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  1. Yes, you will probably have 2 or 3 quotas. Both women, especially Wiet-Henin, are very talented and well ranked. In men, Ravet is very young and he won the European Championship a few weeks ago, so even though in his weight there are athletes with a better ranking, he could defeat them. Chellamootoo is one of the favorites, but there a few of good athletes and only 2 quotas, so the draw will be very important.
  2. will send two women: Adriana Cerezo (-49 kg) Cecilia Castro (-67 kg) We already qualified three men through the ranking, so we cannot send more athletes. Adriana should qualify if everything goes right, and for Cecilia it will be harder, but she has some chances.
  3. I am not expecting more than 5 golds for Spain. We have a lot of decent chances to win medals (we will probably tie or even beat our record of 22 in Barcelona 92), but gold medals are very difficult for us. The biggest chance is probably Sandra Sánchez in karate, but being the Japanese her biggest rival I am not so sure if it's going to be gold or silver. We also have good chances in badminton (Carolina Marín), tennis (Nadal or the doubles), shooting (both traps and the mixed team with Fátima Gálvez and Alberto Fernández), judo (Niko Sherazadishvili), sailing (470W should be our best shot, but
  4. I voted for Qatar (although I think both countries will win one gold medal each and I would prefer Israel ahead in the medal table), Ireland (they will have at least two gold medals in rowing, while Portugal have a few chances, but all of them have strong rivals) and Ukraine (no doubt here).
  5. Spain will also have 2 Flag Bearers. The man will be Saúl Craviotto (canoeing) for sure and the woman has not been confirmed yet, but Mireia Belmonte (swimming) is the best candidate. Lydia Valentín (weighlifting) and Carolina Marín (badminton) have some chances.
  6. She thought it was only the 2nd assault and not the 3rd. It's shameful to have that mistake in the most important match of her life...
  7. What are your predictions for tomorrow @Dunadan? We have the 2nd seeded athlete in foil and sabre and the 3rd one in epee. The president of our national federation said he was hoping to get at least one quota, but I am not as optimistic as him...
  8. It doesn't make any sense in fencing to have a mixed team. They already tested in cadets and the Youth Olympics and it was a mess.
  9. But 24 of those quotas are reserved for the team athletes. If you are not a great power and don't have a competitive team, you only have 2 quotas by ranking (in Europe) and another one by the Qualification Tournament. For a small country in fencing like us is extremely hard to get a single quota.
  10. and take the quotas in Laser. However, I think the Ducth sailor has not met the national standards, so would be the next in line to get the reallocation.
  11. It is going to be tougher than I initially thought, but I hope Spain can take one of the quotas. ¡Vamos Joel!
  12. 24th place for Spain but receiving points from 15 national jurors, which is not far from my personal record (6th place in the 2019 Open with 17 countries). As expected, the song is not good enough to be at the top of the lists (no medals and a 5th place as our best result), but it has managed to score a lot of low points, which is always nice. As I said this morning, I was afraid that nobody would vote for it given the high average quality of the edition. It has been a tough year for Spanish music, with trap and reggaeton being the most listened genres and sending those songs is ve
  13. Congratulations ! And also to the members of Knights for the team bronze medal! Good job !
  14. Let's go Knights! We are still in pace to get the bronze... But I don't think that Spain is going to contribute much for the last 3 jurors
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