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  1. Our main players always disappointing in the most important moments.
  2. Erika and Damiris always decisive (PIPOQUEIRAS). But the work of Neto and the girls has been very good, I hope it continues. Well done Porto Rico
  3. That's why Brazil will probably never be big in basketball again. Always the same drama in decisive matches. I hope the result will be different this time.
  4. Even after Germany beat my Brazil more than 5 times, I'm still surprised by this performance.
  5. I do not believe. I hope Germany can get this team out of Tokyo, but I doubt it.
  6. I think it's amazing how Serbia is irregular. It is something that deserves to be studied.
  7. In Brazil it's hard to say, but I can list the possible candidates: Isaquias Queiroz (Canoeing): 6 times world champion, 12 world championship medals, 3 Olympic medals. It is perhaps our best athlete at the moment. Bruno Rezende (Volleyball): Olympic Champion, twice silver in the world championship, currently holds all the possible titles that a volleyball player can win. Arthur Zanetti (Gymnastics): Olympic Champion, World Champion, Pan American Champion, South American Champion. He is for sure our best gymnast of this decade. Ana Marcela (Open Water): She has 11 worl
  8. [hide] Knockout RoundDecember 13th - December 15th, 2019 4 Nations, Semifinals, Third Place Match and Final Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 13th 2019, h. 17:30 Norway 4 Spain December 13th 2019, h. 20:30 Russia 5 Netherlands [/hide]
  9. Overrated player. I honestly don't think he's such a great player, but he's a star and can do whatever he wants, right?
  10. [hide] Main RoundDecember 8th - December 11th, 2019 12 Nations, 2 Groups, the 1st and 2nd Nations from each Group will qualify for the Semifinals Group 1 Date & Time (GMT +9) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 8th 2019, h. 15:00 Norway 3 Denmark December 8th 2019, h. 18:00 Serbia 2 South Korea December 8th 2019, h. 20:30 Netherlands
  11. Times change, but France continues to struggle against Brazil. If I'm not mistaken, in the last 5 games (in the world championship) there were 4 wins and a draw for Brazil.
  12. Montenegro beat Senegal by 4 goals. Each championship the african teams show a little evolution. Interesting.
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