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  1. How can you have a trend based on one event however stupid? GB actually have a good record of turning up for events even in the face of terrorism. Australia not so much.
  2. Wow. Not just a UK record of 1:43.63 but the second fastest indoor 800m in history. Only Wilson Kipketer has run faster.
  3. I believe GB Snowsports is working with F1 outfit McLaren to improve their performances across all the Olympic and Paralympic snow disciplines. Engineer Tom Stallard - a former Olympic rower - has been working on things like aerodynamics, waxing and bindings. It maybe that this is beginning to show fruit.
  4. Resting after watching six hours of test cricket from India this morning.
  5. Which is why trying to build on the European Championships concept makes more sense. The truth is we don't need a European Games but the powers that be wanted to bring Europe into line with the other continents. The individual sport's European championships are very competitive and successful in their own rights so why would the governing bodies want to relegate them to the European Games?
  6. Since my last post I've found a minute from a FISA meeting in February 2019 confirming that the organisers have requested that they consider the possibility of using the Long Beach marina despite the inadequate length. No decision on the final venue seems to have been made so you may still get your wish! "Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games – The Council was presented with a proposal to study an alternative venue for the LA2028 Olympic Games. The bid proposal was to stage this regatta at Lake Perris, a reservoir on the east of Los Angeles which would require a satellite O
  7. The one problem they had at Lake Casitas,I think from memory, was early morning mists. Hopefully that wouldn't be the case at Lake Perris.
  8. Do we really need the European Games? Would a better option not be to build on the European Championships which took place in Berlin and Glasgow in 2018?
  9. They've hosted two previous Olympic rowing regattas so it shouldn't be insurmountable. Could they not use Lake Casitas again as they did in 1984? In 1932 they held the regatta at the Long Beach marina.
  10. Deaths of Olympians in January. Pablo Hernandez, 80 - Cycling Harald Maartmann, 94 - Cross-country skiing Naohiro Ikeda, 80 - Volleyball (1×G, 1×S) Andras Haan, 74 - Basketball & Sailing Nghlhav Mehtabs Singh, 72 - Boxing William Windham, 94 - Rowing Mikhail Zhelev, 77 - Athletics John Land, 82 - Hockey Elanga Buala, 56 - Athletics Vladimir Kiselyov, 64 - Athletics (1×G) Jose Mendez, 83 - Rowing Bill Nankeville, 95 - Athletics Mehdi Attar-Ashrafi, 72 - Weightlifting Bruno Ghedina, 77 - Ice Hockey
  11. Why? Presumably things like wind and rain potentially impact on the shot outdoors so throws made indoors and outdoors cannot legitimately be compared.
  12. Deaths of Olympians in December. Maria Itkina, 88 - Athletics Arnie Robinson, 72 - Athletics (1×G, 1×B) Sol Tochinsky, 91 - Basketball Karim Salman, 55 - Football Alfred Kucharczyk, 83 - Gymnastics Karin Lindberg, 91 - Gymnastics (1×G, 1×S) Mohamed Abarhoun, 31 - Football Rafer Johnson, 86 - Athletics (1×G, 1×S) Bill Spencer, 84 - Biathlon Huba Rozsnyai, 77 - Athletics Kinuko Tanida, 81 - Volleyball (1×G) Henryk Kukier, 90 - Boxing Wojciech Zablocki, 89 - Fencing (2×S, 1×B) Dejan Dabovic, 76 - Water polo
  13. Not an Olympian but legendary golf commentator Peter Alliss has died. At 89 he was still the BBC's chief commentator and last worked at November's US Masters. He was also a successful player on the European tour with numerous Ryder Cup appearances.
  14. Came across this colour film of highlights from the 1948 men's road race. There is a brief bit of tandem track cycling first. Watch out for a fight between two of the riders during the race. Also interesting to see the riders repairing their own tyres during the race when not in the vicinity of the team pits.
  15. Deaths of Olympians in November. Don McDermott, 90 - Speed skating (1×S) Yalcin Granit, 88 - Basketball Matti Laakso, 79 - Wrestling Anne Covell, 70 - Athletics Taymi Chappe, 52 - Fencing Gennady Bukharin, 91 - Canoe sprint (2×B) Abdul Rashid, 73 - Hockey (1×G, 1×S, 1×B) Leonid Osipov, 77 - Water Polo (1×G, 1×S, 1×B) Barbara McAuley, 91 - Diving Sakari Paasonen, 85 - Shooting June Foulds, 86 - Athletics (1×S, 1×B) Willie Smith, 64 - Athletics (1×G) Heidar Shonjani, 74 - Swimming & Water polo Mohammed
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