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  1. What a day for him, a WR in the morning and beating the defending champions by overlap for gold in the afternoon
  2. Gold no. 15 for Dame Sarah Storey!
  3. What a great table tennis match between Iwaubchi and Facey-Thompson, thoroughly enjoyed it
  4. Channel 4 confirmed they will broadcast the Games in their entirety
  5. Yes I do think he's clean there's no good proof he's not
  6. GB did better than expected all things considered. Rowing was a big disappointment, and athletics could have been better, but overall we had some gold medals come that weren't really expected, and our teams did well in Sailing, Modern pentathlon, BMX Racing, BMX Freestyle, and Equestrian. Each Olympics is expected to be the one where we 'drop off' from our London 2012 'bounce', and it keeps not happening. I predict that at Paris 2024, we are told that Britain will have a medal target of 40 with 12 golds, and then get 60+ again. Coming 4th in the medal table is very nice - I can't imagine Japan go anywhere near as well as they do in 2024, especially with Baseball/Softball and Karate gone. Their wrestling and Judo teams won't repeat the performance in Paris, I'd imagine.
  7. In swimming we won four gold medals... one of them was Adam Peaty and another a relay with Peaty in it, is he doping? And then Thomas Dean and James Guy got the 1-2 and won the relay? Are they doping? Is it that crazy to have five or six good athletes pop up when you inject an extra £30m, that wasn't showing up before?
  8. The thing is, when talking about football or F1, I already have places to talk about that. So I usually use this when multi-sport games are on, or sports more associated with the Olympics like athletics or swimming have major champs I will watch. I guess I see this as an Olympics forum, before I see it as a sports forum
  9. In general I think Totallympics did a great job. When it crashed during the first softball game I thought 'oh no, not again' but it stayed up very well generally. And the discussion was of a high quality even with the usual controversial topics, it's great to talk to regular fans of sports I only watch once every four years at the Olympics. I could help with a forum as well, I think the community is big enough for it and there's a lot of interest in the Olympics
  10. I like them too tbh. They are more "Greek" and "Olympic". The Rio 2016 ones they tried to sound "Brazilian", but these ones sound timeless and could be used for any Games
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