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  1. Men's Olympic Distance, Race #1 Gold: Simon Andreassen Silver: Maxime Marotte Bronze: Milan Vader Full Results: Coming Soon...
  2. I think these results were heavily influenced by the chance of having regular training sessions during the last months... the Italian riders, for instance, had to take a long break and surely they're not in top shape right now...hopefully they'll be more competitive when the world champs come... France never took serious measures against covid (and we all see that with their current numbers of daily new cases and deceased people) and their athletes had more chances to keep on training all Spring and Summer long, so now they're in better shape than anybody else...
  3. among the girls, basically it was a French championship, with 3 of their women in the top 4 places (only exception, a good 2nd place for Terpstra)... nice to see the young rising star Laura Stigger already competitive at the senior level with an excellent 5th place...
  4. Women's Olympic Distance, Race #1 Gold: Loana Lecomte Silver: Anne Terpstra Bronze: Pauline Ferrand Prevot Full Result:
  5. Mountain Bike Cycling UCI World Championships 2020 Leogang (AUT) - 7 October 2020 - 11 October 2020 Official Website Programme Results System Results Database Facebook Page Discussion Thread
  6. and yesterday the first Short Track competition of the year was on stage (the second event of this discipline will be held on Friday, women @ 17.00 CET, men @ 17.45 CET)... Women's Short Track #1 Gold: Evie Richards Silver: Pauline Ferrand Prevot Bronze: Loana Lecomte Full Result: Men's Short Track #1 Gold: Josè Gerardo Ulloa Arevalo Silver: Victor Koretzky Bronze: Maxime Marotte Full Result: htt
  7. First stage of the 2020 World Cup in Nove Mesto 2 races in each discipline will be held in this first meet of the season (which consists of only 3 stages, by the way), first tomorrow (women @ 12.20 CET, men @ 15.50 CET) and then on Sunday (women @ 11.50 CET, men @ 15.20 CET)...
  8. Mountain Bike Cycling UCI World Cup 2020 Multi-Stage Event - 29 September 2020 - 1 November 2020 Official Website Programme Results System Results Database Facebook Page Discussion Thread
  9. well, last year he won the world bronze in a 50+ kms ITT (if I remember well the race's lenght)... if he decides to prepare at his best for that kind of race, he can be very competitive also over longer stints (he's also a good road rider, not only a short TT specialist - a couple of years ago he did even win the U23 Paris-Roubaix, which is not a race you can cope with if you don't have good endurance)...
  10. it's not a question of lenght of the race (it's gonna be 44.2 kms), he doesn't have a chance because of the course profile...too much climb for him to be really a threat for the medals... however, knowing what's his bread and butter, I don't think he's going to ride the road ITT, I guess he's going to focus on the track events only...
  11. I agree with your prediction for the road ITT (but I think Italy with Viviani in his best shape and Milan growin'up another year could really go for the gold medal in the team pursuit...Denmark is not out of reach)... I hope Ganna will focus only on the Track events, but trying to ride also the Madison race with Viviani (obviously he needs to gain experience in that race and I'm not sure he wants to do it) and not only the Team Pursuit...
  12. CAS should be abandoned...they're just a bunch of corrupted idiots... they just can't do their job...
  13. welcome to the Italian system... here the vast majority of people always vote only against someone (normally, those who were in charge in the last stint, who had to increase taxes and take unpopular decisions just to save the Country from bankruptcy), never in favour of someone (or some ideas) because it's the best choice (or because they just trust those principles)...
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