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  1. Not so much if you were you were a native or African American! Anyway judging by your current POTUS you guys seem to be quite keen on tyrants these days with the possible exception of Chinese ones. In any event have a great day and take care with the celebrations given current circumstances.
  2. Incidentally I think the first competitor we see is Ed Archibald of Canada who shared in a three way tie for the bronze medal with a pole vault clearance of 3.58m. It's amazing to think they now jump around 2.5m higher than this.
  3. They've also had to change the design of the javelin on a number of occasions as the distances being thrown were becoming so great they were beginning to threaten the safety of competitors in other events as well as officials. However, the pole vault is the event in which I most fear an horrific injury given the propensity of the poles to break from time to time. I genuinely fear that someone will impale themselves on a broken pole at some stage.
  4. An aspiring Olympic athlete who was driven to suicide by the abuse of her coaches. Sadly this sort of thing is not uncommon in sport
  5. Non-Olympic, but Sir Everton Weekes one of Barbados and the West Indies greatest ever players has died at the age of 95. Together with Sir Frank Worrell and Sir Clyde Walcott they were known simply as the "Three Ws" from the 1950s onwards. Weekes is the only man to have scored five consecutive test centuries in the 143 years of test cricket.
  6. Deaths of Olympians in June. Rod Larrieu, 83 - Athletics Josef Smolka, 81 - Volleyball (1×B) John Cuneo, 91 - Sailing (1×G) Veli Lehtala, 84 - Rowing (2×B) Istvan Kausz, 87 - Fencing (1×G) Donald Macgregor, 81 - Athletics Pieter van der Kruk, 78 - Weightlifting Jean Link, 80 - Fencing Pete Rademacher, 91 - Boxing (1×G) Kurt Thomas, 64 - Gymnastics Zambrose Abdul Rahman, 76 - Athletics Peter Marot, 75 - Fencing (1×S, 1xB) Odon Foldessy, 90 - Athletics (1×B) Cy Strulovitch, 74 - Basketball Hermann Salomon, 82 - Athletics Jim Grelle, 83 - Athletics Phil Takahashi, 63 - Judo Seife Makonnen, 68 - Boxing Juan Diaz, 84 - Boxing Marinho (aka Mario Jose dos Reis Emiliano), 63 - Football Ronny Van Sweevelt, 57 - Cycling Marlene Ahrens, 86 - Athletics (1×S) Gyorgy Karpati, 84 - Water Polo (3×G, 1×B) Tibor Benedek, 47 - Water Polo (3×G) Milo Sarens, 82 - Boxing Endre Lepold, 64 - Athletics Noel Vandernotte, 96 - Rowing (2×B) Pedro Lima, 47 - Swimming Bobana Velickovic, 30 - Shooting Manny Santos, 85 - Weightlifting Ahmed Radhi, 56 - Football Richard Bicskey, 83 - Cycling Dick Buerkle, 72 - Athletics Witold Baran, 80 - Athletics Yebhi Akdag, 71 - Wrestling (1×S) Mohammed Yaseen Mohammed, 57 - Weightlifting Juan Ostoic, 89 - Basketball Ivan Utrobin, 86 - Cross-country Skiing (1×B) Marian Cisovsky, 40 - Football Aleksandr Kabanov, 72 - Water Polo (2×G) And three late reported deaths from May. Sidney Cross, 94 - Athletics Jozef Grzesiak, 79 - Boxing (1×B) Karoly Wieland, 86 - Canoeing (1×B) The total number of former Olympians who passed away in June was 40, just short of this year's high of 42 seen in April. This included six Olympic champions with the sport of water polo hit particularly hard. Two triple gold medallists from Hungary Gyorgy Karpati and Tibor Benedek died within a day of each other. They were from two different generations but both contributed hugely to their country's domination of this sport since the 1930s. Aleksandr Kabanov of the former Soviet Union had an equally distinguished career in the sport winning two gold medals as a competitor before coaching Russia to consecutive titles in Sydney and Athens. In a sad month for Hungary they lost a third Olympic champion with the death of fencer Istvan Kausz who won a gold in the team epee in Tokyo in 1964. Pete Rademacher of the USA was the Olympic heavyweight boxing champion in Melbourne in 1956. Finally, at Munich in 1972 John Cuneo of Australia won a gold medal in sailing's three man Dragon class. Noel Vandernotte of France was one of the few remaining pre-WW11 Olympians at the time of his death. As a 12 year old he coxed both the pair and the four to bronze medals at the 1936 rowing regatta. Marlene Ahrens won a silver medal in the javelin in Melbourne in 1956 and remains the only Chilean woman to win an Olympic medal. Pieter van der Kruk of the Netherlands was a national champion in both weightlifting and shot putting. In an unusual occurrence he qualified for the 1968 Olympics in both sports but ultimately decided that he would concentrate on weightlifting. Lastly it it is particularly sad to note the death of Bobana Velickovic of Serbia who becomes the fourth competitor from Rio to leave us this year.
  7. This has already been a bad month for Hungary with three other medallists - one in boxing and two in fencing - passing away apart from their two great water polo players.
  8. Sad to report the death of another teenage sportsperson and a potential star of the French team in Paris in 2024.
  9. I wonder the same thing sometimes but I guess it's a question of where do you stop. In May, in addition to 25 Olympians, more than 120 other notable sportsmen and women died from both Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Paralympians and Youth Olympians usually get a mention but then it becomes more difficult to know who to include and who not to. For instance, last month I was unsure whether to mention the death of the Australian tennis player Ashley Cooper who won eight Grand Slam titles including four singles.
  10. Deaths of Olympians in May. Chung Hae-won, 60 - Football Antonina Ryzhova, 85 - Volleyball (1×S) Georgios Zaimis, 82 - Sailing (1×G) Fernando Sandoval, 77 - Water Polo Gennadiy Solodov, 85 - Athletics Pavle Jovanovic, 43 - Bobsleigh Stefan Burkart, 62 - Athletics Diran Manoukian, 101 - Hockey Antonio Piraino, 91 - Equestrian James Hill, 89 - Rowing John O'Brien, 88 - Water Polo Ronald Ludington, 85 - Figure Skating (1×B) Ingvar Ericsson, 92 - Athletics Franco Nenci, 85 - Boxing (1×S) Marko Elsner, 60 - Football (1×B) Wolfgang Gunkel, 72 - Rowing (1×G) Alexander Gerasimov, 61 - Ice Hockey (1×G) Roberto Moya, 55 - Athletics (1×B) Hector Ochoa, 77 - Football Jose Jacinto Hidalgo, 77 - Athletics Balbir Singh Snr, 96 - Hockey (3×G) Bruno Galliker, 89 - Athletics Gustaaf De Smet, 85 - Cycling Bobby Morrow, 84 - Athletics (3×G) Peter Schiller, 62 - Ice Hockey After 42 deaths last month we have a much shorter list this month although it includes five Olympic champions. Both Balbir Singh of India and Bobby Morrow of the USA won three Olympic gold medals culminating in success at the 1956 Games in Melbourne. India has won eight men's Olympic hockey titles including six in a row between 1928-56. Singh was a member of the team for the last three of those wins and captained the side in 1956. His wonderful record has been alluded to earlier in this thread but his record of five goals in an Olympic final may stand for all time. Unlike Singh, Morrow only competed at one Games picking up golds in the 100m, 200m and 4×100m relay. He retired two years later at the age of just 23 although he subsequently made a failed attempt to return in order to try and qualify for the next Games in Rome. The Greek sailor Georgios Zaimis won a gold medal in the three man Dragon class at the 1960 Games. Among his crewmates was the both future and former King Constantine of Greece. Alexander Gerasimov of the former Soviet Union was a member of their gold medal winning ice hockey team in 1984. He is the second member of the squad to die this year following the death of Alexander Skvortsov in February. Finally, Wolfgang Gunkel won a gold medal for the former East Germany in the coxed pairs at Munich in 1972. Unlike the others Stefan Burkart of Switzerland was not an Olympic champion but at the age of 38 years, 10 months and 14 days he was the oldest person to compete in the Olympic 100m until 40 year old Kim Collins surpassed that record in Rio.
  11. Live sport starts to return to tv from next Monday here in the UK.
  12. I'm pleased to say that so far there has been a significant reduction in the number of deaths after the 42 in April.
  13. Paralympics rather than Olympics but Margaret Maughan who won two gold medals in archery and swimming at the first Paralympic Games in 1960 has died. She also lit the cauldron at the opening of the 2012 Games in London.
  14. Unfortunately, my laptop is out of action at the moment so I cannot assist you. Apologies.
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