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  1. If you qualify a team and mixed doubles, does player from doubles have to be part of the team?
  2. But of those 4, only player from Serbia is more famous, even played in nt but at that time we had strong depth so he was not in the team past few years
  3. Ovi savezi borilackih sportista su bas preterali sa strancima i instant uspesima Aj u redu za Iranca u tekvondou koji je dosao da zivi ovde, ali ovi ostali su svi neka xy opcija u svojoj zemlji, a u Srbiji ce da borave samo dok su pripreme i tako lako dobijaju drzavljanstvo
  4. We usually find it out when they appear in some competition under Serbian flag. Media doesn't give much attention on these sports. However, riecently we got several naturalized athletes in combat sports out of nowhere so i i guess it is quite possible.
  5. I meant on previous speculations in this thread......:d
  6. And what if athlete doesn't want to vaccinate? This is violation of human rights
  7. Don't forget women's wp had only 8 teams at OG and more or less established nations always qualified....with increase on 10 teams more nations are trying (Slovakia and Israel we would barely see in the past).......of course time will be needed to progress.....Spain used to be weaker than France....but when their girls started to train at American collages Spain improved a lot. I also feel like in rugby 7s and field hockey all the time same nations qualify (especially from Europe)
  8. Merry Christmas! Hristos se rodi. Srecan Bozic!
  9. but join with Czechs to have USSR vs Czechoslovakia
  10. will we have Rus-Blr athletes compete as one team under IOC flag?
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