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  1. Not too often you see Barbados cracking into the top 12 of an Olympic sport world championships
  2. I wanted to extend a formal Totallympics welcome to @RiderJake Hope to see you around the forum!
  3. I do think the decision will likely give him time to mature a bit more, and that may be the better option in the long run. Personally, I would have chose him over Brown, even though I like watching Brown skate.
  4. I still don’t understand why he wasn’t selected for the Olympic team last year. I get he was new on scene then, but even then you could tell he was a special talent.
  5. Central American Games have been cancelled:
  6. I’m not sure about some these program quotas decisions. All these combat sports having nine athletes per event will make the draw wonky. Plus, it seems like sports/events are just being added or subtracted arbitrarily here and there (as in there doesn’t seem to be a common thread or logic to it.)
  7. IFSC World Cup in Edinburgh will go ahead according to a statement from the IFSC.
  8. Equity isn’t the same as equality though, and to be honest, I don’t think indigenous peoples have ever been treated equal to those of European ancestry in the Americas. There’s been some improvements in the last few decade as to how our nations treat indigenous peoples, but I still think there’s (understandably) a lot to desire from their end. Many of our countries have actively tried to suppress their languages, kill their cultures, and steal their resources at some point in history. It doesn’t seem like that far of a stretch to maybe rethink how we honor the legacy of indigenous peoples and move forward to a more constructive relationship. Personally, I think honoring land claims, paying reparations, and giving remaining indigenous groups some form of autonomy isn’t that outlandish. Those are just my thoughts on the matter though.
  9. I haven’t gotten around to watching it properly yet, but I’ve seen some clips and it’s seems like a solid production at the least. I read there’s a time jump coming up, where some of the actors will change, so might be wise to reserve opinions until after that…
  10. Meanwhile, Chile will vote to either approve or reject a new Constitution today. It’s being billed as one of the most important votes in the country’s history. Results are expected a few hours after the vote from what I’ve read.
  11. Some chatter that Japan may not be seeded into Group A next season.
  12. has a run of top results in squash and bowling, and they generally perform very well in World Games sports, so I can them petitioning to keep those two on the program at least. Plus, Barranquilla should have the facilities for those sports following the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games. I agree with you that water ski and basque pelota are in a precarious position though.
  13. As I understand it, there are serious concerns about the water levels at Lake Casitas. Casitas is also relatively removed from all the other venues. Likewise, with Lake Perris.
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