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  1. Question 1: Would you like to see a once-off special contest to be held this summer with the final being held at some point during the old Olympic schedule? (a) Yes (b) No Question 2: Would you like it to be a themed contest? For example (sports themed, movie themed, instrumental themed, talent show themed, any other themed)? (a) Yes (b) No Question 3: If we have a themed contest, which type of theme do you prefer? Please answer even if you answered "No" to Question 2. (a) Festival of Music style - representing the nations who have not participated in TISC (b) Sports themed (c) Movie themed (d) Instrumental themed (e) Talent Show themed (f) Dance Music themed (g) Dance themed (h) Other theme - please specify
  2. I was doubting between two songs of the same artist for this year's entry. The other option was Vas a quedarte, just in case you want to listen it. At the end I chose Más because had more chances to finish top10 due to the style, but I like Vas a quedarte more and I want to share it with you:
  3. Congrats Canada! 6th place for Spain again, which is our best result ever at an Annual contest
  4. I had to leave and I didn't see it, but thanks @Federer91 for the Spain 12!
  5. I think the Argentinan song is more "canción de autor" rather than Latin pop, and the strongest point of the canción de autor is usually the lyrics. Personally, I loved the meaning of the song, but I think that for non-Spanish speakers will be difficult to vote the song unless they understand the lyrics
  6. Thank you for sharing it! I have listened it a few more times after sending the votes and now I like it even more.
  7. I really like Álvaro Soler, so I'm glad you shared that song!
  8. ITALY 12 MEXICO 11 GERMANY 10 PORTUGAL 9 CANADA 8 LITHUANIA 7 ARGENTINA 6 BULGARIA 5 CHINA 4 SLOVAKIA 3 INDIA 2 HUNGARY 1 These were the votes of Spain. Thank you all.
  10. SPAIN ¡Buenos días desde España! Tenemos muchas ganas de disfrutar de una nueva final del TISC y pasar un gran día musical en medio de esta pandemia. ¡Mucha suerte a todos y espero que estéis todos sanos! Hello fellow Totallympians, this is Spain calling! Here are the votes of the Spanish National Jury: GERMANY 10 PORTUGAL 9 CANADA 8 LITHUANIA 7 ARGENTINA 6 BULGARIA 5 CHINA 4 SLOVAKIA 3 INDIA 2 HUNGARY 1
  11. PHILIPPINES I listened this song by chance a few weeks ago and I really liked it, so this year Philippines is going to be my second pick for the Festival of Music. Binalewala - Michael Libaranda
  12. COLOMBIA This was the most listened song in Spain in 2019, so I thought about presenting it to represent Spain this year. Finally I selected the other song because I liked it more, but I will post the song here as the Colombian entry in the Festival of Music. It is a collab between the Spanish singer Rosalía and the Colombian singer J Balvin: Con Altura - ROSALÍA, J Balvin
  13. Football rules do not mention the age of the players, it only says that "All players participating in the preliminary and final competitions of the Tournament shall be born on or after 1 January 1997", so everybody who was eligible to play this year, will be eligible to play in 2021.
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