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  1. 2015 Women’s Volleyball World Cup Final, China v Japan in a packed stadium in Tokyo. Should be good!
  2. Some of the regular athletics meets are restarting this coming week, probably with mainly domestic fields. Details at the link.
  3. Damn! There was live archery today! Proper Archery, no gimmicks, no garages, everyone in the same place at the same time. English commentary & everything. Watching it now, seems to be all Turkish archers, but both compound & recurve finals shown. Also weird traditional Turkish archery. These guys aren’t going to be overwhelming many Byzantine cataphracts by the looks of it. Oh dear, not wanting to give anything away, but it’s just as well there were no spectators for the women’s traditional bronze medal match. Never mind face masks, they’d have needed full chainmail.
  4. Hmm, got me to wondering.... ....and in fact I find out that the Visma Ski Classics app is on a free trial till June 30th, which means that we can catch up with last season’s races, none of which I have seen! OK, I grant you sometimes the racing is more like some avant garde art movie with a small group of figures slowly making their way over an all-white landscape for five hours, but at least it is something to watch!
  5. OTOH, no problems keeping a 2m distance from the other competitors.
  6. Plenty of people in their 40s making a living on the Loppet Tour.
  7. Football in to restart 17 June. English cricket not to restart till 1 August! , which is utterly pathetic & cowardly. European Golf Tour to restart in late July.
  8. Competitive angling returns to Britain. This sport actually does get a fair bit of TV coverage in the UK, lots of people take part.
  9. Fans of mediocre players & incompetent tennis are in for a treat with a number of domestic British tournaments being held in July. Smart bettors will be following the odds for the number of double-faults per match, which are sure to be record-breaking. More details if anyone fancies having a go. You’ll need to be British & have your own shoes.
  10. Yeah, let’s hope they get all the blood out of the arena after the Gladiatorial Games & Chariot Racing in June. The Eburonian lives!!
  11. Of course it’s probably one of those special Norwegian skier-type suspensions that runs from April-September.
  12. Novak Djokovic & others organising a Balkans closed-door mini tennis tour for mid-June.
  13. Baseball in Japan begins with pre-season June 2nd, Regular Season June 19th.
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