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  1. Yeah when I saw he was initially registered, I was arranging to watch him with some friends lol But in the end, the organizers just sticks with the gov stance of allowing Israelis to compete without any trace of country identifiers (no room for negotiation especially when shooting federation is controlled by the Army). ICYMI, Yuval Shemla participated at the Jakarta leg of IFSC World Cup 2022 with a plain black sleeveless shirt
  2. He cited the 1981 World Games as example but forgot how athlete parades is done in subsequent World Games...
  3. Coming from a country where badminton got €‎ 1 million each year, this is truly shocking
  4. Hopefully Naraoka won’t get thrashed.. But he basically have 4 lungs so I believe in him
  5. Only 2 of them are not ethnic Balinese/Bali-born athlete according to reports. In preparation to the U19 World Cup they had a 2 week training camp in a sports school in Bangalore. I hope they continue to grow.
  6. In Indonesia, the World Cup got around 74% of audience share. The company who got the rights here are bastards who thinks people don't watch terrestrial TV anymore and their agenda is to force everyone to watch from their shitty streaming site. During the last match day of group stage, only one match is shown on TV despite the group owns multiple TV channels in this country. They even monitored and enforced the rule for big cafes, bars, or any other places that had a public viewing to show the broadcast from their site. As I had said above, their site is shit and looks like the bandwidth was unable to handle the number of viewers during the final. So people were angry and posting their own experience watching from the site (sudden timeout, stuttering images, sudden logout from the app, crashing app, etc) If you read my post during the finals, you can see I was having issues too
  7. I would like to watch more matches if it is more timezone friendly Japan 2019 opened my eyes on how rugby is more fun that what I think
  8. Congrats How I wish Maradona is still alive (I believe he will make a meme worthy reaction)
  9. Even my streaming service is stuttering, maybe I just have to comply
  10. Hmmm looks like an episode of Korean drama series will be more interesting than the 2nd half
  11. Ok this is a famously stupid moment in Indonesian football: We used to have an invitational tournament called the "Independence Cup". It had not been not held since 2000 and they thought 2008 is a cool moment to revive this tournament. Long story short, the final was between Indonesia and Libya U-23. Libya was leading 1-0 at half time (the first photo is the moment before that goal) but they refused to continue the match citing an assault on their official. Indonesia was later awarded with 3 goals and thus became the champion with 3-1 for the final score. It was not until 13 years later the whole story was revealed. Goalkeeping coach Sudarno was in an argument with the Libyan coach and had to be separated. Our head coach at that time Benny Dolo said to Sudarno, sarcastically: "Just hit him later on". To the surprise of everyone, this Sudarno guy actually punched the Libyan coach when both teams were on their way to their dressing room at half-time break. And ironically, that's also the last time Indonesian football team (not counting the youth team) actually win something... So the last time Indonesian football team won a tournament is not by scoring goals, but by scoring a punch to the opposition....
  12. Indonesia's Olympic moments revolves around badminton: 1. The Olympic Badminton Couple Susy Susanti and Alan Budikusuma from Barcelona 1992. Susy was expected to win gold, but Alan wasn't. His win against fellow Indonesian Ardy Wiranata was a big upset since Ardy was quite dominant in the badminton circuit. 2. Indonesia's football 0-0 draw against in Melbourne 1956. Despite losing 0-4 in the replay (because the team lost some main players due to injuries), this moment is still widely talked about in Indonesia. 3. First ever Indonesian medal in Seoul 1988. The women's team trained by Donald Pandiangan managed to win a medal after beating USA in the tie-break. Donald previously represented Indonesia in 1976 and 1984. He was deeply heartbroken and distanced himself from sport after Moscow 1980 boycott which prevented him from competing at his prime. After quite a few persuasion finally he agreed to coach the women's archery team. Today's Google Doodle is about him! 4. The other badminton gold medal is of course widely talked 5. Rahmat Erwin Abdullah bronze medal in Tokyo 2020, he is trained by his father (who had to withdrew from Athens 2004 due to injury) in a quite dilapidated gym and people were shocked that he won from Group B.
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