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  1. Have had to change my plans as does not want people from the plague pit that is on their sacred soil, so I have to go on the Eurostar via . Will be playing Waterloo by ABBA on repeat until the train gets from Calais to past Lille.
  2. British weather has not changed much. Shame they had to abandon the tug-of-war as an event, but people kept getting their arms torn off.
  4. There’s a few profiles & interviews on the YouTube channel.
  5. Woohoo, am officially, legally going to , next week - with a brief transit via . Hope they haven’t drunk all the Westvleteren 12°…
  6. Enjoyed this event a lot more after I realised that the point of the game was to be last out of the funnels, not first.
  7. A sport where cocaine is only going to help you hit the ball over the roof of the stadium & into the street.
  8. Not at all happy with Mellow Yellow’s team selection - definitely a couple of the guys not pulling their weight. Manager needs to put a stop to it pronto. On another topic, saw Cravendale milk in a shop today! Was going to buy some, but realised it was horrible long-life milk, so will leave till the zombie apocalypse in 2023.
  9. I suppose the conclusion is a bit reassuring - doping alone does not compensate for bad technique. I’ve always thought that the reason Russians doped was not mediocre athletes trying to get better, but mediocre coaches trying to get quick results. Unfortunately Russian sports are mostly run on old Soviet lines - ie the coaches have all the power, the athletes must obey like it’s still WWII.
  10. Well done, Bohemia. Athletes probably delighted to be recognised by someone, it’s not like footballers!
  11. it’s sponsorship: they’ve got whole teams working on graphics etc. Not just working out of a basement anymore.
  12. Yeah, yeah, there’s always a cover story.
  13. It’s only there because of the corrupt influence of the big Olive Oil & Skin Dyeing cartels.
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