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  1. I liked the draw for Bia Haddad Maia. I hope she can make it to the second week here.
  2. Bia Haddad will be the best Brazilian woman ever in wta ranking in the open era. She just beat Kvitova on Birmingham and next week she can be around the top 20, there is a good hope of a nice Wimbledon for her.
  3. I dont know why Brazil stills With Renan as a coach
  4. 2 great results for brazilian athletes this weekend: Alison dos Santos ran the 400m (no hudles this time) and had a great run. With his time he would be 6th in Tokyo. He stills just 21 and has already a bronze at the Olympics. Daniel ran the Seoul marathon and made the best time ever of a non african in the history of the marathons.
  5. Brazil has a chance to improve and finally get a spot in the top 10. Our results after the olympics are great and we have many good newcomers in lots of different sports. Im just kinda worried about traditional sports such as Volley, judo and beach volley that i really cant see great results in next years. Surf and skateboarding gonna be our best chances again but we have good chances in a lot of other sports. I think we gonna have more than 20 medals again and we have a good chance to broke the 2020 record
  6. Cameroon is horrible, i dont know how they even manager to qualify
  7. Its the third time that Brazil, Swiss and Serbia are in the same group. The first one was in 1950 and the last one in 2018.
  8. I dont think Brazilian group is easy, Serbia and Switzerland are good teams
  9. Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia again in the same group lol In my opinion all of them are stronger than in 2018, it wont be a easy group.
  10. I really want Brazil and Germany in the same group
  11. Brazil looks a way better than 2010, 2014 and 2018. I'm very confident this year, Tite is doing a great job and I hope we gonna make at least the semifinals in Catar. The great thing is that we dont have a "Neymardependence" anymore, and the team plays even better without him.
  12. After Maria Esther Bueno Brasil never did anything in Female Tennis. In less than one year we had a bronze at The olympics, Luísa Stefani winnig 2 Masters 1000 and going tô a GS final and now Bia at her best form ever. Unbeliaveble
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