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  1. Looks like FINA World Championships in Fukuoka will be postponed until 2023.
  2. 2013 World Junior Champion Alexander Palatov Given 2 Year Doping Suspension
  3. The full sessions are up on the FINA channel on YouTube if they're not geoblocked in your country. Here's the finals from yesterday:
  4. Sun Yang & China Face New Questions From WADA Over Whether Training Comeback Complies With Terms Of Swimmer’s Suspension
  6. Yas Queen I hope they crush everyone at NCAAs next year so I can watch the fallout.
  7. The provisional entry list must surely be due any time now you'd think.
  8. The US's pro leagues and NCAA not having anti-doping handled by WADA and being exempt from the Rodchenkov Act tells you all you need to know about actual attitudes towards doping in the US.
  9. Australia has a whole two swimmers going: Kyle Chalmers and Holly Barratt
  10. Not that I've noticed. Based on past experience they won't be out until end of November/early December.
  11. Russian triathlete that competed in Tokyo banned for testing positive for EPO before the games.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me if 2036 ends up in Russia. The IOC seems to have forgiven and forgotten the doping scandal already.
  13. Australia was expected to get Bronze at best. We were fortunate that the Brits failed to qualify for the final because of stupid coaching decisions and Russia was off.
  14. Former European 400 metres hurdles champion Kariem Hussein banned for 9 months after testing positive for a bannned stimulant so won't be in Tokyo.
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