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  1. One of the most interesting cuts that has appeared in the peloton in recent years.
  2. His facial expressions, when they don't go according to his plan, are divine .
  3. I guess each of us would be angry to fail like that. I hope Wade loses it because I like to see her angry.
  4. There is a saying in Poland Unused situations take revenge (Niewykorzystane sytuacje się mszczą). I don't know how many guys gave each other gifts, but Suljovic lost it a lot.
  5. If Smith duel with Suljovic is going to be a wipe for the next bouts this evening. Let everyone be so curious and suspenseful.
  6. Movistar unveil special edition jerseys for Strade Bianche. Jerseys will be later auctioned off with proceeds going to Spanish Red Cross and Italy's Civil Protection Department.
  7. In my opinion, he is doing wrong, because from what I've read Norwich likes to play football. But if he puts in something more than just with or without gas ball, then maybe he will be given more than just a joker who will step on and race tied rivals.
  8. Sometimes there is no logic in the transfers of Italian clubs. I would never have imagined that Filip Piszczek, who was the star of Sandecja, would play in Serie B, and that he earned a transfer to Cracovia, and after the unsuccessful round, Probierz decided to give him there.
  9. Another transfer from the Polish league. Formalities completed, Przemysław Płacheta will soon officially become a Norwich player. Śląsk Wrocław will earn 3 million euro on this transfer. Interestingly, after an unsuccessful adventure in RB Leipzig II and SG Sonnenhof Grossaspach, he rebuilt himself in the back of the top football class. After a year, he is transferred to Ekstraklasa, and after another 12 months, he goes abroad.
  10. I'm also not a mega fan of Lech. I think the Dane chose the most sensible in the end in Serie B he has a better chance of playing than in the clubs in Turkey and others who were interested in his services.
  11. Do you think this is a good move for your striker? Because when I read people's opinion on Twitter, opinions are divided. Some believe that he is making a mistake, others that it is the best decision of the teams that was interested in him.
  12. I had similar entertainment in March and April. Generally, I can recommend it to anyone .
  13. FINA is pleased to announce a global COVID-19 support plan in excess of $6 million USD to assist athletes who will compete in the Tokyo Olympic Games next summer, through three distinctive programmes.
  14. If it counts around the country. I can join the group of travelers.
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