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  1. [hide] Knockout Stage July 20th - July 31st, 2022 4 Nations, the Winners of each Semifinals will qualify for the Final. Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 26th 2022, h. 20:00 England 3 1 Sweden July 27th 2022, h. 20:00 Germany 0 1 France [/hide]
  2. beats in Armenia. Another chance missed for Venezuela in international football (men + women) but they are going closer each time.
  3. Well, 48 hours after the end of the competition I can say I was impressed with this tournament, I've seen good matches, good positioning in the field, great shots on target, determination, fair play, individual skills, even though not all matches looked like this. Overall, women football in Africa is on the rise.
  4. Love you Netherlands!
  5. [hide] Group Stage July 6th - July 18th, 2022 16 Nations, 4 Groups, the 1st and 2nd-placed Nations from each Group will qualify for the Quarterfinals. Group A Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 6th 2022, h. 20:00 England 2 0 Austria July 7th 2022, h. 20:00 Norway 3 1 Northern Ireland July 11th 2022, h. 17:00 Austria 3 1 Northern Ireland July 11th 2022, h. 20:00 England 2 1 Norway July 15th 2022, h. 2000 Northern Ireland 0 3 England July 15th 2022, h. 20:00 Austria 2 3 Norway Group B Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 8th 2022, h. 17:00 Spain 2 0 Finland July 8th 2022, h. 20:00 Germany 3 1 Denmark July 12th 2022, h. 17:00 Denmark 2 1 Finland July 12th 2022, h. 20:00 Germany 1 1 Spain July 16th 2022, h. 20:00 Finland 0 3 Germany July 16th 2022, h. 20:00 Denmark 0 3 Spain Group C Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 9th 2022, h. 17:00 Portugal 1 1 Switzerland July 9th 2022, h. 20:00 Netherlands 2 1 Sweden July 13th 2022, h. 17:00 Sweden 2 0 Switzerland July 13th 2022, h. 20:00 Netherlands 2 0 Portugal July 17th 2022, h. 17:00 Switzerland 1 2 Netherlands July 17th 2022, h. 17:00 Sweden 3 1 Portugal Group D Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 July 10th 2022, h. 17:00 Belgium 1 1 Iceland July 10th 2022, h. 20:00 France 2 0 Italy July 10th 2022, h. 17:00 Italy 2 1 Iceland July 10th 2022, h. 20:00 France 2 0 Belgium July 18th 2022, h. 20:00 Iceland 1 2 France July 18th 2022, h. 20:00 Italy 2 1 Belgium Finalists Place 1st 2nd Nation [/hide]
  6. Matches are here.
  7. South Africa scored twice in a 3 minutes second half interval to upset Nigeria in a 2-1 win and Botswana are early leaders of Group 3 after defeating the other debutants from this group, Burundi 4-2. Today in the early 2nd group A matchday Senegal were lucky enough to convert a late given penalty against a more agressive Burkina Faso who is now at the hands of also other teams (mostly next opponents Uganda and forementioned Botswana) in their attempt to qualify further. Morocco managed to win 3-1 over Uganda after a 1-1 kind of leveled first half. Uganda now faces the same Burkina Faso's problems. Theoretically in Group B all teams except Togo should get the quarter finals spots but we shall wait and see.
  8. Another big shock for Mexico but i've seen them almost leveled with USA at u-17 and u-20 CONCACAF championships this year. Can they do it also here or will they miss qualifying again?
  9. So, yesterday was the only day of this tournament with 3 matches. Luckily the 4 p.m. match between Senegal and Uganda didn't have to play in hot conditions as the temperature was listed by to be on 24 Celsius. However it was a dull match in my opinion, with Senegal scoring it's second in the 50th minute and protecting a 2-0 victory to the end, even with spells of players on the ground needing medical attention, as far as they claimed. Group B started with Zambia and Cameroon playing a goalless draw. To my shame I forgot about Banda, Zambia's star in Tokyo. She was neither in the lineup nor on the bench and later I learned she was not available for the championships. Tunisia was a nice surprise to me but I think they are not a surprise for someone who follows closely women football in Northern Africa as they had some impressive results lately. After a 19th second opening and a 2-1 half time advantage, Tunisia won convincingly 4-1 having in Sabrine Ellouzi and Meriem Houij the top scorers of the tournament so far with 2 goals each. Tonight: early shock in Group C: Nigeria vs South Africa, while heavy underdogs Burundi entertain Botswana. I say heavy because they lost this year to every side qualified here which they met in friendlies.
  10. Are these Mick Schumacher's first points in Formula 1? I wasn't sure about it.
  11. Giani Infantino has a full early July flight schedule: yesterday in Morocco, tomorrow in Mexico, UK on the 6th and Colombia on the 8th. Will he be in Fiji on the 13th for OFC Women's kick off?
  12. Yes, I think TahkamUnkit and GregorCoppi but I think I want to stick to this new username and no need to unify the accounts.
  13. I watched the fist match on CAF TV on YouTube last night and I was surprised to see quality and an alert pace of the game. Somehow Morocco proved the better team even if winning only by 1-0 but Burkina Faso did not surrender at all.
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