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  1. Pretty much. That’s what I’ve done for the last edition or two.
  2. I think we’re good. One or both of us will likely be present then.
  3. Laurenne Ross Resi Stiegler Alice McKennis Duran
  4. That’s the look of someone who part their full effort and soul into a run. Congrats, Daniela
  5. My guess is Peugeot for what it’s worth
  6. “Captain Barbosa we need you at the helm”
  7. My logic was: rice has a weight and boxers a have a weight. Plus, I do know that produce weights can often take on meanings in the local vernacular.
  8. Let me begin by saying that I have no clue. My boxing spectating is limited to multi-sports games, and even then it’s not much. That said, I always led to believe that the term “bantam” in English was to do with ghosts/spirits and such. For some reason, I think the word has Thai origins as well, so here’s my thoughts on your choices. Bantamweight is one of the lower weights, so I could refer to a measurement of rice (like a bag or something). With my association of the word with spirits, perhaps a squid is also possible, but that feels like a bit of a stretch. One could see how a c
  9. Alright, imput incoming. Give me a few moments to type my response.
  10. I’ll be around to provide my “expertise” when needed
  11. I stopped skating in late January, and have been pretty lazy since then. I’ve got a month until the Wings for Life World Run, and I’ve always wanted to have a go at that, so I’m gonna say fuck it and run for the month and see how well I can do. Ideally, I would have given myself a few more weeks of training, but I need just need to get active again, so we’ll see how this goes.
  12. I’ll go with the celebrating cyclist and equine playtime (a.k.a. equestrian)
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