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  1. There are no incentives to win the game and some of the best players on our team are quite old, so I hope we will have a calm match too.
  2. It is going to be very fun to follow this tournament with Spain already qualified. I think that Hungary and the Netherlands will take the 2 spots, but Italy and Greece might surprise them.
  3. The 5 swimmers already confirmed by our national federation are: Mireia Belmonte (800F and 1500F) África Zamorano (200B) Jessica Vall (200Br) Hugo González (100B and 200B) Nicolás García (200B)
  4. The European event will be in Madrid (April 17th to 18th), already confirmed by our national federation. I am not 100% sure of this, but I read that the African event will take place in Cairo on April 15th.
  5. Sportsman: Rafa Nadal (Tennis). It has not been his best season, but he won Roland Garros again, and this year that's enough to be considered the best athlete of the year in Spain. Sportswoman: Sandra Sánchez (Karate). I was not sure who to nominate for this category, but if I am not mistaken, Sandra has won all the competitions she has participated this year. Team of the year: Men Handball. They won the Europan Championship in January and qualified for the Olympics. Carolina Marín (badminton), Mavi García and Albert Torres/Sebastián Mora (cycling), Jon Rahm (golf), Orla
  6. In the case of Spain, the number of songs released has not changed much with respect to 2019, but I am ok with extending the eligibility period a few months if this helps some users. Question 1 - A Question 2 - B
  7. It is funny because Ireland has been my first reserve twice (in both cases the song was ranked in my top12 at some point of the decision process but it fell a few places in the last listening) and 3rd or 4th reserve the other time, so I would say that is quite likely that Ireland will get some points from Spain in 2021. At least I voted for Costa Rica in the special edition.
  8. I updated the Spanish statistics combining the last 3 editions. There are 4 countries that have always received points from Spain: Portugal, Canada, Italy and India. The country with the most points given is Portugal (29), followed by Canada (22), Italy (22), Romania (21) and France (20). 23 countries have received points from Spain at least once. On the other hand, Spain has received points from 27 different countries. Serbia is the most generous nation with Spanish songs (27 points), followed by Italy (19), Ireland (16), Portugal (16) and Germany (14). Fur
  9. Congratulations to the three medal winners! For Spain, this has been one of the worst results with only 44 points, so the next year I will be back to pop music with the song that I initially thought to enter this year. P.S. It is very nice to see Portugal in the top20 with a song in Mirandés.
  10. Third 1 point for Spain in 9 jurors + 1 Silver Medal Thanks @Vic Liu!
  11. Ya conocía la canción de antes. Hace un par de años Enanitos Verdes hizo una colaboración con un grupo de rock español (Hombres G) versionando esta canción y la he escuchado bastantes veces. Estuvo muy muy cerca de llevarse los 12 puntos. I had already listened to that song. A couple of years ago, Enanitos Verdes made a collab with a Spanish rock band (Hombres G) singing Lamento Boliviano and I really liked it. It was very close to get my 12 points.
  12. They made the first cut but it was not enough to score. I think they finished as my 5th reserve after Ireland, Germany, UK and China.
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