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  1. The problem of being successful for so many years is that if you do not meet some minimums, both the coach and the president of the federation would be in trouble. At least in football and in basketball, which are the two main sports in the country. In football Spain has never failed to qualify for a World Cup since 1978 and has always been top8 in all the EuroBaskets since 1979. Therefore, reaching these levels is a requirement for all teams. Other big European teams are also using this rule in their favor (Mike Tobey with Slovenia or Joel Embiid with France for the Olympics). And even with Brown, winning a medal is quite unlikely for this team. The main goal of the year was to reach QF/SF and qualify for the 2023 World Cup. Otherwise, it would have been an embarrassment for this sport, specially after failing to qualify for the Women's World Cup.
  2. Medal Table: Gold Silver Bronze 4th place Bad tournament for the Spanish team after the gold medal last month at the World Championship. The situation is reversed with the women's side and Hungary has the edge over Spain.
  3. We won the tournament (again) with more than half of the team being under 22yo including the MVP of the team and the new goalkeeper. Still the team can't compete against the American girls, but at least we have a very high win-rate against Hungary and Greece. Italy and the Netherlands are a little bit tougher for us.
  4. I don't see the problem. It is legal to have a naturalised player in your team and this year all the top playmakers were injured or unavailable due to personal reasons (mainly Ricky Rubio and Sergio Rodríguez), so the only decent choices were to call Juan Núñez, who is only 18 and not very experienced against senior teams or call Lorenzo Brown. Spain has reached the semifinals for 10 editions in a row and the federation wants to keep this record going. There is no much difference between this case and Dorsey, where the only connection is having a parent who lived there for a few years but was fully raised in the US . Furthermore, even with Brown, who is not consistent at all, this Spanish team is quite weak after the retirement of Pau and Marc Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro or Felipe Reyes and also key players Sergio Llull and Ricky Rubio are injured...
  5. Fellow users of Totallympics, I have been quite busy this year and I am not sure if I will be able to participate in the next edition. Therefore, it would be nice if some of you can join the Spanish delegation, especially considering that we have the hosting rights for the 2023 Annual TISC.
  6. won yesterday 7-0 against . Not the most entertaining game to watch. Hopefully we will also beat and to qualify.
  7. Varios deportes celebran estas semanas sus Europeos en Munich (Alemania). En este tema podemos hablar sobre los resultados que se den.
  8. Hilo para hablar sobre el piragüismo de velocidad en España. Ayer acabó el Campeonato del Mundo en el que España ganó el medallero, tanto general como en pruebas olímpicas.
  9. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Women's 20km Race Walk Day 1 July 15th 2022 Jemima Montag X Liu Hong Ma Li Ma Zhenxia X Qieyang Shijie Any Athlete from Ecuador Valentina Trapletti Nanako Fujii Kumiko Okada Any Mexican Athlete Kimberly Garcia Leon Maria Perez X Any Other Athlete Men's 20km Race Walk Day 1 July 15th 2022 Caio Bonfim Ciu Lihong Wang Kaihua Zhang Jun Brian Daniel Pintado David Kenny Francesco Fortunato Koki Ikeda X Eiki Takahashi X Any Other Japanese Athlete X Alberto Amezcua Diego Garcia Carrera Alvaro Martin Perseus Karlstrom Any Other Athlete Mixed 4x400m Day 1 July 15th 2022 Belgium Brazil Dominican Republic Great Britain Italy Jamaica Netherlands X Poland X Spain United States X Any Other Nation Men's Hammer Throw Day 2 July 16th 2022 Quentin Bigot Christos Frantzeskakis Bence Halasz X Diego Del Real Serghei Marghiev Eivind Henriksen Pawel Fajdek X Wojciech Nowicki X Javier Cienfuegos Mykhaylo Kokhan Daniel Haugh Rudy Winkler Any Other Athlete Women's 10,000m Day 2 July 16th 2022 Francine Niyonsaba Rahel Daniel Letesenbet Gidey X Bosena Mulate Ejgayehu Taye Eilish McColgan Any Japanese Athlete Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi Sheila Chepkirui Kiprotich Hellen Obiri X Caroline Chepkoech Kipkirui Sifan Hassan X Dominique Scott Alicia Monson Karissa Schweizer Any Other Athlete Men's Long Jump Day 2 July 16th 2022 Christopher Mitrevski LaQuan Nairn Any Chinese Athlete Maykel Masso Miltiadis Tentoglou X Sreeshankar Any Other Indian Athlete Tajay Gayle Yuki Hashioka X Eusebio Caceres Thobias Montler Simon Ehammer X Emiliano Lasa Marquis Dendy Steffin McCarter Any Other Athlete Women's Shot Put Day 2 July 16th 2022 Sarah Mitton Song Jiayuan X Sara Gambetta Katharina Maisch Danniel Thomas-Dodd Maddison-Lee Wesche Jessica Schilder Auriol Dongmo X Fanny Roos Adelaide Aquilla Chase Ealey X Maggie Ewen Jessica Woodard Any Other Athlete Men's 100m Day 2 July 16th 2022 Letsile Tebogo Any Canadian Athlete Benjamin Azamati Any British Athlete Lamont Marcell Jacobs Ackeem Blake Yohan Blake Oblique Seville Ferdinand Omanyala Akani Simbine Marvin Bracy Trayvon Bromell X Christian Coleman X Fred Kerley X Any Other Athlete Men's Marathon Day 3 July 17th 2022 Bashir Abdi Daniel Do Nascimento Any Athlete From Eritrea Lelisa Desisa Mosinet Geremew Tamirat Tola X Seifu Tura Kengo Suzuki Lawrence Cherono X Geoffrey Kamworor X Barnaba Kiptum Abdi Nageeye Victor Kiplangat Stephen Kissa Any Other Athlete Women's Hammer Throw Day 3 July 17th 2022 Hanna Skydan Camryn Rogers X Luo Na Kathrine Koch Jacobsen Krista Tervo Sara Fantini Lauren Bruce Annette Nneka Echikunwoke Malwina Kopron Brooke Andersen X Janee' Kassanavoid X DeAnna Price Any Other Athlete Men's 10,000m Day 3 July 17th 2022 Jack Rayner Mohammed Ahmed Habtom Samuel Berihu Aregawi Selemon Barega X Tadese Worku Yemaneberhan Crippa Rodgers Kwemoi Daniel Mateiko Stanley Waithaka Mburu Kieran Tuntivate Any American Athlete X Any Other Athlete X Women's Pole Vault Day 3 July 17th 2022 Nina Kennedy Alysha Newman Margot Chevrier Holly Bradshaw Katerina Stefanidi X Roberta Bruni Olivia McTaggart Tina Sutej Lisa Gunnarsson Sandi Morris X Katie Nageotte X Robeilys Peinado Any Other Athlete Men's Shot Put Day 3 July 17th 2022 Darlan Romani Filip Mihaljevic Nick Ponzio Jacko Gill Tom Walsh X Chukwuebuka Enekwechi Konrad Bukowiecki Michal Haratyk Josh Awotunde Ryan Crouser X Joe Kovacs X Adrian Piperi Any Other Athlete Men's 110m Hurdles Day 3 July 17th 2022 Any Brazilian Athlete Pascal Martinot-Lagarde Sasha Zhoya Any British Athlete Shunsuke Izumiya Hansle Parchment Any Other Jamaican Athlete Damian Czykier Asier Martinez Jason Joseph Devon Allen X Trey Cunningham Grant Holloway X Daniel Roberts X Any Other Athlete Women's 100m Day 3 July 17th 2022 Any Ivorian Athlete Dina Asher-Smith Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce X Shericka Jackson X Kemba Nelson Elaine Thompson-Herah X Julien Alfred Favour Ofili Mujinga Kambundji Michelle-Lee Ahye Aleia Hobbs Melissa Jefferson Twanisha Terry Any Other Athlete Women's Marathon Day 4 July 18th 2022 Eunice Chebichii Chumba Nazret Weldu Ashete Bekere Gotytom Gebreslase X Ababel Yashaneh Jess Piasecki Lonah Chemtai Salpeter Mao Ichiyama Mizuki Matsuda Hitomi Niiya Ruth Chepngetich X Peres Jepchirchir Judith Jeptum Korir X Angela Tanui Keira D'Amato Any Other Athlete Men's High Jump Day 4 July 18th 2022 Brandon Starc Any Athlete from Brazil Django Lovett Any German Athlete Yonathan Kapitolnik Gianmarco Tamberi X Tomohiro Shinno Hamish Kerr Norbert Kobielski Mutaz Essa Barshim X Woo Sanghyeok X Andriy Protsenko JuVaughn Harrison Shelby McEwen Any Other Athlete Women's Triple Jump Day 4 July 18th 2022 Leyanis Perez Hernandez X Liadagmis Povea Davisleydi Velazco Thea Lafond Ana Lucia Jose Tima Sanni Salminen Neele Eckhardt-Noack Shanieka Ricketts Patricia Mamona Neja Filipic Tori Franklin Keturah Orji X Yulimar Rojas X Any Other Athlete Women's Heptathlon Day 4 July 18th 2022 Nafissatou Thiam X Noor Vidts X Carolin Schafer Katharina Johnson-Thompson Xenia Krizsan Emma Oosterwegel Anouk Vetter X Adrianna Sulek Annik Kälin Anna Hall Kendell Williams Any Other Athlete Men's 3000m Steeplechase Day 4 July 18th 2022 Lamecha Girma X Hailemariyam Tegegn Getnet Wale Mehdi Belhadj Avinash Mukund Sable Ahmed Abdelwahed Ryuji Mura Leonard Bett Abraham Kibiwot Benjamin Kigen Conseslus Kipruto X Soufiane El Bakkali X Daniel Arce Hillary Bor Evan Jager Any Other Athlete Women's 1500m Day 4 July 18th 2022 Jessica Hull Any Other Australian Athlete Freweyni Hailu Hirut Meshesha X Gudaf Tsegay Laura Muir X Faith Kipyegon X Any Other Kenyan Athlete Sifan Hassan Claudia Mihaela Bobocea Winnie Nanyondo Sinclaire Johnson Cory Ann McGee Elle St. Pierre Any Other Athlete Women's High Jump Day 5 July 19th 2022 Nicola Olyslagers Eleanor Patterson Morgan Lake Elena Vallortigara Lamara Distin X Nadezhda Dubovitskaya Kristina Ovchinnikova Marija Vukovic Iryna Gerashchenko X Yuliya Levchenko Yaroslava Mahuchikh X Vashti Cunningham Any Other Athlete Men's Discus Throw Day 5 July 19th 2022 Matthew Denny Lukas Weisshaidinger Claudio Romero Any German Athlete Fredrick Dacres Travis Smikle Mykolas Alekna X Andrius Gudzius Alex Rose Kristjan Ceh X Simon Pettersson Daniel Stahl X Sam Mattis Andrew Evans Any Other Athlete Men's 1500m Day 5 July 19th 2022 Any Australian Athlete X Taddese Lemi Samuel Tefera Samuel Abate Zeleke Neil Gourley Josh Kerr Jake Wightman X Timothy Cheruiyot Abel Kipsang Any Other Kenyan Athlete Charles Grethen Abdellatif Sadiki Jakob Ingebrigtsen X Mohamed Katir Any American Athlete Any Other Athlete Men's 400m Hurdles Day 5 July 19th 2022 Alison Dos Santos X Kyron McMaster Rasmus Magi Wilfred Happio Jaheel Hyde Kemar Mowatt Ezekiel Nathaniel Karsten Warholm X Abderrahman Salsaleck Carl Bengtstrom Yasmani Copello Trevor Bassitt Rai Benjamin X Khallifah Rosser Any Other Athlete Women's Discus Throw Day 6 July 20th 2022 Feng Bin Sandra Perkovic X Silinda Oneisi Morales Yaime Perez Melina Robert-Michon Kristin Pudenz X Any Other German Athlete Shadae Lawrence Liliana Ca Valarie Allman X Rachel Dincoff Laulauga Tausaga Any Other Athlete Women's 3000m Steeplechase Day 6 July 20th 2022 Luiza Gega Winfred Mutile Yavi X Mekides Abebe X Simbo Alemayehu Worku Getachew Norah Jeruto X Beatrice Chepkoech Jackline Chepkoech Celliphine Chepteek Chespol Purity Kirui Peruth Chemutai Emma Coburn Courtney Frerichs Courtney Wayment Any Other Athlete Women's 200m Day 7 July 21st 2022 Shaunae Miller-Uibo Dina Asher-Smith Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Shericka Jackson X Elaine Thompson-Herah X Aminatou Seyni Favour Ofili Mujinga Kambundji Tamara Clark Jenna Prandini Abby Steiner X Any Other Athlete Men's 200m Day 7 July 21st 2022 Aaron Brown Andre De Grasse Alexander Ogando Benjamin Azamati Any British Athlete Any Jamaican Athlete Joseph Fahnbulleh Udodi Chudi Onwuzurike Luxolo Adams Jereem Richards Kenneth Bednarek Fred Kerley X Erriyon Knighton X Noah Lyles X Any Other Athlete Women's 35km Race Walk Day 8 July 22nd 2022 Viviane Lyra Li Maocuo X Na Guo Wu Quanming Magaly Bonilla Glenda Morejon Paola Perez Antigoni Ntrismpioti Serena Sonoda X Kimberly Garcia Leon Katarzyna Zdzieblo Laura Garcia-Caro Raquel Gonzalez Any Other Athlete X Women's Javelin Throw Day 8 July 22nd 2022 Kelsey-Lee Barber Mackenzie Little Elizabeth Gleadle Any Chinese Athlete Sara Kolak Yulenmis Aguilar Nikola Ogrodnikova Christin Hussong X Elina Tzengko Annu Rani Haruka Kitaguchi X Lina Muze Maggie Malone X Kara Winger Any Other Athlete Women's 400m Day 8 July 22nd 2022 Shaunae Miller-Uibo X Sada Williams Roxana Gomez Fiordaliza Cofil Marileidy Paulino X Candice McLeod Stephenie Ann McPherson Charokee Young Modesta Juste Morauskaite Natalia Kaczmarek Anna Kielbasinska Talitha Diggs X Kendall Ellis Lynna Irby Any Other Athlete Men's 400m Day 8 July 22nd 2022 Steven Gardiner Jonathan Jones Bayapo Ndori Lidio Andres Feliz Alexander Ogando Matthew Hudson-Smith Kirani James X Any Jamaican Athlete Zakhiti Nene Champion Allison X Michael Cherry Michael Norman X Randolph Ross Any Other Athlete Women's 400m Hurdles Day 8 July 22nd 2022 Melissa Gonzalez Any British Athlete Ayomide Temilade Folorunso Rushell Clayton Janieve Russelll Shiann Salmon Femke Bol X Gianna Woodruff Sara Gallego Anna Ryzhykova Shamier Little Sydney McLaughlin X Daliah Muhammad X Britton Wilson Any Other Athlete Men's Triple Jump Day 9 July 23rd 2022 Almir Dos Santos Hugues Fabrice Zango Zhu Yaming Lazaro Martinez X Any Indian Athlete Andrea Dallavalle X Pedro Pichardo X Chris Benard Will Claye Donald Scott Christian Taylor Chengetayi Mapaya Any Other Athlete Men's 800m Day 9 July 23rd 2022 Any Algerian Athlete Peter Bol Nijel Amos Marco Arop Any Athlete from Ethiopia Benjamin Robert Gabriel Tual Max Burgin X Wyclife Kinyamal Emmanuel Korir Any Other Kenyan Athlete X Moad Zahafi X Tony van Diepen Donovan Brazier Bryce Hoppel Any Other Athlete Women's 5000m Day 9 July 23rd 2022 Francine Niyonsaba Rahel Daniel Letesenbet Gidey Dawit Seyaum Ejgayehu Taye X Konstanze Klosterhalfen Any British Athlete Daisy Jepkemei Beatrice Chebet Margaret Chelimo Hellen Obiri Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal Yasemin Can Any American Athlete Any Other Athlete X X Men's Javelin Throw Day 9 July 23rd 2022 Jakub Vadlejch Vitezslav Vesely Oliver Helander Andreas Hofmann Julian Weber X Anderson Peters X Neeraj Chopra X Andrian Mardare Leandro Ramos Keshorn Walcott Any American Athlete Any Other Athlete Women's 4x100m Relay Day 9 July 23rd 2022 China France Germany Great Britain X Italy Jamaica X Japan Netherlands Poland Switzerland Trinidad and Tobago United States X Any Other Nation Men's 4x100m Relay Day 9 July 23rd 2022 Brazil Canada China France Ghana Great Britain X Italy Jamaica X Japan Netherlands South Africa United States X Any Other Nation Men's 35km Race Walk Day 10 July 24th 2022 He Xianghong Zhaxi Yangben Jose Montana Aleksi Ojala Aurelien Quinion Christopher Linke Massimo Stano X Masatora Kawano X Daisuke Matsunaga Tomohiro Noda Jose Luis Doctor Ricardo Ortiz Alvaro Lopez Miguel Angel Lopez Any Other Athlete X Men's Pole Vault Day 10 July 24th 2022 Kurtis Marschall Ben Broeders Thibaut Collet Renaud Lavillenie Bo Kanda Lita Baehre Menno Vloon Paal Haugen Lillefosse Sondre Guttormsen Ernest John Obiena Piotr Lisek Armand Duplantis X Christopher Nilsen X Any Other American Athlete Any Other Athlete X Women's Long Jump Day 10 July 24th 2022 Christabel Nettey Malaika Mihambo X Deborah Acquah Any British Athlete Ese Brume X Ruth Usoro Alina Rotaru-Kottmann Agate De Sousa Milica Gardasevic Ivana Vuleta X Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk Quanesha Burks Any Other American Athlete Any Other Athlete Men's 5000m Day 10 July 24th 2022 Thierry Ndikumwenayo Mohammed Ahmed Berihu Aregawi Selemon Barega X Muktar Edris Yomif Kejelcha Mohamed Mohumed Nicholas Kipkorir Kimeli Daniel Simiu Ebenyo Jacob Krop Jakob Ingebrigtsen X Joshua Cheptegei X Grant Fisher Any Other American Athlete Any Other Athlete Women's 800m Day 10 July 24th 2022 Rose Mary Almanza Habitam Alemu Hirut Meshesha Diribe Welteji Renelle Lamote Keely Hodgkinson X Jemma Reekie Natoya Goule Faith Kipyegon Mary Moraa X Prudence Sekgodiso Halimah Nakaayi Athing Mu X Raevyn Rogers Ajee WIlson Any Other Athlete Women's 100m Hurdles Day 10 July 24th 2022 Liz Clay Devynne Charlton Cindy Sember Britany Anderson Megan Tapper Danielle Williams Nadine Visser Tobi Amusan Jasmine Camacho-Quinn X Pia Skrzyszowska Nia Ali Alia Armstrong Kendra Harrison X Alaysha Johnson X Any Other Athlete Men's Decathlon Day 10 July 24th 2022 Cedric Dubler Ashley Moloney X Pierce Lepage Damian Warner X Janek Oiglane Kevin Mayer X Niklas Kaul Leo Neugebauer Lindon Victor Ayden Owens-Delerme Steve Bastien Kyle Garland Zachery Ziemek Any Other Athlete Men's 4x400m Relay Day 10 July 24th 2022 Belgium X Botswana Colombia Dominican Republic X France Italy Jamaica Japan Netherlands South Africa Trinidad and Tobago United States X Any Other Nation Women's 4x400m Relay Day 10 July 24th 2022 Belgium Canada Cuba Dominican Republic France Germany Great Britain Italy Jamaica X Netherlands Poland X United States X Any Other Nation [/hide]
  10. It's great to have the Totallympics International Song Contest at the same time as the Mediterranean Games.
  11. Regarding the Spanish team, we send "A teams" in many sports (shooting, sailing, taekwondo, karate, judo, fencing, boxing, archery, weightlifting...), including the Olympic champions Alberto Fernández and Fátima Gálvez (shooting) and silver medalist Adriana Cerezo (taekwondo). However, we also send very weak and small teams in both athletics and swimming so there is no way we can reach a good position in the medal table.
  12. The football tournament is age restricted so all the teams are U18
  13. Some politicians in Spain are asking to boycott the event after the break-up of relationships between the two countries.
  14. I don't think the hate is from Spanish fandom since Ukraine winning was expected because of the situation. Here the main discussion topics have been: Spanish jury not giving points to Portugal. Italy being the only country not giving a single point to Spain and why RAI called Chanel "discount di Jennifer Lopez". Lausa Pausini being the best presenter ever. The awful result of France after sending a song similar to Tanxugueiras.
  15. We got 12 points from jury for the 1st time ever. That's even better than winning
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