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    Alexander Karelin, Aldo Montano, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin, Stefania Belmondo, Federica Pellegrini, Vincenzo Maenza, Clayton Kershaw and many more...
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  1. no, I already posted the correct link to the medallists from day #1, good 2 days ago... wikipedia has them correct... day #1 only has the medallists also on worltaekwondo Europe's website, day #2 has the link to the full draw with results, too...
  2. no, there are a lot of big names you'll see on the Olympic podium... but of course they're not in good shape yet...and this is the first serious event in 16 months, so upsets and unexpected results are on the agenda...
  3. I'm sorry... good luck...hope it gets well as soon as possible...
  4. only the medallists... by the way, OA have their usual live written updates through the whole day of competition...most results can be taken out from that page...
  5. Michele Pasinato dies at the age of 52 after unsuccessful fight against cancer he was one of the Golden Generation guys of the Italian male Volleyball, multiple European Champion, 1998 World Champion and member of the unlucky Barcelona 1992 Olympic team... currently, he was a youth coach of the Padua club team, the same where his career started as a player... RIP
  6. of course we can reach different satellites...especially here in the North of Italy, I can see only a few channels from the Middle East...meanwhile in the South of Italy it's very different, they can see almost everything from 26 East and 7 west (BEIN included...there are a lot of Italian subscribers -normally thanks to Moroccan resellers)... however, sometimes I explore different positions going east (42° with the Turkish channels, said Azeri and Turkmen channels, sometimes when they're active at 52° the Uzbekistan Sport channel, the Afghan RTA and RTA Sports for some Cricket...un
  7. it's not to embarass IOC (not to risk any future denial of economic help nor any possible, even if improbable sanction), not Japan for sure (they surely would expose Japan if only they had a chance)...
  8. according to our Orange Hair "friend", it will become "pandemic" and all the Countries would eventually give up and force the cancellation of the Games...
  9. I'm surprised you found that out only recently... here in Italy, Turkmenistan Sport (and CBC Sport Azerbaijan) have been for years the main source to find Serie A (and the Azeri also Spanish La Liga and Champions League) for free instead of paying the bunch of money Sky Italia has always asked for their Italian football coverage (right now, we're living a kind of South American soap opera because the online provider dazn has stripped sky Italia the TV and internet rights of the next 3 serie A seasons...they're announcing to go in front of trial courts one day after the other to tr
  10. it's a different consideration of what sport means in each Country... here, it's just the last thing to think about...and no government wants to spend any money on that (they just give a miserable contribution only because they are morally forced to do it, but especially parties like the 5 Star Movement and/or any lefty group would even close our NOC down, if they could )... our politicians are always ready to appear on tv and newspapers with our sport champions, but they are also always ready to hit them from behind when needed, especially when it comes to funding...
  11. probably they already know that SkiMo will become an Olympic discipline very soon (2026) and they're trying to be among the participants in the first ever SkiMo Olympic event...
  12. this time... but in the past we used to have tougher standards also in athletics (and we also used to have a stronger and deeper team in athletics, but that's another story... )... p.s I don't agree at all, too...and if I were an athlete, I'd go even in front of a trial court to make this discrimination end... but I'm only a lazy TV spectator...
  13. I don't know what's the situation in other Countries, but I can tell you that Italy have more demanding standards than IOC in those sports that could lead our team to be too big... in Swimming and Athletics it's always possible to qualify so many athletes that our Olympic trip would eventually be too expensive because of too many participants (we always have to deal with 300 to 400 athletes...and this costs a lot to our poor NOC), that's why we always want to be sure that our guys don't get a free holiday but can at least go through the preliminaries and make at least the semis...
  14. Day #3 Results Men's Junior Team Sabre Gold: Egypt Silver: Russia Bronze: France Full Ranking: Women's Junior Team Sabre Gold: South Korea Silver: United States Bronze: Romania Full Ranking:
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