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  1. Yes but Dante and Michaelangelo were from the Republic of Florence, the Italian Republic was formed in 1946 so he isn't wrong technically
  2. "No surprise there" says the commentator as he fails 5.50
  3. Ingebritsen DQ confirmed on the website...
  4. No Brits through in Women's Shot Put though
  5. Nice job from Markovc, wins Heat 1 and through in the Women's 3000m
  6. They just sort of ignored it and kept on chatting, then mid-way through said: "Ah yes, the Polish national anthem and that brings us on to how many medals do you think the hosts..."
  7. Always find it a bit weird when commentators talk over a national anthem
  8. Me neither but I only rarely watch Athletics, I'll still watch though because it's on the Beeb and it's good fun to watch
  9. Athletes on Day 0 Men's High Jump Qual. Round Group A: Joel KHAN Men's Long Jump Qual. Round Group A: Jacob FINCHAM-DUKES Women's Shot Put Qual. Round Group A: Amelia STRICKLER, Sophie MCKINNA Women's 3000m Round 1 Heat 1: Amy-Eloise MARKOVC and Heat 2: Verity OCKENDEN, Amelia QUIRK Men's 1500m Round 1 Heat 2: Piers COPELAND, Heat 3: Neil GOURLEY and Heat 4: Archie DAVIS Good luck to all, will be exciting to watch
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