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  1. Congratulations to Greece! I hope you will win this Olympics! It is very close to you!
  2. Hungary won four QF in a row and lost four SF in a row. That's the consistence!
  3. [hide] General (25) 1 - The number of Asian NOCs that win a medal will be higher than the number of Pan American NOCs that win a medal. [YES - X] 2 - A medalist from the 2017 Jeux de la Francophonie will win a medal. [YES - X] 3 - At least one individual medallist from Athens 2004 will win an individual medal. [NO - X] 4 - Japan will win at least 3 medals in team sports. [NO - X] 5 - Spain will win more than 22 medals (their record). [NO - X] 6 - The youngest medallist will be younger than 14. [NO - X] 7 - United States will win at least 10 medals in team sports. [YES - X] 8 - Will North Macedonia get a medal at this edition of Olympics. [YES - X] 9 - India will win 7 or more total medals, surpassing their highest ever number for a single edition. [NO - X] 10 - Philippines or Malaysia will win their first olympic gold medal. [NO - X] 11 - Sweden will win more gold medals than Norway. [YES - X] 12 - The number of gold medals won by Brazil will be equal or lower than the number of gold medals won by all other south american nations added up. [YES - X] 13 - Host nation Japan wins at least 10 gold medals. [YES - X] 14 - At least one athlete will test positive for cannabis. [YES - X] 15 - Malaysia will win a gold medal. [NO - X] 16 - At least one nation will win its first ever olympic medal. [YES - X] 17 - No nordic nation (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) will win more than 10 medals. [YES - X] 18 - Bahrain will maximum win one medal. [NO - X] 19 - Canada will win at least 23 medals. [NO - X] 20 - Jamaica's female athletes will stand/win at least 3/4 of Jamaica's medals overall. [YES - X] 21 - Netherlands will win at least 24 medals. [NO - X] 22 - Italy will be ranked higher in the overall medal table in Tokyo than their 9th place in Rio 2016. [YES - X] 23 - ROC, France and Germany will end up higher in the overall medal table than Great Britain. [NO - X] 24 - At least one nation will win 6 medals, but none of gold. [YES - X] 25 - At least one nation from every continent (the five olympic continents) will be represented in the top 20 in the medal table. [NO - X] Aquatics - Diving (2) 26 - Canada will win at least three medals overall. [YES - X] 27 - Great Britain will win silver medals in both men's synchronized events. [NO - X] Aquatics - Swimming (10) 28 - United States will win a medal in every relay event [YES - X] 29 - In at least two events in swimming there will be a tie for a medal position. [NO - X] 30 - Japan will end above China in the swimming medal table. [NO - X] 31 - Caeleb Dressel will set at least one world record. [NO - X] 32 - Italy will win at least one gold medal. [YES - X] 33 - Katinka Hosszu will not win a medal. [NO - X] 34 - Ariarne Titimus will win gold in women's 200m and 400m freestyle [NO - X] 35 - Every continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North and South America) will be represented in the swimming medal table. [NO - X] 36 - Kliment Kolesnikov, Evgeny Rylov and Kristof Milak will combined win at least 6 individual medals. [NO - X] 37 - At least two Rio 2016-medallists from the marathon swimming events will win a medal in Tokyo. [NO - X] Aquatics - Synchronized Swimming (1) 38 - China will win silver medals in both duet and team event. [NO - X] Aquatics - Water Polo (2) 39 - Women's tournament - United States will win all their matches with a goal difference of a least four goals in each match. [NO - X] 40 - Men's tournament - At least two of the three nations that won a medal in Rio 2016 will again be on the podum (not necessarily in the same place). [YES - X] Archery (2) 41 - There will be at least one event with a podium with only Asian athletes/teams on it. [YES - X] 42 - 13 or more nations will be represented in the quarterfinals in men's and women's individual events combined. [YES - X] Athletics (13) 43 - There will be a podium sweep i.e all medals won by one nation in at least one event . [YES - X] 44 - At least two world records will be broken in the field events (including decathlon and heptathlon). [NO - X] 45 - United States will combined win 6 or more medals in the 100m and 200m events. [YES - X] 46 - Wayde van Niekerk will win a medal. [NO - X] 47 - All race walk gold medals will be won by Asian nations. [NO - X] 48 - Ukraine will win two medals in women's high jump. [NO - X] 49 - Japan will win at least one medal excluding race walk events and relays. [YES - X] 50 - At least two athletes in men's pole vault will get over 6.00m. [YES - X] 51 - Yulimar Rojas will have at least three jumps over 15.18m in women's triple jump final. [NO - X] 52 - 3 or more relay teams will be disqualified or DNF in the 100m relay events finals. [NO - X] 53 - Joshua Cheptegei will not win any gold medals. [YES - X] 54 - The combined score of men's decathlon and women's heptathlon will be 15.715 or higher. [NO - X] 55 - Kenya will not win any gold medals in the 800m and 1500m for both men and women. [NO - X] Badminton (2) 56 - Japan will win a medal in three of the five events [YES - X] 57 - Four out of five finals will be in three sets [NO - X] Baseball (1) 58 - Two Asian teams will be on the podium [YES - X] Basketball (2) 59 - Women's Tournament - United States will win all their matches with a difference of more than 20 points. [NO - X] 60 - Men's Tournament - France will be the best-placed European team. [YES - X] Basketball 3x3 (2) 61 - Women's Tournament - Mongolia will score 10 or less points in all of their games. [NO - X] 62 - Men's Tournament - The two finalists will both be European teams. [YES - X] Boxing (2) 63 - Great Britain and Ireland will win the same amount of gold medals [NO - X] 64 - In at least two of the weight classes none of the top four seeded boxers will be on the podium. [YES - X] Canoeing - Slalom (2) 65 - There will be at least one missed gate (50 seconds penalty) in one of the men's finals. [YES - X] 66 - None of the semifinal winners will end up winning gold. [NO - X] Canoeing - Sprint (2) 67 - The boat leading after 250m in men's K-4 will win gold . [NO - X] 68 - Lisa Carrington will win at least 3 medals. [YES - X] Cycling - BMX (2) 69 - Colombia will win two medals in the BMX racing events. [NO - X] 70 - United States will win gold in both BMX freestyle events. [NO - X] Cycling - Mountain Bike (2) 71 - There will be less than 20 seconds between 1st and 2nd place in the men's race. [YES - X] 72 - Both Pauline Ferrand Prevot and Sina Frei will be on the podium in women's race. [NO - X] Cycling - Road (2) 73 - Rohan Dennis will beat Filippo Ganna in men's time trial. [YES - X] 74 - Women's road race will be decided in a sprint (less than 5 seconds between 1st and 2nd place). [YES - X] Cycling - Track (3) 75 - A female athlete will win at least two individual medals. [YES - X] 76 - At least two world records will be broken. [NO - X] 77 - Netherlands will top the medal table.[NO - X] Equestrian (2) 78 - Australia will finish inside the Top 8 in all three team events. [YES - X] 79 - At least ten athletes will enter the medal jump-off in the individual jumping. [YES - X] Fencing (2) 80 - At least one fencer seeded 17th or worst in the individual events will win a medal. [NO - X] 81 - At least one nation will win more than one gold medal in the team events. [NO - X] Field Hockey (2) 82 - At least one medal match will finish without any goals scored from penalty corners. [YES - X] 83 - Women's Tournament - The defending gold medallists from Rio 2016, Great Britain, will be eliminated in the quarterfinals. [NO - X] Football (2) 84 - Both gold medallists will be among teams who won their group in the pool phase. [YES - X] 85 - Women's Tournament - United States will concede a maximum of one goal in the pool phase. [NO - X] Golf (2) 86 - Both gold medals will be won by an athlete from an Asian country. [NO - X] 87 - Rory Sabbatini (SVK) will finish ahead of Ondrej Lieser (CZE) in men's event. [NO - X] Gymnastics - Artistic (3) 88 - Women's Balance Beam - At least three athletes will fall off the beam during the apparatus final. [NO - X] 89 - Turkey will win their first ever olympic medal in gymnastics. [NO - X] 90 - Epke Zonderland will be the oldest medallists. [NO - X] Gymnastics - Rhythmic (1) 91 - Bulgaria and Italy will get medals in the group all-around event. [NO - X] Gymnastics - Trampoline (1) 92 - The point difference between 1st and 3rd place in the men's and women's event finals will combined (both event included) be 2.75 or less. [YES - X] Handball (2) 93 - A non-European team will make it to the semifinals (Men's or Women's). [NO - X] 94 - Men's Tournament - The top scorer will be a wing player. [NO - X] Judo (2) 95 - Japan will win at least 7 medals. [YES - X] 96 - Kosovo will win two medals. [NO - X] Karate (2) 97 - At least 12 different countries will win one medal. [NO - X] 98 - Turkey will be the European nation with most medal (In case they equal with another European nation the answer to the question will be no). [NO - X] Modern Pentathlon (2) 99 - At least one athlete (male or female) will win less than 8 matches in the preliminary fencing round. [YES - X] 100 - Egypt will have at least two athletes in the top 6 in the two events combined. (Two athletes in the top 6 in either men's or women's event or one female and one male athlete that will get a top 6 place each). [NO - X] Rowing (3) 101 - Denmark will win at least three medals. [NO - X] 102 - 16 or fewer nations will win a medal overall. [YES - X] 103 - The 1st and 2nd place in women's eight will be decided by 2.2 seconds or fewer. [NO - X] Rugby Sevens (2) 104 - In both men's and women's tournaments there will be no European team on the podium. [YES - X] 105 - New Zealand will be the best placed team from Oceania in both men's and women's tournament. [YES - X] Sailing (2) 106 - Papua New Guinea will finish last in both Men's Laser and Women's Laser Radial classes. [NO - X] 107 - The two French windsurfers, Goyard and Picon, will have a combined total place that is better or equal-placed than/with Great Britain's two windsurfers, Squires and Wilson. [YES - X] Shooting (3) 108 - In at least one event final (among 50m rifle 3P, 10m air rifle, 10m pistol, skeet, trap) the score of the women's gold medallist will be higher than the score of the men's gold medallist. [YES - X] 109 - In at least one individual event, the leader after the qualification stage will end up last in the final. [NO - X] 110 - At least one nation will win more than one medal in a single mixed team event. [YES - X] Skateboard (2) 111 - Will there be a clean sweep (all podium places won by one nation) in a skateboarding event. [NO - X] Softball (1) 112 - Italy will finish 6th. [NO - X] Sport Climbing (1) 113 - In women’s combined, the winner of speed climbing in the qualification round will qualify to the combined final. [YES - X] Surfing (2) 114 - Will any european country get a medal in surfing. [NO - X] 115 - At least one medalist (men's or women's) will be a surfer that didn't take part in any stage (contested prior to the 2020 Olympic Games) of the 2021 World Surf League. [NO - X] Table Tennis (2) 116 - At least one of the following athletes will score a first round victory - Ibrahima Diaw (SEN), Yoshua Shing (VAN), Dodji Fanny (TOG), Hend Zaza (SYR). Batmönkhiin Bolor-Erdene (MGL), Sarah de Nutte (LUX). [NO - X] 117 - Australia will lose both opening team matches (men and women) 3:0. [NO - X] Taekwondo (2) 118 - At least 20 nations will win a medal. [NO - X] 119 - At least one nation will win its first Olympic medal in Taekwondo. [YES - X] Tennis (2) 120 - The singles gold medal in either men or women event will be won by a non-Grand Slam singles winner. [NO - X] 121 - An athlete will win medals in singles AND doubles OR singles AND mixed event. [NO - X] Triathlon (2) 122 - Mixed Relay event - France will be better ranked than Great Britain and Australia will be better ranked than New Zealand. [NO - X] 123 - Great Britain will not win a medal in men's event. [YES - X] Volleyball - Indoor (2) 124 - Men's tournament - There will be three teams on the podium that played in the same group during the Group Stage. [NO - X] 125 - Women's tournament - It will be a repeat of the 2018 World Championship podium (Doesn't have to be in the same order). [NO - X] Volleyball - Beach (1) 126 - Brazil will win one medal or none in both men's or women's beach volleyball tournaments. [NO - X] Weightlifting (2) 127 - At least one Chinese athete will get three invalid lifts in either snatch or clean & jerk. [YES - X] 128 - At least two world records will be broken (snatch, clean and jerk or overall). [YES - X] Wrestling (2) 129 - Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan will combined win at least 7 medals [YES - X] 130 - Cuba will be ranked higher than United States in the wrestling medal table. [NO - X] [/hide]
  4. Let's see if UEFA has balls! Hungary got two+one matches spectator ban for much less things!
  6. Oh man! I watched the WC in 1990. Goycochea and Caniggia was my favorite players!
  7. Gentlemen! And they expect us to kneel down for what they did!
  8. Comparing with our punishment it is a big joke! Of course they did not investigate those thigs you wrote about. But what we can do? One thing: FORZA ITALY!!!
  10. Thanks for the exact informations. Laser show, questionable penalty, and these things. It is much more digusting than it seemed first.
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