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  1. I found this on Wikipedia earlier. I think it’s an earlier version of the qualification manual. It includes racquetball.
  2. Found the one for taekwondo on the Canadian federation’s website. Thanks!
  3. Boxing and taekwondo are also missing
  4. You’re right. Tennis isn’t in the manual. And neither is racquetball.
  5. Found the complete Santiago 2023 Qualification manual on the Pan Am sports website. Untitled - Qualification-System-Manual.pdf
  6. Alexandra Eala wins US Open junior girls’ singles. She becomes the first player from the Philippines to win a Grand Slam junior singles title.
  7. They said they were impeded by the Finns.
  8. TURKEY GRAB FINAL SPOT IN RE-RUN RELAY HEAT Turkey have grabbed a spot in the final of the men’s 4x100m relay on Sunday after being allowed to re-run their semi-final alone in order to achieve the qualifying time. The Turkish quartet were disqualified from the second semi-final earlier this morning, but appealed successfully against the judges’ verdict and were given the chance to better the qualifying time of 39.02 seconds posted by Italy, the slowest of the qualifers. They did so by four hundredths of a second, clocking 38.98. “During the qualifications, the guy from the lane two came in our lane, reached his arm and caught me in my chest,” explained lead-off runner Emre Zafer Barnes. “He interrupted our running. The appeal went in our favour, that feels good. The technical committee did a really good job.”
  9. Re-race for Turkey in the men’s 4 x 100 relay
  10. At least I could still watch it on the European Athletics channel. But no way to playback and watch the men’s 400 meters final.
  11. It’s not available on YouTube in my country either today. And we’re not being blocked.
  12. I think European Athletics uploaded them during the recent European U18 Championships but then took them down after a while.
  13. I was wondering what this was! Looks like the results provider forgot to change the road race map from Tokyo 2020
  14. Feng Tianwei of Singapore comes from three sets down to defeat teammate Jian Zeng 4-3 in the final of table tennis women’s singles
  15. Singapore are assured of a second Commonwealth Games gold medal after Feng Tianwei and Zheng Juan win their respective semifinals in table tennis women’s singles
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