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  1. bad news for planet ,many cured people got the virus again sometimes for the 3rd time meaning there is no immunity because the virus didnt stop changing ,so any vaccine is totally ineffective could protect for few months only
  2. Good effort from @heywoodu somewhat disappointed that you ignored the modest olympic flame
  3. NicolaB won , i trusted your taste & your musical knowleges when you proposed the song of khaled , congrats
  4. I'm beginner with synthy , i created this mixing for Halloween , @heywoodu will not sleep tonight
  5. They killed another one in atlanta
  6. This euro deputy has been attacked by police in belgium because she is black
  7. France , she is pregnant being black is a crime in 2020
  8. they tried to arrest him because he is black finally they understood that he was one high responsible of FBI
  9. in Palestine, the criminal dogs always do that and more
  10. it's time to divide this area , i've never seen usa like a country but a mixture of imported cultures they created those satanic laws called veto , unesco , IMF bank , W.H.O ....etc protected by atomic bombs used to sniff the money of world they show the good things only, made in Hollywood : castles, pools, luxurious cars ...etc while they can't even back their external debt truck, cars of white drivers hiting the black protesters
  11. The US citizens are the most racist in the world more than Trump, and they play angels on internet The blue pig killed a man
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