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    Ice Hockey (teams) and Fencing (individual), but I love almost every Sport, with very few exceptions
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    Alexander Karelin, Aldo Montano, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin, Stefania Belmondo, Federica Pellegrini, Vincenzo Maenza, Clayton Kershaw and many more...
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  1. sure...I don't think PUR (and ITA, who are going to struggle badly against PUR with this roster...actually, I think we're going to lose quite easily against them) could even make you sweat...
  2. lot of things have changed since then (even if some results by people like Phil Mickelson and/or Louis Oosthuizen in the last 2 majors seem to have turned time back )...
  3. congrats! but tbh, I just can't believe we could get so low in the level of play... I'm truly disgusted by the lack of talent and above all, the lack of pride and winning mentality of this team... I think our NOC should stop funding women's basketball and send these girls all around the world to ashame our Flag...
  4. and more money to make in the North American outdoor season with all the Master 1000 and US Open tournament in just over a month between August and early September... by the way, if this means that Berrettini and/or Sinner could end up with a medal, I'm more than happy with it...
  5. no one in general, but I hope to see repeating themselves in men's Rugby Sevens... meanwhile I just can't stand Pita anymore...
  6. not any Country in particular... but I always support some athletes like Issoufou, Sheik Cissè and Ruth Gbagbi and Anthony Obame (all Taekwondo)...and a few others, like Fabrice Zango, athletics (I also used to be a great fan of Terence Parkin, deaf swimmer, silver medallist in Sydney 2000 in the "normal" 200m Breaststroke)...
  7. Iran (except for when they beat us, especially in Karate and/or Taekwondo ) for what concerns single athletes, Om Yun Chol (weightlifting) and since she came back from her desease, Rikako Ikee (swimming)...
  8. so, we have to re-evaluate our very stupid loss against you as favourable episode... once every while, we've been the lucky side...
  9. well, that's true also in almost any other sport...think about some swimming events where the USA could have the whole starting field in the final race or some athletics events, especially in middle distance running... as someone said, it's the Olympics that make the medal winners great, not the people winning medals that make the Olympics unforgettable...
  10. I'm sure I'm gonna cry for any Italian Olympic medal as usual... and there are a lot of disciplines and events in my personal wish list of possible success... but the answer to the original question is a no brainer: Rowing, men's Quadruple Sculls winning Gold in memoriam of Filippo Mondelli...
  11. Boari so far is literally killing any hope for Italy to be better than 4th... we could easily be there with IND and MEX if only she was shooting (not even say a good) just an average session...
  12. women's teams after 90 arrows... 835 833 825 819
  13. which means that Darya Derkach, who jumped just 1cm short of the Olympic standard a couple of days ago, has to improve by that damn cm if she wants to fly to Tokyo (our media were already convinced that she could easily earn her quota place thanks to the world ranking with that measure)...
  14. there are a lot of athletes I like and support despite not being from my Country... it's too hard to select a few, but this year there's 1 woman I'd really love to see on the Olympic podium: swimmer Rikako Ikee (many people who know her story could also imagine why)
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