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  1. That, in and of itself, is an issue honestly. In proper debate, both sides argue a specific issue. They both make arguments supported by facts/research. Speaking times are respected. Each side as allotted time to present their argument. They are then given time to question the other side about their position. Both sides then get concluding statements. No personal attacks are allowed. You aren’t allowed to go over time.
  2. Biggest takeaway seems to be that Trump failed to condemn white supremacy, and then told the Proud Boys to “Stand down and stand by.”
  3. Well...that went about as well as expected. At least they actually got to talk about some policy for a change, so that’s nice.
  4. Well this a glorious fucking shitshow
  5. Yep, it’s going to be debate chock-full of fantastic answers like: ”Could you please repeat the question?” and “That’s a nasty question. I’m not going to answer that.” Plus, we’ll probably get a couple of long winded rambling responses that make absolutely zero sense, and a few sad attempts at sick burns. Also, this isn’t a debate. Candidates aren’t required to speak in fact. That aren’t going to be fact-checked by the moderater. They’re going to be encouraged by their bases to take pot shots are the other candidate. They won’t get into any meaningful p
  6. A real shame. Catherine was a great media contact. I was a little sad reading her letter this morning.
  7. USA Song Selection It’s time to have some fun.! Oh wait! Sorry...The U.S. jury got a little carried away there. After two consecutive years of representing the United States, fun. have decided to take a break. With fun. out of contention, the U.S. jury worked tirelessly year-round to select a new artist to represent us this year. We listened to songs that represented all the genres, regions, and people of the United States. The song we choose won strong praise from all members of the United Staes jury. So, without further ado, it is my pleasure to present this year’s en
  8. @hckosice Huh, I didn’t think California would be #4 in terms of Slovak diaspora. That map definitely needs an update though. A LOT has changed since 1990 To be honest, I don’t know of a culture that isn’t represented in California. Maybe a smaller country like San Marino or Eswatini perhaps...
  9. In other news, tonight is the first US Presidential Debate. It will probably be a laughing stock.
  10. And now there’s three countries engaged in war... It’s important to remember that Turkey and Azerbaijan are extremely close allies. I remember Turkey getting home-like cheers and support during Baku 2015.
  11. By far the biggest problem with Coe, Bach, and other IF leaders right now.
  12. Personally, I just prefer lower placed athletes qualifying off time. It creates a fair amount of different scenarios, and it can change the tactics from race to race. It rewards runners who run a quick, even if they didn’t run the best race strategically. I think this rule change will just create slower races that constantly come down to a final sprint over the last 300-500m. That’s not inherently a bad thing, but it does pretty much take away all incentive for running a quick race. I think your criticism is valid (and absolutely correct) too. It will be interesting to
  13. Yes, this absolutely what that rule change means.
  14. Interesting, I included that rule specifically because it upset me as a distance runner.
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