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    TomJa reacted to Monzanator in Historical Sport Pictures   
    Moscow 1980 was also the hottest Summer OG based on average temperature IIRC.
    This was a disappointing Games for Poland. We "only" won 3 gold medals and a bucketload of silvers and bronzes (14 + 15).
    At least Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz told the comrades to fuck off in a stylish way after winning the pole vault gold on July 30th.

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    TomJa got a reaction from MHSN in [OFF TOPIC] General Chat   
    I had similar entertainment in March and April. Generally, I can recommend it to anyone .
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    TomJa got a reaction from Olympian1010 in Road Cycling 2020 Discussion Thread   
    Movistar unveil special edition jerseys for Strade Bianche. Jerseys will be later auctioned off with proceeds going to Spanish Red Cross and Italy's Civil Protection Department.

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    TomJa reacted to MHSN in [OFF TOPIC] General Chat   
    well I just went to the next block buying something wearing a mask, that's the longest distance I can go these days. does it count ?
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    TomJa got a reaction from DaniSRB in [OFF TOPIC] General Chat   
    If it counts around the country. I can join the group of travelers.
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    TomJa got a reaction from Dnl in Judo IJF World Tour 2020   
    At the beginning of the year, when I read the statement of the coach of the team and the president of the association, I rubbed my eyes in amazement at what their optimism beat. And today I see that Polish judo is again beginning to mean something internationally.
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    TomJa reacted to Gianlu33 in Athletes Deaths Thread   
    This is a total tragedy Kobe Bryant is apparently dead
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    TomJa reacted to Vojthas in Women's Water Polo LEN European Championship 2020   
    Google Translate is a tool you should beware.
    To explain to the others - there's a Polish word that means both "relationship" and "coverage".
    But to answer @TomJa's question -
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    TomJa reacted to heywoodu in Women's Water Polo LEN European Championship 2020   
    If by relationship you mean match, then here:
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    TomJa reacted to Gianlu33 in Women's Water Polo LEN European Championship 2020   
    On RAI Sport , they will show all the quarterfinals
 Web 1
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    TomJa reacted to phelps in Women's Water Polo LEN European Championship 2020   
    better here (you can watch all the games live and ondemand)...

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    TomJa got a reaction from Vojthas in Women's Water Polo LEN European Championship 2020   
    Where do you follow the relationship?
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    TomJa got a reaction from heywoodu in Men's Road Cycling UCI World Tour 2020   
    Following this way of thinking, there should be no one in this newspaper who does cycling
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    TomJa reacted to heywoodu in Darts BDO World Championships 2020   
    Oh well, after Harms vs Harryson, they showed the match statistics....and showed 2-2 as final standing  
    It's BDO, if something smells wrong, looks wrong and seems to be wrong, trust that it's wrong.
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    TomJa got a reaction from RobtheAggie in Cross-Country Skiing FIS Tour de Ski 2019 - 2020   
    Wow Dominik Bury! I am full of admiration that he managed to beat Niskanen and lost so much to Klaebo !
    Esteve Altimiras loves this mountain. A year ago 10, today 8. In a year, if the Russians and Norwegians will not escape him, TOP 5 is within his reach.
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    TomJa got a reaction from Monzanator in Dakar Rally 2020   
    Exactly. I'm not a big fan of motorsport, but after leaving the station of Adam Widomski and Sławek Szymczak, there are no personal details in Eurosport, that's why the duo Gac & Mielczarek is most likely to be heard. I wonder how they will solve it this year during the relationship with Le Mans. They will probably need meals in the form of Łukasz Siudak and Wojtek Jakubczyk.
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    TomJa reacted to Olympian1010 in Totallympics Media   
    Here’s our first official episode of TWU (Totallympics Weekly Update):
    @Vojthas and myself really enjoyed this one, so please give it a listen whenever you get the chance (on your way to work, in morning, before bed, when you’re bored, when there aren’t enough sports on, etc.) 
    Again, we’d love any feedback you could give us. Also, any suggestions for what we should cover next week. Plus, any ideas for segments or episodes (or of you’d like to come on for an episode and talk with us about something).
    Lastly, @Vojthas, @Dragon, and I cannot thank you enough for supporting us this year. Admittedly, it’s been a rocky start. However, with your support we’ve been able to build up an awesome website, and a great audio service. I’d also give thanks to @OlympicIRL and @mrv86 for their early contributions to Totallympics Media (and your both welcome back anytime ). Some more thanks are in order to users like @heywoodu @dcro @ChandlerMne @ahjfcshfghb @intoronto @Wumo @zob79 @TomJa @bmo @ofan @Griff88 @JoshMartini007 (and anyone else who I just unfortunately forgot) who give us constant feedback, consist support, and our the main reason we’ve made it this far. Of course, the man himself, @Sindo was deserves a massive, massive thanks for helping us accomplish all of this; without his work, none of us would have meant, we would have never had our own website, and we’d never have had a place to belong. 2019, was a fantastic, maddening, awesome, thrilling, joyously crazy, and thrill ride of a year. For all of us at Totallympics Media: Thank You all for your support and passion. We hope you have a wonderful, blessed, and sport-filled 2020.
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    TomJa got a reaction from AlFHg in Historical Sport Pictures   
    Recent History. October 10, 2019
    This Cambodian fan covered 6,000 km to support his country against Iran.
    Cambodia lost 14-0, but the man constantly cheered on his idols, up to 90 minutes

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    TomJa reacted to Col_Frost in CISM Military World Games 2019   
    Sunday, October 27th
    - Gold medal of our men's marathon team!
    - Indyvidual Henryk Szost (2:13:00) was 5th, Arkadiusz Gardzielewski (2:13:31) 6th, Marcin Chabowski (2:16:43) 7th, and Mariusz Giżyński (2:17:21) 11th.
    - Silver medal of our women's marathon team!
    - Indyvidual Izabela Paszkiewicz (2:31:39) was 5th, Aleksandra Lisowska (2:31:40) 6th, Monika Andrzejczak (2:31:56) 7th, and Olha Kalendarowa-Ochal (2:37:02) 11th.
    (coincidence? I think not  )

    - Michał Oliwa was 18th in men's individual elite. Tomasz Brembor was 22nd, and Kacper Stępniak 26th.
    - In team Poles were 5th.
    - Agnieszka Jerzyk was 5th in women's individual elite. Roksana Słupek was 17th, Marta Łagownik 18th, Paulina Klimas 22nd, Hanna Kaźmierczak 25th, and Paulina Kotfica 26th.
    - In team they were 4th.
    - Agnieszka Jerzyk, Michał Oliwa, Tomasz Brembor i Kacper Stępniak were 5th in mixed relay.
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    TomJa reacted to Col_Frost in CISM Military World Games 2019   
    @TomJa you want it, you got it
    Friday, Oct 25th:

    - Marcin Lewandowski (3:52,21) and Michał Rozmys (3:55,92) advanced to final of 1500m.
    - Przemysław Waściński, Tymoteusz Zimny, Jakub Krzewina i Łukasz Krawczuk (3:10,33) advanced to final of 4x400m.

    - Adam Cwalina and Magdalena Świerczyńska their third group match against  Thongnuam and Aroonkesorn 0:2 (23, 16) and fourth against  Wang and Huang. Poles had 3rd place in group and didn't advance to next stage.
    - Olga Miksza lost against  Li Yun 0:2 (8, 9) in her second group match. She was 3rd on group and didn't advance.
    - Joanna Myszor won with  Rai 2:0 (2, 2) in her second group match and with  Knafel 2:0 (6, 9) in third. She was 2nd in her group and tomorrow will play for bronze.
    - Olga Miksza and Magdalena Świerczyńska lost against  Huang i Zheng 0:2 (10, 13). They was 2nd in group and tomorrow will play for bronze.
    - Adam Cwalina and Mateusz Dubowski with  Kim and Park 0:2 (16, 13) quarterfinal.

    Modern Pentathlon:
    - Bronze medal of men's team! They competed in squad: Szymon Staśkiewicz, Łukasz Gutkowski, Sebastian Stasiak and Daniel Ławrynowicz. They got 4196 pts.
    - Szymon Staśkiewicz was 9th individual. He started good with 20 victories in fencing, but had bad time in swimming (2:13,85) and lost 7 pts in equestrian. In combination he had 12th time. Łukasz Gutkowski was 14th, Sebastian Stasiak 17th and Daniel Ławrynowicz 33rd.

    Naval Pentathlon:
    - Mateusz Kierzkowski was 5th at the end of the competition. Mateusz Szurmiej was 11th, Mateusz Rak 25th, and Karol Morek 27th.
    - Polish team was 4th.
    - Katarzyna Truszczyńska-Gzyl ended competition at 7th place. Edyta Korczak was 16th.
    - Polish team was 6th.

    Open Water Swimming:
    - Krzysztof Pielowski was 8th at 5km.

    - Joanna Tomala (572 pts) was 23rd in military rapid pistol. Agnieszka Korejwo (571) was 26th, Sławomira Szpek (570) 29th, and Agata Nowak (567) 33rd.
    - Robert Kraskowski (561 pts) was 21st rapid rifle 300m. Tomasz Bartnik (560) was 22nd.
    - Natalia Szamrej (110 pts) was 14th in skeet.

    - Bronze medal for Mateusz Kowalczyk i Marta Leśniak in mixed! A pair from  didn't participate in bronze medal match.
    - Marta Leśniak lost with  Sharipova 6:3 3:6 3:6 in semifinal. Tomorrow she'll play for bronze.
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    TomJa reacted to dcro in Summer Olympic Games 2020 News   
    Creatures of the night.
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    TomJa reacted to phelps in Karate WKF Cadet, Junior & Under 21 World Championships 2019   
    I already wrote many very long pamphletes against all the "judged sports" at the Olympics...
    but in some cases, like Artistic Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics, those freestyle freaks and above all breakdance, to me they are just NOT sports at all...they are just entertaining shows which have nothing to do with real competition (which to me it's almost only man vs man or man vs time)...
    Olympic Motto is "Altius, Citius, Fortius"...and those activities don't match any of these criteria to elect their "champions", therefore they shouldn't even be recognized as true sports by the IOC...
    that's my point of view about this question (to make it short...don't want to get anybody "bored to death" )...
    obviously, I don't expect everybody to agree with me, but at the same time, it would take a miracle to make me change my mind on that...
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    TomJa got a reaction from phelps in Karate WKF Cadet, Junior & Under 21 World Championships 2019   
    Dominik Dziuda is another great talent from Maciej Gałowski's stable. If the boy doesn't mess up his mind, in a few years he will be the second world champion in karate, who trained at Olimp Lodz. Doraw Banaszczyk is the only hope to show his skills at tatami in Tokyo. Gawłowski knows his training.
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    TomJa got a reaction from bestmen in [OFF TOPIC] Science & Technology Thread   
    Where is the Totallympics site located?
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    TomJa got a reaction from heywoodu in Luge 2019 - 2020 Discussion Thread   
    "The 4-time Olympic champion Natalie Geisenberger of Germany ?? will not slide in the upcoming season. The 31-year-old is pregnant and expecting her first child in April 2020.  Germany's most successful luge athlete has won the overall Viessmann FIL Luge World Cup seven times in a row and nine World Championship titles." Source International Luge Fedration on Facebook 
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