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  1. In Malta the 2 main song contests that usually take place during summer were held just the same but just on TV and without an audience. During the March - May period there were singers who united together virtually to record songs with a message of hope to the general public. At the moment, no albums that were released during summer are coming to mind. With regards to the our annual contest I would vote for the B option, both for the first and second question.
  2. Congrats to Serbia for their deservedly win and for their consistent almost getting votes from all points throughout the contest. Congrats also to Canada for their silver medal. It's been a tight race for bronze medal and a real honour to snatch that final podium place. Thanks to all those who voted for the Maltese song and for your kind messages and support throughout the day. An appreciate to the organisers of this contest. A really good job for keeping the level of this contest on a high level. Here's another chance to listen to the Maltese song. Let's
  3. MALTA Canada 12 Serbia 11 Germany 10 India 9 Indonesia 8 Netherlands 7 Lithuania 6 Italy 5 China 4 Spain 3 Ireland 2 Argentina
  4. Un chapeau to the deserved winner with Serbia's final podium for the night
  5. MALTA Serbia 11 Germany 10 India 9 Indonesia 8 Netherlands 7 Lithuania 6 Italy 5 China 4 Spain 3 Ireland 2 Argentina 1
  6. MALTA I'm sure you won't be reading this message but go straight to the points. But if you do, glad you read it. these are the votes of the Maltese jury: Germany 10 India 9 Indonesia 8 Netherlands 7 Lithuania 6 Italy 5 China 4 Spain 3
  7. Wow, just when hopes were starting to fade away and all seems lost, up came 12 unexpected points from Mexico. Thanks a lot mrv86. Glad you like the song.
  8. With Malta voting at the end, I'm fearing that the Maltese votes will be dropping Malta out of the podium.
  9. At least something is getting right at the moment. Trying to juggle between watching the match and keeping up with all these post. Should anyone like to watch the match, you can try to access it from this link Forza Malta
  10. Wow thank you India for the 12 points. Glad you enjoyed listening to the song
  11. So will this delegation be accommodated in this castle? I know it's Halloween, but hearing the Black Lady of Staverden in the middle of the night would be something.. you know.. unpleasant to put it mildly
  12. MALTA BERLIN by AIRPORT IMPRESSIONS And finally, the moment you have all been waiting for. The question whether Malta will be participating in this year's TOISC is finally answered. The Maltese jury have selected the song 'Berlin' by Airport Impressions. Hope you enjoy this song. Prepare yourself to whistle through the song. Lyrics to the song below. There's a revelation callin' in a conversation fallin' somewhere, down town berlin! hang around behind the seashore paralysed in observation stone froze away from
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