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  1. He was 8th & probably injured so no way really. Women’s 800m is next weekend.
  2. Mixed news on the doping cheat front. Brianna McNeal made it, Gatlin broke down.
  3. Not often you get athletes lapped in a flat 3000m, but managed it.
  4. Seems a strange time to be holding the opening ceremony, about halfway through day 1. Plus I’m not very happy with the mascot.
  5. See, if they’d held it in Nova Zagora everything would be fine, but in Stara they’re still relying on monks writing things down by hand. Meanwhile, for the First League nothing works at all.
  6. Now all the world knows the name of his home town - Boring, Oregon.
  7. US Olympic Trials are on this YouTube channel. My advice is to watch them quickly, because when NBC’s Californian Lawyers get out of bed this morning, it’s going to be nuked.
  8. Incredible throw, almost 0.12 furlongs!
  9. Sadly, I think this is a case of reversion to old personal demons.
  10. Yeah, but if the investigation finds they have been breaking the rules……so yes, it is not my word against yours. It does mean that every single Olympic event is potentially a 4x400m relay race, where can get Gold if they can convince the jury that one runner from had their toe over the line.
  11. Remember the era when a second false start by any athlete would be an automatic DQ? Think that was Beijing 2008. It quickly got to the point where you could tell which 100m runner in a heat - invariably the fifth-ranked by time - would do the first false start. So I don’t share your faith in sporting honesty.
  12. I can see THIS initiative going badly wrong….. Athletes have been told they can snitch their rivals and get them thrown out of the Olympics for breaking Covid rules. The International Olympic Committee have published new regulations which states that 'any person' may inform them of an alleged infringement of the Games playbook by a competitor, which would then trigger a disciplinary process
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