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  1. Im sure that he isnt even sick. He will say again that covid is just a little flu and that chloroquine is a God gift
  2. Lets see what gonna happen in Brazil in the next few days. Today is moms day so, there is a lot of families having lunch or barbecue together.
  3. Brazil surely will be in this top 3. I have no doubts after the last president speech
  4. The CEO of one of the most famous brazilian hospitals (Albert Einstein) just said that the real number of infected people in Brazil is about15x bigger than the oficial numbers due to the low number of people tested
  5. Well, 1001 cases im brazil. We had a increase of almost 100% today
  6. Probably Brazilian president is infected. He was with Trump last saturday
  7. The carnival finished exactly 2 weeks agr, probably the cases gonna improve a lot from today in Brazil
  8. Im a Cruzeiro fan and I'm completly ashamed abaout what the managers, the team and the supporters did this year. The relegation was completly deserved and it will be shame on our history forever
  9. I think you are right hahahah Cruzeiro Sempre!
  10. I love Raja Casablanca because they have beaten Atletico Mineiro in 2013 and i hate Atletico Mineiro
  11. Flamengo is the best South American team since Riquelme's Boca. Maybe even better. I think maybe they can surprise Liverpool
  12. Some brazilian played yestersay. I didnt even know that we have players at mlb
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