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  1. India looking to get the team quota in Women's Archery today. India tops the qualification round and hope they get the quota later in the day.
  2. India didn't make it to the final approval list for the 2032 Olympics and now Ahmadabad would look for 2036 Olympics and Delhi for 2048 Olympics.
  3. RIP legend "Flying Sikh" Milkha Singh. Sports icon of India.
  4. RIP legend of Indian athletics and truly the sports icon of India.
  5. We need someone like Rahul Dravid, Gopi to lead the juniors in football. They gave more than 100% and brought discipline in the youngsters in their respective sports. Same is needed in football for the game to move forward in right direction.
  6. Indians in Action ATP 500 Tour Halle :- Rohan/Divj play in Rd2 ATP Challenger Nottingham :- Ramkumar plays in Rd2 Ramkumar/Maxime plays in Rd1 France :- Sumit looses in Rd1 Sumit/Carlos plays in Rd1 Czech :- Balaji/ Luca loose in Rd1 FIFA WC and Asian Cup Qualifiers India 1 - 1 Afghanistan
  7. Prajnesh will be India's #1 player after this week once again. We are going backwards rather than forward in tennis. 147 to prajnesh and 148 to Sumit is really not good enough.
  8. We have very good forward in Chethri, good goalkeeper in Sandhu, Sandhesh in defence but other 8 should come to the party for our team to succeed. Coach himself cant bring in magic. We need lot of matchdays in top level to perform. See the Afghani who plays in ISL play against us. He was superb in field, playing in ISL if he can improve why cant our players rise to the occasion.
  9. Its unto the players to perform in International scene, Messi is good in club football but has a player with Argentina is he good? Blending all 11 players together and performing is the main aim. India have good central n decent defence our main issue is good forward. Other than Chethri we don't have good forward at the moment. Players need to give 200% in play for our team to achieve the top level.
  10. This is Current ranking, PR is applicable only for tournaments n not for live rankings.
  11. WTA Tennis Singles A Raina - 180 Doubles A Raina - 95 S Mirza - 160
  12. ATP Rankings Singles S Nagal - 144 P Gunneswaran - 148 Doubles R Bopanna - 38 D Sharan - 75
  13. Men Golf Rankings Anirban Lahiri - 340 Udayan Mane - 346
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