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  1. Mozda su stvorili samo dobre kontakte u Aiba 😂 E to vec nzm
  2. nasli su nekog Rusa u seniorskoj konkurenciji, hoce na Oi :D
  3. About snow volleyball i heard Boricic speaking in our tv news, he is president of CEV or so .... Minimum it will be test event but it looks like they go for more
  4. Looks like snow volleyball has chance to be come new olympic sport arlt these games
  5. So after pre-qulaifications everythig starts from 0 for qualified athletes or no?
  6. Are you sure this counts? Schedule says there will be qualifications and finals for each discipline in few days
  7. So in this case mixing politics and sports is totally justified? Huh, how hipocritical
  8. After gold at Ec for juniors, and bronze at u23 now senior medal for Stojadinov
  9. ah, i saw......nothing that we did not see earlier from some people here ?
  10. and how someone prove that they are in relationship longer than 3 months?
  11. Anyone is travelling somewhere?
  12. Happy Easter everyone :)) Here is one Serbian Easter song
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