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  1. Some of the biggest protests we’ve seen so far in the U.S. today. It seems like almost all of them have stayed peaceful. It will be interesting to see where the BLM movement goes from here.
  2. Please, if you’re going to meet a Bermudan, you have to wear the proper shorts...
  3. I enjoy some simple editing. I’d be more than happy to help if you need it
  4. I was thinking towards the end. Maybe on one of the “voting days” or in place of the “repechage”
  5. @OlympicIRL Maybe we could have a tribute to international sports songs sometime during the 16 days? People could post their favorite Olympic theme songs, FIFA theme songs, goal songs, etc. Just a nice way to celebrate some sports history through music.
  6. I think the threshold should at least be 50% of jurors selected for said match, so in this case, 5.
  7. You could’ve done what used to do during high school, and just watched them anyways. Nothing says trigonometry, like sport climbing at the YOG
  8. I was more looking for advice on where to look for stuff? What websites/pages are best?
  9. Welcome @Hayward! Don’t know if I’ve seen a Bermudan user on here before...Always nice to grow the Pan American membership of the forum.
  10. Ugh, I get to enjoy road rash for the next 2/3 days. I just wish people would clean up the streets and desert areas around here.
  11. I can’t believe this country. We can’t even pass a anti-lynching bill in 2020.
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