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  1. I still think Italy will win this tournament in the end, but I expected them to be more dominant in the matches.
  2. I still don't understand Turkey's ability to flop in the most important championships.
  3. 1 - Volleyball/Beach Volleyball 2 - Handball 3 - Skateboarding 4 - Rugby 7s 5 - Judo??
  4. Bronze!! Congrats, boys (And finally the bronze medal curse was broken).
  5. I think Slovenia confused sport with basketball.
  6. Well, they are few, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. We have some good liberos, setters and opposites who can replace the current players well. MB the current ones are not a big deal, so I think we can maintain that level. The problem is the OHs, without Lucarelli and Leal, we don't have anyone with enough level (Since Douglas left and Borges is no longer with the team). Anyway, the fact that we didn't renew this team is more because of the dubious call-up of the coach than because of a lack of talent.
  7. Our boys played better than expected, I'm proud. And congratulations to Poland too, well deserved. Now, I hope they don't keep this stupid coach, this man has no vision of the match, he seems blind.
  8. What a lazy format of this tournament. And I thought the FIVB was crazy.
  9. I think I would expect a quarterfinal drama even if it was Poland v Tunisia again.
  10. Emotional? No, I feel that connection not even for the representatives of my own country. But I had enormous respect for her and I think she will be missed for everything she represented.
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