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  1. Yeah, I'll still buy it I just wish it felt like the real Olympics in the same way FIFA feels like the Premier League
  2. I'd rather they just went all out than got ZerkaaHD to play it
  3. If it's a marketing tool then it should be a free download. Instead it's a mini-game compilation. I'm not saying every game should be a button masher, I'm saying sports have to be represented equally and be realistic in a licensed sports title. At lease leave that shit to Mario and Sonic. I think having this every four years is a fair ask, and especially they could add 200m, 50m Freestyle, etc. which would basically be the same sport
  4. So, with the Summer Olympics just round the corner, the normal tat will be flooding Japan come this summer. It is still not rare for this Londoner to go on the tube and see someone with a London 2012 t-shirt, bag, or hat on. But one piece of media floods every part of the world, the video game. Sports video games have taken mad leaps ahead with games like FIFA 20 focusing on extreme realism. Football Manager is now used by real clubs as a way to scout players. Olympics fans have two games to choose from: Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game (which will be henceforth r
  5. After Brexit there will only be Haddock. Every day.
  6. You're just unpatriotic. Next you'll tell me you don't even eat fish and chips. Guess you're a national traitor
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