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  1. I think it's the tension surrounding the question of the Irish weightlifting quota that has driven the debate on to a slightly less contentious issue. 😊
  2. Male - Ed Clancey (cycling) although I'd also be happy with Mo Sbihi (rowing), Adam Dixon (hockey) or Geraint Thomas (cycling) - we've had a Scot the last two times , so we're due a Welshman). Female - Jade Jones (taekwondo) - another Welsh choice (No, I'm not Welsh!)
  3. Overall it has probably helped. Just to take one sport namely rowing it has led to some changes of personnel in terms of both coaches and athletes. For example one rower (Tom Ransley, medallist in 2012/16) retired due to the delay but another (Helen Glover, double gold medallist 2012/16) has been able to come out of retirement after having three children. 33 of the 41 rowers we're sending to Tokyo are debutants and the extra year has allowed to them to gain greater experience and gel together as crews. I don't think there's any doubt that the squad is now stronger than it was a year ago and no
  4. Oosthuizen and Hatton withdraw. Christiaan Bezuidenhout will replace Oosthuizen and Tommy Fleetwood comes in for Hatton.
  5. You may find the reallocation reserve lists found on this page useful with details of the top five potential replacements for each player. The lists are being quickly updated with new information.
  6. Perhaps, but Spain is a small country. Gymnastics is one of the most popular Olympic sports in countries with large viewing publics like China, Japan, Russia and the USA.
  7. I think they watch whatever their local broadcasters are showing and amongst a multitude of sports tennis is pretty insignificant at Olympic level.
  8. It is if it is irrational, yes. Why should you have the right to dictate how people live their lives if they are not doing any harm to you?
  9. Swimming - 30 swimmers have been selected excluding marathon swimmers.
  10. Was that second block meant to relate to archery or trampolining?
  11. I'm pretty dubious about this. Unless you're a tennis fan I'm not sure that most people would necessarily notice that the sport was part of the Olympic programme given that sports like athletics, swimming and gymnastics tend to dominate coverage.
  12. Which countries pay their medallists pensions linked to their Olympic success?
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