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  1. @OlympicIRLWill you update the Statistics Thread in a future?
  2. Congratulations @Hipooo! I'm very happy for you and I'm looking forward to see what you prepare for the next year. As I said when I was giving the points, big thanks to @Dnlfor hosting this edition. Personally, after 2 very bad editions, I am very happy to tie my personal record again with this 6th place, but this time beating my previous point record (118 from my 1st participation in Open 2019), which is even better. Big thanks to all the juries from 19 countries who have given points to "La Oreja de Van Gogh": @kungshamra71(2nd time in 5 editions that I got a gold medal. I'm glad that the song brought you memories! I liked the Portuguese song too and in fact i added it to my main playlist ) @Hipooo @catgamer @Damian(I think that your song deserved better. I regret not giving it a few points) @Belle @IoNuTzZ @Ionoutz24 @NikolaB(Serbia is the only country giving Spain at least 1 point for the last 5 editions, so thanks for that ) @Griff88 @Gianlu33@Henry_Leon @Pablita @SteveParker (I don't know who voted for my song this time, but thank you all. I'm really glad you picked Franco Battiato this year, he was relatively popular in Spain and I felt sorry when I heard he died). @hckošice @dophuquy @Vic Liu @Federer91 @Benolympique @Bohemia @EupenM @Laraja @LuizGuilherme@titicow (I don't know who voted for my song this time, but thank you all) @Glen @heywoodu @intoronto It was also the first time (at leats since I'm participating) that Canada, Czech Republic, Sweden, Colombia, Vietnam and Romania gave points to Spain. This means that Greece, Hungary and the US are the only countries who have never awarded us a single point.
  3. My reserves were Kazakhstan, Colombia and Lithuania. Sorry @konig The week I listened to the songs I was a bit stressed and that kind of music didn't catch my attention so much, but the song was good and I would have probably given it some points if I had to vote again today.
  4. Spain New Zealand 12 Portugal 11 Italy 10 The Netherlands 9 Denmark 8 Slovakia 7 Czech Republic 6 Ireland 5 Sweden 4 Mexico 3 United States 2 China 1
  5. Spain Portugal 11 Italy 10 The Netherlands 9 Denmark 8 Slovakia 7 Czech Republic 6 Ireland 5 Sweden 4 Mexico 3 United States 2 China 1
  6. Spain Greetings in Native Language: ¡Un placer haber participado una edición más en el TISC! Muchas gracias al anfitrión por hacerlo posible. English Translation: It has been a pleasure to participate one more year in the TISC! Thank you very much to the host for making it possible. Italy 10 The Netherlands 9 Denmark 8 Slovakia 7 Czech Republic 6 Ireland 5 Sweden 4 Mexico 3 United States 2 China 1
  7. I just arrived to post my votes in a few minutes. Could you send me the template @Dnl? I didn't have time to do it myself.
  8. I just realized that Spain finished just one position better than Croatia in both Open 2020 and Annual 2021 (25th and 24th) At least this edition is going a little bit better for me.
  9. Thanks everybody for the points, specially @kungshamra71for those 12 points I will leave in a few minutes but I will try to be back this afternoon to post my votes. If I'm not mistaken, this is the scoreboard after 6 countries: # NOC TOT 1 FRA 38 2 NZL 38 3 CZE 37 4 SWE 36 5 GER 29 6 ESP 27 7 IRL 23 8 DEN 22 9 MDA 19 10 USA 18 11 POL 17 12 UKR 16 13 CAN 14 14 KAZ 14 15 LIT 13 16 SRB 12 17 HUN 11 18 VIE 11 19 BRA 10 20 ROU 10 21 GBR 9 22 GRE 7 23 CRO 6 24 ITA 6 25 POR 6 26 MEX 5 27 NED 4 28 ARG 3 29 ISR 3 30 CHN 2 31 MAL 2 32 BUL 0 32 COL 0 32 INA 0 32 IND 0 32 SLO 0 32 SVK 0
  10. I did my first listening a couple of days ago and 17 songs made my first cut. I'm a bit busy these days but I hope I can have time this weekend to listen to the songs at least 2 more times before sending the votes.
  11. Yeah. Nobody cares about winter sports in Spain and the Winter Olympics would be a waste of money. The Summer Olympics would have much more popular support if they don't spend too much money building new venues.
  12. 2030 in Spain is impossible. There are too many parties involved in the event with very antagonic views. We have the central government (PSOE, social democrats and the ones who re-started the project), two regional governments (Aragon is led by PSOE, but they feel discriminated for not including the region or the city of Zaragoza in the official naming, and Catalonia, led by ERC, who are also very interested because they will use it as a political tool) and two local governments (Barcelona is led by En Comú Podem/Podemos, non-secessionist left/green party, which doesn't want to host the Games, and the Pirineus towns led by Junts, right secessionist party, who like the idea but they don't want to do it with the central government). And then there is Madrid (PP, right) who already started to prepare the candidature for the 2036 Olympics but they can't make it official until the 2030 candidature fails. Alejandro Blanco is just playing games with the press.
  13. It's always nice to win, but it was just a friendly game. Besides, the match would have been more entertained if Bonucci wasn't kicked out so early.
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