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    Ice Hockey (teams) and Fencing (individual), but I love almost every Sport, with very few exceptions
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    Alexander Karelin, Aldo Montano, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin, Stefania Belmondo, Federica Pellegrini, Vincenzo Maenza, Clayton Kershaw and many more...
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  1. I think Norway is the safest bet...but I fear France (and I secretly hope for an Italian miracle, even for a bronze medal would be amazing)...
  2. I just have to stop watching live Sofia's day she's gonna make me have an heart attack...
  3. Lillehammer 1994...and not only because they were the most successful Winter Games ever for Italy... the overall atmosphere was amazing, by far the best of all times...especially in the outdoor events and at the Viking Ship (speedskating)... even the Ice Hockey Gold Medal match between Sweden and Canada was one of the best hockey matches ever played...for sure, the best ever played by (still) non-NHL players...
  4. our NOC's boss said he's gonna be happy with 11 total medals (and at least 4 golds)... where have I to sign? frankly, I expect a big flop from our team, even worse than the "0 tituli" of 2014... our main chances are women's downhill and super-G in alpine skiing, the women's snowboardcross and the women's 500m in short track...those are the only 4 medals I'd be really disappointed if we don't get them... anything else, it would be a pleasant gift...
  5. according to our main biathlon/wintersports expert, he was talking with our federation to understand if there's room for him in our NT... and it looks our coaches are more than happy to have him with us (still it wouldn't be that easy for him to get an Italian passport in a relatively quick time)... but now it's highly unlikely he's going to switch Nationality after NZ decided to let him go to Beijing with their colours (which is always been his dream and primary option)...
  6. He still lives and trains in Livigno...I don't think anything's gonna change for him (except maybe that he would make a bit more money from personal sponsors and he won't switch his sport Italy! )...
  7. I hope (and think) Switzerland, as they have chances in more disciplines (Austria is relying too much on alpine skiing and luge)...
  8. Italy will use only 6 of their 7 quota in women's CC skiing... I think it's the first time we reject quota places despite having enough eligible athletes in the more crowded winter sports (in ski jumping we rejected 1 of the 3 quota places only because we don't have a 3rd jumper to send to China)...
  9. thank you! of course I haven't watched the event and I only trusted both the results page and the italian website OA, reporting the wrong results, too... what a shame for FIE! once again...they can't even take care of the final results of their top tier competition... I'm going to fix the results immediately...
  10. Italy Daniel Grassl, men's single Matteo Rizzo, men's single Lara Naki Gutmann, women's single (Team Event only, unless she gets a reallocation spot) Charlene Guignard & Marco Fabbri, ice dance Nicole Della Monica & Matteo Guarise, pairs Rebecca Ghilardi & Filippo Ambrosini, pairs
  11. surprisingly, Italy will use all of their quota also in women's snowboardcross... this is our Olympic squad (pending official announcement, but sure at 100%)... women Michela Moioli (2018 Olympic Champion) Sofia Belinghieri Caterina Carpano (surprising nominèe) Francesca Gallina men Filippo Ferrari Tommaso Leoni Lorenzo Sommariva Omar Visintin (back after fracturing an arm at the beginning of this season)
  12. 2021/2022 Fencing World Cup Women's Team Sabre ( Tbilisi) Gold: France Silver: South Korea Bronze: Russia Semifinals South Korea b. Russia 45-39 France b. Spain 45-34 Bronze Medal Match Russia b. Spain 45-43 Gold Medal Match France b. South Korea 45-35 Full Ranking & Results* *the score of the Gold Medal match in the official results service is wrong, we have the correct one (thanks to @maestro)
  13. 2021/2022 Fencing World Cup Men's Team Sabre ( Tbilisi) Gold: South Korea Silver: Germany Bronze: Russia Semifinals South Korea b. Russia 45-44 Germany b. Italy 45-43 Bronze Medal Match Russia b. Italy 45-40 Gold Medal Match South Korea b. Germany 45-38 Full Ranking & Results
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