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  1.'s because Italy so far have been less than convincing (still, we won all the games, especially the hard fight against Belgium) and because of the stupid rules of the championship (the fact that the quarterfinals won't be a crossover with the opposite pool, but teams will have to play again the same already seen in the main round)... this makes it a lot more "tactical" and it might be better losing the main round match before the replay in the knockout stage... by the way, good luck and enjoy the afternoon...
  2. still, if they start a nuclear conflict, it would erase the entire world... don't underestimate the real power of all the weapons (not only on the Russian side) that haven't been used yet... stupid human beings still have the chance to make it a global disaster (more than it is right now...and it's not a little thing already)...
  3. ops...I didn't see that the answer was already posted...
  4. Athletics, men's 5000m...that's a true coin toss, as all the greatest middle distance runners and the dirtiest cheaters in history are in this list. Being coherent, I should vote for Zatopek, but since I'm more emotional than coherent, my pick goes to my favorite runner and person among them: Hicham El Guerrouj. Swimming, man's 200m it's easier...and sorry for the great Aaron Peirsol, this time my pick is (once again) Roland Matthes. Archery, women's Individual...this is really easy, as Kim Soo-Nyung is the undisputed best female shooter of all time. Therefore, she's my pick. Sailing, men's One-Person Dinghy (Laser)...despite being one of the most arrogant human beings in the world, most likely he's also the best Olympic sailor ever: Ben Ainslie. Shooting, women's Pistol...since she's the only women to repeat herself in the same discipline, my pick is Maria Grozdeva.
  5. Men's Team Trap Gold: Great Britain Silver: Czech Republic Bronze: Italy
  6. Women's Team Trap Gold: Italy Silver: Finland Bronze: Australia
  7. some quick turnaround among the Czech politicians... NHL says Russian players all clear to play season openers in Czech Republic. Czech government drops attempted ban on Russians on San Jose, Nashville teams.
  8. he's just looking for some seat somewhere in her government... he's that kind of man, he has only one idea/ideology/aim in his life...make money (and if it's dirty money, it's even better)... on the other hand, he's the inside man (trojan horse, if you prefer) of the most powerful lobbies of the US multi-national corporations (from the entertainment industry to the weapons, it's all good for him)...
  9. Mixed Team Trap Gold: Italy 2 (Giulia Grassia & Mauro De Filippis) Silver: Great Britain 2 (Lucy Charlotte Hall & Nathan Hales) Bronze: Australia 1 (Laetisha Scanlan & James Willett) and Slovenia (Jasmina Macek & Bostjan Macek)
  10. e oggi, quando contava come il 2 di picche con i quadri a briscola, ecco che arriva l'oro nel Trap misto a coppie... qui mi sa che ne serve uno bravo per davvero...
  11. Men's Individual Trap Gold: Derrick Scott Mein Silver: Nathan Hales Bronze: Yang Kun-Pi Olympic Quota (to the NOCs, NOT to the Athletes): Derrick Scott Mein, Nathan Hales, Yang Kun-Pi, Bowneesh Mendiratta
  12. no medal for the young Indian (but at least he has the consolation of an Olympic quota place). USA, Great Britain and Chinese Taipei on the podium!
  13. Men's Individual Trap Ranking Match #2 Results 1. Bowneesh Mendiratta, 24 (Q) 2. Derrick Scott Mein, 22 + 5 (Q) 3. Rashid Ahmad S.A. Al-Athba, 22 + 4 4. Aaron Heading, 11
  14. Men's Individual Trap Ranking Match #1 Results 1. Nathan Hales, 22 (Q) 2. Yang Kun-Pi, 20 + 1 (Q) 3. Clement Bourgue, 20 + 0 4. Alessandro Ferreira De Souza, 12
  15. Hope Nathan Hales doesn't get confused and shoot at her instead of the clay targets sorry guys! just joking, no intention of being offensive towards anybody...
  16. a fox trolling around the shooting range! lovely pictures!
  17. Women's Individual Trap Gold: Carole Cormenier Silver: Fatima Galvez Bronze: Zuzana Rehak-Stefecekova Olympic Quota (to the NOCs, NOT to the Athletes): Carole Cormenier, Fatima Galvez, Zuzana Rehak-Stefecekova, Catherine Skinner
  18. Men's Individual Trap Qualification Round Results 1. Yang Kun-Pi, 123 (Q) 2. Derrick Scott Mein, 122 (Q) 3. Alessandro Ferreira De Souza, 121 + 2 (Q) 4. Bhowneesh Mendiratta, 121 + 1 + 3 (Q) 5. Nathan Hales, 121 + 1 + 2 + 2 (Q) 6. Rashid Ahmad S.A. Al.Athba, 121 + 1 + 2 + 1 (Q) 7. Clement Bourgue, 120 + 8 (Q) 8. Aaron Heading, 120 + 7 (Q) Eliminated after the Shootout: 9 more Shooters ending the qualifications @ 120 Hits Full ranking:
  19. Catherine Skinner and Fatima Galvez get the last 2 quota places of this event.
  20. Women's Individual Trap Ranking Match #2 Results 1. Catherine Skinner, 21 (Q) 2. Fatima Galvez, 21 (Q) 3. Wang Xiaojing, 20 4. Mariya Dmitriyenko, 11
  21. is out... now it's between , and for the 2 remaining quota places...
  22. I know you can do whatever you want with this game, but every Judo event has 2 bronze medal winners... it should be allowed/required also in the prediction's options.
  23. Zuzana Rehak-Stefecekova and Carole Cormenier get the Olympic Quota places
  24. Women's Individual Trap Ranking Match #1 Results 1. Zuzana Rehak-Stefecekova, 25 (Q) 2. Carole Cormenier, 22 (Q) 3. Maria Ines Coelho De Barros, 20 4. Laetisha Scanlan, 11
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