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  1. Came across this article about Liberia’s uniforms, though there’s not much in the way of photos yet.
  2. Final allocation of quotas confirmed. Men’s Kata - (tripartite) Women’s Kata - (tripartite) Men’s Kata - (reallocation) Women’s -61kg - (reallocation) Source:
  3. Yay! First quota for ! I can finally update the National Thread It’s unfortunate that D’Amour couldn’t get a quota through merit, but he is arguably the best USVI athlete at the moment (in my opinion), so I’m glad that he’ll get a chance to represent the USVI at the Olympic Games.
  4. didn’t appear in the live timing, and still didn’t when I checked the link. There must of have been some sort of timing error.
  5. I think qualified via host quota reallocation, so continental would go to
  6. At that point, it’d be better to just take the 6 runner-ups from the continental tournaments and the two best non-qualified world tour teams.
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