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  1. tomorrow in Rieti the first official Italian meet of the season will be on stage... unfortunately, no international stars are involved because of the impossibility to travel to Italy, but a good number of the best athletes in our Country will be at the start... the main stars will be for sure Filippo Tortu over the men's 100m dash together with the clown, AKA Gianmarco Tamberi (men's High Jump)... among others, Davide Re (but not competing over his beloved 400m), Luminosa Bogliolo (women's 100m HS), young rising star Carolina Visca (women's Javelin Throw), Ayomide Folorunso and Maria Benedicta Chigbolu (women's 400m, despite the first being a 400m HS specialist) and the main non-Italian representative, Andrew Pozzi (GBR, but with Italian heritage) over the men's 110m HS... the meet will be streamed live by the main Italian Newspaper's website,, from 5 p.m. to about 7 p.m. CET (you'll find the link directly on their website tomorrow)...
  2. finally we have a decision... and as expected, Cortina will host their World Champs in 2021, as originally scheduled...
  4.'s always a sport played with a "hard stick", maybe a bit of "coca" could be more helpful than many people thinks...
  5. yes, those who go in the outer lane in the finish curve have a clear advantage, as they have a wider radius available to manage the forces in play...
  6. Cortina is likely to retire their proposal to postpone the Alpine Skiing Worlds scheduled for February 2021... rumors say that they will comeback to the original schedule with spectators limitations on site in exchage for a strong economical guarantee by FIS to not have any situation like in the last March with the World Cup Finals (which were cancelled without any compensation of any kind for the Italian resort)... the main problem now could be the TV rights holder not being capable of finding the space in their schedules... in any case, the final decision will be announced by FIS next Thursday, July 2nd...
  7. interesting effort...
  8. as I wrote elsewhere... Tokyo city: 14 million residents Tokyo metropolitan area: more than 40 million residents entire Japan: more than 126 million people number of people involved in that survey: just over 1,000 (which means the 0.00007% of the Tokyo city centre residents)...and with no clue on how they were chosen... my consideration...this survey is just BULLSHIT! it looks to be in Italy, where a few hundreds of idiots can even get the driving seat of the Country (any reference to the 5 star movement and our current political leaders like prime minister Conte or foreign affairs minister Di Maio is purely intentional )...
  9. damn... I hope she can recover from this, despite all...
  10. overestimated QB, I must say, unfortunately... and I've been a fan of Matthew since the Georgia Bulldogs days...
  11. hating Newton, Coach BB and the Empire of Evil is "a state of mind" to me...and nothing will never change it... p.s. did you really expect Belichick going with a rookie QB? (especially one that's not super-hyped after his college career) tbh, I expected the Pats to be behind Prescott's troubles with the Cowboys, so to force him to leave Texas and go with them...but fortunately for the Cowboys now they can take a breathe...
  12. it will be interesting to see how the relationship between Newton (who's totally boiled and undisciplined, imho) and coach BB develops...
  13. if nothing too bad happens...
  14. they will never admit that, but the sad truth is that women's World Cup has no good tv ratings (actually, has very bad exposure around the world, especially in Europe) and organizing a big tournament with many teams is very expensive, so expensive that's very complicated to find a place that really wants to host it... therefore, it's better for FIBA to cut the field to just 12 teams, so to be able to organize future tournaments in just 1 location and even a single arena...and save a lot of money... covid-19 has hit hard...I fear we're going to see many decisions like this one in many disciplines (less stages in the multi-stage world cups, smaller world cup final tournaments and so on)...
  15. Judo World Champion Jorge Fonseca tested positive to covid-19... also another Portuguese athlete, women's -57kg specialist Wilsa Gomes, was forced to leave the national training camp in Coimbra because of a covid-19 positive test... earlier this year quite a few famous Judo players (or former players) got infected...among them, Edith Bosch and Loic Pietri...
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