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  1. Looks like it's not, as this portal is mostly satirical. But many of the Croatian media reported it, so I also bought it
  2. The kangaroos from the zoo paid the price...
  3. This is embarrasing. They should have simply cancelled the race.
  4. Antonio Brown just retired during the game.
  5. All the games would be played in Europe, which is kinda wack. I'd like to see us playing in Bolivia
  6. Now they're saying it's not an offside, because Garcia attempted to get to the ball. The rules were stupid before, but now they've upgraded it to the idiotic level.
  7. Justin Tucker with the longest hit in the NFL history.
  8. They wouldn't be arrested, because the quarantine is not mandatory for the Brazilian citizens. So, the Argentinians should have just accepted that their players from England could not play, while the Brazilians could have. Comical.
  9. Why didn't they just suspend the match few days ago?! This feels surreal.
  10. I wanted Čilić to win this, as he would become one of the few players to have a Grand slam title and an Olympic gold, but this is also acceptable.
  11. Đoković was completely outplayed, I really didn't expect this...
  12. Lol, what an embarrassment. We're getting bounced in the group stage.
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