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  1. Bringing to the Olympics, Bolsonarismo won several silver and bronze medals, the left got very few The left can still win a gold, this will be very important But, in an Olympics, the amount of medal is much more important than having “only” one gold
  2. if we have a second round, Ciro and Tebet are more left-wing, I think their votes will go at least 60% for Lula
  3. Yeah, northeast is the poorest region in Brazil by far
  4. Lol, Ciro will manage to stay behind Tebet
  5. Lets go northeast, this can finish today
  6. Guys, northeast is where Lula have the biggest number of suportes and the count there is like 20% now. Lula still have chances to win today
  7. The brazilian presidential elections are happening now. Btw, Lula won in New Zealand, South Korea, Austrália and Singapore. Bolsonaro won in Japan (and I hope only there )
  8. Talking about him, we are probably starting the last week under his rule. Big chances of losting in the first round of elections on sunday, thanks God
  9. Bronze medalist in Tokyo Luísa Stefani back to circuit after a year injuried (happened in the 2021 US Open semifinas) and won the title in Chennai in partnership with Gaby Dabrowski
  10. Its not connected to anything, they print the votes and count. We use this system since 1996 and no frauds happened since them. People use to say that Brazilian system is the most modern in the world, and we always know our new president about 2 hours after finish voting
  11. Here in Brazil everything i automatic
  12. Bia Haddad is looking super strong phlsically and mentally. The only problem is that her section is so Hard. To be a top 10 she must to be in the semi finals but she has Andreescu and Garcia in the next 2 matches
  13. Even TV dont care anymore, i dont know what is happening
  14. I dindnt even know about this game and voleyball is huge in brazil
  15. Leticia Oro Melo bronze medal yesterdey was the most unexpected medal in the history of the sports in Brazil after the Bronze in the womans tennis doubles last Olympics. Never heard about her before, she came from nowhere lol 1 gold and 1 bronze is not that bad but we still very far from the most traditional nations.
  16. So happy for Alison, its just the second brazilian to win a Gold medal at the words after Fabiana Murer in 2011
  17. Im excited for the 400m hurdles final. Lets go Alison!
  18. I liked the draw for Bia Haddad Maia. I hope she can make it to the second week here.
  19. Bia Haddad will be the best Brazilian woman ever in wta ranking in the open era. She just beat Kvitova on Birmingham and next week she can be around the top 20, there is a good hope of a nice Wimbledon for her.
  20. I dont know why Brazil stills With Renan as a coach
  21. 2 great results for brazilian athletes this weekend: Alison dos Santos ran the 400m (no hudles this time) and had a great run. With his time he would be 6th in Tokyo. He stills just 21 and has already a bronze at the Olympics. Daniel ran the Seoul marathon and made the best time ever of a non african in the history of the marathons.
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