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  1. 100% also for Romania; Radis/Bodnar made another strong race, leading form start to finish and, after watching the NZL double, I dare to say our girls are the main contender for gold in W2x. Bet on it, if you've got some money to spare
  2. I'm not sure Artingstall can defeat the Brazilian; even less sure she can make it past the winner between Tunisian Hlimi and our Nechita. Nechita is kinda dark'll see
  3. Believe me, there is no god damn reason for a guy who's not citizen of or to watch that lousy game
  4. Is no one watching the mighty clash Romania - Honduras?
  5. He played for Vouliagmeni in 2018-19, if I remember correctly
  6. I think Gianina just wanted to test the level of competition in singles and see how she feels competing on her own; dunno what are her future plans, but they probably depend on the Tokyo outcome
  7. Beleaga said she wanted to see how competitive she can be in singles. Who knows, maybe after Tokyo she will compete in (LW) singles; Mihai is a good replacement for her in LW2x, so I think Romania would benefit from this swap
  8. 100
  9. I've seen some very funny videos on youtube featuring birds who pick up balls and fly away Did those alligators ever take a bite out of a golfer's ass?
  10. On other internet sites there is a whole different mind set....apart from some dumb americans(very few), people are astonished by David's performances and wish him to become the star he deserves to be. That's why I was amazed to see doping accusations on this site, who's supposed to host people with a very in-depth knowledge of sport.
  11. Yes, my friend, I'm so glad you said it. As you see, he's been accused of doping by users from China - who should be expelled forever from Olympics for systematic doping, and Italy - who's by no means clean. Surprisingly, no americans jumped far
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