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  1. I want to congratulate both @OlympicIRL and @mrv86 for successfully hosting the event. Personally, I was lucky with the draw, because I don't think would have reached the Round of 16 with the traditional format. Anyways, thanks to all the jurors who voted for the song at least once. In general I really liked the songs, so I had some troubles judging 4 or 5 matches, and changed my mind a few times during the competition, but finally this is my top7:
  2. My ranking: 1. London 2. Beijing 3. Athens 4. Sidney 5. Rio I was not sure about the order of London and Beijing. I loved both and Beijing was more innovative, but the rythm of London was almost perfect for me.
  3. These days I have been re-watching all the opening ceremonies since Barcelona 92, and Rio 2016 was the worst for me. I realized that I remember better the ceremonies of Beijing and London compared to Rio. Is this an unpopular opinion?
  4. I just checked the dictionary and apparently the word "Saudade" appeared in the 1780 edition of the Spanish dictionary, translating literally the definition from the Portuguese dictionary: "Voz portuguesa, que segun su diccionario significa finísimo sentimiento del bien ausente, con deseo de poseerlo. Han usado algunos autores castellanos de esta voz." It was eliminated in 1817 and included again in the 1992 edition as a synonym of "morriña". To be honest I had never heard or read this word before in Spanish. It's fascinating to see that Galician/Portugeuse make a distinction betwe
  5. It is funny to see luge in Spain consdering that we do not have a single athlete . The only Winter sport slightly popular in Spain is figure skating, specially since the appearance of Javi Fernández. A few years ago, alpine skiing was also popular, with some World Cup events being shown in public TV, as well as ski jumping with the Four Trampolines, but nowadays nobody cares about Winter sports.
  6. If you would have asked me yesterday to guess which songs from Group B would move to the next round, Puerto Rico wouldn't have been in my top3. I am also quite surprised that the song did so well against one of the strongest entry of the whole tournament, at least in terms of popularity.
  7. I guess one of the reasons why "La Vuelta al Mundo" has so many views is because of the lyrics. From the perspective of a non-Spanish speaker, the song might sound like simply a guy talking, without any artistic talent. However, what makes this song so interesting is the meaning and how the writer structured the song. The song basically tells how a man realizes that his life sucks. He has spent his whole life studying to get a good job, and once he has the job and a good salary, he is not happy because he is not doing what he really likes. So after a while, he decides to quit afte
  8. Good day for Spanish-speaking countries, with both Puerto Rico and Guatemala winning their matches. Very impressed with Calle 13 victory over Dua Lipa.
  9. Question 1: Would you like to see a once-off special contest to be held this summer with the final being held at some point during the old Olympic schedule? (a) Yes (b) No Question 2: Would you like it to be a themed contest? For example (sports themed, movie themed, instrumental themed, talent show themed, any other themed)? (a) Yes (b) No Question 3: If we have a themed contest, which type of theme do you prefer? Please answer even if you answered "No" to Question 2. (a) Festival of Music style - representin
  10. I was doubting between two songs of the same artist for this year's entry. The other option was Vas a quedarte, just in case you want to listen it. At the end I chose Más because had more chances to finish top10 due to the style, but I like Vas a quedarte more and I want to share it with you:
  11. Congrats Canada! 6th place for Spain again, which is our best result ever at an Annual contest
  12. I had to leave and I didn't see it, but thanks @Federer91 for the Spain 12!
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