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  1. Journey to the East, South, and North.
  2. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help @toulousain
  3. I’m not familiar with French, so I’ll take your word for it.
  4. Swiss are well known in the US for their fine dining. I’m not too familiar with any famous Swiss cinema festival. I’m also not familiar with any big Swiss Paralympic awards.
  5. Bad. I can always attempt to help you think it through though.
  6. In case dcro is occupied, I am available at the moment as well.
  7. Nope, cross that off; now it’s 72.
  8. Not 24, but 47. All 47 players will be confined to their rooms and not allowed to train for 2 weeks. You can add Kerber to that list as well. Source:
  9. This is the last peak over 8000m to be summited in the winter. It’s a huge symbolic win/achievement for Nepal.
  10. Don’t know if this video is available outside the US, but here’s another fun one.
  11. Remembered this crazy moment from the 2019 Pan American Games. This is from the men’s singles gold medal match:
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