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  1. Trea Turner is on fire right now! Another home to give the home team a 12-2 lead! (I forgot to post this at the time. I got to caught up in the game )
  2. Alonso’s penalty has been reversed apparently…
  3. You really are one of us! getting ready for the reign of the anti-committee
  4. Here are my personal votes with remarks attached - 12 (I’m a sucker for folk bops. Also, I love the blending of styles and languages. It felt very natural. Overall, visually, lyrically, and audibly, this offered everything I want in a song @Illya) - 11 (Vocals and video were on point. It wasn’t the catchiest song, but it was very original. It left me intrigued @NikolaB) - 10 (I’m really sad this didn’t do better. We don’t see many humor entries in TISC, so this was a very fun song to discover. Visuals were low budget, but lyrics were priceless. I think some more engaging vocals could have seen this snag my top rank @Dnl) - 9 (I was actually a little torn on where to rank this. It ultimately ended up higher since I enjoyed listening to it while driving. I like the vocal, and there were some nice touches in the final production. Who doesn’t like some teenage angst? @ManuCHIL) - 8 (Again, another song I would have liked to see do better. I appreciate the risk taken with this entry. He had a unique sound and I loved the live performance @Vic Liu) - 7 (Multiple folk styles with some fun lyrics? Sign me up. I need something a little engaging with the vocals and arrangement to rank this higher @mrv86) - 6 (Well, I liked this one. I the folk element was nice and the video was engaging. I didn’t hurt that I enjoyed listening to the audio only version of the song. It fell victim, like many of the following songs, to being a little too similar in sound and vibe @Werloc) - 5 (I originally had this one ranked higher, but I need some stronger lyrics. I liked the Greek/English combination. It flowed well. A nice summer song @Yannakis @maestro @Makedonas) - 4 (Will there a more memorable beat drop in TISC history? I liked the song, but again, I needed a little more originality [lyrically and visually]. Still, happy to contribute to the meme @Cobi) - 3 (This isn’t something I would normally listen to, but it really stuck out to me. Original lyrics, nice visual, and an acceptable vocal performance. I’m sure you’ll get points from us one day @hckošice) - 2 (This one grew on me. Nice vocal and visual with some interesting enough lyrics. It just didn’t have the affect on me some other songs did. However, it did feel very French @Benolympique @Bohemia) - 1 (I don’t know why I didn’t rank this one higher. This is normally a genre and song I’d rank higher. I think it just got lost in a sea of European pop bops. Anyway, great lyrics, nice vocal, and fun sound. Congrats on the win @SteveParker @Pablita @Henry_Leon) - R1 (Normally something I’d spring for immediately. I just didn’t like the arrangement at all, and that rubbed me the wrong way unfortunately. Still, appreciate the uniqueness of this entry @IoNuTzZ) - R2 (I ended up liking this song much more than I thought I would. It was a little too slow and didn’t build enough to gets points. Nice entry though @rybak) - R3 (Lyrics took this from the podium to a reserve slot. Visuals were nice and this got my body moving. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get over the let down of the lyrics. Still, nice to have Norway back @vkristijan) - R4 (Similar feedback to Norway here. Best vocal, but just not stimulating enough lyrically. I made share to keep in my reserves though @Ruslan)
  5. certainly gave the home fans something to cheer about tonight
  6. It’s the basically the pinnacle of ultra-marathoning in the United States. All our big running media outlets cover the race.
  7. I’m going to miss the closing ceremony, but hat’s off to @Cobi. Phenomenal job hosting this monstrosity
  8. I’ll take a top five I had some higher hopes for Judah & The Lion, but I’m glad many juries enjoyed the song. The “shhh” remix is often played on my commutes around town.
  9. This is the first time a non-English group I listen to has the won the contest It was one of three acts I knew before the contest
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