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  1. Guatemala Ricardo Arjona - No es el Momento Ricardo Arjona, top16 at the Special Event last summer, published this song a few weeks before the start of the edition. I hope you like it!
  2. I sent my votes today. It has been difficult to rank the songs and I needed 5-6 listenings to decide the 11th and 12th place, but I am quite happy with my final ranking.
  3. I think that the problem of handball isn't the system, it's the level of the sport, which is mainly Eurocentric. I agree with you that continental representation is very important at the Olympics, but that's already achieved with 2 American teams, 2 Asians and 1 African. The best teams should have the right to participate at the Olympics and with the current system, we already have very strong teams such as Croatia not making the cut to Tokyo. Applying the system you just proposed, we would have only 5 Europeans instead of 7, which means 2 more potential medal winners not being able to partici
  4. It wouldn't make any sense to give a quota to Oceania in handball, where the best team wouldn't be able to win a single game. Especially when this means that a top-tier team wouldn't qualify because of that. In my opinion, Asia and Oceania should have combined continental qualifiers in the majority of sports due to the lack of represenattivty of many Oceanian qualifiers (in team sports my only exception would be rugby).
  5. After a few listenings during the week I have already fixed my top5, but I still have 10 candidates for the remaining 7 point-positions and it's being quite difficult to choose one song over the others....
  6. I was just asking because next week we could have that situation in the women's foil with Spain, Poland and Israel, and I am not sure if the category of the event is important or it doesn't matter.
  7. So, in the case of individual events, is more important a gold medal in a Satellite than a silver medal in a Grand Prix?
  8. They had a 3rd place in the zonal champs. Is that result better (40 points) than a 13th place in the World Champs (42 points)?
  9. Well, priority system in foil and especially sabre might be a little more difficult to understand for a person who has never watched fencing before.
  10. María Xiao was born in Barcelona and has lived her whole life between Spain and Portugal, so she is 100% Spaniard. We also have a junior girl called Sofía Xuan-Zhang who was born in Cartagena (Murcia), so writing a comment like that based exclusively in the surname of the girl without knowing her story is kind of disrespectful... It is true that we have had a few Chinese players representing Spain in the last decade (Yanfei Shen or He Zhiwen who played in London and Rio and arrived to Spain because they were paid by the clubs and the federation made them an offer to join the natio
  11. I just finished my first listening and 18 songs have made my first cut. I really liked some of them and the 12 points aren't clear yet, so I will have my second listening in a couple days to start ranking them.
  12. I think that the group with Japan and Bahrein is going to be way easier than the other, so I hope that Spain is in the same group that the Asian teams.
  13. I would not be so sure about the 7 European teams + Egypt in the QF. Argentina has a very decent team and I wouldn't be so surprised if they managed to win at least one game against Europeans,
  14. The African quota goes to Egypt.
  15. SPANISH ENTRY Sinsinati - Cuando éramos dos Lyrics: The English translation of the lyrics can be found here.
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