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  1. So the Kip Keino Classic is turning into a bit of a disappointment but at least there's still the Mboma drama to follow.
  2. So he's in hospital in Kenya?
  3. Were they having very good/suspicious results? I don't follow cycling at all.
  4. No Pan Pacs until 2026 because this year's was cancelled. Maybe they'll meet at Duel in the Pool or Short Course Worlds otherwise it won't be until next year.
  5. Was expecting more than a 1:55 from Ledecky in the 200 after that very impressive 800.
  6. Australia Poised To Replace Kazan As Hosts Of the 2022 FINA World Short Course Swimming Championships
  7. USA, Canada and Australia are going to Junior Pan Pacs instead of Junior Worlds.
  8. Flynn Southam breaks Chalmers' 16 year old 100 free age record with 48.60 at Aussie Age Champs. Boys are getting so fast so young these days.
  9. Sixteen year old Aussie Flynn Southam went 1:46.77 in the 200 free at age champs tonight. Can't wait to see what he can do in the 100 now!
  10. That's a shame because it kills many of your relay chances and now Pellegrini has retired it's even worse. Hopefully sometime in the future Italy can move past those body image issues.
  11. What's up with Italy being unable to develop women's 50/100 freestylers?
  12. That 400 free from Galossi is Ian Thorpesque and Lukas Märtens' 3:41.60 in the 400 free was extremely impressive also. It's a shame Winnington choked so terribly in Tokyo because his window of opportunity for a global championship gold medal may now be closed.
  13. The thing about Ledecky's best time at 15 is it was set in the first 400 of the 800 final at the London Olympics so it undoubtedly would've been faster if she swam the 400 but she still didn't possess the speed McIntosh has already. I get the impression McIntosh's sweet spot is 200-400 like Titmus while Ledecky's is 800-1500.
  14. Was really thinking Summer would improve her PB by more than that. Perhaps she isn't fully rested for trials.
  15. Okagbare didn't appeal the doping ban so a 10 year career ending ban it is.
  16. Loved seeing Coleman's return party get spoiled. He looked almost in tears at one point. 🤣 That said Jacobs seems pretty sus as well.
  17. I can't find that mentioned anywhere searching Google.
  18. Swiss Tribunal Dismisses Sun Yang’s Appeal Against June 2021 CAS Decision
  19. I'm excited to see what she does in the other events (200 fly, 200 im, 400 free).
  20. Australia welcomes the cancellation of the junior world champs and will boycott the short course world champs if they remain in Russia. I really hope the junior world champs can be rescheduled somewhere else.
  21. Reports: FINA Has Already Decided to Move World Championships from Russia
  22. So Junior World Champs and Short Course World Champs are so supposed to be in Kazan later this year ... I really wish decent countries would step up and host events instead of them having to resort to the likes of Russia.
  23. Kaylee McKeown opened her season with a 2:04.64 in 200 back today.
  24. The media is reporting 2023 as still going ahead. The insertion of this meet also means we are set to see a World Championships now in 3 consecutive years: 2022 Budapest, 2023 Fukuoka, 2024 Doha. The decision of the global regulator means that a World long-course Championships will, as things stand, be held in June 2022, June 2023, January 2024 and July 2025. February 7, 2022 may go down as swimming’s Dilution Day, the moment when a showcase that used to be held once every four years between Olympics became an annual event. With Monday’s announcement, it means there will be a major global long-course meet in June 2022, July 2023, January 2024 and July 2025.
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