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  1. You are absolutely correct about it. I hadn't really taken notice of that. Sorry! At the moment, we don't know when, or if the matches, will be contested. I would suggest all contestants to keep an eye on updates and news from these championships. I will post an update in this thread when we know more about when the matches will continue and scheduled to go ahead. To all those contestants who have posted their predictions, if the Semifinals are placed within a close time schedule to the last Qualification Game, I would really consider not to count these Semifinals due to lack of ti
  2. Bríet - Esjan Unfortunately the version above is blocked in many countries and I can't find any other studio version on youtube. But I will add this live perfomance which should be available for all.
  3. Provisional Standing of Men's Curling WCF World Championship 2021 Prediction Contest after Day 8 is available here
  4. Provisional Standing after Day 8 Rank User Nation Total 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
  5. Prediction Design for Semifinals Men's Curling WCF World Championship 2021 Prediction Contest is now available here Deadline is April 10, TBA (GMT -6) Notice to all contestants: "During the rigorous exit testing procedures put in place for the World Men’s Curling Championship 2021, positive COVID-19 cases have been identified. The World Curling Federation, Curling Canada and Alberta Health are now following the COVID-19 response plan for the championship. The World Curling Federation’s priority is to ensure the health and safe
  6. You MUST hide your post. To do that, you have only to delete the space between the bracket "[" and the text "hide" in "[ hide]" at the beginning of prediction post. Do the same at the end of prediction post with "[ /hide]" too. PREDICTION DESIGN - START COPYING HERE ---> [ hide] Knockout Round April 10th, 2021 4 Nations, the Winners of the Semifinals will qualify for the Final, and the Losers will play the Third Place Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT -6) Nation 1 T1 T2
  7. Piotr Małachowski, C6, and Basketball. He would be a brutal center to cover.
  8. Despite now playing for the wrong German Bundesliga club (Borussia Dortmund fan here), Robert Lewandowski is without a doubt a Bundesliga striker legend. 7F and Football.
  9. If the men's rythmic gymnastics ever comes on the Olympic program, I want to see guys with Tomasz Majewski's physique in it . 4A and rhythmic gymnastics.
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