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  1. I'm so happy for Kriszta, she deserves this chance
  2. So happy for him...I couldn't stop shaking since I saw him collapsing
  3. It's exactly the opposite, my friend. Only you and some other former ex-British slaves play this so-called sport, while rowing is really universal since ancient times. Anyway, you're not the smartest man alive comparing a sport with a subdivision of another sport...
  4. I love your avatar; it looks a bit like Agnetha Fältskog in her youth
  5. And he made it to the final with new PB and NR 48.28 sec
  6. 16 yo David Popovici swam 48.30 sec in the heats of 100m frestyle (link) and qualified for Tokyo!
  7. Go catch a turtle and drink its blood
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