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  1. Congrats my friend. What a day for Italy... After EURO 2020 now this!!! Incredible !
  2. There was a 🚢 just in front of athletes. Very big mistake made by a starter
  3. So, first final for BG Olympian. Antoaneta Kostadinova is 6th after Q - session. Not so surprising, but... 🤫, finger crossed 🤞
  4. ... players having fun... probably, but looking some commentaries here... 😃 it's not the same 🤣🤣🤣
  5. The same here in Bulgaria. During Rio Olympics women's high jump competition was shown in full
  6. Josif Miladinov (swimming) )will be the second Bulgarian flag bearer during opening ceremony. He will accompany Maria Grozdeva
  7. This morning Facebook reminded me that 5 years ago Ronaldo also wins his first and last till now continental title. So 10th of July seems to be historical date
  8. If you see again the attack before penalty 101'43" you will see second ball close to Sterling
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