whole sport will collapse.
  4. I never think in English... It will be either Indonesian or Hokkian.
  5. Late reply but, I watched 2 Japanese music New Year concerts from 7PM - 2AM while secluding myself from the society and COVID 19/20/21
  6. Right, I'll share this to the Indonesian Eurovision group and hopefully @Werloc doesn't end up with Indonesian stalkers
  7. Early Christmas present for Indonesians: the president decided to appoint the vice president candidate from last election as a minister, plus assigning a nuclear physics graduate for Minister of Health
  8. I think we just have to concede
  9. After a chaotic voting, it is now official: DOHA 2030 RIYADH 2034
  10. So... Doha 2030 / Riyadh 2034 or Riyadh 2030 / Doha 2034? I think by next year we will already know the host of Asian Games 2050
  11. Crap, I have to edit my answers in Quora about why Indonesia can't host the Olympics
  12. I swear I thought this was Melania
  13. Couldn't really understand the inclusion of badminton and pistols event - it is indeed an indoor sports - but I think it's already popular enough? And pencak silat comes back to Asian stage again, let's see what kind of judging will came out
  14. We are breaking daily infection record every single day and the regional elections must go on (9 Dec). Even those who are isolated and woke enough to vote will get a ballot from guys in hazmat.
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