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  1. Lots of snow in California - more than six months a year sometimes up in the north-East.
  2. Anyone know what the coverage will be like for the Europeans? Obviously we get ES comms at the weekend: will we get anything tomorrow & Friday?
  3. More videos up at the Russian Biathlon website this weekend, some Russian Cup races from Krasnoyarsk. As Rob says, it helps if you can at least read cyrillic letters.
  4. Live Indoor Athletics from the USA coming up tonight.
  5. Granerud blows a certain win by falling on landing.
  6. First podium of the season for any country with Slov in its name.
  7. You’ve just jinxed the Wierer is going to get the chance for a glory leg.
  8. Norway having another relay ‘mare. 3 penalty loops for Elvira Öberg!
  9. Russia I DSQ, Finland stay second per the Jury. Presumably further discussions for Bolshunov.
  10. Bolshunov in trouble - Maeki cut him off in the race for the line & Bolshunov ran straight into him when he stopped. Long ban coming.
  11. Hey, let’s show some respect here. Has Poland ever conquered Mongolia? I think not. Has Mongolia ever conquered Poland? Why, yes it has, yes it has.
  12. Just caught up with this: great CC race, NC has been a bit boring lately with Riiber being the best jumper & always a top 3 skier, but today was an old-school come-from-behind charge.
  13. Just to confirm: tomorrow’s race in Kitzbühel will indeed be the Downhill, not the Super-G
  14. Jacquelin v Boe on the final loop Get it! JTB has been poor on the final lap all season.
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