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  1. Let’s hope they get the commentaries sorted out this time! Took them a couple of days in Tokyo.
  2. Was looking through a list of Britain’s winter & summer Olympians. As you’d expect, most are athletes/bobsled. Except Percy Legard - Modern Pentathlon 1932/1936 & Nordic Combined 1936!
  3. Was not expecting that, but Dave finally put together two great runs and the weather did the rest. He now becomes the second-most famous person to come from Pendle in Lancashire; the most famous being ten people hanged for witchcraft in 1612.
  4. Abolishing the individual would gradually ruin the whole sport because the people who would prosper most would be the modern equivalent of Lars Berger or Miriam Gossner who skied fast, blasted away fast and were happy if they hit 3/5.
  5. Anyway, this is why they’ve got to keep the individual race. It keeps a lot of people in the sport that would not prosper in other race formats.
  6. are officially looking for three-seven medals. For myself I'm thinking of three curling medals of which one gold, one men's bobsleigh medal, one freestyle skiing, one snowboard cross, and at least one out-of-the-blue surprise from somewhere unlikely.
  7. Full team. Official minimum target is three medals, which looks very possible. Alpine skiing Billy Major - Slalom, team event Dave Ryding - Slalom, team event Charlie Guest - Slalom, team event Alex Tilley - Giant slalom, Slalom, team event Bobsleigh Brad Hall - Men's two and four-man Nick Gleeson - Men's two and four-man Greg Cackett - Men's four-man Taylor Lawrence - Men's four-man Ben Simons - Men's (reserve) Mica McNeill - Women's Montell Douglas - Women's Adele Nicoll - Women's (reserve) Cross country skiing James Clugnet Andrew Musgrave Andrew Young Curling Bruce Mouat - Men's and mixed doubles Grant Hardie - Men's Bobby Lammie - Men's Hammy McMillan - Men's (This is Hammy McMillan Jr, old timers! ) Ross Whyte - Men's (alternate) Eve Muirhead - Women's Vicky Wright - Women's Jen Dodds - Women's and mixed doubles Hailey Duff - Women's Mili Smith - Women's (alternate) Figure skating Natasha McKay - Women's singles Lilah Fear - Ice dance Lewis Gibson - Ice dance Freestyle skiing Lloyd Wallace - Men's Aerials Leonie Gerken-Schofield - Women's moguls Makayla Gerken-Schofield - Women's moguls Will Feneley - Men's moguls Ollie Davies - Men's ski cross Gus Kenworthy - Men's ski halfpipe Zoe Atkin - Women's ski halfpipe James Woods - Men's ski slopestyle and big air Izzy Atkin - Women's ski slopestyle and big air) Kirsty Muir - Women's ski slopestyle and big air Katie Summerhayes - Women's ski slopestyle and big air Luge Rupert Staudinger - Men's singles Short track Kathryn Thomson - Women's short track 500m, 1000m and 1500m Farrell Treacy - Men's short track 1000m and 1500m Niall Treacy - Men's short track 1000m Speed skating Cornelius Kersten - Men's long track 1000m and 1500m Skeleton Laura Deas - Women's Brogan Crowley - Women's Matt Weston - Men's Marcus Wyatt - Men's Snowboarding Huw Nightingale - Men's snowboard cross and team Charlotte Bankes - Women's snowboard cross and team Katie Ormerod - Women's slopestyle and big air
  8. And not just 12 misses but a penalty as well! Didn’t just sink the ship, but went back afterwards and sank the lifeboats.
  9. According to the British ES Comms (who are in e-mail contact with Wright’s mentor back in NZ), the NZ federation “always intended to send him, but the news was embargoed till yesterday”. Yeah, right.
  10. Sorry, was joking, don’t know if it’s true. But if the Kiwis had any sense, they’d suddenly develop an internet fault that won’t be fixed until Monday.
  11. Too late, has already snatched up that refused place!
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