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  1. I’m just surprised no one has asked the IOC, “what does Russia offer the Olympic Movement?” They’ve broken the Olympic Truce, engaged in state-sponsored doping, and drove up an insane bill that has been citied by some as a reason for less bidders all within the last decade or two. Why fight so hard to bring them back in to the fold at every turn? I understand it’s a complex issue, and I do get some of the arguments made against unilaterally banning athletes from a particular country, but it’s not like the invasion is Russia’s only offense against Olympic values (as other users have pointed out.)
  2. At best a careless mistake, at worst vocal support for Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  3. Scathing opinion on the IOC’s statement from one of the top U.S. Olympic journalists.
  4. Speaking of results you don’t typically see in winter sports, Vaclavik leads after the short program in boy’s figure skating cc: @hckošice
  5. Zelenskyy’s statement to Macron about the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics seems to have ruffled a few feathers at the IOC. They came out with this laundry list of statements about the participation of Russian/Belarusian athletes today. It seems to both maintain the status quo, while maybe opening the door slightly more to Russian/Belarusian athletes.
  6. Not in the medal count, but worth noting… Gwyneth Ten Raa finished in the top 10 in the girl’s slalom. It’s not everyday you see a result like that for Luxembourg in alpine skiing (Then again, she is already an olympian )
  7. I’m not sure if that’s happened at the EYOF before, but it seems like something that would have happened at other sporting events. / derby would be quite the finale though. @Dragon might be able to shed some light on rather or not spouses have coached against each other at the Olympics.
  8. Yeah, I noticed that as well. It’s a bit off-topic, but I was surprised by the lack of ITG reporters in Birmingham this summer. To my knowledge, I was the only representative of one of the big Olympic publications in town. I got some great interviews other publications didn’t, so I can’t complain, but that was odd to me. Barker also points out how the FISU does medal ceremonies, but doesn’t add that athletes are still organized by nation and wear national uniforms (for the most part) at the World University Games.
  9. Interesting historical perspective on the current national flags debate by ITG’s resident historian Philip Barker:
  10. with two skiers in the top 10 in the boy’s slalom. You certainly don’t see that everyday
  11. Palmitjavila 4th in the SkiMo sprint Hopefully he can improve his placing in the individual
  12. I realize this is a very delayed fact-check, but that wasn’t even close to the record. beat 46-0 at the 2017 Asian Winter Games.
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