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  1. Thanks Man, also if you guys want to join the league I created for my peers, (UCL Fantasy Football only) Autojoin : Hey, want to challenge me in UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football? Click the link and use the code 25ZRUWNJ07 to join my league. Bring it on! Sengupta Code : 25ZRUWNJ07
  2. Missed two KO rounds Anyway, congratulations Agger, Monzator, and Africaboy ❤️❤️
  3. [hide] Knockout Round August 28th - August 31st, 2021 8 Nations, The Winner of each Quarterfinal will qualify for the Semifinals Quarterfinals Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 28th 2021, h. 10:00 ROC 2 Switzerland August 28th 2021, h. 13:30 United States 3 Japan August 28th 2021, h. 17:00 Canada 5 Germany August 28th 2021, h. 20:30 Finland 1 Czech Republic [/hide]
  4. [hide] Preliminary Round August 20th - August 26th, 2021 10 Nations, All Nations from Group A and 1st, 2nd and 3rd from Group B will qualify for the Quarterfinals Group A Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 20th 2021, h. 16:00 Canada 3 Finland August 20th 2021, h. 19:30 Switzerland 5 United States August 2st 2021, h. 16:00 ROC 1 Switzerland August 22nd 2021, h. 16:00 Canada 5 ROC August 22nd 2021, h. 19:30 Finland 3 United States August 24th 2021, h. 12:00 United States 5 ROC August 24th 2021, h. 16:00 Switzerland 5 Canada August 25th 2021, h. 12:00 ROC 3 Finland August 26th 2021, h. 12:00 Finland 2 Switzerland August 26th 2021, h. 16:00 United States 1 Canada Group B Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 August 20th 2021, h. 12:00 Czech Republic 5 Denmark August 21st 2021, h. 12:00 Germany 4 Hungary August 21st 2021, h. 19:30 Denmark 1 Japan August 22nd 2021, h. 12:00 Hungary 3 Czech Republic August 23rd 2021, h. 12:00 Germany 3 Denmark August 23rd 2021, h. 16:00 Japan 3 Czech Republic August 24th 2021, h. 19:30 Hungary 3 Japan August 25th 2021, h. 16:00 Czech Republic 1 Germany August 25th 2021, h. 19:30 Denmark 3 Hungary August 26th 2021, h. 19:30 Japan 1 Germany Top 3 Place 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Nation Canada USA Finland [/hide]
  5. Joined! I regularly play in both classic and Head-to-head leagues with my peers. Open invitation for everyone, Classic Code - j3d5ie (League Name - Rainbow Nation) Head to Head Code - 79e5f4 (League Name - Heartbreak Warfare)
  6. Don't you guys play Fantasy Premier League?
  7. Also I will keep a keen eye on Gayathri Gopichand. (Women's Singles - Badminton)
  8. There is this clash between IAAF and IOC about which NOC to award Pritchard's medals. If GB wouldn't have claimed do you think there had been this duel? Although I didn't mean it in a rude or offensive sense since I won't have a problem if in future they are listed under GB's medal tally.
  9. 1. Difficult to rate, but ... 8/10. Would have given 7 or even 6.5, if we didn't have the magic in the penultimate day. The games started with a silver and ended with a gold, so only good vibes will stay now, but the few days in the middle have been very depressing. 2. Suprises : The Men's HOCKEY BRONZE! I can't overstate how crucial that was for the future of the sport in India. Now the required investment will come, there will be rise in interest about it and I think we can get a world class team in a few years. Upwards from now. Although we were hoping to reach Semi and in the process making a slight upset (if you call it that) against a better team (on paper and recent result wise). We finished second in the group and did beat the strong countries of recent times. So a nice effort. Lovlina's Bronze in Boxing is a bit surprising but not much since she was favourite to reach QF, and then we were rooting for her to beat atleast one of the seeds. Good that she avoided Turkey and China both. A lot of credit to her and very important for Boxing in India, after the loss in interest due to lack of results and also absurd scoring system. Sindhu on paper wasn't a medal favourite, given the run she was in, but we always knew she performs on big occasions. So, a very minor surprise. And, FINALLY, Neeraj Gold. Honestly I wished if he can get atleast a medal, so that we will have the first Athletics medal of independent India and one without a controversy (GB claims Norman Pritchard's 1900 Paris medals as theirs, although IOC gives them to us). Sad that Milkha Singh just passed away and couldn't watch this historic moment. Surely, I thought Gold is not in the cards, as there was certain someone named Vetter competing, but what a result and what a disaster for Vetter. Heartbreaks : Well, a lot, which could have made this Olympics one of the worst, in terms of not sustaining the momentum (and also, funding). Shooting Team. Well, they performed their absolute best in the WCs and we were one of the top nations in terms of medals (if not the TOP). We didn't get anything in Mixed Team Pistol after winning 5 golds and a Silver in the last 6 WCs (also second team won some bronzes and a silver I think). Now there is a lot of in-fighting coming up to the surface. Well, I hope they recover. Amit Panghal - He just ran after winning the first round. Really pathetic performance as a world no 1. Vinesh - Don't know what went wrong with her. Mary - Didn't expect a medal honestly but was hoping against hope. Really a tough, controversial, and heartbreaking loss to take. But salute legend, for what you have done! Both Hearbreaks and Surprise: Women's Hockey Team: Well, the way they reached SF beating Australia was superb. First time in Olympic Semi and then lost two close matches (especially the bronze one). Heartbroken but proud. Aditi Ashok (Golf): Absolutely devastated the way she lost her medal. She had no right to be there among the medals for three straight days with a world ranking of 200, and weak tee shots. But she did unbelievable, heartbreaking how the ball didn't went in, in the penultimate hole in the last day, which cost her the medal. Didn't sleep the night to watch golf from 3am and was absolutely depressed till late afternoon before Bajrang's medal and then Neeraj's magic. Anyway, Hats off Aditi. 3. We had three targets I guess. First double digit medal haul - which we didn't manage to achieve because our heavy favourites choked (apologies for the unkind word) at the big stage. Better London Tally - Happened. This is our best ever Olympics. Win a Gold Atleast - After all the disappointments, we got an unexpected gold from our last participant in the Games! 4. I see Hockey will now have greater fundings. Wrestling and Badminton will continue to have support, being the most consistent sports for us in the recent games. Bhavani Devi and Aditi Ashok made Fencing and Golf a bit popular in the Games, though not sure if they will be funded much. Athletics, Boxing, Weightlifting can have increased fundings. Although a lot will depend on what IWF and IOC do with the latter. We spent so much on our Shooters in recent years and I fear the Rio and Tokyo debacle might catalyse a fund reduction!
  10. We wish, but we have +5 not +6 difference from Rio (2 to 7). It could have been better if our top medal contenders performed, but well.... can't complain much after how it ended!
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