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  1. Just caught up with that from last night. A 9th & 10th end for the ages from Scotland, fantastic play.
  2. You’d think they’d be happy with all the new species of fish they’re going to get.
  3. Could have been worse. At least he didn’t stab himself.
  4. More içi.
  5. I suggested “The Team of the Moscow Patriarchate” months ago.
  6. That’s some London 2012 crowds there. Greeks hungry for live Olympic sport after a 1500 year lockdown.
  7. There are still many authorities refusing to do them.
  8. If that were the case, then it should be trivially easy to organise recounts & ballot audits. Yet everywhere in the USA and even Burma now we see voting authorities & courts moving heaven & earth to prevent or forbid such recounts.
  9. Just caught up. Two great races, not the processions we sometimes get. Incidentally, all that land there is polder - the town of Ely was an island & all the rest was dangerous malarial swamp until the mid 19th century.
  10. Think the van der Poel family can get the champagne out of the fridge now.
  11. Massive crowds on the Kwaremont
  12. You have to be a big fan of Belgian agricultural methods. “Oh, look, bumper asparagus crop this year!”
  13. In the past couple of Games I have literally had to make my own Excel spreadsheet to get this information, so I doubt this will be easy to find on official sites. But yeh, Giovanni’s sheet is pretty much what I did, so thanks. Just need to copy in & add another column with a local time calculation.
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