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  1. Will be interesting to see whether Max Whitlock is able to earn a spot on the team after his break post Tokyo. All things being equal and assuming no injuries in the intervening period, but it is difficult to see how they can drop Fraser. Tulloch and Regini-Moran as individual world medalists would also be difficult to displace. Jake Jarman gets a lot of media attention but not quite living up to the hype yet, but the expectation is that by Paris, he will have built in more difficulty and will be delivering more consistently. That would leave James Hall as potentially the most vulnerable.
  2. No - although he is strong on the floor, he doesn't have enough difficulty on the high bar to challenge for medal so the conspiracy theorists can all breathe a sigh of relief.
  3. Whilst Gadirova had the highest execution score, you're wrong to suggest that nobody was within 0.4 of her - Four other athletes had an execution score in excess of 7.633 and therefore were within 0.4. In addition, Gadirova had a lower difficulty score than the rest of the top five - it's not that unusual for an easier routine to score higher execution score
  4. I think GB benefitted from the fact that with the exception of China and to lesser extent Japan, all of the teams had terrible routines. Realistically, the bronze medal was always likely to be a fight between GBR, ITA and USA and fortunately for GBR they were able to limit the damage to Pommel and were decent on the rest whereas ITA and USA were off their game on 2 of the apparatus. This should definitely be a wake-up call for the GB team that they will be in a dog-fight if they are hoping to medal in Paris.
  5. So finally, the IJF seem to have updated their website to include Olympic rankings. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be able to actually manage the process of updating the rankings correctly so here's my take on the position as at the end of October. This month's ranking update includes the World Champs, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam and the Perth Continental Open: For the most part, nations were fairly flat in terms of their qualification numbers this month, either picking up or dropping one weight class. saw biggest movement on the downside, shedding 6 places whilst the unwinding of positions continues as they drop 4. were the biggest gainers this month, picking up 5 spots whilst picked up 4. In the team event, and now qualify whilst and would not.
  6. Pupo didn't win a quota at the recent world championships - although he may well do so at next week's CAT XIII Championships - so I'm not following your logic here. Cuba haven't qualified any athletes as yet whereas Canada has. How can the sentence be incorrect?
  7. Just to inject a note of caution for Team GB after what was a great result with a strong performance however, I do think the team needs to be consistently hitting 165 if they are to challenge for podium place in Paris. We were fortunate that Italy and Brazil didn't have their strongest team whilst China underperformed this weekend.
  8. Canada squeezed into the final by just 0.3 points and look set to walk away with a medal and an Olympic quota spot
  9. So by my calculations, if each team matches the score from qualification for their final rotation, USA would win with a 166. GBR would take silver on 162.5. The all important bronze and final Olympic quota would go to JPN on 161.5.
  10. In rotation 3 On the Balance Beam both teams carried a fall resulting in USA dropping 0.667 against qualification whilst GBR were able to advance 0.334 On the Floor, BRA shed 2.501 points against qualification with ITA dropping by 1.866 On Vault, JPN have picked up 0.567 whilst CHN are up 0.366 Finally on Uneven Bars, FRA have fallen back by 1.634 whilst CAN dropped 0.166
  11. Should just say that although Brazil lost a lot of points against qualification on the balance beam, when you adjust to take into account the athletes who participated in the final, they actually improved their score by 0.1 point and not many of the teams have so far been able to improve their score on any of the apparatus.
  12. In rotation 2: On the uneven bars, USA have picked up 0.234 points compared to qualification whilst GBR have dropped 0.932. On beam, BRA fell back by 1.434 whilst ITA have picked up 2.433 points On the floor, CHN have lost 1.201 against their qualification and JPN picked up 0.167 On vault, FRA dropped 0.732 whilst CAN gained 0.500
  13. After uneven bars, Brazil have gained 0.394 on qualification, ITA have lost 3.4 On beam, CHN have lost 1.833 whilst JPN have dropped 1.767 Finally on floor, FRA are down 1.233 whilst CAN are down 0.699
  14. After vault, USA are down by 0.133 on qualification. GBR have given up 0.433
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