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    dullard reacted to phelps in Athletics 2022 Discussion Thread   
    yes, he's in Nairobi...
    he started to feel bad already on thursday evening, then yesterday the situation got worse and worse and he had to go to the hospital, where he's still recovered and treated by the doctors...
    so far, the Italian media only reported the symptoms...malaria has never been named, it's just my fear given the place...
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    dullard reacted to Grassmarket in Doping Cases and Bans in 2022   
    I remember they were ecstatic to get the overall in the Algarve a couple of years back.  Kind of similar thing in Britain, most of our dopers are rugby players & boxers who are only just holding down pro careers.  Well, nightclub security guys also.
    It’s UCI rules, once teams are at their level they are all guaranteed twice-what-you-make-at-Lidl scale minimum wage, plus bonuses etc.
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    dullard reacted to dcro in Doping Cases and Bans in 2022   
    @heywoodu would know more, but I think this sort of scheme is focused on sweeping the small-time races in Portugal. They purposely choose the most blatant doping methods which would never fly at Tour de France anymore, for example.
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    dullard reacted to JoshMartini007 in Commonwealth Games 2022   
    I disagree that the Commonwealth and Olympic sports program should be aligned. There are Olympic sports that just aren't well played in the Commonwealth. In a time where they are trying to cut costs, do you really think hosting fencing or handball events is a good idea.
    On the flip side, while netball has no business at the Olympics, it is almost exclusively played by Commonwealth nations.
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    dullard reacted to NMQ in Swimming 2022 Discussion Thread   
    So did her, wasn't happy at all with that swim. But the meet is kinda all her meets this season so far: amazing in the longer events, still great but not at her best in the shorter ones and better at the start than the end.
    The 400 will be the key race, after going 4:01 in the first half of the 800, anything but a sub 4:00 would be a dissapointment.
    Btw, world record holder Regan Smith once again 3rd and out in the 200 back.
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    dullard got a reaction from Dunadan in Swimming 2022 Discussion Thread   
    That's a shame because it kills many of your relay chances and now Pellegrini has retired it's even worse. Hopefully sometime in the future Italy can move past those body image issues.
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    dullard reacted to phelps in Swimming 2022 Discussion Thread   
    unfortunately, it's not only 50/100m, it's the whole freestyle sector that's miles behind the world's excellence (Quadarella is just an exception to this "rule")...
    for what concerns the sprinters, however, there are a few historical, technical and cultural issues to prevent Italy being a good Nation in those disciplines...
    I don't know why? but we've always refused the idea of building up poweful swimmers, we normally care a lot about the technical skills and about the amount of kilometers swam by our athletes, but somehow we're always behind the rest of the world when it comes to develop strencht and power...
    especially among the girls and especially the very young girls, there's always the scare to ask them to put on muscles, we normally refuse to send them in the gym lifting weights until they're at least 16/17 years old, as if it was a risk for their health* (many doctors refuse to give permission to the youngsters to lift the necessary amount of weights...and if you don't build muscles, there's no chance to be competitive in the sprint events -if you notice, Italian swimmers are usually also always poor at the start and in the turns, 2 more aspects of the game where power is really important)...
    therefore, we have quite a good tradition over the middle and long distances, rather than the shorter ones...and if that's true among the men, imagine how bigger an issue it is among the women...
    *actually, many gorls refuse also by themselves to push beyond certain limits because they don't want to sacrify their femininity (here in Italy, women with strong muscles = no beautiful females for most people and for the average media...we still live in the myth of the most famous models rather than the TV starlettes, the athletes are rarely seen as role models)...
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    dullard reacted to Makedonas in Swimming 2022 Discussion Thread   
    Sorry I meant to say that, his main event is 200 IM which is why I made that typo 
    And yes I know it is nothing special for others, but for us it is crazy to see how many NRs have been broken in the past few years from these swimmers. Just in the past year we've had new NRs in 12 events in the 50m pools.
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    dullard reacted to Werloc in Swimming 2022 Discussion Thread   
    Rūta Meilutytė started in the Stockholm meet, it's her first international competition and her third official competition after a very long hiatus.
    Having started with the A team in Stockholm, it's a pretty good indication that she is actually serious about coming back. 
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    dullard reacted to Dragon in Commonwealth Games 2022
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    dullard reacted to Agger in [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread   
    Would certainly love discussing the rights of Tibetans and people from Kashmir, but maybe the doping thread isn't quite the place? 
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    dullard reacted to NearPup in Doping Cases and Bans in 2022   
    This will result in 's first ever sweep in Olympic athletics.
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    dullard got a reaction from thiago_simoes in Athletics WA Indoor World Championships 2022   
    Loved seeing Coleman's return party get spoiled. He looked almost in tears at one point. 🤣 That said Jacobs seems pretty sus as well.
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    dullard reacted to phelps in Swimming 2022 Discussion Thread   
    this is from around Christmas time (from Spanish press, in Spanish, of course)...

    it seems that they're still trying to find a deal, rather than being done and dusted (he is/was not the only candidate)...or maybe, now they've finally got the agreement they were looking for...
    we'll see in the next few weeks, I guess (sooner or later they have to make some kind of announcement)...
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    dullard got a reaction from Ted in Doping Cases and Bans in 2022   
    Swiss Tribunal Dismisses Sun Yang’s Appeal Against June 2021 CAS Decision
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    dullard reacted to NMQ in Swimming 2022 Discussion Thread   
    Titmus already at 4:00.03 in the 400 free. After a post olympics extended break and first serious race of the year. That world record is in danger too this year.
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    dullard reacted to intoronto in Swimming 2022 Discussion Thread   
    Summer Mcintosh with a  4:29.12 in the 400 im at a test event in Toronto for the Canadian Trials!!!
    Almost 3 seconds faster than the winning time in Tokyo. Insane, she is only 15.
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    dullard reacted to NearPup in Russia-Ukraine Crisis Consequences in Sports   
    Listen, Canadian prime minister Erin O'Toole will announce the Canadian team will boycott and that will make everyone else realize that they need to boycott, too, because obviously a world cup without Canada just isn't credible and nobody will take it seriously.
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    dullard got a reaction from Ted in Russia-Ukraine Crisis Consequences in Sports   
    So Junior World Champs and Short Course World Champs are so supposed to be in Kazan later this year ... I really wish decent countries would step up and host events instead of them having to resort to the likes of Russia.
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    dullard reacted to Orangehair43 in Athletics 2022 Discussion Thread   
    Apparently GB are close to closing down the relay programmes as a result of the stripped medal. 
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    dullard reacted to Olympian1010 in Doping Cases and Bans in 2022   
    10 years 
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    dullard reacted to PHI2019 in Commonwealth Games 2022   
    It's a relief to see we're finally getting a host city for the 2026 Commonwealth Games
    Exclusive: Victoria signs agreement to host 2026 Commonwealth Games
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    dullard reacted to FireRun in Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022   
    lol, Shiffrin with a combined 9 turns in her two races so far
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