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  1. They were shown as entered in the results management system, but I see they have been removed now.
  2. My interview with Jenise Spiteri, who will be representing Malta.
  3. I don’t have the words to describe how I feel. I just want to send all the best wishes and positive energy I have @heywoodu @brunamoura direction. I know it’s an unimaginably difficult time for you @heywoodu, so I thank you for giving us a status update.
  4. From my understanding, they’ll be deemed close contacts, which means they’ll be subject to special regulations in the bubble, but assuming they don’t chance the virus, they can still compete. That’s how I understand the procedure anyway.
  5. and rejected a reallocation. appears to have accepted a reallocation. However, unless there’s a glitch, it seems as though another quota is in the reallocation process now. has first dibs, if they pass, it goes to and who seem likely to pass, meaning it would then go to
  6. I’ve gone ahead and set up league for Totallympics users. You can use the following code to join: LXKPDLTA @Dunadan @Henry_Leon @SteveParker @Pablita @Gianlu33 @Wumo @Agger @Siddhartha Talukdar @Griff88 @Vojthas I tagged those @maestro had tagged, who played last summer during Tokyo 2020. Of course, anyone is welcome to play along. A note for any new players… is offering a Fantasy/Prediction contest in their Fanzone. You’ll need to create an “Olympic ID” to play (this is your account for use at the Olympic Channel and in interactive zones such as this, it is completely free). I recommend using your Totallympics username as your Olympic ID username (if possible), so that we can identify you more easily. Here’s a link to the fanzone home page: A reminder for all players…Remember to read the rules, they have made some notable changes since Tokyo 2020. Here’s a link to the Fantasy page for anyone who needs it as well:
  7. declines the quota, so on to who already decline multiple reallocations. Next up would be
  8. rejected their quota in women’s monobob, which was reallocated to Updated quota list available here: first under the line in women’s monobob
  9. According to Ken Childs, the IBSF had allocated the last quota to Katie Tannenbaum , which would bring us back up to 91 nations in Beijing.
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