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  1. Pretty meaningless though given how rarely 300m hurdles is run and even more so this year.
  2. I caught the highlights on Friday night including Harry Coppell's new NR in the PV.
  3. Or closer to home for you Grassmarket you can watch the British Athletics Championship on the BBC today and tomorrow.
  4. Deaths of Olympians in August. Vitold Kreyer, 87 - Athletics (2×B) Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov, 69 - Wrestling (1×G) Vello Krishnasamy, 72 - Football Mohammed Reza Navaei, 71 - Wrestling Jurgen Kuhl, 85 - Athletics Roger De Pauw, 99 - Cycling Murray Cheater, 73 - Athletics Ivanka Vancheva, 66 - Athletics Sumer Kocak, 58 - Wrestling William McClure, 81 - Boxing (1×G) Gunther Kaschlun, 85 - Rowing Jean Stewart, 89 - Swimming (1×B) Carlo Rolandi, 94 - Sailing Kemal Ozcelik, 98 - Equestrian Alfred Puls, 86
  5. Deaths of Olympians in July. Alfred Kotey, 52 - Boxing Kevin Wickham, 80 - Rowing Robert Mack, 61 - Ice Hockey Volodymyr Troshkin, 72 - Football (1×B) Willi Holdorf, 80 - Athletics (1×G) Zdzislaw Myrda, 69 - Basketball Wolfgard Voss, 94 - Gymnastics Alex Pullin, 32 - Snowboarding Finn Christian Jagge, 54 - Alpine Skiing (1×G) Olga Tass, 91 - Gymnastics (1×G, 3×S, 2×B) Lara van Ruijven, 27 - Short Track Speed Skating (1×B) Mahmoud Reda, 90 - Gymnastics Ed Wild, 85 - Basketball Panagiotis Manias, 87 - Bas
  6. Thanks my brain knew it was the Republic but my hand decided otherwise!
  7. Assuming that it wasn't a horse.
  8. Former England footballer and Northern Ireland manager Jack Charlton and elder brother of Bobby Charlton dies.
  9. Not so much if you were you were a native or African American! Anyway judging by your current POTUS you guys seem to be quite keen on tyrants these days with the possible exception of Chinese ones. In any event have a great day and take care with the celebrations given current circumstances.
  10. Incidentally I think the first competitor we see is Ed Archibald of Canada who shared in a three way tie for the bronze medal with a pole vault clearance of 3.58m. It's amazing to think they now jump around 2.5m higher than this.
  11. They've also had to change the design of the javelin on a number of occasions as the distances being thrown were becoming so great they were beginning to threaten the safety of competitors in other events as well as officials. However, the pole vault is the event in which I most fear an horrific injury given the propensity of the poles to break from time to time. I genuinely fear that someone will impale themselves on a broken pole at some stage.
  12. An aspiring Olympic athlete who was driven to suicide by the abuse of her coaches. Sadly this sort of thing is not uncommon in sport
  13. Non-Olympic, but Sir Everton Weekes one of Barbados and the West Indies greatest ever players has died at the age of 95. Together with Sir Frank Worrell and Sir Clyde Walcott they were known simply as the "Three Ws" from the 1950s onwards. Weekes is the only man to have scored five consecutive test centuries in the 143 years of test cricket.
  14. Deaths of Olympians in June. Rod Larrieu, 83 - Athletics Josef Smolka, 81 - Volleyball (1×B) John Cuneo, 91 - Sailing (1×G) Veli Lehtala, 84 - Rowing (2×B) Istvan Kausz, 87 - Fencing (1×G) Donald Macgregor, 81 - Athletics Pieter van der Kruk, 78 - Weightlifting Jean Link, 80 - Fencing Pete Rademacher, 91 - Boxing (1×G) Kurt Thomas, 64 - Gymnastics Zambrose Abdul Rahman, 76 - Athletics Peter Marot, 75 - Fencing (1×S, 1xB) Odon Foldessy, 90 - Athletics (1×B) Cy Strulovitch, 74 - Basketball Hermann S
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