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  1. Incredible crowds out on the canal there. Not going to be a week for Colombian mountain climbers, I think.
  2. Flora Duffy’s homecoming event in Bermuda scheduled for next month is a COVID casualty. Hopefully a postponement rather than a cancellation.
  3. Sounds like the origin story of a Marvel super-villain.
  4. Last big outdoor meet of the year live tomorrow - Continental Gold from Nairobi , the Kip Keino Classic. Live on YT. Good news is that WA are upgrading their coverage of the Cross Country tour, lots more races to be transmitted between now & March.
  5. Am getting a bit overwhelmed by the profusion of different triathlon formats, but all the big names who won’t be in Hamburg will be in, or on, Jersey competing in the Super League Triathlon event there. Live on BT Sport here in , highlights on Eurosport elsewhere.
  6. Now, strictly speaking we need a new thread for this, but 2022 starts here! Hamburg hosts the first races of the 2022 season. Two Sprints on Saturday, Mixed Relay on Sunday.
  7. Great point made here. At all these huge mega-events hosted by politicians and celebrities in the US, the guests are free not to wear masks. Yet for the poor serfs who surround them, it is compulsory, no doubt on pain of being fired and not being paid. And yet not one of any of the wealthy leftists who so love lecturing the rest of us about social justice ever complain about this Marie Antoinette-level hypocrisy.
  8. Last big European track meet of the year is Zagreb tomorrow night - there's a special shot event tonight as well.
  9. teams for World Championships Elite Women’s Road RaceLizzie Deignan, Anna Shackley, Alice Barnes, Anna Henderson, Pfeiffer Georgi and Joss Lowden.Elite Women’s Time TrialJoss Lowden and Pfeiffer GeorgiMen’s Elite Road RaceTom Pidcock, Luke Rowe, Fred Wright, Jake Stewart, Connor Swift, Ben Swift, Mark Cavendish and Ethan HayterMen’s Elite Time TrialEthan Hayter and Dan Bigham And full teams for all the other races also.
  10. Thrilling finish to the ToB as van Aert wins the final sprint and gets the bonus seconds he needs for the overall as well.
  11. Hopefully Emma will now have enough money to buy a second dress.
  12. Great moment! Little boy about 11 years rides a small climb on the pavement alongside the pros in the breakaway group, beats them to the top! Pascal Eenkhorn gives him his bottle!
  13. World class cycling comes to my home town! So naturally I am sitting in a chair watching it on TV. Tour of Britain rolling into suburban Edinburgh, going to be a breakaway win.
  14. Cyclo-Cross season starts today with Race 1 of the Ethias Cross series from Lokeren, Belgium. Men & Women’s races live on the ES Player this afternoon. Obviously, most of the biggest names are busy elsewhere…
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