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  1. We'll have at least 1 non-European team in Quarter-finals!
  2. Russia to unveil on April 14 national Olympians’ uniforms for Tokyo and Beijing Games
  3. Interesting, why France doesn't participate? They are already preparing for World OQT?
  4. These 12 teams will be seeded for the draw as follows: Row 1: Netherlands, Spain Row 2: Russian Olympic Committee, Montenegro Row 3: Norway, Hungary Row 4: Sweden, Japan Row 5: France, Republic of Korea Row 6: Angola, Brazil
  5. win 2 friendly matches against Now it is clear that they will be one of the main contenders for gold in Tokyo
  6. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Ladies' Short Program Day 1 March 24th, 2021 Viktoriia Safonova Loena Hendrickx Eva-Lotta Kiibus Rika Kihira x Satoko Miyahara Kaori Sakamoto
  7. The WBSC Baseball Americas Qualifier is expected to be held in early June (exact dates/venues to be confirmed) in Florida , with the WBSC Baseball Final Qualifier to follow from 16-20 June in Taichung .
  8. These 12 teams will be seeded for the draw as follows: Row 1: Denmark, Norway Row 2: France, Sweden Row 3: Germany, Portugal Row 4: Brazil, Japan Row 5: Spain, Egypt Row 6: Argentina, Bahrain Further details about the Tokyo 2020 Men’s Handball Tournament draw will be announced on in due course.
  9. European Qualification Tournaments for boxing will be held in France (Villebon) on June 9-4.
  10. Schedule and tip-off times confirmed for Olympic Basketball Tournaments. - Men's - Women's @Giovanni Gianni Cattaneo Now it's your work
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