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  1. 2015 European BB champion Andreea Munteanu is back in the gym!
  2. News from Larisa, she suffered a kidney crisis just before the competition. That’s why she has a feverish state.
  3. Larisa has had the vaccine, but yes she competed with a feverish state. After competition she was taken to the hospital where a infusion was put on her. She is a warrior
  4. Russia +1 quota and Larisa who won individual quota
  5. WOW 6.1 D, that's impressive, maybe she has still a tiny chance
  6. the quotas will be determined after the qualifications not the all around final
  7. Well for Romania realistic i expect 5-6 medals maybe 1-2 golds) Rowing - we have the best chances to win some medals (2-3 medals) (1-2 golds) Tennis - we have Simona Halep, women's doubles and mixed doubles Fencing - Ana Maria Popescu in women's epee Shooting - Laura Coman Wrestling - Alina Vuc Gymnastics - If Larisa Iordache will qualify she will have a chance in women's all around and beam Swimmining - Robert Glinta in 100 m backstroke
  8. Natalia Ushkina and Dmitrii Shamaev recived the citizenship of the country and they will join Romanian national team.
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