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  1. And surprisingly USA now have only 8149 cases for today
  2. The owner of football club Ludogorets confirmed that he is positive for COVID-19
  3. From 00:00 on March 18, the entry into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria of the citizens of China, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy, South Korea, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland is forbidden . The exception is citizens with permanent, long-term or long-term residence in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and their family members.
  4. An initiative to support all doctors and nurses has been launched in Bulgaria today. Just at 9 pm, applause was launched from the terraces of apartments in the country in appreciation of the efforts of the medical staffаплодисменти-за-българските-медици-отекнаха-в-цяла-софия-видео/?fbclid=IwAR2mPZc-Kge-PdkOupmYr7_beA9aAOB_IsHC2Vo5BRgXfEVCv32qVLIe0I4
  5. Рositive cases in Bulgaria increased to 41
  6. 6 new confirm cases ( also 9 samples are suspected) and 1 new death in
  7. European, World 'Last Chance' Olympic Qualifiers Postponed STORY:
  8. COVID - 19... COrona VIrus Disease
  9. The Bulgarian authorities have confirmed and officially announced 4 cases of COVID-19
  10. Yes, Bulgaria is on board!!! 2 positive cases
  11. So probably after 5 min BG government will announce our first case
  12. Approximately 200, including whole FC Ludogorets (players and staff), who had a match against Inter Milan in Europa league this Thursday
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