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  1. anyone has an aqua jutsu !!? ...please make a wall of water in the Medirerranee..
  2. belgorod means " the end of the world"
  3. and now , the Nuclear submarine "belgorod" disappeared ...rumours said it moves near Alaska
  4. Sure , they will launch it to the western part to avoid radiations ... zelinsky son of b...., all that is your fault
  5. Oh shhhhht , Russian nuclear train is going to Ukrain ....are you happy now ?
  6. the continent should react like that , no more manipulation
  7. In Burkina faso , people burnt the French embassy cause their alliance with dictator
  8. Heywoody in the shop :...sir ,How much this dymovaya truba ? seller in slovak : už je predaný
  9. The appelation in english is strange : fireplace
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