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  1. That rounds up a fantastic showing for GB, I recant any doubts I had up to the first few days of the games. If 22 golds and 65 medals is a 'worse' Olympics then British sport is in superb shape.
  2. I'm sure World Athletics would be more than happy to award one of Bhutan's archers a 100m quota in future.
  3. In shock with the tennis. They looked to be cruising through and the wheels just came off from the eighth game of the second set onward. A shame as it looked like they might have been quietly building something.
  4. Great performance from the quad sculls but almost couldn't have written a worse outcome for this rowing session
  5. When is it time to start worrying? Is it now?
  6. Is this... some good news? I'm not sure what that feels like anymore
  7. It's being reported that the issue is more finances than anything, seems strange to only realise that less than 2 days from the OC if that is the case. I hope the athletes didn't just learn of this. It just gets worse and worse ?
  8. So the group that Opti was due to play in will now just be a single game?
  9. Not going to lie the BBC Olympic films are strangely one of the things I look forward to most before the games, I don't even mind seeing them again and again every time a broadcast starts. This is better than the Rio one imo.
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