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  1. Not only Douglas, but Isac, Alan and Cachopa too, who are players I like and for me are unfairly on the bench. The feeling is that in times of difficulty like this the coach has no reaction. It was the same thing at the 2018 world championships. I find it interesting in technical times as no player listens to him, it's extremely ridiculous. And about Thales, it's his fault too, because he spent the entire Olympic cycle with a libero to receive the ball (Thales) and another to defend (Maique). Then he arrived at the Olympics with half a libero, pathetic.
  2. Well, you can't win with a ridiculous coach like that. It's sad to know that one day you have a Bernardinho, the next you have a Renan. And congratulations to Russia, what an amazing team, they deserve the gold.
  3. I almost had a heart attack. Let's go girls, one more victory only.
  4. I don't accept it, we beat the Russians this entire Olympic cycle to lose now. I'm already getting nervous about this game.
  5. I think not participating in the Nations League was not the best decision for Italy.
  6. First time I see 1 vs 3 in beach volleyball. Poor Rebeca, she played a lot! Now we only have one male team.
  7. This year is not as predictable as usual, I think that makes it more interesting. Overall, it's been pretty decent.
  8. Honestly, of the four teams in the other group, ROC is the easiest. I think if we can't beat them then we don't deserve a medal.
  9. No, Brazilians don't like Argentina in volleyball either. But Argentina is perhaps my second favorite team. (Maybe tied with Japan).
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