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  1. And what a result of our archery. A silver from Marcus, a fourth place from our women's team and a fifth place from our men's team (which lost to the unbeatable Korea). Honestly, I don't even know if we'll be able to achieve a similar result someday.
  2. Looking only at this game, defeat is totally unimportant. Mainly that Colombia despite being a decent team, Brazil was totally tired. But I think after all the recent results, the result of this tournament is not acceptable. The mess that was the beach volleyball in this Olympic cycle, the meager results at the base (which are not that recent), the mess that is our national league, with clubs full of debt. What I'm trying to say is that our volleyball management is terrible. The players are not to blame, but someone else is.
  3. Brazil is losing 2-0 to Colombia in the South American Women's Championship with our first team. And I thought that the shame of beach volleyball and men's volleyball were no longer enough. But life teaches that you can always get worse.
  4. What a responsibility! Bernardinho becomes France coach at the best moment of their volleyball and especially since France is hosting the next Olympics. I think this result doesn't have that much impact, as the team has already won the most important title of the season, but I can imagine the pressure.
  5. What a game between and in goalball!! And won
  6. Despite the expected defeat, I thought the team was good, considering the last teams we had I think we can expect good things from these players. What worries me the most, anyway, is the libero and the setter, it is perhaps our main problem in the senior team so Brazil needs new good players in these positions.
  7. I honestly didn't have a problem with that, I think in a way it even helps female skateboarding to always look for better performances. One commentator had said that female skaters agreed with this and that it was a way for them to be treated equally for what they did and to always seek to improve. But it's really weird, as the scores were pretty low and I think it got really confusing. If they really change, I think it will be more attractive for those who want to follow female skateboarding, especially since the Olympics somehow increased the media for the sport a little, at least in Brazil.
  8. I saw many comments finding her score unfair. That in other competitions this would have given only a 7.0 and even the Dutch had a lower score than she deserved. I honestly don't know about skateboarding so for me it was deserved, but the reliability of this sport is feeling pretty low to me, which is annoying as it was one of the sports I enjoyed the most in Tokyo.
  9. It's so disappointing that volleyball doesn't have broadcast.
  10. What an easy victory for Brazil in goalball.
  11. I'm surprised at the height of the players. They are very tall, the libero, for example, is 193cm and he is one of the shortest on the team. And our women's under19 team is also quite tall, I don't know if this is a new trend for Brazil in the future, but it's good considering that the height of the last teams only decreased. But of course, the important thing is the skills, so let's see how these teams will perform.
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