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  1. French Under-18s effortlessly out-crazy Matthieu van der Poel. France's under-18 international against Poland had to be abandoned after the ill-disciplined French side was reduced to just seven men. The referee took the players off the pitch 13 minutes from time after Darnell Bile, 16, headbutted an opponent after scything him down with a brutal tackle to become the fourth French player to see red.
  2. Van der Poel pleads guilty, gets a fine.
  3. Missed this story a couple of days back. WA getting wise to the manipulated results for Olympic qualification scam. You’ll not be surprised at the countries named.
  4. Same thing happened to her as happens to all the British female riders. They get signed up to a big team & end up as domestiques for van Vleuten, Vos, Vollering (and that’s just the Vs) or other big names.
  5. It's a strange thing: people always call the Khmer Rouge a "mad experiment", yet they were carrying out a perfectly orthodox Marxist programme - their agrarian policies taken word for word from the 1848 Communist Manifesto, written by Marx himself. For some reason, Marxists get angry whenever anyone points this out.
  6. Tahiti do have a velodrome, albeit one of the old Roubaix-style ones. But looking at the names, a few Togolese canoeists in there. Well done - they were a strong team by any standards, would have been contenders.
  7. Drama in the team TT - red hot favourites suffer a mechanical to Mollema in the men’s leg, then van Vleuten crashes straight off the ramp in the women’s. So going to be an unexpected winner. AvV looking in a bad way, has to race again on Saturday.
  8. Turning into a thriller. 9 8 bottom of 7th. One-out HR bottom of the 9th! 9-9!
  9. Spain leading GB 8-3 after 4. Winner gets a Q, loser plays Česko tomorrow.
  10. Double for as Josh Tarling takes the win. Contender Hamish McKenzie does well over three hoursin the leaders’ seat only to be beaten at the very last.
  11. Can’t sleep so watching the Junior Women. / Zoe Bäckstedt absolutely dominating at halfway. And wins by over 1:35 in a 14km race!
  12. Miracle comeback from Česko - beat France 7-1 & await Germany or South Africa.
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