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  1. My top 5 in no particular order: Swimming Athletics Rowing Tennis Track Cycling
  2. Russian athletes who have not been welcome at international events due to the country's war with Ukraine could soon be allowed back in competition, said the head of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee on Thursday.
  3. Santo must be due to switch nationalities again soon.
  4. Am I the only one that doesn't like these wild cards for the DL winner and previous WC winner?
  5. I know it's basically impossible to do it 100% accurately but I was just giving some updates for swims I noticed. Splits are definitely official and Grimes' swim is even listed in the FINA rankings. You can even break a WR in a split (the men's 800 WR has been broken quite a few times during a 1500). All of the swims I listed are listed either in the FINA rankings or in the Nuoto Mondiale rankings.
  6. @phelps I played around with this last night before bed after seeing @Topicmaster1010's post and these are some differences I've found from @phelps' post. Boys 50FR - #3 Isaac Cooper 22.25 AUS Nationals (born 2004 so still a junior) 400FR - #3 Stephan Steverink 3:48.27 Jr Worlds (born 2004 so still a junior) 1500FR - #1 Carlos Garach 15:00.90 ESP Nationals 100BR - #3 Yamato Okadome 1:00.70 Jr Pan Pacs (prelims) 400IM - #3 Stephan Steverink 4:16.44 BRA Nationals Girls 50FR - #2 Hannah Casey 24.96 AUS Age Champs, #3 Olivia Wunsch 25.09 AUS Age Champs 100FR - #2 Hannah Casey 54.30 AUS Age Champs 800FR - Grimes is #1 with 8:21.26 if you count the first 800 of her 1500 100BK - #3 Jaclyn Barclay 1:00.16 AUS Age Champs 200BK - #2 Dora Molnar 2:09.34 HUN Nationals If incuding RUS athletes Daria Klepikova would be #3 in the 50FR with 25.05 and #3 in the 100FL with 57.97.
  7. This is the more accurate assessment.
  8. Yep I was thinking it's probably a short course time. Still impressive for a 200 flyer.
  9. When and where did he go 21.64? Because that seems very strange for a 200 flyer and I see no record of it anywhere.
  10. Another Nigerian sprinter busted: Commonwealth gold medallist Nwokocha provisionally suspended for doping Nwokocha is an NCAA athlete coached by the Duane Ross whose son, Randolph Ross, also coached by him, was busted for tampering earlier this year. To make it even more juicy Duane Ross was busted as a part of Balco back in the day.
  11. Good work but there's one caveat, Junior Pan Pacs allows girls turning 18 this year to compete while other junior meets only allow those turning no older than 17. Despite this Australia selects their team using the FINA junior rules so none of their girls are overage. In particular Erin Gemmell is no longer a junior by FINA rules.
  12. I wonder how she torn her meniscus because it's a strange injury for a swimmer? Does she play some other sport on the side?
  13. Japanese were 8 seconds slower in the mixed medley than at junior Pan Pacs. I guess they've sent mostly a B team to junior Worlds.
  14. Also Russia banned. If you look at the all time medal table the top 3 are missing and 5 of the top 7.
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