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  1. [hide] General (25) 1 - The number of Asian NOCs that win a medal will be higher than the number of Pan American NOCs that win a medal. [YES - X] 2 - A medalist from the 2017 Jeux de la Francophonie will win a medal. [YES - X] 3 - At least one individual medallist from Athens 2004 will win an individual medal. [NO - X] 4 - Japan will win at least 3 medals in team sports. [NO - X] 5 - Spain will win more than 22 medals (their record). [NO - X] 6 - The youngest medallist will be younger than 14. [NO - X] 7 - United States will win at
  2. Let's see if UEFA has balls! Hungary got two+one matches spectator ban for much less things!
  4. Oh man! I watched the WC in 1990. Goycochea and Caniggia was my favorite players!
  5. Gentlemen! And they expect us to kneel down for what they did!
  6. Comparing with our punishment it is a big joke! Of course they did not investigate those thigs you wrote about. But what we can do? One thing: FORZA ITALY!!!
  8. Thanks for the exact informations. Laser show, questionable penalty, and these things. It is much more digusting than it seemed first.
  10. I am dissapointed with this result but English team deserved it. They did more for the victory!
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