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  1. team named. Men's endurance: Dan Bigham, Will Perrett, Charlie Tanfield, Will Tidball, Ethan Vernon, Ollie Wood, Fred Wright. Women's endurance: Katie Archibald, Elinor Barker, Ella Barnwell, Neah Evans, Josie Knight, Anna Morris. Women's sprint: Lauren Bell, Sophie Capewell, Emma Finucane, Katy Marchant. Men's sprint: Jack Carlin, Ali Fielding, Joe Truman, Hamish Turnbull.
  2. Kyle Smaine, freeskier & World Halfpipe Champion.
  3. And there’s more! May have been our best Winter Sports weekend ever. Bronze for Makayla Gerken-Schofeld in the Dual Moguls ipon Canada. Silver for Lewis Gibson & Lilah Fear in the European Ice Dance Champs.
  4. Late January, so indoor athletics gets going till March. And road cycling, the first European races leading up to the Belgian klassieks!
  5. Lena Duerr now just 85 wins short of Ingemar Stenmark’s record.
  6. IOC President Thomas BachOlympicChampionFencing1976 in attendance at Oberhof - check out the exclusive interview (33 views) at the FIL YT channel.
  7. Livestreams. Has been on Pay TV the last couple of times. Correction. The race livestreams are here
  8. Yeah, she had legal eligibility & there was a press campaign to accelerate the process in time to get her passport granted before a given date, but that was all. No laws were broken, just a few civil servants missed their tea break.
  9. It was great - came down to just a single toe drag over four runs. That’s why I think luge misses out by having just a two-run one day WC - it’s the overnight brooding & the possible changed track conditions that make a World Championship different from just the usual.
  10. Not as elaborate a suicide as the Hong Kong cop back in the days of British rule who shot himself six times, though.
  11. Another meet coming up on YT tomorrow from Manchester. It’s one of those all day “let’s give everyone a chance to get a time” affairs.
  12. British National Champs this weekend, live on YT.
  13. First ever world medal for GB in a Para-Nordic event - silver for Scott Meenagh in seated biathlon.
  14. There is also an undercard on local German TV with the usual field events, heats, Rhineland Schools U-15 races etc, almost certain to be geo-blocked. Leichtathletik live ab 18:30 Uhr: Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe - SWR Sport
  15. And here is where you can see Karlsruhe and the rest of the Gold Series in your country. How to follow and watch the World Athletics Indoor Tour Gold meeting in Karlsruhe | NEWS | World Athletics
  16. What is funny is that Russians have always hated it when people called them “Asiatic”
  17. Preview for Karlsruhe tomorrow night. It's historically a sprint-centred evening, but seems a bit more all-round this year - other meets this week specialise in the field events. Quality contests in Karlsruhe for first World Indoor Tour Gold meeting of 2023 | PREVIEW | World Athletics
  18. Here’s where to get TV Coverage. Mostly YT but is on actual TV in some areas.
  19. Controversy in the Women’s this morning as Carrara seemed to win but….
  20. Good news: Wimbledon is cutting Men’s Doubles to three sets. They will use the time available to increase Women’s Singles to five sets.
  21. TV director manages to miss Stroemsheim 20/20 for certain Gold.
  22. Got a few names doubling up between Lake Placid last week & this one. Pretty tough load!
  23. I asked about this on a British athletics forum. It’s to do with the clampdown on fake meets & records. Seemingly there is no ban, but there has been poor communication & many of the smaller, early season NCAA meets haven’t been through the bureaucracy necessary to get formal recognition. So it should all get sorted out as the season goes on.
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