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  1. Our first and last medal was in 1968 so we can easily add another 4 years of waiting. No chance for us at a medal but a top 6 result in bobsleigh will be a very good result.
  2. ROMANIA: 21 Alpine Skiing: 2 (1W - 1M) - Maria Constantin, Alexandru Stefanescu Biathlon: 2 (1W - 1M) - Natalia Ushkina, George Coltea Bobsleigh: 6 (2W - 4M) - Andreea Grecu, Katharina Wick, Mihai Tentea, Ciprian Daroczi, Cristian Radu, Raul Dobre Cross-Country Skiing: 3 (1W - 2M) - Timeea Lorincz, Paul Pepene, Raul Popa Luge: 4 (1W - 3M) - Raluca Stramaturaru, Valentin Cretu, Denis Serban, Maria Gitlan Skeleton: 1* (1M) - Sebastian Enache (1st reserve) Ski Jumping: 3 (1W - 2M) - Daniela Haralambie, Andrei Feldorean, Daniel Cacina Speed Skating: 1 (1W) - Mihaela Hogas
  3. declined the quota, will decline too and if will decline then will have 3 women’s quotas
  4. Mihaela Hogas just posted on her instagram that she is going to the Olympics and after the hashtags she used it she is qualified in 500m and 1000m
  5. And now it’s official we will have 2 ski jumpers in men’s competition(Andrei Feldorean and Daniel Cacina).
  6. If Finland will decline the 5th quota the Romania will have 2 spots.
  7. Well, our good chance for a top 6 is in men’s bobsleigh but for a medal maybe in 2026.
  8. Ushkina 26th place today for her, first time since Eva Tofalvi when we got points in women’s world cup, i think she has a big chance to qualify for the Olympics now.
  9. [hide] Knockout Round - Medal Matches December 14 - Decmber 19th, 2021 Third-Place Match Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 19th 2021, 14:30 Denmark 4 Spain Final Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 19th 2021, 17:30 France 2 Norway [/hide]
  10. Larisa Iordache after a new operation has retired from gymnastics. She made this decision a couple of weeks ago and will transition to working as an assistant coach alongside her former coaches. She was a fighter and maybe she never won an olympic title but definetly she was one of the best gymnast in the world. I really hope she will come back for Paris 2024 and she will fight for olympic gold.
  11. For the first time since Eva Tofalvi we ll have a woman in pursuit race.
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