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  1. I ask, where is the all option??!! Personally, I like to watch luge, jumping, Norwegian combinations, biathlon, free skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing (but only if a lady from Norway does not dominate).
  2. That is why I prefer not to expect great results, I prefer to be surprised by a good place or medal at the Olympic Games. Already four years ago they were to be the landmark Games, and it came out as usual.
  3. It is known that one big tournament is optimistic, but I do not want to blow a balloon too much, because there will be a discussion in my country that Polish judokas must bring a bag of medals from the Olympic Games.
  4. At the beginning of the year, when I read the statement of the coach of the team and the president of the association, I rubbed my eyes in amazement at what their optimism beat. And today I see that Polish judo is again beginning to mean something internationally.
  5. You can say what you want, but in my opinion the results of Polish judokas have been very optimistic since the beginning of the year. I did not think that Piotrek Kuczera and Beata Pacut would finish the competition at the Grand Slam points in Paris.
  6. Today the Swede did not succeed (great pity for this second attempt), but if he comes to Toruń, he will succeed there. Of course, this is only my wishful dream, but probably only Duplantis knows what he can do.
  7. A phenomenal form of Duplantis, as for his first start this year! Fear to be afraid of the Swede, since he is already trying to attack the world record - 6.17.
  8. Tomek / Maniek is a strange cyclist on the one hand he can ride a great race, and on the other he is getting some fool. In my opinion, even if he doesn't have results, he is a good soul who gives color to the peloton and Lotto Soudal.
  9. You have another example of how talents are respected in Polish sport and can be crushed. If it were up to me, I wouldn't let such a situation prevent the world champion from going to the most important event.
  10. I'm very shocked and I can't get out of it that Kobe is dead ... This is a great blow for the basketball family, as well as for the whole sport ...
  11. Dorota probably just returned from the grouping in Spain and should already appear in the next competition. But I don't know it 100%, because I haven't found a confirmation anywhere. It is a pity that her chance to go to Tokyo would be lost.
  12. Enjoys a good form at the beginning of the season of the duet Agnieszka Skrzypulec & Jolanta Ogar. I remember what was happening and what was the expectation of sailing before Rio, so in this case I am quietly counting on some place in the top 5, because I start in the medal race when it comes to this duo.
  13. Another sacrifice took the toll of Dakar ... Too bad for the man ...
  14. I prefer to tone my ambitions, because every Olympics in Poland are hopes that these Games will be groundbreaking and we will finally win more than 10 medals. In martial arts I count on Kowalczyk to win a medal on tatami. I am also quietly counting on a surprise on the part of Dorota Banaszczyk in karate, maybe wrestlers will also get something.
  15. Enjoys the good opening of the season by Karolina Pieńkowska and Anna Borowska, because fifth place for Polish judoka is already a success. I enjoy every place in the top eight, it makes me happy. Julia Kowalczyk also fought ambitiously yesterday, but she was unlucky because in the first round she ran into Eteri Liparteliani and after 9 minutes she had to recognize the superiority of Georgian. In addition, the quick defeats of Agata Perenc and Patryk Wawrzyczek, but here I personally have no great requirements for these two. An interesting fact is that Mirosław Błachnio (coach of the Polish team) and Jacek Zawdka (president of the Polish Judo Association) set an ambitious goal for Polish players, i.e. places 1-5 in each event they take part in, and that Poland is to bring at least one medal from the Games.
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