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  1. We won today against by 5-2 and will face in the next round.
  2. This reminded me that in taekwondo there is a girl from Taipei called Su-Po-Ya which means "His Dick" in Spanish.
  3. We don't have a single safe gold medal, but we do have three relatively safe medals: Sandra Sánchez - Karate (Kata) -> Gold (but it could be silver considering that her main rival is from ) Damián Quintero - Karate (Kata) -> Silver or bronze ( gold is clear and then or for the silver) K4 500 - Canoeing -> We should fight against Germany for the gold medal
  4. Making it better doesn't mean that they can take the gold medal in a sport with judges.
  5. 1 - Artistic Swimming - Russia (team) 2 - Artistic Swimming - Russia (duet) 3 - Table Tennis - China (Team M) 4 - Table Tennis - China (Team W) 5 - Rhythmic Gymnastics - Russia (group)
  6. You can rule us out of the equation for the medals. The federation decided to change the duet this season to start preparing two young girls for 2024, so they will be happy with a final. Russia and China are a lock and the only "interesting" fight is going to be Ukraine or Japan for the bronze.
  7. This is probably the last time in a very long time that Spain is going to be a medal contender in men's basketball, so hopefully, this amazing generation led by Pau Gasol can win the 4th Olympic medal in a row.
  8. Athletics - 7 Gymnastics (Rhytmic) - 1 Golf - 1 Sailing - 3 Judo - 5 Canoeing (sprint) - 2 Canoeing (slalom) - 4 Basketball - 12 Cycling (road) - 5 Cycling (MTB) - 1 Archery - 1 Table Tennis - 3 (+1 reserve) Climbing - 2 Swimming - 3 Swimming (Open Water) - 1 Shooting - 1 Taekwondo - 1 Total: 53 (+1 reserve)
  9. I think the list isn't complete. They aren't including the basketball team
  10. They rejected the swimming quotas because they considered that their level was very low. They will only send 2 athletes (Mònica Doria in canoeing and Pol Moya in athletics).
  11. The list will be released on Monday, but technically they have already sent it to the IOC.
  12. Great victory of against in Paris, 87-79. Ricky Rubio MVP of the game with 23 points. Pau Gasol and Alex Abrines didn't travel to France due to some small injuries, but they are expected to join the team again in the last friendly game before the Olympics against next Sunday.
  13. Kind of. Each source gives a different number depending on how they count the reserves, but if you use the basic quotas for team sports, then 321 is the right number. CSD gave 326 athletes in their list because they considered bigger teams in waterpolo and things like that:
  14. The first Spanish athletes (canoeing slalom team) arrived on July 3 Our sailing team arrived yesterday and most of our athletes will arrive on July 15 and 17, except the football team, because they will play a friendly match against Japan next Saturday, so they will arrive on July 13.
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