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  1. Archery wasn't removed from the 2022 Games as it wasn't in the 2014 or 2018 programmes either. It's an optional sport and so far has only been included in 1982 and 2010.
  2. More silly nonsense. If this were true why have wrestling as a core sport in which GB is hopeless and not for example shooting where they do well. The trouble is some Indian fans seem to have an inflated view of India's sporting standing in the consciousness of other countries. We really don't care how well India does and certainly nobody would bother to try and thwart any success they may have despite the ridiculous conspiracy theories we've been entertained with in this thread. Beating the Aussies is all we care about. 😊
  3. Your origanal argument was that shooting was left out of the CWG because India is so much more successful at the Games than British shooters. I demonstrated this was not true so you then moved on to World Cups and the OG neither of which I mentioned, although you falsely assert that I was claiming that Britain's shooters were better than India's. In any event, after Tokyo, perhaps you will be a little more careful in your assertions about India's stature as a shooting nation generally having won even fewer medals thsn GB. As for the CWG shooting programme in 2018 it was almost identical to that of the previous OG in Rio. The only additions were a women's double trap event to provide gender equality plus the two fullbore rifle shooting events. You don't seem to like this weapon although I believe it is closest to those used by the military and should suit Indian competitors given the vast size of its army. Your claim that "standard" events were left out of the CWG programme is once again patently false. Every OG event from 2016 was included in the CWG in 2018.
  4. Unlike Serena Williams I think he will still go on to break the record, though.
  5. You snob, you! 😊 Incidentally she's now odds on favourite for Sports Personality of the Year which is really unusual for a non-Olympian in an Olympic year. Last time it happened was 1996 when an overall poor Olympic performance combined with Damon Hill's F1 title win after being robbed by Schumacher's "accidental" shunt two years earlier.
  6. She was also seeded 17 both times. Clearly not her lucky number.
  7. Usually I would agree but this was clearly legitimate and they are always tougher for the server whether the injured party or not.
  8. Not much to go on for the final. Their previous meeting was in the juniors at Wimbledon in 2018. Fernandez (16), seeded 11th was beaten 6-2, 6-4 by the unseeded Raducanu (15). Irrelevant to what will happen tomorrow of course.
  9. I don't think India is driven to use sport for political purposes in the same way that China is, so I don't believe they are doing it wrong they just have a different agenda. China on the other hand is a totalitarian regime which uses sport to promote itself just as other such regimes have done since the 1930s. As I said previously failure to succeed would have been unthinkable given the massive population advantage they enjoy which enables them to compete in more classes than any other country. Is China doing the right thing in using sport for political purposes? No. Is it doing the right things to win medals at the Paralympics? Apparently.
  10. But then we had six Grand Slam singles winners in the same era with Shirley Brasher, Angela Mortimer, Christine Truman, Ann Jones, Virginia Wade and Sue Barker winning multiple titles between the late 50s and 70s. That is definitely not going to happen again.
  11. Fingers crossed. No one wants another Świątek. 😊
  12. So why do you read them?
  13. Not going to be Pliskova.
  14. If they couldn't get most golds with their vast population in relation to every other country bar India they would have to be doing something very wrong. This advantage is even greater than at the Olympics given the class based system employed in Paralympic sports.
  15. Italy have definitely developed an impressive swimming programme.
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