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  1. back at European championships after 24 years!!!
  2. 2021 FINN WORLD CUP, eligible nations: Africa (3): Europe (16):
  3. Hahaha, I know the pain, I have submitted my holiday request for Olympic period this week too.
  4. Fina now aims to find another venue for the World Cup competition at a later date.
  5. Great, although there's going to be some quota rejections as per usual. Lithuania will end up rejecting their ice dance quota due citizenship laws Netherlands are likely to reject their ladies quota etc.
  6. Savolainen vs Kakhelashvili is looking more like a cage fight rather than wrestling.
  7. Lithuanian wrestlers just got annihilated in all categories...
  8. Just realised how much hate Lithuania got just for starting at the event... wow.
  9. Top hat should be banned in general
  10. Very mixed, but obviously a lot of unhappy citizens as not all vulnerable received the vaccines yet.
  11. Today the Lithuanian Olympic team and candidates for Tokyo has been vaccinated from Covid as priority.
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